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Tobacco farming in rural Vietnam: questionable economic gain but evident health risks

Author(s): Van Minh Hoang | Giang Kim | Bich Nguyen | Huong Nguyen
Indian research on suicide

Author(s): Vijayakumar Lakshmi
A self-reported questionnaire for quantifying illness symptoms in elite athletes

Author(s): Alexander Matthews | David Pyne | Philo Saunders | et al
Burnout and use of HIV services among health care workers in Lusaka District, Zambia: a cross-sectional study

Author(s): Kruse Gina | Chapula Bushimbwa | Ikeda Scott | Nkhoma Mavis | Quiterio Nicole | Pankratz Debra | Mataka Kaluba | Chi Benjamin | Bond Virginia | Reid Stewart
Reduction of chronic non-specific low back pain: A randomised controlled clinical trial on acupuncture and baclofen

Author(s): Zaringhalam Jalal | Manaheji Homa | Rastqar Ali | Zaringhalam Maryam
The psychological burden of an initially unexplained illness: patients with sternocostoclavicular hyperostosis before and after delayed diagnosis

Author(s): van der Kloot Willem | Hamdy Neveen | Hafkemeijer Laurian | den Dulk Femke | Chotkan Sadhna | van Emmerik Arnold | Kaptein Ad
Social cost of mental disorders: Disability and work days lost. Results from the Mexican survey of psychiatric epidemiology

Author(s): Guilherme Borges | Joaquín Zambrano | Ma. Elena Medina Mora | María del Carmen Lara Muñoz
Working conditions and Work-Family Conflict in German hospital physicians: psychosocial and organisational predictors and consequences

Author(s): Fuß Isabelle | Nübling Matthias | Hasselhorn Hans-Martin | Schwappach David | Rieger Monika
Promoting Health and Preventing Injury in Preschool Children: The Role of Parenting Stress

Author(s): Sonia A. Alemagno | Sheila A. Niles | Peggy Shaffer-King | William J. Miller
Diabetic and non-diabetic lumbosacral radiculoplexus neuropathy

Author(s): Bhanushali Minal | Muley Suraj
Sickness absence and self-reported health a population-based study of 43,600 individuals in central Sweden

Author(s): Eriksson Hans-G | von Celsing Anna-Sophia | Wahlström Rolf | Janson Lotta | Zander Viktoria | Wallman Thorne
Ill-lighting syndrome: prevalence in shift-work personnel in the anaesthesiology and intensive care department of three Italian hospitals

Author(s): Morghen Ilaria | Turola Maria | Forini Elena | Di Pasquale Piero | Zanatta Paolo | Matarazzo Teresa
Results of a multi-country exploratory survey of approaches and methods for IMCI case management training

Author(s): Goga Ameena | Muhe Lulu | Forsyth Kevin | Chopra Mickey | Aboubaker Samira | Martines Jose | Mason Elizabeth
Replication of an empirical approach to delineate the heterogeneity of chronic unexplained fatigue

Author(s): Aslakson Eric | Vollmer-Conna Uté | Reeves William | White Peter
Health care utilisation amongst Shenzhen migrant workers: does being insured make a difference?

Author(s): Mou Jin | Cheng Jinquan | Zhang Dan | Jiang Hanping | Lin Liangqiang | Griffiths Sian
The image of health status and quality of life in a Caribbean society

Author(s): Paul A. Bourne | Donovan A. McGrowder | Christopher A.D. Charles | Cynthia G. Francis
The changing faces of diabetes, hypertension and arthritis in a Caribbean population

Author(s): Paul A. Bourne | Samuel McDaniel | Maxwell S. Williams | Cynthia Francis | Maureen D. Kerr-Campbell | Orville W. Beckford
Cure or curse? Ambivalent attitudes towards neuroleptic medication in schizophrenia and non-schizophrenia patients

Author(s): Steffen Moritz | Maarten J.V. Peters | Anne Karow | Azra Deljkovic | Peter Tonn | Dieter Naber
Methods for determining disease burden and calibrating national surveillance data in the United Kingdom: the second study of infectious intestinal disease in the community (IID2 study)

Author(s): O'Brien Sarah | Rait Greta | Hunter Paul | Gray James | Bolton Frederick | Tompkins David | McLauchlin Jim | Letley Louise | Adak Goutam | Cowden John | Evans Meirion | Neal Keith | Smith Gillian | Smyth Brian | Tam Clarence | Rodrigues Laura
Incidence and effects of Varicella Zoster Virus infection on academic activities of medical undergraduates - a five-year follow-up study from Sri Lanka

Author(s): Agampodi Suneth | Dharmaratne Samath | Thevanesam Vasanthi | Dassanayake Sameera | Kumarihamy Prabhashini | Ratnayake Ashani
Outcome predictors and quality of life of severe burn patients admitted to intensive care unit

Author(s): Pavoni Vittorio | Gianesello Lara | Paparella Laura | Buoninsegni Laura | Barboni Elisabetta
Why do I need it? I am not at risk! Public perceptions towards the pandemic (H1N1) 2009 vaccine

Author(s): Seale Holly | Heywood Anita | McLaws Mary-Louise | Ward Kirsten | Lowbridge Chris | Van Debbie | MacIntyre C Raina
Cure or curse? Ambivalent attitudes towards neuroleptic medication in schizophrenia and non-schizophrenia patients

Author(s): Steffen Moritz | Maarten J.V. Peters | Anne Karow | Azra Deljkovic | Peter Tonn | Dieter Naber
Community Based Study Of Self Reported Morbidity Of Reproductive Tract Among Women Of Reproductive Age In Rural Area Of Rajasthan

Author(s): Rathore Monika | Swami S. S | Gupta B. L | Sen Vandana | Vyas B. L | Bhargav A | Vyas Rekha
Barriers to prompt and effective malaria treatment among the poorest population in Kenya

Author(s): Chuma Jane | Okungu Vincent | Molyneux Catherine
Reliability and validity of the Spanish version of the Child Health and Illness Profile (CHIP) Child-Edition, Parent Report Form (CHIP-CE/PRF)

Author(s): Estrada Maria-Dolors | Rajmil Luis | Serra-Sutton Vicky | Tebé Cristian | Alonso Jordi | Herdman Michael | Riley Anne | Forrest Christopher | Starfield Barbara
The effect of mode and context on survey results: Analysis of data from the Health Survey for England 2006 and the Boost Survey for London

Author(s): Tipping Sarah | Hope Steven | Pickering Kevin | Erens Bob | Roth Marilyn | Mindell Jennifer
Occupational illnesses in the 2009 Zambian labour force survey

Author(s): Muula Adamson | Rudatsikira Emmanuel | Siziya Seter
The quality of sample surveys in a developing nation

Author(s): Paul A Bourne | Christopher AD Charles | Neva South-Bourne | et al
Under-utilization of health care services for infectious diseases syndromes in rural Azerbaijan: A cross-sectional study

Author(s): Clark Danielle | Ismayilov Afrail | Bakhishova Sevinj | Hajiyev Huseyn | Nuriyev Tahir | Piraliyev Saleh | Bagirov Sadigulla | Aslanova Afag | Qasimov Maqsud | Hepburn Matthew
RCT of a client-centred, caseworker-delivered smoking cessation intervention for a socially disadvantaged population

Author(s): Bonevski Billie | Paul Christine | D'Este Catherine | Sanson-Fisher Robert | West Robert | Girgis Afaf | Siahpush Mohammad | Carter Robert
Is it possible to diagnose the therapeutic adherence of patients with COPD in clinical practice? A cohort study

Author(s): Barnestein-Fonseca Pilar | Leiva-Fernández José | Vidal-España Francisca | García-Ruiz Antonio | Prados-Torres Daniel | Leiva-Fernández Francisca
Social and cultural features of cholera and shigellosis in peri-urban and rural communities of Zanzibar

Author(s): Schaetti Christian | Khatib Ahmed | Ali Said | Hutubessy Raymond | Chaignat Claire-Lise | Weiss Mitchell
Patient-reported outcomes as predictors of 10-year survival in women after acute myocardial infarction

Author(s): Norekvål Tone | Fridlund Bengt | Rokne Berit | Segadal Leidulf | Wentzel-Larsen Tore | Nordrehaug Jan
Impact of gastroesophageal reflux disease on daily life: the Systematic Investigation of Gastrointestinal Diseases in China (SILC) epidemiological study

Author(s): Wang Rui | Zou Duowu | Ma Xiuqiang | Zhao Yanfang | Yan Xiaoyan | Yan Hong | Fang Jiqian | Yin Ping | Kang Xiaoping | Li Qiang | Dent John | Sung Joseph | Halling Katarina | Johansson Saga | Liu Wenbin | He Jia
Psychiatric Manifestations in Young Females with Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia in Taiwan

Author(s): Hsin-Yi Liang | Hsueh-Ling Chang | Ching-Yen Chen | Pei-Yeh Chang | Fu-Sung Lo | Li-Wei Lee
Psychosocial dimensions of SLE: implications for the health care team

Author(s): Beckerman NL | Auerbach C | Blanco I
Lactobacillus fermentum (PCC®) supplementation and gastrointestinal and respiratory-tract illness symptoms: a randomised control trial in athletes

Author(s): West Nicholas | Pyne David | Cripps Allan | Hopkins William | Eskesen Dorte | Jairath Ashok | Christophersen Claus | Conlon Michael | Fricker Peter
Revisiting the symptom iceberg in today's primary care: results from a UK population survey

Author(s): Elliott Alison | McAteer Anne | Hannaford Philip
Different Aspects of Self-Reported Quality of Life in 450 German Melanoma Survivors

Author(s): Annika Waldmann | Sandra Nolte | Ron Pritzkuleit | Eckhard W. Breitbart | Alexander Katalinic
Prevalence of influenza vaccination among physicians and related enhancing and preventing factors in Italy

Author(s): Alice Mannocci | Paolo Ursillo | Claudio Bontempi | Antonella Sferrazza | Giuseppe La Torre
Alcohol use and health outcomes in the oldest old

Author(s): Turvey Carolyn | Schultz Susan | Klein Dawn
Epidemiology of recreational exposure to freshwater cyanobacteria – an international prospective cohort study

Author(s): Stewart Ian | Webb Penelope | Schluter Philip | Fleming Lora | Burns John | Gantar Miroslav | Backer Lorraine | Shaw Glen
Employment status and perceived health in the Hordaland Health Study (HUSK)

Author(s): Overland Simon | Glozier Nicholas | Mæland John | Aarø Leif | Mykletun Arnstein
Fatigue states after cancer treatment occur both in association with, and independent of, mood disorder: a longitudinal study

Author(s): Goldstein David | Bennett Barbara | Friedlander Michael | Davenport Tracey | Hickie Ian | Lloyd Andrew
Illness-related behaviour and utilization of oral health services among adult city-dwellers in Burkina Faso: evidence from a household survey

Author(s): Varenne Benoît | Petersen Poul | Fournet Florence | Msellati Philippe | Gary Jean | Ouattara Seydou | Harang Maud | Salem Gérard
Cost-effectiveness of collaborative care for chronically ill patients with comorbid depressive disorder in the general hospital setting, a randomised controlled trial

Author(s): Horn Eva | van Benthem Tjeerd | Hakkaart-van Roijen Leona | van Marwijk Harm | Beekman Aartjan | Rutten Frans | van der Feltz-Cornelis Christina
Indian community health insurance schemes provide partial protection against catastrophic health expenditure

Author(s): Devadasan Narayanan | Criel Bart | Van Damme Wim | Ranson Kent | Van der Stuyft Patrick
Suicide risk in schizophrenia: learning from the past to change the future

Author(s): Pompili Maurizio | Amador Xavier | Girardi Paolo | Harkavy-Friedman Jill | Harrow Martin | Kaplan Kalman | Krausz Michael | Lester David | Meltzer Herbert | Modestin Jiri | Montross Lori | Bo Mortensen Preben | Munk-Jørgensen Povl | Nielsen Jimmi | Nordentoft Merete | Saarinen Pirjo | Zisook Sidney | Wilson Scott | Tatarelli Roberto
Assessing the risk of self-diagnosed malaria in urban informal settlements of Nairobi using self-reported morbidity survey

Author(s): Yé Yazoumé | Kimani-Murage Elizabeth | Kebaso John | Mugisha Frederick
Impact on and use of an inner-city London Infectious Diseases Department by international migrants: a questionnaire survey

Author(s): Cooke Graham | Hargreaves Sally | Natkunarajah Jana | Sandhu Gurjinder | Dhasmana Devesh | Eliahoo Joseph | Holmes Alison | Friedland Jon
Gender, ethnicity, health behaviour & self-rated health in Singapore

Author(s): Lim Wei-Yen | Ma Stefan | Heng Derrick | Bhalla Vineta | Chew Suok
Correlates of exposure to second-hand smoke in an urban Mediterranean population

Author(s): Twose Jorge | Schiaffino Anna | García Montse | Borras Josep | Fernández Esteve
Failure of psychiatric referrals from the pediatric emergency department

Author(s): Grupp-Phelan Jacqueline | Delgado Sergio | Kelleher Kelly
Self-reported social class in adolescents: validity and relationship with gradients in self-reported health

Author(s): Pueyo María-Jesús | Serra-Sutton Vicky | Alonso Jordi | Starfield Barbara | Rajmil Luis
Prevalence of self-reported diagnosis of diabetes mellitus and associated risk factors in a national survey in the US population: SHIELD (Study to Help Improve Early evaluation and management of risk factors Leading to Diabetes)

Author(s): Bays Harold | Bazata Debbra | Clark Nathaniel | Gavin James | Green Andrew | Lewis Sandra | Reed Michael | Stewart Walter | Chapman Richard | Fox Kathleen | Grandy Susan
Measuring and decomposing inequity in self-reported morbidity and self-assessed health in Thailand

Author(s): Yiengprugsawan Vasoontara | Lim Lynette | Carmichael Gordon | Sidorenko Alexandra | Sleigh Adrian
Personality, psychological stress, and self-reported influenza symptomatology

Author(s): Smolderen Kim | Vingerhoets Ad | Croon Marcel | Denollet Johan
Disclosure experience and associated factors among HIV positive men and women clinical service users in southwest Ethiopia

Author(s): Deribe Kebede | Woldemichael Kifle | Wondafrash Mekitie | Haile Amaha | Amberbir Alemayehu
The psychopathological and psychosocial outcome of early-onset schizophrenia: Preliminary data of a 13-year follow-up

Author(s): Reichert Andreas | Kreiker Susanne | Mehler-Wex Claudia | Warnke Andreas
Prescription of medicines by medical students of Karachi, Pakistan: A cross-sectional study

Author(s): Zafar Syed | Syed Reema | Waqar Sana | Irani Faria | Saleem Sarah
Validation of a questionnaire measuring the regulation of autonomic function

Author(s): Kröz M | Feder G | von Laue HB | Zerm R | Reif M | Girke M | Matthes H | Gutenbrunner C | Heckmann C
Perceptions about the cause of schizophrenia and the subsequent help seeking behavior in a Pakistani population – results of a cross-sectional survey

Author(s): Zafar Syed | Syed Reema | Tehseen Sarah | Gowani Saqib | Waqar Sana | Zubair Amina | Yousaf Wajeeha | Zubairi Akbar | Naqvi Haider
Helpful and hindering factors for remission in dysthymia and panic disorder at 9-year follow-up: A mixed methods study

Author(s): Svanborg Cecilia | Bäärnhielm Sofie | Åberg Wistedt Anna | Lützen Kim
Malaria in pregnant women in an area with sustained high coverage of insecticide-treated bed nets

Author(s): Kabanywanyi Abdunoor | MacArthur John | Stolk Wilma | Habbema J Dik | Mshinda Hassan | Bloland Peter | Abdulla Salim | Kachur S Patrick
Male and Female Adult Population Health Status in China: A Cross-Sectional National Survey

Author(s): Shi Jing | Liu Meina | Zhang Qiuju | Lu Mingshan | Quan Hude
Organizational culture, team climate and diabetes care in small office-based practices

Author(s): Bosch Marije | Dijkstra Rob | Wensing Michel | van der Weijden Trudy | Grol Richard
Medical students' self-report of mental health conditions

Author(s): Rael D. Strous | Netta Shoenfeld | Avi Lehman | Aharon Wolf | Leah Snyder | Ori Barzilai
Clinical Presentation of Novel Influenza A (H1N1) in Hospitalized Children

Author(s): Gholamreza Soleimani | Marzieh Akbarpour
Gender, Women and Health: Gendered health differences

Author(s): Paul A. Bourne | Desmond Brooks
An Examination of Moderators of Perceived Stress and Illness Behavior

Author(s): Jenifer J. Thomas | Evelinn A. Borrayo
The clustering of health behaviours in Ireland and their relationship with mental health, self-rated health and quality of life

Author(s): Conry Mary | Morgan Karen | Curry Philip | McGee Hannah | Harrington Janas | Ward Mark | Shelley Emer
Application of latent semantic analysis for open-ended responses in a large, epidemiologic study

Author(s): Leleu Travis | Jacobson Isabel | LeardMann Cynthia | Smith Besa | Foltz Peter | Amoroso Paul | Derr Marcia | Ryan Margaret | Smith Tyler
Obesity and nutrition behaviours in Western and Palestinian outpatients with severe mental illness

Author(s): Jakabek David | Quirk Frances | Driessen Martin | Aljeesh Yousef | Baune Bernhard
Cortisol in hair measured in young adults - a biomarker of major life stressors?

Author(s): Karlén Jerker | Ludvigsson Johnny | Frostell Anneli | Theodorsson Elvar | Faresjö Tomas
Epidemiological profile of elderly women with burning mouth symptoms

Author(s): Maria Vieira de Lima Saintrain | Janaina de Oliveira Braga | Márlio Ximenes Carlos | Maria Cristina Germano Maia
Healthcare-seeking behavior in Tehran, Iran and factors affecting it

Author(s): A Pourreza | Khabiri R Khabiri | M Arab | A Akbari Sari | A Rahimi | A Toll
Subjective memory complaints, vascular risk factors and psychological distress in the middle-aged: a cross-sectional study

Author(s): Paradise Matt | Glozier Nick | Naismith Sharon | Davenport Tracey | Hickie Ian
A randomised controlled trial linking mental health inpatients to community smoking cessation supports: A study protocol

Author(s): Stockings Emily | Bowman Jennifer | Wiggers John | Baker Amanda | Terry Margarett | Clancy Richard | Wye Paula | Knight Jenny | Moore Lyndell
An Outbreak of Varicella among Schoolchildren in Taipei

Author(s): Lai Chao-Chih | Chen Szu-Ching | Jiang Donald
Baseline characteristics and patient reported outcome data of patients prescribed etanercept: web-based and telephone evaluation

Author(s): Wade Alan | Crawford Gordon | Pumford Neil | Koscielny Volker | Maycock Susan | McConnachie Alex
Self-care in people with long term health problems: a community based survey

Author(s): MacKichan Fiona | Paterson Charlotte | Henley William | Britten Nicky
Living with Mentally Ill Parent

Author(s): Kadriye Buldukoglu | Kerime Bademli | Dudu Karakaya | Gulsah Goral | Ilkay Keser
Association between Severity of Cannabis Dependence and Depression

Author(s): Karina Karolina Kedzior | Mathew Martin-Iverson
The Neurological Manifestations of H1N1 Influenza Infection; Diagnostic Challenges and Recommendations

Author(s): Ali Akbar Asadi-Pooya | Ehsan Yaghoubi | Alireza Nikseresht | Mohsen Moghadami | Behnam Honarvar
The Neurological Manifestations of H1N1 Influenza Infection; Diagnostic Challenges and Recommendations

Author(s): Ali Akbar Asadi-Pooya | Ehsan Yaghoubi | Alireza Nikseresht | Mohsen Moghadam | Behnam Honarvar
Clinical Presentation of Novel Influenza A (H1N1) in Hospitalized Children

Author(s): Gholamreza Soleimani | Marzieh Akbarpour

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