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Seismic Device UVS 1504, possibilities of its Utilization

Author(s): Pandula Blažej | Dojčár Ondrej | Leššo Igor
Electrostatic shock properties inferred from AKR fine structure

Author(s): R. Pottelette | R. A. Treumann | M. Berthomier | J. Jasperse
ULYSSES observations of energetic particle acceleration and the superposed CME and CIR events of November 1992

Author(s): T. L. Lim | J. J. Quenby | M. K. Reuss | E. Keppler | H. Kunow | B. Heber | R. J. Forsyth
A first approach to model the low-frequency wave activity in the plasmasphere

Author(s): R. André | F. Lefeuvre | F. Simonet | U. S. Inan
Electron acceleration observed by the FAST satellite within the IAR during a 3 Hz modulated EISCAT heater experiment

Author(s): S. R. Cash | J. A. Davies | E. Kolesnikova | T. R. Robinson | D. M. Wright | T. K. Yeoman | R. J. Strangeway
Survey of ELF-VLF plasma waves in outer radiation belt observed by Cluster STAFF-SA experiment

Author(s): D. Pokhotelov | F. Lefeuvre | R. B. Horne | N. Cornilleau-Wehrlin
A detailed analysis of some local earthquakes at Somma-Vesuvius

Author(s): P. Capuano | U. Coppa | G. De Natale | F. Di Sena | C. Godano | C. Troise
Seismic hazard assessment for Adria

Author(s): D. Slejko | R. Camassi | I. Cecic | D. Herak | M. Herak | S. Kociu | V. Kouskouna | J. Lapajne | K. Makropoulos | C. Meletti
Probabilistic Empirical Green's Function Method in Ground Motion Simulation

Author(s): Ehsan Khojastehfar | Amir S. Daryan | Mohammad A. Assareh
A new airborne tandem platform for collocated measurements of microphysical cloud and radiation properties

Author(s): W. Frey | H. Eichler | M. de Reus | R. Maser | M. Wendisch | S. Borrmann
Evidence for acceleration of outer zone electrons to relativistic energies by whistler mode chorus

Author(s): N. P. Meredith | R. B. Horne | D. Summers | R. M. Thorne | R. H. A. Iles | D. Heynderickx | R. R. Anderson
Modeling transverse heating and outflow of ionospheric ions from the dayside cusp/cleft. 2 Applications

Author(s): M. Bouhram | M. Malingre | J. R. Jasperse | N. Dubouloz | J.-A. Sauvaud
Temporal-spatial structure of magnetic merging at the magnetopause inferred from 557.7-nm all-sky images

Author(s): N. C. Maynard | J. Moen | W. J. Burke | M. Lester | D. M. Ober | J. D. Scudder | K. D. Siebert | D. R. Weimer | C. T. Russell | A. Balogh
Using spectral characteristics to interpret auroral imaging in the 731.9 nm O+ line

Author(s): H. Dahlgren | N. Ivchenko | B. S. Lanchester | J. Sullivan | D. Whiter | G. Marklund | A. Strømme
Development of Spectral Hazard Map for Indonesia with a Return Period of 2500 Years using Probabilistic Method

Author(s): Asrurifak M. | Irsyam M. | Budiono B. | Triyoso W. | Hendriyawan Hendriyawan
Exploiting Laboratory and Heliophysics Plasma Synergies

Author(s): Jill Dahlburg | William Amatucci | Michael Brown | Vincent Chan | James Chen | Christopher Cothran | Damien Chua | Russell Dahlburg | George Doschek | Jan Egedal | Cary Forest | Russell Howard | Joseph Huba | Yuan-Kuen Ko | Jonathan Krall | J. Martin Laming | Robert Lin | Mark Linton | Vyacheslav Lukin | Ronald Murphy | Cara Rakowski | Dennis Socker | Allan Tylka | Angelos Vourlidas | Harry Warren | Brian Wood
Uniform Hazard Spectra for Different Northern Part of Tehran, Iran

Author(s): Gholamreza Ghodrati Amiri | Seyed Ali Razavian Amrei | Ramin Motamed | Behnoud Ganjavi

Author(s): K. Gianikellis | A. Vara Gazapo | A. Bote García | J. R. Muñoz Cruz
ELER software – a new tool for urban earthquake loss assessment

Author(s): U. Hancilar | C. Tuzun | C. Yenidogan | M. Erdik
Analysis of strong-motion data of the 1990 Eastern Sicily earthquake

Author(s): M. Di Bona | M. Cocco | A. Rovelli | R. Berardi | E. Boschi
A review of nonparametric attenuation functions computed for different regions of Italy

Author(s): R. R. Castro | M. Mucciarelli | G. Monachesi | F. Pacor | R. Berardi
Uncertainty analysis for seismic hazard in Northern and Central Italy

Author(s): A. M. Lombardi | A. Akinci | L. Malagnini | C. S. Mueller

Author(s): Na Du | Siqin Bai | Kazuo Oguri | Yoshihiro Kato | Ichie Matsumoto | Harumi Kawase | Toshio Matsuoka
Seizmic response spectra

Author(s): Jozef Viskup | Blažej Pandula | Igor Leššo | Kamila Jelšovská
Evolving towards a critical point: A possible electromagnetic way in which the critical regime is reached as the rupture approaches

Author(s): P. G. Kapiris | K. A. Eftaxias | K. D. Nomikos | J. Polygiannakis | E. Dologlou | G. T. Balasis | N. G. Bogris | A. S. Peratzakis | V. E. Hadjicontis
Using spectral analysis to detect singular events such as jerks in the geomagnetic field time series

Author(s): B. Duka | A. De Santis | M. Mandea | A. Isac | E. Qamili
Influence of waves on Lagrangian acceleration in two-dimensional turbulent flows⋆ ⋆⋆ ⋆⋆⋆

Author(s): Nguyen van yen Romain | Kadoch Benjamin | Kumar Vivek | Ménétrier Benjamin | Farge Marie | Schneider Kai | Douady Diane | Guez Lionel
Wind-Induced Response Characteristics of a Tall Building from GPS and Accelerometer Measurements

Author(s): Cuilin Kuang | Kenny Chung Sau Kwok | Peter Andrew Hitchcock | Xiaoli Ding

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