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Prevalence of HIV among general surgical patients in southeastern Nigeria

Author(s): Anyanwu Stanley | Chianakwana Gabriel | Ihekwoaba Eric
Leptin receptor Gln223Arg polymorphism and breast cancer risk in Nigerian women: A case control study

Author(s): Okobia Michael | Bunker Clareann | Garte Seymour | Zmuda Joseph | Ezeome Emmanuel | Anyanwu Stanley | Uche Emmanuel | Kuller Lewis | Ferrell Robert | Taioli Emanuela
Prevalence of malaria as co-infection in HIV-infected individuals in a malaria endemic area of southeastern Nigeria

Author(s): C.C. Onyenekwe, N. Ukibe, S.C. Meludu, A. Ilika, N. Aboh, N. Ofiaeli, M. Ezaeni & A. Onochie
Bakor Women in Pottery Production in Colonial Southeastern Nigeria

Author(s): Simon E. MAJUK | Patience O. ERIM | Rev. Joseph O. AJOR
Routine surgical intervention for childhood intussusception in a developing country

Author(s): Ekenze Sebastian | Mgbor Samuel | Okwesili Obinna
The Nutritive Value of Some Plants Browsed by Cattle in Umudike, Southeastern Nigeria

Author(s): F.O. Ahamefule | B.E. Obua | J.A. Ibeawuchi | N.R. Udosen
Igbo Traditional Food System: Documentation, Uses and Research Needs

Author(s): E.C. Okeke | H.N. Eneobong | A.O. Uzuegbunam | A.O. Ozioko | H. Kuhnlein
Comparison of Plasma Copper, Iron and Zinc Levels in Hypertensive and Non-hypertensive Pregnant Women in Abakaliki, South Eastern Nigeria

Author(s): Emmanuel I. Ugwuja | Boniface N. Ejikeme | Nicholas C. Ugwu | Ndudim C. Obeka | Emmanuel I. Akubugwo | Onyechi Obidoa
From the Editor Vol: 6 number 2

Author(s): Ugur Demiray
Atlas of Chiefdoms and Early States

Author(s): Henry T. Wright
Gravity anomalies, sub-surface structure and oil and gas migration in the Mamfe, Cameroon-Nigeria, sedimentary basin

Author(s): T. Ndougsa-Mbarga | E. Manguelle-Dicoum | J. O. Campos-Enriquez | Q. Yene Atangana
Acanthus montanus: An experimental evaluation of the antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and immunological properties of a traditional remedy for furuncles

Author(s): Okoli Charles | Akah Peter | Onuoha Nkemjika | Okoye Theophine | Nwoye Anthonia | Nworu Chukwuemeka
Bacteriological evaluation of some sachet water on sales in Owerri metropolis, Imo State, Nigeria

Author(s): Mgbakor, C. | Ojiegbe, G.C. | Okonko, I.O. | Odu, O.O. | Alli, J.A. | Nwanze, J.C. | Onoh, C.C.
Buying Attitude of Yam Consumers in Southeastern, Nigeria

Author(s): Nwachukwu, IN. | Oteh, OU. | Ugoh, CC. | Ochomma, C.
Using Selected Structural Indices to Pinpoint the Field Moisture Capacity of Some Coarse-Textured Agricultural Soils in Southeastern Nigeria

Author(s): Sunday Ewele Obalum | Charles Arizechukwu Igwe | Hermansah | Martin Eze Obi | Toshiyuki Wakatsuki
Awareness of Birth Preparedness and Complication Readiness in Southeastern Nigeria

Author(s): John E. Ekabua | Kufre J. Ekabua | Patience Odusolu | Thomas U. Agan | Christopher U. Iklaki | Aniekan J. Etokidem
Evaluation of Aeromagnetic Anomalies Over Okigwe Area, Southeastern Nigeria

Author(s): L. N. Onuba | G.K. Anudu | O.I. Chiaghanam | E.K. Anakwuba
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