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Stage effects of negative emotion on spatial and verbal working memory

Author(s): Li Xuebing | Chan Raymond | Luo Yue-jia
Diffusion tensor imaging differences relate to memory deficits in diffuse traumatic brain injury

Author(s): Palacios Eva | Fernandez-Espejo Davinia | Junque Carme | Sanchez-Carrion Rocio | Roig Teresa | Tormos Jose | Bargallo Nuria | Vendrell Pere
The effects of sex and hormonal status on restraint-stress-induced working memory impairment

Author(s): Shansky Rebecca | Rubinow Katya | Brennan Avis | Arnsten Amy
The effect of spatial learning on the number of astrocytes in rat dentate gyrus

Author(s): Jahanshahi M | Sadeghi Y | Hosseini A | Naghdi N
Effect of the G72 (DAOA) putative risk haplotype on cognitive functions in healthy subjects

Author(s): Jansen Andreas | Krach Sören | Krug Axel | Markov Valentin | Eggermann Thomas | Zerres Klaus | Thimm Markus | Nöthen Markus | Treutlein Jens | Rietschel Marcella | Kircher Tilo
Early Dark Rearing Influences Spatial Performances in the Radial Arm Maze

Author(s): M. Salami | Z. Aghanouri | M. Noureddini | A.A. Rashidi
Persistent spatial working memory deficits in rats with bilateral cortical microgyria

Author(s): Fitch R Holly | Breslawski Heather | Rosen Glenn | Chrobak James
Association of RGS4 variants with schizotypy and cognitive endophenotypes at the population level

Author(s): Stefanis Nicholas | Trikalinos Thomas | Avramopoulos Dimitrios | Smyrnis Nikos | Evdokimidis Ioannis | Ntzani Evangelia | Hatzimanolis Alex | Ioannidis John | Stefanis Costas
Role of Ocimum sanctum in the experimental model of Alzheimer′s disease in rats

Author(s): Raghavendra M | Maiti Rituparna | Kumar Shafalika | Acharya S
Disturbed functional brain networks and neurocognitive function in low-grade glioma patients: a graph theoretical analysis of resting-state MEG

Author(s): Bosma Ingeborg | Reijneveld Jaap | Klein Martin | Douw Linda | van Dijk Bob | Heimans Jan | Stam Cornelis
A metacognitive visuospatial working memory training for children

Author(s): Sara CAVIOLA | Irene C. MAMMARELLA, | Cesare CORNOLDI | Daniela LUCANGELI
Emotional reactivity and cognitive performance in aversively motivated tasks: a comparison between four rat strains

Author(s): van der Staay F Josef | Schuurman Teun | van Reenen Cornelis | Korte S Mechiel
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Marian Marciniak | Ioannis Tomkos
Association of childhood trauma with cognitive function in healthy adults: a pilot study

Author(s): Majer Matthias | Nater Urs | Lin Jin-Mann | Capuron Lucile | Reeves William
A Critical Period for Deleterious Effect of Prenatal Alcohol Exposure on Working Memory

Author(s): S. Nourizad | M. Anvari | H. Hasani | M. Salami
Binding spatial location and stimulus identity in short-term memory

Author(s): Marina Caprio | Juliana Pardo Moura Campos Godoy | Cesar Galera
Relationship between cognitive function and prevalence of decrease in intrinsic academic motivation in adolescents

Author(s): Mizuno Kei | Tanaka Masaaki | Fukuda Sanae | Imai-Matsumura Kyoko | Watanabe Yasuyoshi

Visual spatial memory is enhanced in female rats (but inhibited in males) by dietary soy phytoestrogens

Author(s): Lund Trent | West Timothy | Tian Lilyan | Bu Lihong | Simmons Daniel | Setchell Kenneth | Adlercreutz Herman | Lephart Edwin
The effects of ethanol and silymarin treatment during gestation on spatial working memory.

Author(s): Neese Steven | Grange Linda La | Trujillo Elisharose | Romero David
Improvement and decline of cognitive function in schizophrenia over one year: a longitudinal investigation using latent growth modelling

Author(s): Barnett Jennifer | Croudace Tim | Jaycock Sue | Blackwell Candice | Hynes Fiona | Sahakian Barbara | Joyce Eileen | Jones Peter
Changes in Cognition and Mood Due to Sleep Inertia After 30-hour Sleep Deprivation

Author(s): Yanhong Hou | En Huangfu | Lin Zhang | Danmin Miao
Incentive motivation in first-episode psychosis: A behavioural study

Author(s): Murray Graham | Clark Luke | Corlett Philip | Blackwell Andrew | Cools Roshan | Jones Peter | Robbins Trevor | Poustka Luise
6-hydroxy-L-nicotine from Arthrobacter nicotinovorans facilitate spatial memory formation in rats

Author(s): Lucian Hritcu | Marius Stefan | Marius Mihasan | Roderich Brandsch
The deficit of executive functions in early stages of Parkinson’s disease

Author(s): Camelia Căpuşan | Doina Cosman | Doina Cosman
Inner speech, secondary planner in Tower of London task in natural old age

Author(s): Naghmeh Mokhber | Nader Jahangiri | Maryam Atabati
Inner speech, secondary planner in Tower of London task in natural old age

Author(s): Naghmeh Mokhber | Nader Jahangiri | Maryam Atabati
Differentiation of MDMA or 5-MeO-DIPT induced cognitive defcits in rat following adolescent exposure

Author(s): David M. Compton | Melissa C. Selinger | Eric Westman | Peter Otero
Effects of aromatase inhibition on spatial working memory and hippocampal astrocyte numbers

Author(s): Nélida M. Conejo | Héctor González-Pardo | José I. Arias | Jorge L. Arias
Krill-derived Phospholipids Rich in n-3 Fatty Acid Improve Spatial Memory in Adult Rats

Author(s): Shuji Gamoh | Michio Michio Hashimoto | Kenichi Yanagimoto | Masanori Katakura | Haque Md Abdul | Osamu Shido
Effects of a physical education intervention on cognitive function in young children: randomized controlled pilot study

Author(s): Fisher Abigail | Boyle James | Paton James | Tomporowski Phillip | Watson Christine | McColl John | Reilly John
Comparison of attentional set shifting in cerebral palsy children with normal in aged 7-12 years

Author(s): Mojtaba Soltanlo | Gholam Reza Olyaei | Mehdi Tehrani Dost | Mehdi Abdolvahab | Hossein Bagheri | Soghrat Faghihzadeh
Comparison of spatial working memory and strategy use in cerebral palsy children with normal subjects with 7-12 years old

Author(s): mojtaba soltanlo | gholam Reza Olyaei | mahdi Tehrani Dost | mahdi Abdolvahab | hossein Bagheri | soghrat Faghihzadeh
Relationship of aerobic fitness and motor skills with memory and attention in preschoolers (Ballabeina): A cross-sectional and longitudinal study

Author(s): Niederer Iris | Kriemler Susi | Gut Janine | Hartmann Tim | Schindler Christian | Barral Jérôme | Puder Jardena
Working Memory Learning Method and Astrocytes Number in Different Subfields of Rat's Hippocampus

Author(s): Jahanshahi Mehrdad | Sadeghi Yousef | Hosseini Ahmad | Naghdi Naser | Piriaie Abbas

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