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Investigation of the Stability via Shadowing Property

Author(s): Sang-Hyuk Lee | Heejeong Koh | Se-Hyun Ku
Fading Types in Wireless Communications Systems

Author(s): S.Popa | N. Draghiciu | R. Reiz
Maximal chain transitive sets for local groups

Author(s): Carlos J. Braga Barros | Luiz A. B. San Martin
Colorimetric Analysis on Flocculation of Bioinspired Au Self-Assembly for Biophotonic Application

Author(s): Wan-Joong Kim | JaeTae Seo | Chil Seong Ah | Jasmine Austin | Shanghee Kim | Ansoon Kim | Gun Yong Sung | Wan Soo Yun
Analysing a Multi-hop UMTS over Multiple Frequency Schemes and an Urban Environment

Author(s): Konstantios Konstantinou | Muhammad A. Imran | Costas Tzaras
Model error in weather forecasting

Author(s): D. Orrell | L. Smith | J. Barkmeijer | T. N. Palmer
Space-Time Water-Filling for Composite MIMO Fading Channels

Author(s): Zukang Shen | Robert W. Heath Jr. | Jeffrey G. Andrews | Brian W. Evans
WCDMA Multiservice Uplink Capacity of Highways Cigar-Shaped Microcells

Author(s): Bazil Taha-Ahmed | Miguel Calvo Ramon
Chaos and shadowing around a homoclinic tube

Author(s): Yanguang (Charles) Li
User Cooperation in TDMA Wireless System

Author(s): Katiyar Himanshu | Paul Babu | Bhattacharjee R
BER Performance of OFDM-BPSK and -QPSK Over Generalized Gamma Fading Channel

Author(s): Neetu Sood | Ajay K Sharma | Moin Uddin
Adaptive Sub-block ARQ techniques for wireless networks

Author(s): A. N. Kemkar | T. R. Sontakke
Performance Evaluation of Pro-Active Routing Protocols with Fading Models: An Empirical Evaluation using Ns-2

Author(s): Bilal Maqbool Beigh, | Prof, M.A.Peer, | Dr.Mehraj-Din Dar, | Irshad Ahmad Mir | Suhail Qadir Mir
Non-opaque soft tissue foreign body: sonographic findings

Author(s): Mohammadi Afshin | Ghasemi-Rad Mohammad | Khodabakhsh Maryam
Impact of Link Unreliability and Asymmetry on the Quality of Connectivity in Large-scale Sensor Networks

Author(s): Yanjun Li | Ye-Qiong Song | René Schott | Zhi Wang | Youxian Sun
Robust and Scalable Transmission of Arbitrary 3D Models over Wireless Networks

Author(s): Irene Cheng | Lihang Ying | Kostas Daniilidis | Anup Basu
Automatic Roof Plane Detection and Analysis in Airborne Lidar Point Clouds for Solar Potential Assessment

Author(s): Andreas Jochem | Bernhard Höfle | Martin Rutzinger | Norbert Pfeifer
Does type of hospital ownership influence physicians' daily work schedules? An observational real-time study in German hospital departments

Author(s): Mache Stefanie | Scutaru Cristian | Vitzthum Karin | Quarcoo David | Schöffel Norman | Welte Tobias | Klapp Burghard | Groneberg David
Analytical SIR for Self-Organizing Wireless Networks

Author(s): Abdurazak Mudesir | Mathias Bode | Ki Won Sung | Harald Haas
AL-FEC for Improved Mobile Reception of MPEG-2 DVB-T Transport Streams

Author(s): David Gozálvez | David Gómez-Barquero | Thomas Stockhammer | Michael Luby
Crescimento de Brachiaria brizantha em cultivo consorciado com milho em sistema de plantio direto = Growth of Brachiaria brizantha with corn intercropping in no-tillage system

Author(s): Émerson Borghi | Cassiano Mobricci | Adriano Luis Pulz | Elisabeth Orika Ono | Carlos Alexandre Costa Crusciol
Some Analysis in Distributed MIMO Systems

Author(s): Huaiyu Dai | Hongyuan Zhang | Quan Zhou
Optimization of Radio Measurements Exploitation in Wireless Mobile Networks

Author(s): Afef Ben Hadj Alaya-Feki | Alain Le Cornec | Eric Moulines
Biliary ascariasis : The value of ultrasound in the diagnosis and management

Author(s): Al Absi Mohammad | Qais Abdul | Al Katta Mohammad | Gafour Mohammed | Al-Wadan Ali
Shadowing Effects on Routing Protocol of Multihop Ad Hoc Networks

Author(s): Md. Anwar Hossain | Mohammed Tarique | Rumana Islam
A simulation of a pebble bed reactor core by the MCNP-4C computer code

Author(s): Bakhshayesh Moshkbar Khalil | Vosoughi Naser
Surgical treatment of gallbladder polypoid lesions

Author(s): Pejić Miljko A. | Milić Dragan J.
Study Regarding Hydrochemical Classification of the main Lakes from Fizes Watershed (Romania)

A Modified Node Selection Scheme for Cooperative Wireless Networks

Author(s): S. Sadasivam | M.Sheik Dawood | G. Athisha
Rapid analysis of seed size in Arabidopsis for mutant and QTL discovery

Author(s): Herridge Rowan | Day Robert | Baldwin Samantha | Macknight Richard
What makes primary care effective for people in poverty living with multiple chronic conditions?: study protocol

Author(s): Loignon Christine | Haggerty Jeannie | Fortin Martin | Bedos Christophe | Barbeau David | Allen Dawn
Interprofessional education through shadowing experiences in multi-disciplinary clinical settings

Author(s): Riva John | Lam Jessica | Stanford Elizabeth | Moore Ainsley | Endicott Andrea | Krawchenko Iris
Extraction of Vertical Walls from Mobile Laser Scanning Data for Solar Potential Assessment

Author(s): Andreas Jochem | Bernhard Höfle | Martin Rutzinger
High Density QCD

Author(s): Gay Ducati M.B.
A Case Of Invasive Aspergillosis In A Patient With No identifiable Immunodeficiencies

Author(s): Siddiqui K | Douglas M | Carey MP | Benamer HTS
Structuring communication relationships for interprofessional teamwork (SCRIPT): a cluster randomized controlled trial

Author(s): Zwarenstein Merrick | Reeves Scott | Russell Ann | Kenaszchuk Chris | Conn Lesley | Miller Karen-Lee | Lingard Lorelei | Thorpe Kevin
Polarization Behavior of Discrete Multipath and Diffuse Scattering in Urban Environments at 4.5 GHz

Author(s): Markus Landmann | Kriangsak Sivasondhivat | Jun-Ichi Takada | Ichirou Ida | Reiner Thomä
Advances in High-Efficiency III-V Multijunction Solar Cells

Author(s): Richard R. King | Daniel C. Law | Kenneth M. Edmondson | Christopher M. Fetzer | Geoffrey S. Kinsey | Hojun Yoon | Dimitri D. Krut | James H. Ermer | Raed A. Sherif | Nasser H. Karam
Large-Scale Fading and Time Dispersion Parameters of UWB Channel in Underground Mines

Author(s): Abdellah Chehri | Paul Fortier | Pierre Martin Tardif
Development and evaluation of a building energy model integrated in the TEB scheme

Author(s): B. Bueno | G. Pigeon | L. K. Norford | K. Zibouche
Chaos and shadowing around a homoclinic tube

Author(s): Yanguang (Charles) Li
Secure Cooperative Spectrum Sensing based on the Distance between Bodies of Evidence

Author(s): Xiwen Tang | Yingguan Wang | Yi Wang | Yanjun Hu
Diurnal variations of reactive chlorine and nitrogen oxides observed by MIPAS-B inside the January 2010 Arctic vortex

Author(s): G. Wetzel | H. Oelhaf | F. Friedl-Vallon | O. Kirner | A. Kleinert | G. Maucher | H. Nordmeyer | J. Orphal | R. Ruhnke
Synthesis and characterization of copper, polyimide and TIPS-pentacene layers for the development of a solution processed fibrous transistor

Author(s): B. Van Genabet | A. Schwarz | E. Bruneel | L. Rambausek | I. Van Driessche | L. Van Langenhove
Bilateral presumed astrocytic hamartomas in a patient with retinitis pigmentosa

Author(s): Kinori M | Moroz I | Rotenstreich Y | Yonath H | Fabian ID | Vishnevskia-Dai V
An analytical model for the intercell interference power in the downlink of wireless cellular networks

Author(s): Pijcke Benoit | Zwingelstein-Colin Marie | Gazalet Marc | Gharbi Mohamed | Corlay Patrick
Exploiting Diversity for Coverage Extension of Bluetooth-Based Mobile Services

Author(s): Masini Barbara M | Conti Andrea | Dardari Davide | Pasolini Gianni
Space-Time Water-Filling for Composite MIMO Fading Channels

Author(s): Shen Zukang | Heath Jr Robert W | Andrews Jeffrey G | Evans Brian L
Polarization Behavior of Discrete Multipath and Diffuse Scattering in Urban Environments at 4.5 GHz

Author(s): Landmann Markus | Sivasondhivat Kriangsak | Takada Jun-Ichi | Ida Ichirou | Thomä Reiner
A physical map of Brassica oleracea shows complexity of chromosomal changes following recursive paleopolyploidizations

Author(s): Wang Xiyin | Torres Manuel | Pierce Gary | Lemke Cornelia | Nelson Lisa | Yuksel Bayram | Bowers John | Marler Barry | Xiao Yongli | Lin Lifeng | Epps Ethan | Sarazen Heidi | Rogers Carl | Karunakaran Santhosh | Ingles Jennifer | Giattina Emily | Mun Jeong-Hwan | Seol Young-Joo | Park Beom-Seok | Amasino Richard | Quiros Carlos | Osborn Thomas | Pires J | Town Christopher | Paterson Andrew
Investigation of the Stability via Shadowing Property

Author(s): Lee Sang-Hyuk | Koh Heejeong | Ku Se-Hyun
Analytical SIR for Self-Organizing Wireless Networks

Author(s): Mudesir Abdurazak | Bode Mathias | Sung KiWon | Haas Harald
Robust and Scalable Transmission of Arbitrary 3D Models over Wireless Networks

Author(s): Cheng Irene | Ying Lihang | Daniilidis Kostas | Basu Anup
Channel Characterization and Robust Tracking for Diversity Reception over Time-Variant Off-Body Wireless Communication Channels

Author(s): Van Torre Patrick | Vallozzi Luigi | Rogier Hendrik | Moeneclaey Marc | Verhaevert Jo
On the K and KG fading channels

Author(s): Aleksić Danijela | Stefanović Mihajlo | Popović Zoran | Radenković Dragan | Ristić Jovan D.

Author(s): PELAZZA, Breno Bordin | SEGATO, Silvelena Vanzolini | ROMANATO, Fernanda Neves
Radiological Findings of Pulmonary Tuberculosis in Infants and Young Children

Author(s): A Khatami | S Sabouri | J Ghoroubi | N Rassouli | F Abdollah Gorji
Radiographic Findings of Pulmonary Tuberculosis in Tehran in Comparison with Other Institutional Studies

Author(s): A. Jamzad | M. Shahnazi | A. Khatami | Gh. Azimi | L. Salimi | M. Mehrafarin
Indoor signal attenuation assessment via fuzzy logic

Author(s): Alexandre de Assis Mota | Lia Toledo Moreira Mota | Rina Rondon Gonzalez
System outage probability analysis in uplink multi-hop cellular systems over composite channels

Author(s): Zhao Xibin | Wang Jun-Bo | Wang Jin-Yuan | Chen Ming | Feng Min | Sheng Ming

Author(s): tylianos P. Savaidis | Nikolaos I. Miridakis
Comparative Study of Radio Models for data Gathering in Wireless Sensor Network

Author(s): Joydeep Banerjee | Swarup Kumar Mitra | Mrinal Kanti Naskar
Deriving Fuel Mass by Size Class in Douglas-fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii) Using Terrestrial Laser Scanning

Author(s): Carl Seielstad | Crystal Stonesifer | Eric Rowell | Lloyd Queen
Divergence in cis-regulatory sequences surrounding the opsin gene arrays of African cichlid fishes

Author(s): O'Quin Kelly | Smith Daniel | Naseer Zan | Schulte Jane | Engel Samuel | Loh Yong-Hwee | Streelman J Todd | Boore Jeffrey | Carleton Karen
Long-term respiratory follow-up of H1N1 infection

Author(s): Zarogoulidis Paul | Kouliatsis George | Papanas Nikolaos | Spyratos Dionysis | Constantinidis Theodoros | Kouroumichakis Ioannis | Steiropoulos Paschalis | Mabroudi Maria | Matthaios Dimitris | Kerenidi Theodora | Courcoutsakis Nikolaos | Zarogoulidis Konstantinos | Maltezos Efstratios
Experiences of outreach workers in promoting smoking cessation to Bangladeshi and Pakistani men: longitudinal qualitative evaluation

Author(s): Begh Rachna | Aveyard Paul | Upton Penney | Bhopal Raj | White Martin | Amos Amanda | Prescott Robin | Bedi Raman | Barton Pelham | Fletcher Monica | Gill Paramjit | Zaidi Qaim | Sheikh Aziz
Distance Measurement Model Based on RSSI in WSN

Author(s): Jiuqiang Xu | Wei Liu | Fenggao Lang | Yuanyuan Zhang | Chenglong Wang
Evaluation of Multiusers’ Interference on Radiolocation in CDMA Cellular Networks

Author(s): A. J. Bamisaye | M. O. Kolawole | V. S. A. Adeloye
On the Performance of Mobile WiMAX System: Measurement and Propagation Studies

Author(s): Furaih Alshaalan | Saleh Alshebeili | Abdulkareem Adinoyi
Cluster-Based Design for Two-hop Cellular Networks

Author(s): Hrishikesh VENKATARAMAN | Sinan SINANOVIC | Harald HAAS
Transmittance of Airborne Laser Scanning Pulses for Boreal Forest Elevation Modeling

Author(s): Eero Ahokas | Juha Hyyppä | Xiaowei Yu | Markus Holopainen
Optical coherence tomography findings in optic disk melanocytoma

Author(s): Ekrem Kadıoğlu | Şaban Gönül | Kürşat Atalay
WCDMA Multiservice Uplink Capacity of Highways Cigar-Shaped Microcells

Author(s): Taha-Ahmed Bazil | Ramon MiguelCalvo
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