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Service-Learning in Costa Rica and Indonesia

Author(s): David D. Williams | William D. Eiserman
Therapeutic workshops in the perspective from CAPS’ users: a descriptive study

Author(s): Álissan Karine Martins | Joseph Dimas Oliveira | Kely Vanessa Silva | Débora Araújo Moreira | Ângela Alves Souza
Introducing the National Library for Health Skin Conditions Specialist Library

Author(s): Grindlay Douglas | Boulos Maged | Williams Hywel
La cuerda dulce – a tolerability and acceptability study of a novel approach to specimen collection for diagnosis of paediatric pulmonary tuberculosis

Author(s): Chow Felicia | Espiritu Nora | Gilman Robert | Gutierrez Rosmery | Lopez Sonia | Escombe A Roderick | Evans Carlton | Moore David
STAR: predicting recombination sites from amino acid sequence

Author(s): Bauer Denis | Bodén Mikael | Thier Ricarda | Gillam Elizabeth
Tangata whaiora/consumers perspectives on current psychiatric classification systems

Author(s): Moeke-Maxwell Tess | Wells Debra | Mellsop Graham
Decision theory applied to image quality control in radiology

Author(s): Lessa Patrícia | Caous Cristofer | Arantes Paula | Amaro Edson | de Souza Fernando
Brucellosis in buffalos from Corrientes northeast (Argentina)

Author(s): D.E. Martinez | R.A. Jacobo | M.F. Cipolini | E.I. Martinez | G. Crudeli
Uplink Power Control in QoS-aware Multi-Service CDMA Wireless Networks

Author(s): Eirini Eleni Tsiropoulou | Timotheos Kastrinogiannis | Symeon Papavassiliou
Cost-utility of a visiting service for older widowed individuals: Randomised trial

Author(s): Onrust Simone | Smit Filip | Willemse Godelief | Bout Jan | Cuijpers Pim
Setting up a Paediatric Rapid Access Outpatient Unit: Views of general practice teams

Author(s): Williams Lisa | Fryer Jane | Andrew Rachel | Powell Colin | Pink Jim | Elwyn Glyn
Dissemination and implementation of suicide prevention training in one Scottish region

Author(s): Gask Linda | Lever-Green Gillian | Hays Rebecca
Physician supply forecast: better than peering in a crystal ball?

Author(s): Roberfroid Dominique | Leonard Christian | Stordeur Sabine
Rationale and design: telepsychology service delivery for depressed elderly veterans

Author(s): Egede Leonard | Frueh Christopher | Richardson Lisa | Acierno Ronald | Mauldin Patrick | Knapp Rebecca | Lejuez Carl
Fair Adaptive Bandwidth and Subchannel Allocation in the WiMAX Uplink

Author(s): Antoni Morell | Gonzalo Seco-Granados | José López Vicario
The ADDITION-Cambridge trial protocol: a cluster – randomised controlled trial of screening for type 2 diabetes and intensive treatment for screen-detected patients

Author(s): Echouffo-Tcheugui Justin | Simmons Rebecca | Williams Kate | Barling Roslyn | Prevost A Toby | Kinmonth Ann | Wareham Nicholas | Griffin Simon
Community perceptions and factors influencing utilization of health services in Uganda

Author(s): Bakeera Solome | Wamala Sarah | Galea Sandro | State Andrew | Peterson Stefan | Pariyo George
Parallelization and optimization of genetic analyses in isolation by distance web service

Author(s): Turner Julia | Kelley Scott | Otto James | Valafar Faramarz | Bohonak Andrew
Three methods to monitor utilization of healthcare services by the poor

Author(s): Bhuiya Abbas | Hanifi SMA | Urni Farhana | Mahmood Shehrin
A profile of the online dissemination of national influenza surveillance data

Author(s): Cheng Calvin | Lau Eric | Ip Dennis | Yeung Alfred | Ho Lai | Cowling Benjamin
Prevalence of multiple chronic conditions in the United States' Medicare population

Author(s): Schneider Kathleen | O'Donnell Brian | Dean Debbie
The SAIL Databank: building a national architecture for e-health research and evaluation

Author(s): Ford David | Jones Kerina | Verplancke Jean-Philippe | Lyons Ronan | John Gareth | Brown Ginevra | Brooks Caroline | Thompson Simon | Bodger Owen | Couch Tony | Leake Ken
Realising the potential of the family history in risk assessment and primary prevention of coronary heart disease in primary care: ADDFAM study protocol

Author(s): Qureshi Nadeem | Armstrong Sarah | Saukko Paula | Sach Tracey | Middlemass Jo | Evans Phil | Kai Joe | Farrimond Hannah | Humphries Steve
Optical Character Recognition System for Urdu (Naskh Font) Using Pattern Matching Technique

Author(s): Tabassam Nawaz | Syed Ammar Hassan Shah Naqvi | Habib ur Rehman | Anoshia Faiz
Comparison of electrical characteristics of silicon solar cells

Author(s): L.A. Dobrzański | L. Wosińska | B. Dołżańska | A. Drygała
Comparison of prescribing criteria in hospitalised Australian elderly

Author(s): Pattanaworasate W | Emmerton L | Pulver L | Winckel K
Evaluation of the childhood obesity prevention program Kids - 'Go for your life'

Author(s): de Silva-Sanigorski Andrea | Prosser Lauren | Carpenter Lauren | Honisett Suzy | Gibbs Lisa | Moodie Marj | Sheppard Lauren | Swinburn Boyd | Waters Elizabeth
D-S Evidence Theory Based Quality Evaluation Mechanism for Network Services

Author(s): Zhu Haiping | Li Zengzhi | Wang Yunlan | Chen Yanping
An Effective Framework for Distributed Geospatial Query Processing in Grids

Author(s): HUANG, Z. | FANG, Y. | CHEN, B. | PAN, M.
Non-dam alternatives for delivering water services at least cost and risk

Author(s): Michael P. Totten | Timothy J. Killeen | Tracy A. Farrell
A Model for Measuring Communication Problems in Service Processes

Author(s): Dagoberto de, Alves Almeida | Tainá Costa, da Neves
Evidence into practice: evaluating a child-centred intervention for diabetes medicine management The EPIC Project

Author(s): Noyes Jane | Williams Anne | Allen Davina | Brocklehurst Peter | Carter Cynthia | Gregory John | Jackson Carol | Lewis Mary | Lowes Lesley | Russell Ian | Rycroft-Malone Joanne | Sharp Janice | Samuels Mark | Edwards Rhiannon | Whitaker Rhiannon
Evolution Of FTTH As A Novel Subscriber’s Broadband Service Access Technology

Author(s): P. Rajeswari1, N. Lavanya and Shankar Duraikannan
An Approach for Investigating Perspective of Cloud Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

Author(s): Sushil Bhardwaj | Leena Jain | Sandeep Jain
Utility and applications of synoptic reporting in pathology

Author(s): Waqas Amin | S Joseph Sirintrapun | Anil V Parwani
Numerical Simulation of Threat-Independent Progressive Collapse

Author(s): Elvira E. | Mendis P. | Whittaker A.
Modeling and Simulation of Custom Power Devices to Mitigate Power Quality Problems

Author(s): T. Devaraju, | Dr.V.C.Veera Reddy | Dr.M.Vijaya Kumar
High Efficiency QoS Guarantee, Channel Aware scheduling scheme For Polling Services in WiMAX

Author(s): Reza Hashemi | Mohammad Ali Pourmina | Farbod Razzazi
PubMine: An Ontology-Based Text Mining System for Deducing Relationships among Biological Entities

Author(s): Tae-Kyung Kim | Jeong-Su Oh | Gun Hwan Ko | Wan-Sup Cho | Bo Kyeng Hou | Sanghyuk Lee
An evaluation of the effectiveness of a community mentoring service for socially isolated older people: a controlled trial

Author(s): Dickens Andy | Richards Suzanne | Hawton Annie | Taylor Rod | Greaves Colin | Green Colin | Edwards Rachel | Campbell John
Evaluation of stroke services in Anglia stroke clinical network to examine the variation in acute services and stroke outcomes

Author(s): Myint Phyo | Potter John | Price Gill | Barton Garry | Metcalf Anthony | Hale Rachel | Dalton Genevieve | Musgrave Stanley | George Abraham | Shekhar Raj | Owusu-Agyei Peter | Walsh Kevin | Ngeh Joseph | Nicholson Anne | Day Diana | Warburton Elizabeth | Bachmann Max
A data mining approach in home healthcare: outcomes and service use

Author(s): Madigan Elizabeth | Curet Olivier
A Conjoint Analysis to Determine the Preferences for Some Selected MBA Programs

Author(s): İlknur Özmen | Bilge Yaşıt | Özge Sezgin
Psychological assessment of alcoholism in males

Author(s): Chaudhury Suprakash | Das S | Ukil B
Unifying View on Min-Max Fairness, Max-Min Fairness, and Utility Optimization in Cellular Networks

Author(s): Holger Boche | Marcin Wiczanowski | Slawomir Stanczak
Activity and Life After Survival of a Cardiac Arrest (ALASCA) and the effectiveness of an early intervention service: design of a randomised controlled trial

Author(s): Moulaert Véronique | Verbunt Jeanine | van Heugten Caroline | Bakx Wilbert | Gorgels Anton | Bekkers Sebastiaan | de Krom Marc | Wade Derick
Clinical utility of the Mood and Anxiety Symptom Questionnaire (MASQ) in a sample of young help-seekers

Author(s): Buckby Joe | Yung Alison | Cosgrave Elizabeth | Killackey Eoin
Conceptualizing childhood health problems using survey data: a comparison of key indicators

Author(s): Kohen Dafna | Brehaut Jamie | Garner Rochelle | Miller Anton | Lach Lucyna | Klassen Anne | Rosenbaum Peter
Use of WHO clinical stage for assessing patient eligibility to antiretroviral therapy in a routine health service setting in Jinja, Uganda

Author(s): Jaffar Shabbar | Birungi Josephine | Grosskurth Heiner | Amuron Barbara | Namara Geoffrey | Nabiryo Christine | Coutinho Alex
Real-Time and Secure Wireless Health Monitoring

Author(s): S. Dağtaş | G. Pekhteryev | Z. Şahinoğlu | H. Çam | N. Challa
Needs-oriented discharge planning and monitoring for high utilisers of psychiatric services (NODPAM): Design and methods

Author(s): Puschner Bernd | Steffen Sabine | Gaebel Wolfgang | Freyberger Harald | Klein Helmfried | Steinert Tilman | Muche Rainer | Becker Thomas
Supported housing programs for persons with serious mental illness in rural northern communities: A mixed method evaluation

Author(s): Montgomery Phyllis | Forchuk Cheryl | Duncan Craig | Rose Don | Bailey Patricia | Veluri Ramamohan
Adaptation AC to Improve Wireless Access Network Dependability

Author(s): Olfa BEN AHMED | Zied CHOUKAIR
Energy Efficient Dynamic Integration of Thresholds for Migration at Cloud Data Centers

Author(s): Richa Sinha | Nidhi Purohit | Hiteishi Diwanji
Software Quality Modeling and Current State of the Art

Author(s): N. Rajasekhar Reddy | R.J.Ramasree

Author(s): Jozef Lengyel | Ján Cvengroš
Power Aware Live Migration for Data Centers in Cloud using Dynamic Threshold

Author(s): Richa Sinha | Nidhi Purohit | Hiteshi Diwanji
Generic Model to Send Secure Alerts for Utility Companies

Author(s): Galván–Bobadilla I. | Santos–Domínguez M. | Perez–Díaz J.A.
A cross-layer resource allocation scheme for spatial multiplexing-based MIMO-OFDMA systems

Author(s): Akbudak Tarik | Al-Shatri Hussein | Czylwik Andreas
Observing copepods through a genomic lens

Author(s): Bron James | Frisch Dagmar | Goetze Erica | Johnson Stewart | Lee Carol | Wyngaard Grace
Unifying View on Min-Max Fairness, Max-Min Fairness, and Utility Optimization in Cellular Networks

Author(s): Boche Holger | Wiczanowski Marcin | Stanczak Slawomir
Strengthening organizational performance through accreditation research-a framework for twelve interrelated studies: the ACCREDIT project study protocol

Author(s): Braithwaite Jeffrey | Westbrook Johanna | Johnston Brian | Clark Stephen | Brandon Mark | Banks Margaret | Hughes Clifford | Greenfield David | Pawsey Marjorie | Corbett Angus | Georgiou Andrew | Callen Joanne | Øvretveit John | Pope Catherine | Suñol Rosa | Shaw Charles | Debono Deborah | Westbrook Mary | Hinchcliff Reece | Moldovan Max
QoS-Aware Active Queue Management for Multimedia Services over the Internet

Author(s): Hwang Bor-Jiunn | Hwang I-Shyan | Chang Pen-Ming
SegMine workflows for semantic microarray data analysis in Orange4WS

Author(s): Podpečan Vid | Lavrač Nada | Mozetič Igor | Novak Petra | Trajkovski Igor | Langohr Laura | Kulovesi Kimmo | Toivonen Hannu | Petek Marko | Motaln Helena | Gruden Kristina
Fair Adaptive Bandwidth and Subchannel Allocation in the WiMAX Uplink

Author(s): Morell Antoni | Seco-Granados Gonzalo | Vicario JoséLópez
MAPI: towards the integrated exploitation of bioinformatics Web Services

Author(s): Ramirez Sergio | Karlsson Johan | Trelles Oswaldo
A Wellorganized Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation Algorithm for MANET

Author(s): S. Suganya | Dr.S. Palaniammal
ABC Supported Handover Decision Scheme based on multi-PSO with Optimum Mutation

Author(s): Xingwei Wang | Huanyan Zhao | Min Huang | Zhankao Wen | Weixin Wu | Xiaofeng Liu
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Lei Shu | Hsiao-Hwa Chen | Takahiro Hara | Der-Jiunn Deng | Lei Wang
Prototype semantic infrastructure for automated small molecule classification and annotation in lipidomics

Author(s): Chepelev Leonid | Riazanov Alexandre | Kouznetsov Alexandre | Low Hong | Dumontier Michel | Baker Christopher
Emerging Cloud Computing Paradigm

Author(s): Abu Sarwar Zamani | Md Mobin Akhtar | Sultan Ahmad

Author(s): Milun Babić | Dobrica M Milovanović | Nebojša M Jovičić | Dušan R Gordić | Milan Z Despotović | Vanja Šušteršić | Dubravka N Jelić | Davor N Končalović | Goran B Bošković
Evaluating the Performance of Equitable Dominating based Content Distribution Network Design

Author(s): Amutharaj Joyson | Radhakrishnan Shanmugasundaram
Principal component approach in variance component estimation for international sire evaluation

Author(s): Tyrisevä Anna-Maria | Meyer Karin | Fikse W Freddy | Ducrocq Vincent | Jakobsen Jette | Lidauer Martin | Mäntysaari Esa
CLOTU: An online pipeline for processing and clustering of 454 amplicon reads into OTUs followed by taxonomic annotation

Author(s): Kumar Surendra | Carlsen Tor | Mevik Bjørn-Helge | Enger Pål | Blaalid Rakel | Shalchian-Tabrizi Kamran | Kauserud Håvard
Implementing recovery: an analysis of the key technologies in Scotland

Author(s): Smith-Merry Jennifer | Freeman Richard | Sturdy Steve
Adaptive utility-based scheduling algorithm for multiuser MIMO uplink

Author(s): Celcer Tine | Kandus Gorazd | Javornik TomaŽ
Test performance of faecal occult blood testing for the detection of bowel cancer in people with chronic kidney disease (DETECT) protocol

Author(s): Wong Germaine | Howard Kirsten | Chapman Jeremy | Tong Allison | Bourke Michael | Hayen Andrew | Macaskill Petra | Hope Richard | Williams Narelle | Kieu Anh | Allen Richard | Chadban Steven | Pollock Carol | Webster Angela | Roger Simon | Craig Jonathan
Modeling Customer Reactions to Congestion in Competitive Service Facilities

Author(s): Mohammad Saidi-Mehrabad | Ebrahim Teimory | Ali Pahlavani
A User Identity Management Protocol for Cloud Computing Paradigm

Author(s): Safiriyu Eludiora | Olatunde Abiona | Ayodeji Oluwatope | Adeniran Oluwaranti | Clement Onime | Lawrence Kehinde
BPM Architecture Design Based on Cloud Computing

Author(s): Zhenyu Fang | Changqing Yin
Deploying an Application on the Cloud

Author(s): N. Ram Ganga Charan | S. Tirupati Rao | Dr .P.V.S Srinivas
System of Remote Irrigation Based on GPRS

Author(s): Chao Long | Haiyan Liu | Ping Zhou

Author(s): Emílio J. M. Arruda Filho | Julianne Joy Cabusas | Nikhilesh Dholakia
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