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Home Schooling in the United States

Author(s): Kurt J. Bauman
Pharmacokinetic Evaluation of Metolazone Tablets using healthy Human Volunteers

Author(s): Basvan Babu | Selvadurai Muralidharan | Subramaniya Nainar Meyyanathan | Bhojraj Suresh
Monitoramento do Crescimento do Biofilme Aderido ao Carvão Ativado Granular por Meio de Termogravimetria

Author(s): Alex G. Utsumi, | Renata M. F. Cuba | Francisco J. C. Teran
Multiple organ procurement

Author(s): Vuković Milivoje | Moljević Nebojša | Milošević Zoran | Katanić Nenad | Krivokuća Dragan
Immobilization of P. acidi-propeonici Cells in Tubular Bioreactors and Investiagation on Kinetic Model

Author(s): Maede Mohammadi | Mostafa Rahimnejad | Ghasem Najafpour Darzi
Erlotinib in the treatment of advanced pancreatic cancer

Author(s): Robin K Kelley | Andrew H Ko
Improving CT prediction of treatment response in patients with metastatic colorectal carcinoma using statistical learning theory

Author(s): Land Walker | Margolis Dan | Gottlieb Ronald | Krupinski Elizabeth | Yang Jack
Importance of nutrition in inflammatory bowel disease

Author(s): Alfredo José Lucendo, Livia Cristina De Rezende
Colorectal Cancer Stem Cells and Cell Death

Author(s): Veronica Catalano | Miriam Gaggianesi | Valentina Spina | Flora Iovino | Francesco Dieli | Giorgio Stassi | Matilde Todaro

Author(s): Panayiotis A. Koutentis | Sophia S. Michaelidou
Preparation of Cu2O from TiO2 and CTAB using the Anode Support System

Author(s): A. Abdulkarem | E.A. Ammar | Y. Ying | L.J. Lin
Metal-support interaction: The key factor governing activity of Pd/SnO2 catalyst for denitration of ground water

Author(s): Bošković Goran C. | Kovačević Marijana K. | Ratković Sanja N. | Kiss Erne E. | Radnik Joerg
Pharmacokinetic Evaluation of Metolazone Tablets using Healthy Human Volunteers

Author(s): Basvan Babu | Selvadurai Muralidharan | Subramaniya Nainar Meyyanathan | Bhojraj Suresh
Fabricación de soportes anódicos metálicos para SOFC por vía pulvimetalúrgica

Author(s): Arahuetes, E. | Bautista, A. | Velasco, F. | Sotomayor, M. E.
Cellulose crystallinity index: measurement techniques and their impact on interpreting cellulase performance

Author(s): Park Sunkyu | Baker John | Himmel Michael | Parilla Philip | Johnson David
STM, SECPM, AFM and Electrochemistry on Single Crystalline Surfaces

Author(s): Holger Wolfschmidt | Claudia Baier | Stefan Gsell | Martin Fischer | Matthias Schreck | Ulrich Stimming
Indirect Method for Quantification of Cell Biomass During Solid-State Fermentation of Palm Kernel Cake Based on Protein Content

Author(s): Suraini Abd-Aziz | Gan Siew Hung | Mohd Ali Hassan | Mohamed Ismail Abdul Karim | Noraini Samat
Influencia de la variación de H3[P(W3O10)4]×H2O sobre mesoporosos MCM-41, en la reacción de isomerización de n-pentano

Author(s): Lynda Belandria | Edder Garcia | Jairo Rondón | Freddy Imbert | Alvaro Uzcátegui | Marlin Villarroel | Mauricio Marín
Stem Cells for the Treatment of Neurodegenerative Diseases

Author(s): Yong-Ping Wu | Wei-Shan Chen | Chong Teng | Ning Zhang
Assessment and characterization of joineries in the city of Viçosa, MG/ Diagnóstico e caracterização das marcenarias na cidade de Viçosa, MG

Author(s): Ricardo Ribeiro Alves | Carla Priscilla Távora Cabral | Maria Odete Alves de Souza | Graziela Baptista Vidaurre | Andréia Colli | José de Castro Silva
Polymerization of organized monomers

Author(s): Stoiljković Dragoslav M. | Pilić Branka M. | Radičević Radmila Ž. | Bakočević Ivana | Jovanović Slobodan M. | Panić Davor | Korugić-Karasz Ljiljana
Dose escalation study of an anti-thrombocytopenic agent in patients with chemotherapy induced thrombocytopenia

Author(s): Levin Robert | Daehler MaryAnn | Grutsch James | Hall John | Gupta Digant | Lis Christopher
Comparative transcriptional profiling of the limbal epithelial crypt demonstrates its putative stem cell niche characteristics

Author(s): Kulkarni Bina | Tighe Patrick | Mohammed Imran | Yeung Aaron | Powe Desmond | Hopkinson Andrew | Shanmuganathan Vijay | Dua Harminder
Preparation of irreversible hydrocolloids to improve retention of complete dentures

Author(s): Aleksov Ljiljana | Stanković Saša | Ajduković Zorica
Biosurfactants production in biofilm reactor and their recovery by pertraction [abstract]

Author(s): Chtioui, O. | Krasimir, D. | Gancel, F. | Nikov, I. | Dhulster, P.
Synthèse de molécules d'intérêt biologique. Contribution à la synthèse des bastadines

Author(s): Decamps, C. | Hantson, AL. | Niemirowski, L. | Capiau, E. | De Meyer, M.
Sensing-Applications of Surface-Based Single Vesicle Arrays

Author(s): Sune M. Christensen | Dimitrios G. Stamou
Dispositivos de asistencia circulatoria. Estado actual. Mechanical circulatory support devices, state of the art.

Author(s): Dr. Angel M. Paredes Cordero | Lic. Alexei Suárez Rivero | Dra. Nadia Sánchez Torres | Dr. Geovedys Martínez
Synthesis and characterization of silver/talc nanocomposites using the wet chemical reduction method

Author(s): Kamyar Shameli | Mansor Bin Ahmad | Wan Zin Wan Yunus | et al
Fabrication of silver nanoparticles doped in the zeolite framework and antibacterial activity

Author(s): Kamyar Shameli | Mansor Bin Ahmad | Mohsen Zargar | et al
A New Microsphere-Based Immunoassay for Measuring the Activity of Transcription Factors

Author(s): Lin Yu-Ling | Lai Yun-Ju | Tsai Nu-Man | Peng Tai-Chu | Liu Yen-Ku | Lee Ru-Ping | Tsai Chueh-Jen | Liao Kuang-Wen
Epigenetic regulation of CD133 and tumorigenicity of CD133 positive and negative endometrial cancer cells

Author(s): Friel Anne | Zhang Ling | Curley Michael | Therrien Vanessa | Sergent Petra | Belden Sarah | Borger Darrell | Mohapatra Gayatry | Zukerberg Lawrence | Foster Rosemary | Rueda Bo
The Hawaiian Rhodophyta Biodiversity Survey (2006-2010): a summary of principal findings

Author(s): Sherwood Alison | Kurihara Akira | Conklin Kimberly | Sauvage Thomas | Presting Gernot
Discovery and characterization of medaka miRNA genes by next generation sequencing platform

Author(s): Li Sung-Chou | Chan Wen-Ching | Ho Meng-Ru | Tsai Kuo-Wang | Hu Ling-Yueh | Lai Chun-Hung | Hsu Chun-Nan | Hwang Pung-Pung | Lin Wen-chang
Tumor initiating cells in pancreatic cancer: A critical view

Author(s): Bo Kong | Christoph W Michalski | Jörg Kleeff
Therapeutic implications of colon cancer stem cells

Author(s): Eros Fabrizi, Simona di Martino, Federica Pelacchi, Lucia Ricci-Vitiani
Prótesis metálicas para la reparación de cabezas de vigas de madera degradadas

Author(s): González-Bravo, C. | Arriaga, F. | Íñiguez-González, G. | Maldonado, L.
Synthesis of silver nanoparticles in montmorillonite and their antibacterial behavior

Author(s): Shameli K | Ahmad MB | Zargar M | Yunus WM | Rustaiyan A | Ibrahim NA
Secondary Metabolites Production by Solid-State Fermentation

Author(s): Barrios-González, J. | Fernández, F. J. | Tomasini, A. | Mejía, A.
Cellulase Production by Native Bacteria Using Water Hyacinth as Substrate under Solid State Fermentation

Author(s): Suresh Chandra Kurup, R. | Snishamol, C. | Nagendra Prabhu, G.
Diagnóstico da gestão dos resíduos sólidos urbanos do município de Flórida Paraná. = The diagnosis of managing urban solid waste in Flórida city - Paraná.

Author(s): Ricardo Massulo Albertin | Eliene Moraes | Generoso De Angelis Neto | Bruno Luiz Domingos De Angelis | Elida Corveloni | Frederico Fonseca da Silva
A Diagnostic System for Improving Biomass Quality Based on a Sensor Network

Author(s): Dionysis D. Bochtis | Claus G. Sørensen | Ole Green | Thomas Bartzanas
Implementation of Decision Support System for Scheduled Waste Management in Malaysia

Author(s): Mohammad Shahnor Bani | Zulkifli Abdul Rashid | Ku Halim Ku Hamid

Author(s): Liliana E. Luna | Maitena Martínez | Denis N. Prada | Raquel M. Cravero
Immobilization of lipase from Candida rugosa into copolymer hydrogels of poly(N-isopropylacrylamide-co-itaconic acid) synthesized in the presence of surfactants

Author(s): Milašinović Nikola Z. | Milosavljević Nedeljko B. | Filipović Jovanka M. | Knežević-Jugović Zorica D. | Kalagasidis-Krušić Melina T.
Relics habitat of mangrove vegetation in south coast of Java

Pharmaceutical characterization of solid and dispersed carbon nanotubes as nanoexcipients

Author(s): Ivanova MV | Lamprecht C | Loureiro MJ | Huzil JT | Foldvari M
Synthesis and Evaluation of a Molecularly Imprinted Polymer for Selective Solid-Phase Extraction of Irinotecan from Human Serum Samples

Author(s): Béatrice Roy | Sung Vo Duy | Jean-Yves Puy | Charlotte Martin | Jérome Guitton | Charles Dumontet | Christian Périgaud | Isabelle Lefebvre-Tournier
Ecological Problems Related to Mining-Metallurgical Industries and Innovatory, Energy-Efficient Ways of Solving Them

Author(s): Giorgi Tavadze | Garegin Zakharov Giorgi Oniashvili | Zurab Aslamazishvili | Guranda Jishkariani | Gigo Jandieri | David Sakhvadze
Ecological Problems Related to Mining-Metallurgical Industries and Innovatory, Energy-Efficient Ways of Solving Them

Author(s): Giorgi Tavadze | Garegin Zakharov Giorgi Oniashvili | Zurab Aslamazishvili | Guranda Jishkariani | Gigo Jandieri | David Sakhvadze
Sharing Integrated Spatial and Thematic Data: The CRISOLA Case for Malta and the European Project Plan4all Process

Author(s): Saviour Formosa | Vincent Magri | Julia Neuschmid | Manfred Schrenk
Production of near net shape components directly from CAD models

Author(s): H. Medellín | J. Corney | J.B.C. Davies | T. Lim | J.M. Ritchie
Evaluation and In-House Validation of Five DNA Extraction Methods for PCR-based STR Analysis of Bloodstained Denims

Author(s): Henry Perdigon | Gayvelline Calacal | Kristine Co Seng | Saturnina Halos | Maria Corazon De Ungria
The Effects of Several Postharvest Treatments on Shelf Life Quality of Bunch Tomatoes

Author(s): Tuba DİLMAÇÜNAL | Mehmet Ali KOYUNCU | Hakan AKTAŞ | Derya BAYINDIR
A phase I trial of PR-104, a pre-prodrug of the bioreductive prodrug PR-104A, given weekly to solid tumour patients

Author(s): McKeage Mark | Gu Yongchuan | Wilson William | Hill Andrew | Amies Karen | Melink Teresa | Jameson Michael
Neoamphimedine Circumvents Metnase-Enhanced DNA Topoisomerase IIα Activity Through ATP-Competitive Inhibition

Author(s): Jessica Ponder | Byong Hoon Yoo | Adedoyin D. Abraham | Qun Li | Amanda K. Ashley | Courtney L. Amerin | Qiong Zhou | Brian G. Reid | Philip Reigan | Robert Hromas | Jac A. Nickoloff | Daniel V. LaBarbera
Healthy and sustainable spaces, biosafety and wastes

Author(s): Simone Cynamon Cohen | Débora Cynamon Kligerman | Mara Rejane Barroso Barcelos

The comparison of self-esteem between male and female cancer patients

Author(s): Noghani F | Monjamed Z | Bahrani N | Ghodrati Jablo V
Layout model system for production of plants inorganic solid waste recycling for small cities

Author(s): José Augerlan Silva de Santana | Carlos Eduardo Silva

Author(s): Arturo Frediani Sarfati
Preventive Methods to reduce the deterioration of monuments and outdoor art by microbe burden of the solid-micro-dust-fraction

Author(s): Katharina Elandt | Klaus Hellemann | Manuela Rath | Karl M. Hellemann | Daniela Pinna | Salvatore Lorusso
Potential electrode materials for symmetrical Solid Oxide Fuel Cells

Author(s): Ruiz Morales, J. C. | Canales Vázquez, J. | Lincke, H. | Peña Martínez, J. | Marrero López, D. | Pérez Coll, D. | Irvine, J. T. | Núñez, P.
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Zhihua Cui | Zhongzhi Shi
A Sweet Killer: Mesoporous Polysaccharide Confined Silver Nanoparticles for Antibacterial Applications

Author(s): Robin J. White | Vitaly L. Budarin | James W.B. Moir | James H. Clark
Effect of PMMA Pore Former on Hydrogen Production Performance of Solid Oxide Electrolysis Cells

Author(s): YU Bo, ZHANG Wen-Qiang, LIANG Ming-De, ZHANG Ping, XU Jing-Ming
Application of E-Business in Modern Operation of Public Companies in Serbia

Author(s): Borislav Kolarić | Robert Petrović | Slobodan Radojčić
Tunable Nanostructures and Crystal Structures in Titanium Oxide Films

Author(s): Srivastava AK | Deepa M | Bhandari S | Fuess H
Psychosocial risk and protective factors of secondary school dropout in Luxembourg: the protocol of an exploratory case-control study

Author(s): Esch Pascale | Bocquet Valéry | Pull Charles | Couffignal Sophie | Graas Marc | Lair Marie-Lise | Lehnert Torsten | Fond-Harmant Laurence | Ansseau Marc
Green Synthesis and Characterization of Silver/Chitosan/Polyethylene Glycol Nanocomposites without any Reducing Agent

Author(s): Mansor Bin Ahmad | Mei Yen Tay | Kamyar Shameli | Mohd Zobir Hussein | Jenn Jye Lim
First experimental evidence for the CO2-driven origin of Stromboli's major explosions

Author(s): A. Aiuppa | M. Burton | P. Allard | T. Caltabiano | G. Giudice | S. Gurrieri | M. Liuzzo | G. Salerno
Platelet Endothelial Cell Adhesion Molecule (PECAM-1) Expression in Malignant Human Tumours and their Metastases

Author(s): Juan R de la Haba Rodríguez | Ignacio Porras Quintela | Gema Pulido Cortijo | Concepción Lucena Martínez | Javier García Corbacho | Enrique Aranda Aguilar

Author(s): Marian PREDA | Vlad GRIGORAŞ
Solid Waste Management Baling Scheme Economics Methodology

Author(s): Jan Stenis, | Viatcheslav Moutavtchi | William Hogland
Is the schatzki ring a unique esophageal entity?

Author(s): Michaela Müller | Ines Gockel | Philip Hedwig | Alexander J Eckardt | Kathrin Kuhr | Jochem König | Volker F Eckardt
Inspection and Recognition of Generalized Surface Defect for Precise Optical Elements

Author(s): Hongyu Chu | Zhijiang Xie | Xu Xu | Lidan Zhou | Qin Liu

Author(s): Dipen B. Patel
A Five-Layered Business Intelligence Architecture

Author(s): In Lih Ong | Pei Hwa Siew | Siew Fan Wong
Synthesis and Characterization of Silver/Clay/Chitosan Bionanocomposites by UV-Irradiation Method

Author(s): Mansor B. Ahmad | Kamyar Shameli | Majid Darroudi | Wan M.Z.W. Yunus | Nor A. Ibrahim
An Expert System Applied in Construction Water Quality Monitoring

Author(s): Leila Ooshaksaraie | Noor E.A. Basri

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