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Horror Unmasked: Truth or Fiction?

Author(s): Lars Buur | Eric Harper
Much Truth about Truth Commissions

Author(s): Marten Zwanenburg
Appreciating Silence

Author(s): Ronald C. Slye
Does the New Zealand Government owe Māori an apology?

Author(s): G. Raumati Hook | L. Parehaereone Raumati
Increasing Responsibility towards Environment

Author(s): Mihaela COMĂNESCU
Doha round of WTO negotiations and trade liberalization in Serbian agriculture

Author(s): Popović Vesna | Katić Branko | Cvetković Ružica
Reconciliation with oneself and with others: From approach to model

Author(s): Nikolić-Ristanović Vesna | Srna Jelena
Meaningful learning in mathematical modeling activities: an investigation using the conceptual maps

Author(s): Lourdes Maria Werle de Almeida | Maria Lúcia de Carvalho Fontanini
Austria: Persistent low fertility since the mid-1980s

Author(s): Alexia Prskawetz | Tomáš Sobotka | Isabella Buber | Henriette Engelhardt | Richard Gisser
A knowledge synthesis of patient and public involvement in clinical practice guidelines: study protocol

Author(s): Légaré France | Boivin Antoine | Weijden Trudy | Packenham Christine | Tapp Sylvie | Burgers Jako
Increasing Responsibility towards Environment

Author(s): Mihaela Comanescu
Atoning for Colonial Injustices: Group-Based Shame and Guilt Motivate Support for Reparation

Author(s): Jesse A. Allpress | Fiona Kate Barlow | Rupert Brown | Winnifred R. Louis
Assessing Microfinance: The Bosnia and Herzegovina Case

Author(s): AnneWelle-Strand | Kristian Kjollesdal | Nick Sitter
Between family and temple: Jesus and sacrifices

Author(s): Adriana Destro | Mauro Pesce
Music and collective identities

Author(s): Milanović Biljana
Sustainable development of the protected areas with the reference to the Sicevo gorge

Author(s): Velev Jelena | Mitković Petar | Dinić Milena | Bogdanović Ivana
The politics of trauma and reconciliation

Author(s): Humphrey Michael
War veterans as peace builders

Author(s): Kostić Novica

Author(s): Nicanor Lopes
Identidad y literatura en María Zambrano

Author(s): Roberto Sánchez Benítez
Collectivity and Agency in Remembering and Reconciliation

Author(s): David Middleton | Kyoko Murakami

Book Reviews

Author(s): Redactie KITLV
Amizade na Infância: Um Estudo Empírico no Projeto Caminhando Juntos de Vitória

Author(s): Paula Coimbra da Costa Pereira | Agnaldo Garcia
Ubuntu: An African Equity

Author(s): TW Bennett
Reconciliation: The Genesis of a New Social Representation

Author(s): Augoustinos, Martha | Penny, S.L.
Les facteurs du développement spatial.

Author(s): Sonia Guelton
Tourism development and contested communities.

Author(s): Senija Causevic | Dr Paul Lynch
Building of Peace and Reconciliation

Author(s): Vera Vohlídalová
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