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Cadastre of speleological features

Author(s): Lazarević Radenko
Natural and anthropogenic hazards in karst areas of Albania

Author(s): M. Parise | P. Qiriazi | S. Sala
Engineering classification of karst ground conditions

Author(s): Waltham,A.C. | Fookes,P.G.
Procesos de karstificacion actual en el area del Cerro de la Oliva (Patones, Madrid)

Author(s): Sánchez-Moral, S. | Lario, J. | Bustamante, I. | Cañaveras, J. C. | Echegaray, M. | Sanz, E. | Segura, M. | Cuezva, S.
Guanophilic fungi in three caves of southwestern Puerto Rico

Author(s): Nieves-Rivera Angel M. | Santos-Flores Carlos J. | Dugan Frank M. | Miller Thomas E.
Gypsum karst in the United States.

Author(s): Johnson K.S.
Gypsum karst of the Baltic Republics

Author(s): Paukstys B. | Narbutas V.
Integrated geophysical and geological investigations applied to sedimentary rock mass characterization

Author(s): M. T. Carrozzo | G. Leucci | S. Margiotta | F. Mazzone | S. Negri
Vegetation and Structural Features of Norway Spruce Stands (Picea abies Karst.) in the Virgin Forest of Smrčeve Doline in Northen Velebit

Author(s): Joso Vukelić | Stjepan Mikac | Dario Baričević | Irena Šapić | Darko Bakšić
Possibilities of Application of Relative Openness in Secondary Forest Opening of Slope Forests in Croatia

Author(s): Dragutin Pičman | Tibor Pentek | Hrvoje Nevečerel | Ivica Papa | Kruno Lepoglavec
Contaminant transport in karst aquifers

Author(s): Vesper,D.J. | Loop,C.M. | White,W.B.
Karst subsidence in South-Central Apulia, Southern Italy.

Author(s): Delle Rose Marco | Parise Mario
Epigene and Hypogene Gypsum Karst Manifestations of the Castile Formation: Eddy County, New Mexico and Culberson County, Texas, USA

Author(s): Stafford Kevin W. | Nance Raymond | Rosales-Lagarde Laura | Penelope J. Boston
Network Coding Based Security for Routing Attacks in WRN: Frechet Interference and Rayleigh Outage Evaluation

Author(s): R. Villalpando-Hernández | C. Vargas-Rosales | D. Muñoz-Rodríguez | J. R. Rodríguez
Use of 2D Multi Electrodes Resistivity Imagining for Sinkholes Hazard Assessment along the Eastern Part of the Dead Sea, Jordan

Author(s): Abdallah S.   Al-Zoubi | Abd E.R.A.   Abueladas | Rami I.   Al-Rzouq | Christian Camerlynck | Emad Akkawi | M. Ezarsky | Z. S.H. Abu-Hamatteh | Wasim Ali | Samih Al Rawashdeh
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