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Mammalian fauna of the Temessos National Park, Turkey

Author(s): Anna De Marinis | Marco Masseti
Deadwood and saproxylic beetle diversity in naturally disturbed and managed spruce forests in Nova Scotia

Author(s): DeLancey Bishop | Christopher Majka | Søren Bondrup-Nielsen | Stewart Peck
Re-vegetation of block-cut and milled peatlands: an Estonian example

Author(s): T. Triisberg | E. Karofeld | J. Paal
Impacts of nitrogen deposition on vascular plants in Britain: an analysis of two national observation networks

Author(s): P. A. Henrys | C. J. Stevens | S. M. Smart | L. C. Maskell | K. J. Walker | C. D. Preston | A. Crowe | E. C. Rowe | D. J. Gowing | B. A. Emmett
Caracterização florística da vegetação sobre afloramento rochoso na Estação Experimental de Itapeva, SP, e comparação com áreas de campos rupestres e de altitude. Floristic characterization on rocky outcrop in the Itapeva Experimental Station, SP, and comparison with areas of rocky grasslands and high-altitude grasslands.

Author(s): Natalia de Oliveira COSTA | Roque CIELO-FILHO | João Aurélio PASTORE | Osny Tadeu de AGUIAR | João Batista BAITELLO | Conceição Rodrigues de LIMA | Silvana Cristina Pereira Muniz de SOUZA | Geraldo Antonio Daher Côrrea FRANCO
Comparison of Bee Pollinators of Coffee in Organic and Conventional Farms

Author(s): Rebecca H.N. Karanja | Mary W. Gikungu | Grace N. Njoroge | L.E. Newton | John M. Kihoro
Campo Sujo Úmido: fisionomia de Cerrado ameaçada pela contaminação de Pinus elliottii Engelm. na Estação Ecológica de Itapeva, Estado de São Paulo. Campo Sujo Úmido: Cerrado physiognomy threatened by the contamination of Pinus elliottii Engelm. in the Itapeva Ecological Station, São Paulo state.

Author(s): Renan Soares de ALMEIDA | Roque CIELO-FILHO | Silvana Cristina Pereira Muniz de SOUZA | Osny Tadeu de AGUIAR | João Batista BAITELLO | João Aurélio PASTORE | Marina Mitsue KANASHIRO | Isabel Fernandes de Aguiar MATTOS | Geraldo Antonio Daher Corrêa FRANCO | Conceição Rodrigues de LIMA
Regeneração natural em clareiras de origem antrópica na Serra da Cantareira, SP. Natural regeneration in man-made clearings in the Serra da Cantareira, SP.

Author(s): Frederico Alexandre Roccia Dal Pozzo ARZOLLA | Francisco Eduardo Silva Pinto VILELA | Gláucia Cortez Ramos de PAULA | George John SHEPHERD
Diversity-Carbon Flux Relationships in a Northwest Forest

Author(s): Justin L. Kirsch | Dylan G. Fischer | Alexandra N. Kazakova | Abir Biswas | Rachael E. Kelm | David W. Carlson | Carri J. LeRoy
Assessment of Floristic Composition of Kilim Geoforest Park, Langkawi, Malaysia

Author(s): G. Fatheen Nabila | I. Faridah-Hanum | Kamziah Abd Kudus | M. Nazre
Temporal and spatial variation of macrofaunal communities in Shenzhen Bay intertidal zone between 1995 and 2010

Author(s): Lizhe Cai | Xinwei Chen | Chen Wu | Xin Peng | Jing Cao | Sujing Fu
Carabid beetle diversity and mean individual biomass in beech forests of various ages

Author(s): Lucija Šerić Jelaska | Vlatka Dumbovich | Mladen Kucinic
Protura of Italy, with a key to species and their distribution

Author(s): Loris Galli | Matteo Capurro | Carlo Torti

A Study of the Epiphytic Orchids in Jobolarangan Forest

Relics habitat of mangrove vegetation in south coast of Java

Demersal fishes and their distribution in estuarine waters of Mahakam Delta, East Kalimantan

Gas-surface interactions and heterogeneous chemistry on interstellar grains analogues

Author(s): Fillion J.H. | Dulieu F. | Romanzin C. | Cazaux S.
Do protected areas conserve neotropical freshwater fishes? A case study of a biogeographic province in Venezuela

Author(s): Rodríguez–Olarte, D. | Taphorn, D. C. | Lobón–Cerviá, J.
Insects diversity in lima bean (Phaseolus lunatus)

Checklist of vascular plants of the Department of Ñeembucú, Paraguay

Author(s): Juana De Egea | Maria Pena-Chocarro | Cristina Espada | Sandra Knapp
Mosses Like It Rough—Growth Form Specific Responses of Mosses, Herbaceous and Woody Plants to Micro-Relief Heterogeneity

Author(s): Benjamin F. Leutner | Manuel J. Steinbauer | Carina M. Müller | Andrea J. Früh | Severin Irl | Anke Jentsch | Carl Beierkuhnlein
Diversity of Halophyte Desert Vegetation of the Different Saline Habitats in the Valley of Oued Righ, Low Sahara Basin, Algeria

Author(s): Halis Youcef | Benhaddya Mohammed Lamine | Bensaha Hocine | Mayouf Rabah | Lahcini Ali | Belhamra Mohamed
The Influence of Marine Pollution on Distribution and Abundance of Polychaetes

Author(s): A. El-Gendy | S. Al-Farraj | S. Al-Kahtani | M. El-Hedeny
Diversity of higher marine fungi at Hat Khanom-Mu Ko Thale Tai National Park, Southern Thailand

Author(s): Jariya Sakayaroj | Orathai Supaphon | E.B. Gareth Jones | Souwalak Phongpaichit
Similarity of tree species in relation to distance in a rain forest in the National Forest Saracá-Taquera, Pará

Author(s): Leandro Valle Ferreira | Rafael de Paiva Salomão | Darley Calderaro Leal Matos | Jorge Luis Gavina Pereira
Notes on the Vertebrates of northern Pará, Brazil: a forgotten part of the Guianan Region, I. Herpetofauna

Author(s): Teresa Cristina Sauer Avila-Pires | Marinus Steven Hoogmoed | Wáldima Alves da Rocha
The fishes of National Forest of Caxiuanã (Melgaço and Portel municipality, Pará State - Brazil)

Author(s): Luciano Fogaça de Assis Montag | Tiago Magalhães da Silva Freitas | Wolmar Benjamin Wosiacki | Ronaldo Borges Barthem
Macrobenthos from unvegetated intertidal areas in the Caeté river estuary in Bragança, Pará

Author(s): José Souto Rosa Filho | Debora Vieira Busman | Andréa Pontes Viana | Aderson Manoel Gregório | Diogo Marques Oliveira
Seed banks in slash and burn agriculture production systems in Marapanim, Pará

Author(s): Eliane Constantinov Leal | Ima Célia Guimarães Vieira | Maria do Socorro Andrade Kato†
Freshwater Fish Diversity in Sungai Kelantan

Author(s): Mohd Azmi Ambak and Mohammad Zaidi Zakaria
Evolution of revegetated ski slopes in different environments

Author(s): Argenti G | Seppoloni I | Franci M | Staglianò N

Author(s): Dragojla Vuković | Angelo Tursi | Roberto Carlucci | Radoslav Dekić
Composition of endophytic fungi in Azadirachta indica from Yuanjiang County of Yunnan

Author(s): Shicheng Shao | Shaohua Wu | Youwei Chen | Lidong Wang | Liyuan Yang | Shaolan Li | Zhiying Li
Spatial distribution pattern of mosquito diversity in residential area along Lancang River in a natural protected territory, “Three Parallel River Region” of Yunnan Province, China

Author(s): Junqi Ge | Xiaohong Sun | Zhengda Gong | Guodong Liang | Jinghui Li | Xingming Feng | Liyun Zhang | Bin Li | Shihong Fu
INTRODUCTION A National park is an area set aside by a national government for the preservation of the natural environment. The World Conservation Union defines a National park as a natural area designated to protect the ecological integrity of one or more ecosystems for present and future generations. In Pakistan, the earlier ecological studies were generally observational. The earlier studies, generally appeared in 1950’s, were confined to visual description of the vegetation, and no attempts were made to recognize community types and to correlate them with the relevant environmental factors. On the contrary, advanced multivariate techniques of ordination and cluster analysis had been routinely used in Europe and other parts of the world. There are numerous ordination methods accessible in plant bionetwork, some of which have been extensively used, e.g. Principal Component Analysis (PCA) and Detrended Correspondence Analysis (DCA) (Hill & Gauch, 1980), whereas some others only sporadically used (Zhang, 2004). A series of studies using different ordination techniques were carried out in Pakistan by Ahmad et al., 2009; Ahmad, 2009; Jabeen & Ahmad, 2009; Pirzada et al., 2009; Ahmad et al., 2010a, b; Ahmad, 2011. In Canonical Correspondence Analysis (CCA) the floristic statistics and the environmental variables can be assimilated within the ordination (Kashian et al., 2003). Within the Ayubia National Park, the study area was the moist temperate forest in Rawalpindi, NE-Pakistan (Fig. 1), showing a high diversity of susceptible plant and animal species. The geographical location of the park is 330° 52' N and 730° 90' E (Farooque, 2002). The aim of this research was to quantify the vegetation in Ayubia National Park using ordination techniques and to determine the soilvegetation relationship to provide basic awareness for preservation of nationally significant native flora. A list of plant species present in the study area is provided in Table 1. Apart from their importance from ecological point of view few species are used as medicinal herbs by local inhabitants. Observed biodiversity of occuring species indicate that this area can be used for conservation of native flora. Exploring the vegetation dynamics and community assemblage in Ayubia National Park, Rawalpindi, Pakistan, using CCA

Author(s): Sheikh Saeed Ahmad | Qurat Ul Ann
An Inventory of Macro-fungi and their Diversity in the Serengeti-Masai Mara Ecosystem, Tanzania and Kenya

Author(s): D.D. Tibuhwa | M.N. Muchane | C.W. Masiga | C. Mugoya | M. Muchai
Distribution pattern and hotspot analysis of breeding birds in Anhui Province

Author(s): Youyu Zhang | Lizhi Zhou | Qishan Wang | Xinjian Wang | Yajun Xing
Nested analysis of passeriform bird assemblages in the Thousand Island Lake region

Author(s): Jingcheng Zhang | Yanping Wang | Pingping Jiang | Peng Li | Mingjian Yu | Ping Ding
Nutritional Contribution of Some Senegalese Forest Fruits Running across Soudano-Sahelian Zone

Author(s): Nicolas Cyrille Ayessou | Cheikh Ndiaye | Mady Cissé | Mathieu Gueye | Mama Sakho
Regionalizing Aquatic Ecosystems Based on the River Subbasin Taxonomy Concept and Spatial Clustering Techniques

Author(s): Yongnian Gao | Junfeng Gao | Jiongfeng Chen | Yan Xu | Jiahu Zhao
Advances of species richness regulated by the metabolic rate

Author(s): Qiang Zhang | Renyi Ma | Mingfei Ji | Jianming Deng
Genetic diversity of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in karst microhabitats of Guizhou Province, China

Author(s): WEI Yuan | WANG Shi-Jie | LIU Xiu-Ming | HUANG Tian-Zhi
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