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Optimization of Multiservice Scheduling for Variable Bit Rate Video Transmission in DVB-H Systems

Author(s): Domenico Striccoli | Pietro Camarda | Francesco Capozzi
Teachers’ Training-A Grey Area in Higher Education

Author(s): Riasat Ali | Muhammad Saeed Khan | Safdar Rehman Ghazi | Saqib Shahzad | Inamullah Khan
Medicine and money: Friends or foe ?

Author(s): Adamson S. Muula

Author(s): Luigi-Nicolae DUMITRESCU
A Selective Downlink Scheduling Algorithm to Enhance Quality of VOD Services for WAVE Networks

Author(s): Shumao Ou | Kun Yang | Hsiao-Hwa Chen | Alex Galis
Building research capacity for evidence-informed tobacco control in Canada: a case description

Author(s): McDonald Paul | Viehbeck Sarah | Robinson Sarah | Leatherdale Scott | Nykiforuk Candace | Jolin Mari
Root Cause Analysis of Congestion in Wireless Sensor Network

Author(s): Vivek Deshpande | Prachi Sarode | Sambhaji Sarode
Handling Data-Based Concurrency in Context-Aware Service Protocols

Author(s): Javier Cubo | Ernesto Pimentel | Gwen Salaün | Carlos Canal
Performance and Evaluation of IEEE 802.11e using QUALNET

Author(s): Prof. R.S.Uppal | Shubhla Puri
Differences in Internet Usage - Social Inequality and Informal Education

Author(s): Iske, Stefan | Kutscher, Alexandra Klein and Nadia
The Extended Concept of Security and the Czech Security Practice

Author(s): Miloš Balabán | Antonín Rašek | Libor Stejskal
Service Differentiation in OFDM-Based IEEE 802.16 Networks

Author(s): Yi Zhou | Kai Chen | Jianhua He | Haibin Guan | Yan Zhang | Alei Liang
Dynamic Subcarrier Allocation for Real-Time Traffic over Multiuser OFDM Systems

Author(s): Fanglei Sun | Mingli You | Victor O. K. Li
An intervention to improve paediatric and newborn care in Kenyan district hospitals: Understanding the context

Author(s): English Mike | Ntoburi Stephen | Wagai John | Mbindyo Patrick | Opiyo Newton | Ayieko Philip | Opondo Charles | Migiro Santau | Wamae Annah | Irimu Grace
The expressed needs of people with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Myalgic Encephalomyelitis: A systematic review

Author(s): Drachler Maria | Leite Jose | Hooper Lee | Hong Chia | Pheby Derek | Nacul Luis | Lacerda Eliana | Campion Peter | Killett Anne | McArthur Maggie | Poland Fiona
Providing supportive care to cancer patients: a study on inter-organizational relationships

Author(s): Kevin Brazil | Daryl Bainbridge | Jonathan Sussman | Tim Whelan | Mary Ann O'Brien | Nancy Pyette

Author(s): Shih-Wei Pan | Jung-Shyr Wu | Ming-Wei You
The embracement of family members in the emergency service: contributions from the national policy of humanization

Author(s): Hércules Rigoni Bossato | Eliane Ramos Pereira | Rose Mary Costa Rosa Andrade Silva | Silvia Helena Oliveira da Cunha

Author(s): Wiktor ADAMUS
Progress towards the achievement of MDG4 in the Commonwealth of Independent States: uncertain data, clear priorities

Author(s): Cattaneo Adriano | Gafurov Ilkhom | Bomestar Tamara | Bacci Marianna | Kumar Sanjiv | Popovic Dragoslav | Tamburlini Giorgio
A Call Admission Control Protocol for Multimedia Cellular Networks

Author(s): Ayman Elnaggar | Mokhtar Aboelaze | Maan Musleh
Efforts and Models of Education for Parents: the Danish Approach

Author(s): Rosendal Jensen, Niels | Brix, Dorthe
The challenges of joint working: lessons from the Supporting People Health Pilot evaluation

Author(s): Ailsa Cameron | Geraldine Macdonald | William Turner | Liz Lloyd
Can rewards for environmental services benefit the poor? Lessons from Asia

Author(s): Beria Leimona | Laxman Joshi | Meine van Noordwijk
Frame-Size Dependency Using Priority Service Efficiency in FR Networks

Author(s): Khalid A. Kaabneh | Hamed S. Al-Bdour
Application of occlusal indices in orthodontic practice

Author(s): Đorđević Jelena | Šćepan Ivana | Glišić Branislav
Assistência de enfermagem a um paciente vítima de trauma utilizando a teoria de roy e a cipe®

Author(s): Patrícia Josefa Fernandes Beserra, Maria Miriam Lima da Nóbrega, Greicy Kelly Gouveia Dias Bittencourt
Nursing diagnoses for patients with hematological toxicity after antineoplastic chemotherapy based on the icnp®

Author(s): Marisaulina Wanderley Abrantes de Carvalho, Angela Amorim de Araújo, Maria Miriam Lima da Nóbrega
Application of ant colony optimization for reconfiguration of shipboard power system

Author(s): Sri Hari Krishna Vuppalapati | Anurag K. Srivastava
The stigma of mental health problems and other barriers to care in the UK Armed Forces

Author(s): Iversen Amy | van Staden Lauren | Hughes Jamie | Greenberg Neil | Hotopf Matthew | Rona Roberto | Thornicroft Graham | Wessely Simon | Fear Nicola
An ontology-based nurse call management system (oNCS) with probabilistic priority assessment

Author(s): Ongenae Femke | Myny Dries | Dhaene Tom | Defloor Tom | Van Goubergen Dirk | Verhoeve Piet | Decruyenaere Johan | De Turck Filip
Developing a Performance Measurement Framework and Indicators for Community Health Service Facilities in Urban China

Author(s): Wong Sabrina | Yin Delu | Bhattacharyya Onil | Wang Bin | Liu Liqun | Chen Bowen
Drug resistant form of tuberculosis in penitentiary system of Kazakhstan in 2008-2009

Author(s): Tleukhan Abildaev | Klara Baimukhanova | Aygul Tursynbaeva | Saule Usembaeva | Gulnaz Mussabekova | Lyubov Kartashova | Bibigul Tayshieva
A grander challenge: the case of how Makerere University College of Health Sciences (MakCHS) contributes to health outcomes in Africa

Author(s): Pariyo George | Serwadda David | Sewankambo Nelson | Groves Sara | Bollinger Robert | Peters David
Etiology of child mortality in Goroka, Papua New Guinea: a prospective two-year study

Author(s): Duke Trevor | Michael Audrey | Mgone Joyce | Frank Dale | Wal Tilda | Sehuko Rebecca
Rapid DOTS expansion in India

Author(s): Khatri G.R. | Frieden Thomas R.
Identifying research priorities on infections in older adults: proceedings of an interdisciplinary workshop

Author(s): Loeb Mark | Brazil Kevin | Durand Pierre | Gordon Michael | Krueger Paul | Lewis David | Lohfeld Lynne | McGeer Allison | Nicolle Lindsay | Papaioannou Alexandra | Simor Andrew
Current HIV/AIDS end-of-life care in sub-Saharan Africa: a survey of models, services, challenges and priorities

Author(s): Harding Richard | Stewart Karen | Marconi Katherine | O'Neill Joseph | Higginson Irene
General practitioners with a special interest in respiratory medicine: national survey of UK primary care organisations

Author(s): Pinnock Hilary | Netuveli Gopalakrishnan | Price David | Sheikh Aziz
Reconciling competing priorities in commissioning: the future of bone densitometry service for North Wales

Author(s): Atenstaedt Robert | Payne Sandra | Roberts Richard | Russell Ian | Russell Daphne | Edwards Rhiannon
Unofficial policy: access to housing, housing information and social services among homeless drug users in Hartford, Connecticut

Author(s): Dickson-Gomez Julia | Convey Mark | Hilario Helena | Corbett A Michelle | Weeks Margaret
Proposal for the creation of the Departamento de Extensión Agropecuaria (Agricultural Extension Department) of Núcleo Monagas of The Universidad de Oriente

Author(s): Jesús Rafael MÉNDEZ NATERA | Víctor OTAHOLA GÓMEZ | Ivan MAZA | Diagnora BRITO | Nancy MARÍN | Hilmig VILORIA | Nieves CHAURÁN | Liseth CÁRDENAS | Luis CORONADO | Omar LANZ | Jesús AGUIAR | Ramón ZAMORA | Juan Francisco MOYA | Carmen MUJICA | José Alberto LAYNEZ | Blanca SOMAROO NATERA | Oscar RENAUD | Angel Parada | Roxana RAMÍREZ | José SIMOSA | Nelsón MONTAÑO | María Claudia SÁNCHEZ
Status and perspectives of hospital mortality in a public urban Hellenic hospital, based on a five-year review

Author(s): Papadopoulos Iordanis | Papaefthymiou Maria | Roumeliotis Leonidas | Panagopoulos Vasilios | Stefanidou Anna | Kostaki Anastasia
Joint Cross-Layer Design for Wireless QoS Content Delivery

Author(s): Jie Chen | Tiejun Lv | Haitao Zheng

Author(s): Dragoi Ionut | David Marcel | Boldea Monica
UK Policing and Change: Reflections for Policing Worldwide

Author(s): Colin Rogers | James Gravelle

Author(s): Dan Tudor LAZĂR | Adrian Mihai INCEU

Author(s): Dan Tudor LAZĂR | Adrian Mihai INCEU

Author(s): TĂCHICIU Laurenţiu | DINU Vasile
Factors affecting residency rank-listing: A Maxdiff survey of graduating Canadian medical students

Author(s): Wang Tao | Wong Benson | Huang Alexander | Khatri Prateek | Ng Carly | Forgie Melissa | Lanphear Joel | O'Neill Peter
Health services performance for TB treatment in Brazil: a cross-sectional study

Author(s): Villa Tereza | Ruffino-Netto Antônio | Scatena Lucia | Andrade Rubia | Brunello Maria | Nogueira Jordana | Palha Pedro | Sá Lenilde | Assis Marluce | Vendramini Silvia | Monroe Aline | Arcêncio Ricardo | Arakawa Tiemi
A Selective Downlink Scheduling Algorithm to Enhance Quality of VOD Services for WAVE Networks

Author(s): Ou Shumao | Yang Kun | Chen Hsiao-Hwa | Galis Alex
Joint Cross-Layer Design for Wireless QoS Content Delivery

Author(s): Chen Jie | Lv Tiejun | Zheng Haitao
Service Differentiation in OFDM-Based IEEE 802.16 Networks

Author(s): Zhou Yi | Chen Kai | He Jianhua | Guan Haibin | Zhang Yan | Liang Alei
Gestão do Transporte Orientada para os Clientes: Nível de Serviço Desejado e Percebido

Author(s): Ricardo Silveira Martins | Wescley Silva Xavier | Osmar Vieira de Souza Filho | Guilherme Silveira Martins
Prioritizing research needs: insights from a healthcare organization in Iran

Author(s): Mohammadkarim Bahadori 1*, Ehsan Teimourzadeh 1, Ali Farzaneh 1, Mostafa Nejati 2
A Cross-Layer Resource Allocation Algorithm with Dynamic Buffer Allocation Mechanism

Author(s): Gang Chen | Xinrong Wu | Wenqiang Zhang | Xiang Zheng
Public health equity in refugee situations

Author(s): Leaning Jennifer | Spiegel Paul | Crisp Jeff
Key factors leading to reduced recruitment and retention of health professionals in remote areas of Ghana: a qualitative study and proposed policy solutions

Author(s): Snow Rachel | Asabir Kwesi | Mutumba Massy | Koomson Elizabeth | Gyan Kofi | Dzodzomenyo Mawuli | Kruk Margaret | Kwansah Janet
“What we want”: chronically ill adolescents’ preferences and priorities for improving health care

Author(s): van Staa A | Jedeloo S | van der Stege HA | On Your Own Feet Research Group
Biometeorological influence on motorcyclists and bicyclists trauma

Author(s): Gajić Vladimir | Milojević Dragan | Rašković Aleksandar | Smailagić Jasminka | Đonović Nela | Šijački Ana
Asynchronous NoC Router Design

Author(s): Sami Badrouchi | Abdelkrim Zitouni | Kholdoun Torki | Rached Tourki
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