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Semi-empirical Algorithm for the Retrieval of Ecology-Relevant Water Constituents in Various Aquatic Environments

Author(s): Anton A. Korosov | Dmitry V. Pozdnyakov | Are Folkestad | Lasse H. Pettersson | Kai Sørensen | Robert Shuchman
Structural Control Systems Implemented in Civil Engineering

Author(s): Cristian Pastia | Septimiu-George Luca | Florentina Chira | Victor-Octavian Roşca

Author(s): Jucelia Appio | Maria José Carvalho de Souza Domingues | Andreia Luciana da Rosa Scharmach
Microscopic cross sections: An utopia?

Author(s): Hilaire S. | Koning A.J. | Goriely S.
The outer limiting membrane (OLM) revisited: clinical implications

Author(s): S Omri | B Omri | M Savoldelli | et al
Marginal and internal fit of zirconia based fixed dental prostheses fabricated with different concepts

Author(s): Florian Beuer | Natalie Korczynski | Antonia Rezac | et al
A semi-classical picture of the charmonium-hadron interaction

Author(s): Fogaça D.A. | Kugeratski M.S. | Navarra F.S.
Do children with aggressive behavior have temporal lobe changes?

Author(s): Thomas, Carmen. | Godberg, Michael. MD.
Caesarean section in a semi-rural hospital in Northern Namibia

Author(s): van Dillen Jeroen | Meguid Tarek | Petrova Vera | van Roosmalen Jos
Preliminary investigation of a polyethylene glycol hydrogel "nerve glue"

Author(s): Isaacs Jonathan | Klumb Ivette | McDaniel Candice
Comparison of Parsing Techniques For Formal Languages

Author(s): Sunanda Mulik, | Sheetal Shinde, | Smita Kapase
Land use planning in Ahar area (Iran) using MicroLEIS DSS

Author(s): F. Shahbazi | D. De la Rosa | M. Anaya-Romero | A. Jafarzadeh | F. Sarmadian | M. Neyshaboury | S. Oustan
Geologic Sources of Gypsum in Soils of Northwest of Isfahan, Iran

Author(s): N. Tomanian | A. Jalalian | A. Zolanvar
Immunogold silver staining associated with epi-fluorescence for cucumber mosaic virus localisation on semi-thin sections of banana tissues

Author(s): B Helliot | B Panis | JP Busogoro | S Sobry | Y Poumay | M Raes | R Swennen | P Lepoivre
Delivering the WISE (Whole Systems Informing Self-Management Engagement) training package in primary care: learning from formative evaluation

Author(s): Kennedy Anne | Chew-Graham Carolyn | Blakeman Thomas | Bowen Andrew | Gardner Caroline | Protheroe Joanne | Rogers Anne | Gask Linda
Trapped in freshwater: the internal anatomy of the entoproct Loxosomatoides sirindhornae

Author(s): Schwaha Thomas | Wood Timothy | Wanninger Andreas
AgSnBi powder consolidated by composite mode of deformation

Author(s): M. Richert | J. Richert | B. Leszczyńska - Madej | A. Hotloś | M. Maślanka | W. Pachla | J. Skiba
Facilitators and barriers in the humanization of childbirth practice in Japan

Author(s): Behruzi Roxana | Hatem Marie | Fraser William | Goulet Lise | Ii Masako | Misago Chizuru
Structural Changes in Rabbit Iris Following Excimer Laser Treatment

Author(s): Mohamed Khaled | Mohamed A. El-Malt | Sawsan Karam | Heba Issa
Surface and subsurface flow effect on permanent gully formation and upland erosion near Lake Tana in the Northern Highlands of Ethiopia

Author(s): T. Y. Tebebu | A. Z. Abiy | H. E. Dahlke | Z. M. Easton | A. D. Zegeye | S. A. Tilahun | A. S. Collick | S. Kidnau | S. Moges | F. Dadgari | T. S. Steenhuis
Redistribution of the influences in systems with semi-rigid joints on elastic foundations

Author(s): Zlatkov Dragan | Zdravković Slavko | Mijalković Marina | Mladenović Biljana | Igić Tomislav
Comparison of anatomical and morphological characters of roots of ‘Manzano’ and ‘Gran Enano’ bananas

Author(s): Grace FORTUL | Dorian RODRÍGUEZ | María Elena SANABRIA | Rosario VALERA
Cigarette smoke induces PTX3 expression in pulmonary veins of mice in an IL-1 dependent manner

Author(s): Pauwels Nele | Bracke Ken | Maes Tania | Van Pottelberge Geert | Garlanda Cecilia | Mantovani Alberto | Joos Guy | Brusselle Guy
Evaluation of the soft tissue biocompatibility of MgCa0.8 and surgical steel 316L in vivo: a comparative study in rabbits

Author(s): Erdmann Nina | Bondarenko Alexandr | Hewicker-Trautwein Marion | Angrisani Nina | Reifenrath Janin | Lucas Arne | Meyer-Lindenberg Andrea
Surface and subsurface flow effect on permanent gully formation and upland erosion near Lake Tana in the northern highlands of Ethiopia

Author(s): T. Y. Tebebu | A. Z. Abiy | A. D. Zegeye | H. E. Dahlke | Z. M. Easton | S. A. Tilahun | A. S. Collick | S. Kidnau | S. Moges | F. Dadgari | T. S. Steenhuis
Stability Analysis Of 3-d Conventional Pallet Rack Structures With Semi-rigid Connections

Author(s): Kamal M. Bajoria | Keshav K. Sangle | Rajshekar S. Talicotti
Optimization of the tartrate-resistant acid phosphatase detection by histochemical method

Author(s): M. J. Galvão | A. Santos | M. D. Ribeiro | A. Ferreira | F. Nolasco
Examination of relaxin and its receptors expression in pig gametes and embryos

Author(s): Feugang Jean | Rodriguez-Munoz Juan | Willard Scott | Bathgate Ross | Ryan Peter
Effect of growth hormone on small intestinal homeostasis relation to cellular mediators IGF-I and IGFBP-3

Author(s): Betul Ersoy, Kemal Ozbilgin, Erhun Kasirga, Sevinc Inan, Senol Coskun, Ibrahim Tuglu
Metrically measuring liver biopsy: A chronic hepatitis B and C computer-aided morphologic description

Author(s): Nicola Dioguardi, Fabio Grizzi, Barbara Fiamengo, Carlo Russo

Author(s): Natheer Hashim AL-Rawi | Muthanna Al-Samarai | Sausan Al-Kawas | Ahlam H. Majeed
Nephrotoxicity of Bence-Jones proteins: correlation with endocytosis by BHK cells and intracellular movement

Author(s): Nicastri Ana Lucia | Gomes Elisa Maines | Prado Maria José Brandão de Almeida | Prado Euthymia Brandão de Almeida
The extracellular matrix of porcine mature oocytes: Origin, composition and presumptive roles

Author(s): Fléchon Jacques | Degrouard Jeril | Kopečný Václav | Pivko Juraj | Pavlok Antonin | Motlik Jan
Behaviour of moderately differentiated osteoblast-like cells cultured in contact with bioactive glasses

Author(s): Hattar S. | Berdal A. | Asselin A. | Loty S. | Greenspan D. C. | Sautier J-M.
EBV latent membrane protein 1 abundance correlates with patient age but not with metastatic behavior in north African nasopharyngeal carcinomas

Author(s): Khabir Abdelmajid | Karray Hela | Rodriguez Sandrine | Rosé Mathieu | Daoud Jamel | Frikha Mounir | Boudawara Tahia | Middeldorp Jaap | Jlidi Rachid | Busson Pierre
Therapeutic Electromagnetic Field (TEMF) and gamma irradiation on human breast cancer xenograft growth, angiogenesis and metastasis

Author(s): Cameron Ivan | Sun Lu-Zhe | Short Nicholas | Hardman W Elaine | Williams C Douglas
A streamlined method for systematic, high resolution in situ analysis of mRNA distribution in plants

Author(s): Drea Sinéad | Corsar Julia | Crawford Brian | Shaw Peter | Dolan Liam | Doonan John
Food safety in hospital: knowledge, attitudes and practices of nursing staff of two hospitals in Sicily, Italy

Author(s): Buccheri Cecilia | Casuccio Alessandra | Giammanco Santo | Giammanco Marco | La Guardia Maurizio | Mammina Caterina

Author(s): Jesús Angulo | Thao Nguyen-Khoa | Ziad A Massy | Tilman Drüeke | Jean Serra
Activation and localization of matrix metalloproteinase-2 and -9 in the skeletal muscle of the muscular dystrophy dog (CXMDJ)

Author(s): Fukushima Kazuhiro | Nakamura Akinori | Ueda Hideho | Yuasa Katsutoshi | Yoshida Kunihiro | Takeda Shin'ichi | Ikeda Shu-ichi
Dynamic morphometric characterization of local connective tissue network structure in humans using ultrasound

Author(s): Langevin Helene | Rizzo Donna | Fox James | Badger Gary | Wu Junru | Konofagou Elisa | Stevens-Tuttle Debbie | Bouffard Nicole | Krag Martin
From the Editor

Author(s): Ugur Demiray
From the Editor

Author(s): Ugur demiray
Trichome morphology in Teucrium L. (Labiatae). A taxonomic review

Author(s): el Oualidi, Jalal | Navarro, Teresa
Expression of matrix metalloproteinase-9 in the neoplastic and interstitial inflammatory infiltrate cells in the different histopathological types of esophageal cancer.

Author(s): Barbara Mroczko | Mirosław Kozłowski | Magdalena Groblewska | Marta Lukaszewicz | Jacek Nikliński | Jerzy Laudański | Lech Chyczewski | Maciej Szmitkowski
Formation of semivolatile inorganic aerosols in the Mexico City Metropolitan Area during the MILAGRO campaign

Author(s): V. A. Karydis | A. P. Tsimpidi | W. Lei | L. T. Molina | S. N. Pandis
Morphological changes in the fast vs slow fiber profiles of the urethras of diabetic pregnant rats

Author(s): Gabriela Marini | Angélica M. Pascon Barbosa | Débora C. Damasceno | Selma M. Michelin Matheus | Rodrigo de Aquino Castro | Manoel João B. Castello Girão | Marilza V. Cunha Rudge
Study of a new method for inguinal hernia repair

Author(s): Talaiezadeh AH. | Noori M.
The effect of breathing exercises on fatigue level of COPD patients

Author(s): Zakerimoghadam M | Shaban M | Kazemnejad A | Tavasoli Kh
12C+16O sub-barrier radiative capture cross-section measurements

Author(s): Goasduff A. | Courtin S. | Haas F. | Lebhertz D. | Jenkins D.G. | Beck C. | Fallis J. | Ruiz C. | Hutcheon D.A. | Amandruz P.-A. | Davis C. | Hager U. | Ottewell D. | Ruprecht G.
Comparison of morphological changes in efferent lymph nodes after implantation of resorbable and non-resorbable implants in rabbits

Author(s): Bondarenko Alexandr | Hewicker-Trautwein Marion | Erdmann Nina | Angrisani Nina | Reifenrath Janin | Meyer-Lindenberg Andrea
Gebiss: an ImageJ plugin for the specification of ground truth and the performance evaluation of 3D segmentation algorithms

Author(s): Kriston-Vizi Janos | Thong Ng | Poh Cheok | Yee Kwo | Ling Joan | Kraut Rachel | Wasser Martin
In vivo imaging of the airway wall in asthma: fibered confocal fluorescence microscopy in relation to histology and lung function

Author(s): Yick Ching Yong | von der Thüsen Jan | Bel Elisabeth | Sterk Peter | Kunst Peter
Assessing patients’ satisfaction with anti-TNFα treatment in Crohn’s disease: qualitative steps of the development of a new questionnaire

Author(s): Marant C | Arnould B | Marrel A | Spizak C | Colombel J-F | Faure P | Hagege H | Lemann M | Nahon S | Tucat G | Vandromme L | Thibout E | Goldfarb G
Quantitative analysis of vascular network of oculogyric nerve nuclei

Author(s): Sladojević Igor | Krivokuća Zdenka | Bućma Tatjana | Gajanin Vesna
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