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The common ancestry of life

Author(s): Koonin Eugene | Wolf Yuri
Rupintrivir is a promising candidate for treating severe cases of Enterovirus-71 infection

Author(s): Xiao-Nan Zhang, Zhi-Gang Song, Ting Jiang, Bi-Sheng Shi, Yun-Wen Hu, Zheng-Hong Yuan
The full genome sequence of three strains of Jamestown Canyon virus and their pathogenesis in mice or monkeys

Author(s): Bennett Richard | Nelson Jacob | Gresko Anthony | Murphy Brian | Whitehead Stephen
Computational Prediction of O-linked Glycosylation Sites that Preferentially Map on Intrinsically Disordered Regions of Extracellular Proteins

Author(s): Ikuko Nishikawa | Yukiko Nakajima | Masahiro Ito | Satoshi Fukuchi | Keiichi Homma | Ken Nishikawa
Complete conservation of an immunogenic gene (lcr1) in Leishmania infantum and Leishmania chagasi isolated from Iran, Spain and Brazi

Author(s): H. Mahmoudzadeh-Niknam , F. Abrishami , M. Doroudian , M. Moradi , M.H. Alimohammadian , P. Parvizi
The Glypican 3-Hosted Murine Mir717 Gene: Sequence Conservation, Seed Region Polymorphisms and Putative Targets

Author(s): Tanja Kunej, Dasa Jevsinek Skok, Simon Horvat, Peter Dovc, Zhihua Jiang
Lack of Phylogeographic Structure in Nigerian Village Chickens Revealed by Mitochondrial DNA D-loop Sequence Analysis

Author(s): A.O. Adebambo | V.A. Mobegi | J.M. Mwacharo | B.M. Oladejo | R.A. Adewale | L.O. Ilori | B.O. Makanjuola | O. Afolayan | G. Bjornstad | H. Jianlin | O. Hanotte
Identification of a fibrinogen-related protein (FBN9) gene in neotropical anopheline mosquitoes

Author(s): Oliveira Sabrina | Ibraim Izabela | Tadei Wanderli | Ruiz Jeronimo | Nahum Laila | Brito Cristiana | Moreira Luciano
Integration of linkage maps for the Amphidiploid Brassica napus and comparative mapping with Arabidopsis and Brassica rapa

Author(s): Wang Jun | Lydiate Derek | Parkin Isobel | Falentin Cyril | Delourme Régine | Carion Pierre | King Graham
Model SNP development for complex genomes based on hexaploid oat using high-throughput 454 sequencing technology

Author(s): Oliver Rebekah | Lazo Gerard | Lutz Joseph | Rubenfield Marc | Tinker Nicholas | Anderson Joseph | Wisniewski Morehead Nicole | Adhikary Dinesh | Jellen Eric | Maughan P Jeffrey | Brown Guedira Gina | Chao Shiaoman | Beattie Aaron | Carson Martin | Rines Howard | Obert Donald | Bonman J Michael | Jackson Eric
Identification of novel conserved functional motifs across most Influenza A viral strains

Author(s): ElHefnawi Mahmoud | AlAidi Osama | Mohamed Nafisa | Kamar Mona | El-Azab Iman | Zada Suher | Siam Rania
The sex-biased brain: sexual dimorphism in gene expression in two species of songbirds

Author(s): Naurin Sara | Hansson Bengt | Hasselquist Dennis | Kim Yong-Hwan | Bensch Staffan
Conservation genetics and phylogeography of endangered and endemic shrub Tetraena mongolica (Zygophyllaceae) in Inner Mongolia, China

Author(s): Ge Xue-Jun | Hwang Chi-Chuan | Liu Zin-Huang | Huang Chi-Chun | Huang Wei-Hsiang | Hung Kuo-Hsiang | Wang Wei-Kuang | Chiang Tzen-Yuh
Comparative genomic analysis of bacteriophages specific to the channel catfish pathogen Edwardsiella ictaluri

Author(s): Carrias Abel | Welch Timothy | Waldbieser Geoffrey | Mead David | Terhune Jeffery | Liles Mark
454 sequencing reveals extreme complexity of the class II Major Histocompatibility Complex in the collared flycatcher

Author(s): Zagalska-Neubauer Magdalena | Babik Wiesław | Stuglik Michał | Gustafsson Lars | Cichoń Mariusz | Radwan Jacek
Enrichment of intersubtype HIV-1 recombinants in a dual infection system using HIV-1 strain-specific siRNAs

Author(s): Gao Yong | Abreha Measho | Nelson Kenneth | Baird Heather | Dudley Dawn | Abraha Awet | Arts Eric
BiologicalNetworks 2.0 - an integrative view of genome biology data

Author(s): Kozhenkov Sergey | Dubinina Yulia | Sedova Mayya | Gupta Amarnath | Ponomarenko Julia | Baitaluk Michael
Gene discovery in the horned beetle Onthophagus taurus

Author(s): Choi Jeong-Hyeon | Kijimoto Teiya | Snell-Rood Emilie | Tae Hongseok | Yang Youngik | Moczek Armin | Andrews Justen
Prediction of the responsiveness to pharmacological chaperones: lysosomal human alpha-galactosidase, a case of study

Author(s): Andreotti Giuseppina | Guarracino Mario | Cammisa Marco | Correra Antonella | Cubellis Maria
Gene structure, transcripts and calciotropic effects of the PTH family of peptides in Xenopus and chicken

Author(s): Pinheiro Pedro | Cardoso João | Gomes Ana | Fuentes Juan | Power Deborah | Canário Adelino
A genomic perspective on the potential of Actinobacillus succinogenes for industrial succinate production

Author(s): McKinlay James | Laivenieks Maris | Schindler Bryan | McKinlay Anastasia | Siddaramappa Shivakumara | Challacombe Jean | Lowry Stephen | Clum Alicia | Lapidus Alla | Burkhart Kirk | Harkins Victoria | Vieille Claire
Identification and expression analysis of microRNAs and targets in the biofuel crop sugarcane

Author(s): Zanca Almir | Vicentini Renato | Ortiz-Morea Fausto | Del Bem Luiz | da Silva Marcio | Vincentz Michel | Nogueira Fabio
The central region of the msp gene of Treponema denticola has sequence heterogeneity among clinical samples, obtained from patients with periodontitis

Author(s): Gaibani Paolo | Pellegrino Maria | Rossini Giada | Alvisi Gualtiero | Miragliotta Luisa | Prati Carlo | Sambri Vittorio
Bovipain-2, the falcipain-2 ortholog, is expressed in intraerythrocytic stages of the tick-transmitted hemoparasite Babesia bovis

Author(s): Mesplet María | Echaide Ignacio | Dominguez Mariana | Mosqueda Juan | Suarez Carlos | Schnittger Leonhard | Florin-Christensen Monica
Structure and dynamics of the operon map of Buchnera aphidicola sp. strain APS

Author(s): Brinza Lilia | Calevro Federica | Duport Gabrielle | Gaget Karen | Gautier Christian | Charles Hubert
Imprinted genes show unique patterns of sequence conservation

Author(s): Hutter Barbara | Bieg Matthias | Helms Volkhard | Paulsen Martina
Identification and developmental expression of the full complement of Cytochrome P450 genes in Zebrafish

Author(s): Goldstone Jared | McArthur Andrew | Kubota Akira | Zanette Juliano | Parente Thiago | Jönsson Maria | Nelson David | Stegeman John
Discovery and characterization of medaka miRNA genes by next generation sequencing platform

Author(s): Li Sung-Chou | Chan Wen-Ching | Ho Meng-Ru | Tsai Kuo-Wang | Hu Ling-Yueh | Lai Chun-Hung | Hsu Chun-Nan | Hwang Pung-Pung | Lin Wen-chang
Predicting RNA-binding residues from evolutionary information and sequence conservation

Author(s): Huang Yu-Feng | Chiu Li-Yuan | Huang Chun-Chin | Huang Chien-Kang
Reanalyze unassigned reads in Sanger based metagenomic data using conserved gene adjacency

Author(s): Weng Francis | Su Chien-Hao | Hsu Ming-Tsung | Wang Tse-Yi | Tsai Huai-Kuang | Wang Daryi
A neurotropic herpesvirus infecting the gastropod, abalone, shares ancestry with oyster herpesvirus and a herpesvirus associated with the amphioxus genome

Author(s): Savin Keith | Cocks Benjamin | Wong Frank | Sawbridge Tim | Cogan Noel | Savage David | Warner Simone
Investigating The Learning Sequence of The Concept of Momentum

Author(s): Şebnem KANDİL İNGEÇ | Pervin ÜNLÜ | Mehmet Fatih TAŞAR
Evolution of Parallel Spindles Like genes in plants and highlight of unique domain architecture#

Author(s): Cigliano Riccardo | Sanseverino Walter | Cremona Gaetana | Consiglio Federica | Conicella Clara
Position and sequence conservation in Amniota of polymorphic enhancer HS1.2 within the palindrome of IgH 3'Regulatory Region

Author(s): D'Addabbo Pietro | Scascitelli Moira | Giambra Vincenzo | Rocchi Mariano | Frezza Domenico
Cross species comparison of C/EBPα and PPARγ profiles in mouse and human adipocytes reveals interdependent retention of binding sites

Author(s): Schmidt Søren | Jørgensen Mette | Chen Yun | Nielsen Ronni | Sandelin Albin | Mandrup Susanne
Functional analysis of archaeal MBF1 by complementation studies in yeast

Author(s): Marrero Coto Jeannette | Ehrenhofer-Murray Ann | Pons Tirso | Siebers Bettina
Development of a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) assay targeted to the dnaJ gene of Vibrio harveyi, a bacterial pathogen in Asian seabass, Lates calcarifer

Author(s): Christopher M. A. Caipang | Rolando V. Pakingking Jr. | Mary Jane S. Apines-Amar | Fahrul Huyop | Norwell B. Bautista
Larsenianthus, a new Asian genus of Gingers (Zingiberaceae) with four species

Author(s): W. John Kress | John Mood | Mamiyil Sabu | Linda Prince | Santanu Dey | E. Sanoj
A New Strategy for Identification of Highly Conserved microRNAs in Non-Model Insect, Spodoptera litura

Author(s): Lu Gao | Hongliang Zuo | Keling Liu | Haiyi Li | Guohua Zhong
Accommodation of profound sequence differences at the interfaces of eubacterial RNA polymerase multi-protein assembly

Author(s): Nambudiry Rekha | Lakshmipuram Seshadri Swapna | Narayanaswamy Srinivasan*
In silico identification of miRNAs and their targets from the expressed sequence tags of Raphanus sativus

Author(s): Charuvaka Muvva | Lata Tewari | K Aruna | Pabbati Ranjit | Zahoorullah S | KA Matheen | Hemanth Veeramachaneni
DNA Barcodes of Asian Houbara Bustard (Chlamydotis undulata macqueenii)

Author(s): Ibrahim A. Arif | Haseeb A. Khan | Joseph B. Williams | Mohammad Shobrak | Waad I. Arif
Distinguishing Closely-Related Streptogramin-Resistant Enterococcus faecium: SNPs in One Specific 16-23S rRNA Intergenic Region

Author(s): Shane C. Burgess | Timmothy S. Cummings | Anneke M.T. Steegh | Larry A. Hanson | Donna C. Sullivan | Rathel L. Nolan
Inter Simple Sequence Repeat Fingerprints for Assess Genetic Diversity of Tunisian Garlic Populations

Author(s): Naouel Jabbes | Emmanuel Geoffriau | Valerie Le Clerc | Boutheina Dridi | Cherif Hannechi
Conservation and Occurrence of Trans-Encoded sRNAs in the Rhizobiales

Author(s): Jan Reinkensmeier | Jan-Philip Schlüter | Robert Giegerich | Anke Becker
Domain architecture conservation in orthologs

Author(s): Forslund Kristoffer | Pekkari Isabella | Sonnhammer Erik
Rigorous assessment and integration of the sequence and structure based features to predict hot spots

Author(s): Chen Ruoying | Chen Wenjing | Yang Sixiao | Wu Di | Wang Yong | Tian Yingjie | Shi Yong
Biological interaction networks are conserved at the module level

Author(s): Zinman Guy | Zhong Shan | Bar-Joseph Ziv
Updated genome assembly and annotation of Paenibacillus larvae, the agent of American foulbrood disease of honey bees

Author(s): Chan Queenie | Cornman R Scott | Birol Inanc | Liao Nancy | Chan Simon | Docking T Roderick | Jackman Shaun | Taylor Greg | Jones Steven | de Graaf Dirk | Evans Jay | Foster Leonard
ATPsite: sequence-based prediction of ATP-binding residues

Author(s): Chen Ke | Mizianty Marcin | Kurgan Lukasz
Protein-based signatures of functional evolution in Plasmodium falciparum

Author(s): Gardner Kate | Sinha Ipsita | Bustamante Leyla | Day Nicholas | White Nicholas | Woodrow Charles
A hitchhikers guide to the Galápagos: co-phylogeography of Galápagos mockingbirds and their parasites

Author(s): Štefka Jan | Hoeck Paquita | Keller Lukas | Smith Vincent
Nucleosome-coupled expression differences in closely-related species

Author(s): Guan Yuanfang | Yao Victoria | Tsui Kyle | Gebbia Marinella | Dunham Maitreya | Nislow Corey | Troyanskaya Olga
Complete mitochondrial DNA sequence of the European flat oyster Ostrea edulis confirms Ostreidae classification

Author(s): Danic-Tchaleu Gwenaelle | Heurtebise Serge | Morga Benjamin | Lapègue Sylvie
The UlaG protein family defines novel structural and functional motifs grafted on an ancient RNase fold

Author(s): Fernandez Francisco | Garces Fernando | López-Estepa Miguel | Aguilar Juan | Baldomà Laura | Coll Miquel | Badia Josefa | Vega M Cristina
Annotation of Protein Domains Reveals Remarkable Conservation in the Functional Make up of Proteomes Across Superkingdoms

Author(s): Arshan Nasir | Aisha Naeem | Muhammad Jawad Khan | Horacio D. Lopez Nicora | Gustavo Caetano-Anollés
Global Sequence Homology Detection Using Word Conservation Probability

Author(s): Jae-Seong Yang | Dae-Kyum Kim | Jinho Kim | Sanguk Kim | Jae-Seong Yang | Dae-Kyum Kim | Jinho Kim | Sanguk Kim | Jae-Seong Yang | Dae-Kyum Kim | Jinho Kim | Sanguk Kim
TM-MOTIF: an alignment viewer to annotate predicted transmembrane helices and conserved motifs in aligned set of sequences

Author(s): Balasubramanian Nagarathnam | Kannan Sankar | Varadhan Dharnidharka | Veluchamy Balakrishnan | Govindaraju Archunan | Ramanathan Sowdhamini*
Complete Genome Sequence of the Soybean Symbiont Bradyrhizobium japonicum Strain USDA6T

Author(s): Takakazu Kaneko | Hiroko Maita | Hideki Hirakawa | Nobukazu Uchiike | Kiwamu Minamisawa | Akiko Watanabe | Shusei Sato

Evolutionary variation of papillomavirus E2 protein and E2 binding sites

Author(s): Rogers Adam | Waltke Mackenzie | Angeletti Peter
ss-TEA: Entropy based identification of receptor specific ligand binding residues from a multiple sequence alignment of class A GPCRs

Author(s): Sanders Marijn | Fleuren Wilco | Verhoeven Stefan | van den Beld Sven | Alkema Wynand | de Vlieg Jacob | Klomp Jan
Contribution of tillage systems on the organic matter of Gley soil and the productivity of corn and soybean soil and the productivity of cornContribuição do sistema de cultivo sobre a matéria orgânica de um Gleissolo e a produtividade do milho e soja

Author(s): Francisco Sandro Rodrigues Holanda | Alceu Pedrotti | David Bruce Mengel | Janice Guedes Carvalho | Tácio Oliveira da Silva | Arisvaldo Vieira Mello Júnior
Insights from the analysis of conserved motifs and permitted amino acid exchanges in the human, the fly and the worm GPCR clusters

Author(s): Balasubramanian Nagarathnam | Sankar Kannan | Varadhan Dharnidharka | Veluchamy Balakrishnan | Govindaraju Archunan | Ramanathan Sowdhamini*
Clostridium botulinum group III: a group with dual identity shaped by plasmids, phages and mobile elements

Author(s): Skarin Hanna | Håfström Therese | Westerberg Josefina | Segerman Bo
Identification and characterization of flowering genes in kiwifruit: sequence conservation and role in kiwifruit flower development

Author(s): Varkonyi-Gasic Erika | Moss Sarah | Voogd Charlotte | Wu Rongmei | Lough Robyn | Wang Yen-Yi | Hellens Roger
Mitochondrial genome sequences illuminate maternal lineages of conservation concern in a rare carnivore

Author(s): Knaus Brian | Cronn Richard | Liston Aaron | Pilgrim Kristine | Schwartz Michael
Crystal structures of a halophilic archaeal malate synthase from Haloferax volcanii and comparisons with isoforms A and G

Author(s): Bracken Colten | Neighbor Amber | Lamlenn Kenneth | Thomas Geoffrey | Schubert Heidi | Whitby Frank | Howard Bruce
Characters of homogentisate oxygenase gene mutation and high clonality of the natural pigment-producing Vibrio cholerae strains

Author(s): Wang Ruibai | Wang Hengliang | Zhou Haijian | Wang Yuelan | Yue Junjie | Diao Baowei | Kan Biao
Evolutionary plasticity determination by orthologous groups distribution

Author(s): Dalmolin Rodrigo | Castro Mauro | Rybarczyk Filho José | Souza Luis | de Almeida Rita | Moreira José
StralSV: assessment of sequence variability within similar 3D structures and application to polio RNA-dependent RNA polymerase

Author(s): Zemla Adam | Lang Dorothy | Kostova Tanya | Andino Raul | Ecale Zhou Carol
Intragenomic diversity of Rhizobium leguminosarum bv. trifolii clover nodule isolates

Author(s): Mazur Andrzej | Stasiak Grażyna | Wielbo Jerzy | Kubik-Komar Agnieszka | Marek-Kozaczuk Monika | Skorupska Anna
The two tryptophans of β2-microglobulin have distinct roles in function and folding and might represent two independent responses to evolutionary pressure

Author(s): Raimondi Sara | Barbarini Nicola | Mangione Palma | Esposito Gennaro | Ricagno Stefano | Bolognesi Martino | Zorzoli Irene | Marchese Loredana | Soria Cristina | Bellazzi Riccardo | Monti Maria | Stoppini Monica | Stefanelli Mario | Magni Paolo | Bellotti Vittorio
Identification of CRISPR and riboswitch related RNAs among novel noncoding RNAs of the euryarchaeon Pyrococcus abyssi

Author(s): Phok Kounthéa | Moisan Annick | Rinaldi Dana | Brucato Nicolas | Carpousis Agamemnon | Gaspin Christine | Clouet-d'Orval Béatrice
SO2426 is a positive regulator of siderophore expression in Shewanella oneidensis MR-1

Author(s): Henne Kristene | Wan Xiu-Feng | Wei Wei | Thompson Dorothea
Expressed sequence tags from Atta laevigata and identification of candidate genes for the control of pest leaf-cutting ants

Author(s): Rodovalho Cynara | Ferro Milene | Fonseca Fernando | Antonio Erik | Guilherme Ivan | Henrique-Silva Flávio | Bacci Maurício
Analysis of BAC end sequences in oak, a keystone forest tree species, providing insight into the composition of its genome

Author(s): Faivre Rampant Patricia | Lesur Isabelle | Boussardon Clément | Bitton Frédérique | Martin-Magniette Marie-Laure | Bodénès Catherine | Le Provost Grégoire | Bergès Hélène | Fluch Sylvia | Kremer Antoine | Plomion Christophe
Determinants of antigenicity and specificity in immune response for protein sequences

Author(s): Wang Yulong | Wu Wenjun | Negre Nicolas | White Kevin | Li Cheng | Shah Parantu
A mutation degree model for the identification of transcriptional regulatory elements

Author(s): Zhang Changqing | Wang Jin | Hua Xu | Fang Jinggui | Zhu Huaiqiu | Gao Xiang
Predicting mutually exclusive spliced exons based on exon length, splice site and reading frame conservation, and exon sequence homology

Author(s): Pillmann Holger | Hatje Klas | Odronitz Florian | Hammesfahr Björn | Kollmar Martin
Exome-wide DNA capture and next generation sequencing in domestic and wild species

Author(s): Cosart Ted | Beja-Pereira Albano | Chen Shanyuan | Ng Sarah | Shendure Jay | Luikart Gordon
CREST - a large and diverse superfamily of putative transmembrane hydrolases

Author(s): Pei Jimin | Millay Douglas | Olson Eric | Grishin Nick
Transcriptome characterization and polymorphism detection between subspecies of big sagebrush (Artemisia tridentata)

Author(s): Bajgain Prabin | Richardson Bryce | Price Jared | Cronn Richard | Udall Joshua
Metabolic pathway reconstruction of eugenol to vanillin bioconversion in Aspergillus niger

Author(s): Suchita Srivastava | Suaib Luqman | Mahendra P. Darokar | Feroz Khan | Chandan S. Chanotiya
SSR repeat dynamics in mitochondrial genomes of five domestic animal species

Author(s): Sushil Kumar Shakyawar | Balwindar Kumar Joshi | Dinesh Kumar
Biodiversity and characterization of marine mycota from Portuguese waters

Author(s): Azevedo, E. | Caeiro, M. F. | Rebelo, R. | Barata, M.
A Mystery in Sequencing the Mitochondrial DNA D-loop from Blood Samples of Domestic Mallard Duck

Author(s): Zhen-Yang Wu | Sheng-Cheng Zeng | Yu-Zhu Luo | Jian-Lin Han
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