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Efectos anarmónicos en el semiconductor MnGa2Se4

Author(s): J. Marquina | Ch. Power | M. Quintero | J. Gonzalez
Commutation Processes in Multiresonant ZVS Bridge Converter

Author(s): Miroslaw Luft | Elzbieta Szychta
Unequal Input Voltages Distribution Between the Serial Connected Halfbridges

Author(s): Radovan Ovcarcik | Pavol Spanik | Robert Sul | Filippo Chimento
Magnetic and Electric Properties of Magneto polymer Composites

Author(s): Jozef Slama | Maria Papanova | Anna Gruskova | Marianna Usakova | Rastislav Dosoudil
The Dispersion Characteristics of the Complex Permeability of NiZnCu Ferrite and its Composite Materials

Author(s): Rastislav Dosoudil | Marianna Usakova | Elemir Usak | Vladimir Jancarik

Author(s): Sumati Anthal | Bubun Banerjee | Goutam Brahmacharia | Rajni Kant | Vivek K. Gupta
Power and shifting paradigm in translation

Author(s): Martin Djovčoš | Ľubica Pliešovská
Photon-Assisted Spectroscopy of Dirac Electrons in Graphene

Author(s): Abdelrazek A. S. | Zein W. A. | Phillips A. H.
“Retirement at 67” – Findings on the Employment Situation of Older Female Workers

Author(s): Barbara Zimmer | Verena Leve | Gerhard Naegele
Reconfigurable Delay Lines with Split-Ring Resonators

Author(s): Radovan Bojanić | Branka Jokanović | Vojislav Milošević
Robust Kernel-Based Tracking with Multiple Subtemplates in Vision Guidance System

Author(s): Yuzhuang Yan | Xinsheng Huang | Wanying Xu | Lurong Shen
Glucose-Modulated Mitochondria Adaptation in Tumor Cells: A Focus on ATP Synthase and Inhibitor Factor 1

Author(s): Rossana Domenis | Elena Bisetto | Davide Rossi | Marina Comelli | Irene Mavelli
Modeling of Brain Shift Phenomenon for Different Craniotomies and Solid Models

Author(s): Alvaro Valencia | Benjamin Blas | Jaime H. Ortega
Highly Sensitive Detection of Naphthalene in Solvent Vapor Using a Functionalized PBG Refractive Index Sensor

Author(s): Maiko Girschikofsky | Manuel Rosenberger | Stefan Belle | Malte Brutschy | Siegfried R. Waldvogel | Ralf Hellmann
Land use change and the impact on greenhouse gas exchange in north Australian savanna soils

Author(s): S. P. P. Grover | S. J. Livesley | L. B. Hutley | H. Jamali | B. Fest | J. Beringer | K. Butterbach-Bahl | S. K. Arndt
Localising the nitrogen imprint of the Paris food supply: the potential of organic farming and changes in human diet

Author(s): G. Billen | J. Garnier | V. Thieu | M. Silvestre | S. Barles | P. Chatzimpiros
The causes of flow regime shifts in the semi-arid Hailiutu River, Northwest China

Author(s): Z. Yang | Y. Zhou | J. Wenninger | S. Uhlenbrook
A história da arte e outras histórias

Author(s): Rafael Cardoso
Potential effects of climate change on inundation patterns in the Amazon Basin

Author(s): F. Langerwisch | S. Rost | D. Gerten | B. Poulter | A. Rammig | W. Cramer
Acidity of Solid and Liquid Acids Probed by P-31 NMR Chemical Shifts of Phosphine Oxides

Author(s): Chih-Yi Yang | Chih-Chung Chang | Ningdong Feng | Shing-Jong Huang | Anmin Zheng | Yu-Chi Chang | Kuei-Chi Lee | Feng Deng | Shang-Bin Liu
See-sawing between work and home: Shift-working mothers’ perceptions on work/family balance

Author(s): Huhtala, Eija | Uusiautti, Satu | Määttä, Kaarina
Survey of noise exposure and permanent hearing loss among Shadris spinning factory workers of Yazd using Task Base Method (TBM)

Author(s): M. Ghotbi | M. Monazzam | N. Khanjani | Gh. Halvani | M. Salmani Nodoushan | R. Jafari Nodoushan
Comparison of Shift Work-related Health Problems in 12-hour Shift Schedules of Petrochemical Industries

Author(s): AR. Choobineh | A. Soltanzadeh | SHR. Tabatabai | M. Jahangiri | S. Khavvaji
Shift work-related health problems in

Author(s): A. Choobineh | A. Soltanzadeh | S.H.R. Tabatabaee | M. Jahangiri | S. Khavaji
Occupational stressors in nursing

Author(s): H. GHolam Nejad | N. Nikpeyma
Serial peak flowmetry changes in workers of colour production part of paint factory

Author(s): S. Pourabdian | E. Habibi | P. Goshiri | A. Hassanzadeh | A. Sheari
Survey of ergonomic condition of workstations in hospitals’laboratories of Isfahan Medical University

Author(s): E. Habibi | MH. Yarmohamadian | S. Pourabdian | H. Ghorbani | A. Soltani
Temperature Stability of the Pb(Mn1/3Sb2/3)0.05Zr0.47Ti0.48O3 Piezoelectric Ceramics

Author(s): LU Cui-Min, LIU Qing-Suo, ZUO Jian-Bo, SUN Qing-Chi
Toward a New Scientific Visualization for the Language Sciences

Author(s): Luca Onnis | Michael J. Spivey
Stress-related Psychological Disorders Among Surgical Care Nurses in Latvia

Author(s): Kristaps Circenis | Kristaps Circenis | Liana Deklava
City Residence Prepare Towards Implementation Local Lane of Non Motorized

Author(s): Muhamad Razuhanafi Mat Yazid | Rozmi Ismail | Riza Atiq O.K. Rahmat | Muhamad Nazri
Mean Sea Level Variability and Influence of the North Atlantic Oscillation on Long-Term Trends in the German Bight

Author(s): Sönke Dangendorf | Thomas Wahl | Hartmut Hein | Jürgen Jensen | Stephan Mai | Christoph Mudersbach
Phase shifter 0-π on 4HSiC p–i–n-diodes

Author(s): Boltovets N. S. | Krivutsa V. A. | Lychman K. A. | Zekentes K. | Orekhovsky V. A.
Preparación de Materiales Fotocatalizadores Basados en Bi4Ti3O12 Dopados con Metales de Transición

Author(s): Calatayud, D. G. | Rodríguez, M. | Gallego, B. | Fernández-Hevia, D. | Jardiel, T.
Sexual harassment among health workers and students in Turkey

Author(s): Güliz Onat Bayram | Hüsniye Dinç
Developing Cultural Awareness in Foreign Language Teaching

Author(s): Zahra Ghorbani Shemshadsara
Better Policing through a Paradigm Shift in Public Perception of the Police

Author(s): Gopala Krishnan Sekharan Nair | Azyanee Luqman | Thenmolli Vadeveloo | Rasaya Marimuthu | Saravanan Shanmuggam
UK Policing and Change: Reflections for Policing Worldwide

Author(s): Colin Rogers | James Gravelle
A Comparative Study on Seasonal Variation in Body Temperature and Blood Composition of Camels and Sheep

Author(s): Khalid A. Abdoun | Emad M. Samara | Aly B. Okab | Ahmed I. Al-Haidary
Economic and Social Factors on Poverty: A Case Study of Sindh

Author(s): Nadeem Bhatti | Lutuf Ali Phulpoto | Naveed Shaikh | Tahira Afridi | Faiz M. Shaikh
Globalism and Corporate Identity in the Post-crisis Economy

Author(s): Diana Andreia HRISTACHE | Silvia Elena IACOB
Rough Set Techniques for 24 Hour Knowledge Factory

Author(s): Niti Verma | Neha Verma | A. B. Patki
Implementation Of Path Length Control For RLG Using FPGA

Author(s): Prasanthi.Pasula | Rajesh Babu.Natha

Author(s): Amit Kumar Panda | Praveena Rajput | Bhawna Shukla
Rare and threatened pondweed communities in anthropogenic water bodies of Opole Silesia (SW Poland)

Author(s): Arkadiusz Nowak | Sylwia Nowak | Izabela Czerniawska-Kusza
Change in dust variability in the Atlantic sector of Antarctica at the end of the last deglaciation

Author(s): A. Wegner | P. Gabrielli | D. Wilhelms-Dick | U. Ruth | M. Kriews | P. De Deckker | C. Barbante | G. Cozzi | B. Delmonte | H. Fischer
Extreme climate, not extreme weather: the summer of 1816 in Geneva, Switzerland

Author(s): R. Auchmann | S. Brönnimann | L. Breda | M. Bühler | R. Spadin | A. Stickler
Improving Seek Time for Column Store Using MMH Algorithm

Author(s): Tejaswini Apte | Dr. Maya Ingle | Dr. A.K.Goyal
Seed banks in slash and burn agriculture production systems in Marapanim, Pará

Author(s): Eliane Constantinov Leal | Ima Célia Guimarães Vieira | Maria do Socorro Andrade Kato†
Distinct Global Patterns of Strong Positive and Negative Shifts of Seasons over the Last 6 Decades

Author(s): Chad Hanson | Otto Klemm | Andres Schmidt | Beverly E. Law
LED Applications in Railway Signals: Wavelength and Intensity vs Temperature Variation

Author(s): Andrea Martocchia | Donato Papalillo | Giuseppe Schirripa Spagnolo
Effects of a shift from a mixed diet to a lacto-vegetarian diet on some coronary heart disease risk markers

Author(s): Per-Arne Öckerman | Gunnar Johansson | Gunnar Johansson | Börje Källgård
Effects of a shift from a mixed diet to a lacto-vegetarian diet on some coronary heart disease risk markers

Author(s): Per-Arne Öckerman | Gunnar Johansson | Gunnar Johansson | Börje Källgård
Sea surface temperature anomalies, seasonal cycle and trend regimes in the Eastern Pacific coast

Author(s): A. Ramos-Rodríguez | D. B. Lluch-Cota | S. E. Lluch-Cota | A. Trasviña-Castro
Flux correction for closed-path laser spectrometers without internal water vapor measurements

Author(s): R. V. Hiller | C. Zellweger | A. Knohl | W. Eugster
First intercalibration of column-averaged methane from the Total Carbon Column Observing Network and the Network for the Detection of Atmospheric Composition Change

Author(s): F. Forster | R. Sussmann | M. Rettinger | N. M. Deutscher | D. W. T. Griffith | N. Jones | P. K. Patra
Aerosol-induced changes in summer rainfall and circulation in the Australasian region: a study using single-forcing climate simulations

Author(s): L. D. Rotstayn | S. J. Jeffrey | M. A. Collier | S. M. Dravitzki | A. C. Hirst | J. I. Syktus | K. K. Wong

Anomalous Stress-Induced Hump Effects in Amorphous Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide TFTs

Author(s): Ga-Won Lee | Yu-Mi Kim | Kwang-Seok Jeong | Ho-Jin Yun | Seung-Dong Yang | Sang-Youl Lee | Hi-Deok Lee
Interactions of short chain phenylalkanoic acids within ionic surfactant micelles in aqueous media

Author(s): Naeem Kashif | Shah Syed W.H. | Naseem Bushra | Shah Syed S.
Applications of Circular Dichroism for Structural Analysis of Gelatin and Antimicrobial Peptides

Author(s): Ramamourthy Gopal | Jin Soon Park | Chang Ho Seo | Yoonkyung Park
Water Audit

Author(s): Kedar Chimote | Astashil Bhabhulkar
Kernel Based Object Tracking Using Mean Shift Method

Author(s): Swati P. Baviskar | Nitin S. Ujgare
Equivalent dynamical complexity in a many-body quantum and collective human system

Author(s): Neil F. Johnson | Josef Ashkenazi | Zhenyuan Zhao | Luis Quiroga
Effective Eye Localization using Local Binary Patterns

Author(s): Shylaja S S | K N B Murthy | S Natarajan | Nitin Kumar | Ruby Agarwal
Scaling of flat band potential and dielectric constant as a function of Ta concentration in Ta-TiO2 epitaxial films

Author(s): Y. L. Zhao | A. Roy Barman | S. Dhar | A. Annadi | M. Motapothula | Jinghao Wang | Haibin Su | M. Breese | T. Venkatesan | Q. Wang
Zigzag GaN/Ga2O3 heterogeneous nanowires: Synthesis, optical and gas sensing properties

Author(s): Li-Wei Chang | Jan-Hau Chang | Jien-Wei Yeh | Heh-Nan Lin | Han C. Shih
Phonon deformation potentials of hexagonal GaN studied by biaxial stress modulation

Author(s): Jun-Yong Lu | Dong-Mei Deng | Yong Wang | Kevin Jing Chen | Kei-May Lau | Tong-Yi Zhang
Self-polarizing terahertz liquid crystal phase shifter

Author(s): Xiao-wen Lin | Jing-bo Wu | Wei Hu | Zhi-gang Zheng | Zi-jian Wu | Ge Zhu | Fei Xu | Biao-bing Jin | Yan-qing Lu
Thin-film superconducting resonator tunable to the ground-state hyperfine splitting of 87Rb

Author(s): Z. Kim | C. P. Vlahacos | J. E. Hoffman | J. A. Grover | K. D. Voigt | B. K. Cooper | C. J. Ballard | B. S. Palmer | M. Hafezi | J. M. Taylor | J. R. Anderson | A. J. Dragt | C. J. Lobb | L. A. Orozco | S. L. Rolston | F. C. Wellstood
Symmetric and anti-symmetric magnetic resonances in double-triangle nanoparticle arrays fabricated via angle-resolved nanosphere lithography

Author(s): Jian Pan | Zhuo Chen | Zhen-Dong Yan | Zhi-Shen Cao | Peng Zhan | Nai-Ben Ming | Zhen-Lin Wang
Simplified Method for Compiling Rule Base Matrix

Author(s): T. D. Dongale | T .G. Kulkarni | P. A. Kadam | R. R. Mudholkar
Performance Analysis for Concatenated Coding schemes with Efficient Modulation Techniques

Author(s): Hala M. A. Mansour | Labib Francis Gergis | Mostafa A. R. Eltokhy | Hoda Z. Said
Kernel Based Approach toward Automatic object Detection and Tracking in Surveillance Systems

Author(s): Amir Aliabadian | Esmaeil Akbarpour | Mohammad Yosefi
Hardware Implementation of Mix Column Step in AES

Author(s): Pratap Kumar Dakua | Manoranjan Pradhan | Subba Rao Polamuri
Standardization of Neorise Granules

Author(s): Dhruv Mandali1*, Saurabh Parmar2, Tejas Patel1, Deshbandhu Joshi2, Dr. K N Patel3

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