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Author(s): Syed Md. Fakrul AHSAN | Md. Nazrul ISLAM | Md. Jamal UDDIN | Mohammed Taj UDDIN
Controls over N2O, NOx and CO2 fluxes in a calcareous mountain forest soil

Author(s): B. Kitzler | S. Zechmeister-Boltenstern | C. Holtermann | U. Skiba | K. Butterbach-Bahl
Spatial autocorrelation analysis of health care hotspots in Taiwan in 2006

Author(s): Tsai Pui-Jen | Lin Men-Lung | Chu Chien-Min | Perng Cheng-Hwang
Primary syphilis cases in Guangdong Province 1995-2008: Opportunities for linking syphilis control and regional development

Author(s): Yang Li-Gang | Tucker Joseph | Yang Bin | Shen Song-Ying | Sun Xi-Feng | Chen Yong-Feng | Chen Xiang-Sheng
SPAC: An alternative method to estimate earthquake site effects in Mexico City

Author(s): Hortencia Flores Estrella | Jorge Aguirre González
Total factor productivity effects of interregional knowledge spillovers

Author(s): Thomas Scherngell | Manfred M. Fischer | Martin Reismann
Robustness of the BYM model in absence of spatial variation in the residuals

Author(s): Latouche Aurélien | Guihenneuc-Jouyaux Chantal | Girard Claire | Hémon Denis
Mining the Urban Sprawl Pattern: A Case Study on Sunan, China

Author(s): Ronghua Ma | Chaolin Gu | Yingxia Pu | Xiaodong Ma
Mapping rainfall erosivity at a regional scale: a comparison of interpolation methods in the Ebro Basin (NE Spain)

Author(s): M. Angulo-Martínez | M. López-Vicente | S. M. Vicente-Serrano | S. Beguería
Spatial Modeling in Environmental and Public Health Research

Author(s): Michael Jerrett | Sara Gale | Caitlin Kontgis
Geographical mortality patterns in Italy: A Bayesian analysis

Author(s): Fabio Divino | Viviana Egidi | Michele Antonio Salvatore
Valoración económica de las características espaciales de las casas rurales en Gran Canaria

Author(s): Suárez Vega, Rafael | Santana Jiménez, Yolanda | Hernández Guerra, Juan María
Exploring spatial patterns and hotspots of diarrhea in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Author(s): Chaikaew Nakarin | Tripathi Nitin | Souris Marc
Uncertainties in river basin data at various support scales – Example from Odense Pilot River Basin

Author(s): J. C. Refsgaard | P. van der Keur | B. Nilsson | D.-I. Müller-Wohlfeil | J. Brown
Spatial distribution of the active surveillance of sheep scrapie in Great Britain: an exploratory analysis

Author(s): Birch Colin | Chikukwa Ambrose | Hyder Kieran | Del Rio Vilas Victor
Temporal and spatial distribution of human cryptosporidiosis in the west of Ireland 2004-2007

Author(s): Callaghan Mary | Cormican Martin | Prendergast Martina | Pelly Heidi | Cloughley Richard | Hanahoe Belinda | O'Donovan Diarmuid
Spatial variation of eddy-diffusion coefficients in the turbulent plasma sheet during substorms

Author(s): M. Stepanova | E. E. Antonova | D. Paredes-Davis | I. L. Ovchinnikov | Y. I. Yermolaev
Using Geographic Information Systems to Determination of The Distribution of Neonatal Tetanus

Author(s): Saffet Erdogan | Reha Demirel | Ibrahim Tiryakioglu
Hydrologic Conditions Describe West Nile Virus Risk in Colorado

Author(s): Jeffrey Shaman | Jonathan F. Day | Nicholas Komar
Variabilidade espacial da condutividade hidráulica e da infiltração da água no solo = Spatial variability of hydraulic conductivity and water infiltration in the soil

Author(s): Clementina Scherpinski | Miguel Angel Uribe-Opazo | Marcio Antonio Vilas Boas | Silvio César Sampaio | Jerry Adriani Johann
Padrões espaciais da riqueza de espécies de viperídeos na América do Sul: temperatura ambiental vs. cinética-bioquímica = Spatial patterns of viperid species richness in South America: environmental temperature vs. biochemical kinetics.

Author(s): Matheus Souza Lima-Ribeiro | Thiago Fernando Lopes Vale Brito Rangel | Miriam Plaza Pinto | Ionai'i Ossami Moura | Tatiana Lima Melo | Levi Carina Terribile
Associations between street connectivity and active transportation

Author(s): Berrigan David | Pickle Linda | Dill Jennifer
Risk mapping of Rinderpest sero-prevalence in Central and Southern Somalia based on spatial and network risk factors

Author(s): Ortiz-Pelaez Angel | Pfeiffer Dirk | Tempia Stefano | Otieno F Tom | Aden Hussein | Costagli Riccardo
Spatiotemporal distribution of malaria and the association between its epidemic and climate factors in Hainan, China

Author(s): Xiao Dan | Long Yong | Wang Shanqing | Fang Liqun | Xu Dezhong | Wang Guangze | Li Lang | Cao Wuchun | Yan Yongping
Spatial patterns of Bovine Corona Virus and Bovine Respiratory Syncytial Virus in the Swedish beef cattle population

Author(s): Beaudeau Francois | Björkman Camilla | Alenius Stefan | Frössling Jenny
Baseline spatial distribution of malaria prior to an elimination programme in Vanuatu

Author(s): Reid Heidi | Vallely Andrew | Taleo George | Tatem Andrew | Kelly Gerard | Riley Ian | Harris Ivor | Henri Iata | Iamaher Sam | Clements Archie
Feasibility and utility of mapping disease risk at the neighbourhood level within a Canadian public health unit: an ecological study

Author(s): Holowaty Eric | Norwood Todd | Wanigaratne Susitha | Abellan Juanjo | Beale Linda
A study protocol to evaluate the relationship between outdoor air pollution and pregnancy outcomes

Author(s): Ribeiro Manuel | Pereira Maria | Soares Amílcar | Branquinho Cristina | Augusto Sofia | Llop Esteve | Fonseca Susana | Nave Joaquim | Tavares António | Dias Carlos | Silva Ana | Selemane Ismael | de Toro Joaquin | Santos Mário | Santos Fernanda
Spatiotemporal Trends in Oral Cancer Mortality and Potential Risks Associated with Heavy Metal Content in Taiwan Soil

Author(s): Chi-Ting Chiang | Ie-Bin Lian | Che-Chun Su | Kuo-Yang Tsai | Yu-Pin Lin | Tsun-Kuo Chang
State-space approach to evaluate spatial variability of field measured soil water status along a line transect in a volcanic-vesuvian soil

Author(s): A. Comegna | A. Coppola | V. Comegna | G. Severino | A. Sommella | C. D. Vitale
Spatial and seasonal variability of heterotrophic and autotrophic soil respiration in a winter wheat stand

Author(s): N. Prolingheuer | B. Scharnagl | A. Graf | H. Vereecken | M. Herbst
Environment-dependent phenotypic variation among natural populations of Arabidopsis thaliana in the northern Tianshan Mountains

Author(s): LI Lei | LIU Tong | LIU Bin | SI Lang-Ming | LIU Zhong-Quan | SUN Qin-Ming | SHEN Xue-Ying
Population genetic analysis of Colombian Trypanosoma cruzi isolates revealed by enzyme electrophoretic profiles

Author(s): Ruiz-Garcia Manuel | Montilla Marleny | Nicholls Sebastian | Alvarez Diana
Autocorrelação espacial das freqüências alélicas em subpopulações de cagaiteira (Eugenia dysenterica DC., Myrtaceae) no sudeste de Goiás

Null expectation of spatial correlograms under a stochastic process of genetic divergence with small sample sizes

Author(s): Telles Mariana Pires de Campos | Diniz-Filho José Alexandre Felizola
Spatial analysis of hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome in China

Author(s): Fang Liqun | Yan Lei | Liang Song | de Vlas Sake | Feng Dan | Han Xiaona | Zhao Wenjuan | Xu Bing | Bian Ling | Yang Hong | Gong Peng | Richardus Jan | Cao Wuchun
Controls over N2O, NOx and CO2 fluxes in a calcareous mountain forest soil

Author(s): B. Kitzler | S. Zechmeister-Boltenstern | C. Holtermann | U. Skiba | K. Butterbach-Bahl
Application of Poisson kriging to the mapping of cholera and dysentery incidence in an endemic area of Bangladesh

Author(s): Ali Mohammad | Goovaerts Pierre | Nazia Nushrat | Haq M Zahirul | Yunus Mohammad | Emch Michael
Identifying perinatal risk factors for infant maltreatment: an ecological approach

Author(s): Zhou Yueqin | Hallisey Elaine | Freymann Gordon
Spatial mosaic evolution of snail defensive traits

Author(s): Johnson Steven | Hulsey C Darrin | de León Francisco
Remote and field level quantification of vegetation covariates for malaria mapping in three rice agro-village complexes in Central Kenya

Author(s): Jacob Benjamin | Muturi Ephantus | Mwangangi Joseph | Funes Jose | Caamano Erick | Muriu Simon | Shililu Josephat | Githure John | Novak Robert
Binary phase elements: optical and statistical properties

Author(s): Shovgenyk M.V. | Krokhmalskii T.Ye. | Kozlovskii M.P.
Hydrological modeling of geophysical parameters of arboviral and protozoan disease vectors in Internally Displaced People camps in Gulu, Uganda

Author(s): Jacob Benjamin | Muturi Ephantus | Caamano Erick | Gunter James | Mpanga Enoch | Ayine Robert | Okelloonen Joseph | Nyeko Jack | Shililu Josephat | Githure John | Regens James | Novak Robert | Kakoma Ibulaimu
Landforms predict phylogenetic structure on one of the world's most ancient surfaces

Author(s): Pepper Mitzy | Doughty Paul | Arculus Richard | Keogh J Scott
Geographical spread of gastrointestinal tract cancer incidence in the Caspian Sea region of Iran: Spatial analysis of cancer registry data

Author(s): Mohebbi Mohammadreza | Mahmoodi Mahmood | Wolfe Rory | Nourijelyani Keramat | Mohammad Kazem | Zeraati Hojjat | Fotouhi Akbar
An intercomparison of radar-based liquid cloud microphysics retrievals and implication for model evaluation studies

Author(s): D. Huang | C. Zhao | M. Dunn | X. Dong | G. G. Mace | M. P. Jensen | S. Xie | Y. Liu
important is access to employment offices in Spain? An urban and non-urban perspective

Author(s): Patricia Suárez Cano | Matías Mayor Fernández | Begoña Cueto Iglesias
Adjusting for sampling variability in sparse data: geostatistical approaches to disease mapping

Author(s): Hampton Kristen | Serre Marc | Gesink Dionne | Pilcher Christopher | Miller William
Validation of Walk Score® for Estimating Neighborhood Walkability: An Analysis of Four US Metropolitan Areas

Author(s): Dustin T. Duncan | Jared Aldstadt | John Whalen | Steven J. Melly | Steven L. Gortmaker
Recent trends in daily temperature extremes over northeastern Spain (1960–2006)

Author(s): A. El Kenawy | J. I. López-Moreno | S. M. Vicente-Serrano
Variability of snow depth at the plot scale: implications for mean depth estimation and sampling strategies

Author(s): J. I. López-Moreno | S. R. Fassnacht | S. Beguería | J. B. P. Latron

A Recent Survey on Knowledge Discovery in Spatial Data Mining

Author(s): M Hemalatha | N Naga Saranya
Estimation of the Effect of Soil Texture on Nitrate-Nitrogen Content in Groundwater Using Optical Remote Sensing

Author(s): Yongyoot Witheetrirong | Nitin Kumar Tripathi | Taravudh Tipdecho | Preeda Parkpian
‘Les entrées par catégories’.

Author(s): Jacques Lévy | Michel Lussault
Variability of snow depth at the plot scale: implications for mean depth estimation and sampling strategies

Author(s): J. I. López-Moreno | S. R. Fassnacht | S. Beguería | J. B. P. Latron
Spatial Pattern Analysis of Heavy Metals in Beijing Agricultural Soils Based on Spatial Autocorrelation Statistics

Author(s): Xiao-Ni Huo | Wei-Wei Zhang | Dan-Feng Sun | Hong Li | Lian-Di Zhou | Bao-Guo Li
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