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Martel's voyage to Russia in 1903

Author(s): Arrigo A. Cigna
Gypsum karst of the World: a brief overview

Author(s): Klimchouk A. | Forti P. | Cooper A.
Gypsum karst of Germany

Author(s): Kempe S.
Gypsum karst of the Eastern-European Plain

Author(s): Andrejchuk V. | Klimchouk A.
Candoluminescence of cave gypsum

Author(s): Sweet John R. | Hess John W. | White William B.
Karst geology and cave fauna of Austria: a concise review

Author(s): Erhard Christian | Christoph Spötl
Cadastre of speleological features

Author(s): Lazarević Radenko
Sulphate rocks as an arena for karst development

Author(s): Klimchouk A. | Andrejchuk V.
Environmental problems in gypsum karst terrains

Author(s): Klimchouk A. | Andrejchouk V.
Gypsum karst in Great Britain

Author(s): Cooper A.H.
Gypsum karst of France

Author(s): Chardon M. | Nicod J.
Annual and transient signatures of gas exchange and transport in the Castañar de Ibor cave (Spain)

Author(s): Fernandez-Cortes A. | Sanchez-Moral S. | Cuezva S. | Canaveras J.C. | Abella R.
The subterranean fauna of a biodiversity hotspot region - Portugal: an overview and its conservation

Author(s): Reboleira Ana Sofia P.S. | Borges Paolo A.V. | Gonçalves Fernando | Serrano Artur R.M. | Oromi Pedro
Tracer tests in karst hydrogeology and speleology

Author(s): Nico Goldscheider | Joe Meiman | Michiel Pronk | Christopher Smart
The origin of the Bemaraha tsingy (Madagascar).

Author(s): Márton Veress | Dénes Lóczy | Zoltán Zentai | Gábor Tóth | Roland Schläffer
Annually Laminated Speleothems: a Review

Author(s): Baker Andy | Smith Claire L. | Jex Catherine | Fairchild Ian J. | Genty Dominique | Fuller Lisa
Dissolution of Gypsum from field observations

Author(s): Klimchouk A. | Cucchi F. | Calaforra J.M. | Aksem S. | Finocchiaro F. | Forti P.
Speleogenesis in gypsum

Author(s): Klimchouk A.
Hydrogeology of Gypsum formations

Author(s): Klimchouk A.
Urban speleology applied to groundwater and geo-engineering studies: underground topographic surveying of the ancient Arca D’Água galleries catchworks (Porto, NW Portugal)

Author(s): Chaminé Helder I. | Afonso M.J. | Robalo P.M. | Rodrigues P. | Cortez C. | Monteiro Santos F.A. | Plancha J.P. | Fonseca P.E. | Gomes A. | Devy-Vareta N.F. | Marques J.M. | Lopes M.E. | Fontes G. | Pires A. | Rocha F.
Pathogenic and opportunistic microorganisms in caves

Author(s): Jurado Valme | Laiz Leonila | Rodriguez-Nava Veronica | Boiron Patrick | Hermosin Bernardo | Sanchez-Moral Sergio | Saiz-Jimenez Cesareo
Uranium-series dating of gypsum speleothems: methodology and examples.

Author(s): Sanna Laura | Saez Francisco | Simonsen Siri | Constantin Silviu | Calaforra José Maria | Forti Paolo | Lauritzen Stein-Erik
Modern C, O, and H isotope composition of speleothem and dripwater from Modrič Cave, eastern Adriatic coast (Croatia)

Author(s): Surić Maša | Roller-Lutz Zvjezdana | Mandić Magda | Krajcar Bronić Ines | Juračić Mladen
A note on the occurrence of a crayback stalagmite at Niah Caves, Borneo

Author(s): Lundberg Joyce | McFarlane Donald A.
Report of a three-year monitoring programme at Heshang Cave, Central China

Author(s): Chaoyong Hu | Gideon M. Henderson | Junhua Huang | Zhenghong Chen | Kathleen Johnson
The environmental features of the Monte Corchia cave system (Apuan Alps, central Italy) and their effects on speleothem growth

Author(s): Piccini Leonardo | Zanchetta Giovanni | Drysdale Russell | Hellstrom John | Isola Ilaria | Fallick Anthony E. | Leone Gabriello | Doveri Marco | Mussi Mario | Mantelli Francesco | Molli Giancarlo | Lotti Licia | Roncioni Adriano | Regattieri Eleonora | Meccheri Marco | Vaselli Luca
Environmental Monitoring in the Mechara caves, Southeastern Ethiopia: Implications for Speleothem Palaeoclimate Studies

Author(s): Asrat Asfawossen | Baker Andy | Leng Melanie J. | Gunn John | Umer Mohammed
Impacts of Alterations of Organic Inputs on the Bacterial Community within the sediments of Wind Cave, South Dakota, USA

Author(s): Chelius Marisa K. | Beresford Guy | Horton Howard | Quirk Megan | Selby Greg | Simpson Rodney T. | Horrocks Rodney | Moore John C.
Ultraviolet Radiation Sensitivity in Cave Bacteria: Evidence of Adaptation to the Subsurface?

Author(s): Snider Jessica R. | Goin Caitlin | Miller Robert V. | Boston Penelope J. | Northup Diana E.
Productivity-Diversity Relationships from Chemolithoautotrophically Based Sulfidic Karst Systems

Author(s): Porter Megan L. | Summers Engel Annette | Kane Thomas C. | Kinkle Brian K.
Guanophilic fungi in three caves of southwestern Puerto Rico

Author(s): Nieves-Rivera Angel M. | Santos-Flores Carlos J. | Dugan Frank M. | Miller Thomas E.
Microbial Communities and Associated Mineral Fabrics in Altamira Cave, Spain

Author(s): Cuezva Soledad | Sanchez-Moral Sergio | Saiz-Jimenez Cesareo | Canaveras Juan Carlos
Gypsum karst in the United States.

Author(s): Johnson K.S.
The gypsum karst of Italy

Author(s): Forti P. | Sauro U.
Gypsum karst in Western Ukraine

Author(s): Klimchouk A.
Gypsum karst of the Baltic Republics

Author(s): Paukstys B. | Narbutas V.
Gypsum karst in China.

Author(s): Yaoru L. | Cooper A.H.
Cottonballs, a unique subaqeous moonmilk, and abundant subaerial moonmilk in Cataract Cave, Tongass National Forest, Alaska

Author(s): Curry M.D. | Boston P.J. | Spilde M.N. | Baichtal J.F. | Campbell A.R.
Palaeomagnetic research on karst sediments in Slovenia

Author(s): Zupan Hajna Nadja | Mihevc Andrej | Pruner Petr | Bosak Pavel
Comparison of 14C and U-Th ages of two Holocene phreatic overgrowths on speleothems from Mallorca (Western Mediterranean): Environmental implications

Author(s): Tuccimei Paola | Van Strydonck Mark | Ginés Angel | Ginés Joaquin | Soligo Michele | Villa Igor | Fornós Joan J.
A comparative integrated geophysical study of Horseshoe Chimney Cave, Colorado Bend State Park, Texas

Author(s): Brown Wesley A. | Stafford Kevin W. | Shaw-Faulkner Mindy | Grubbs Andy
A New foodweb based on microbes in calcitic caves: The Cansiliella (Beetles) case in Northern Italy

Author(s): Paoletti Maurizio G. | Beggio Mattia | Dreon Angelo Leandro | Pamio Alberto | Gomiero Tiziano | Brilli Mauro | Dorigo Luca | Concheri Giuseppe | Squartini Andrea | Summers Engel Annette
Fungal communities on speleothem surfaces in Kartchner Caverns, Arizona, USA

Author(s): Vaughan Michael J. | Maier Raina M. | Pryor Barry M.
Hydrodynamic aspect of caves

Author(s): Mitja Prelovsek | Janez Turk | Franci Gabrovsek
Hydrogeochemical processes as environmental indicators in drip water: Study of the Cueva del Agua (Southern Spain)

Author(s): Angel Fernandez-Cortès | José Maria Calaforra | Francisco Sanchez-Martos
Groundwater contamination in caves: four case studies in Spain

Author(s): Monserrat Jiménez-Sanchez | Heather Stoll | Inaki Vadillo | Manolo Lopez-Chicano | Maria Dominguez-Cuesta | Wenceslao Martin-Rosales | Monica Melendez-Asensio
Contribution of artificial galleries to the knowledge of karstic system behaviour in addition to natural cavern data

Author(s): Benjamin Garry | Thibaut Blondel | Christophe Emblanch | Christophe Sudre | Séverine Bilgot | Alain Cavaillou | Daniel Boyer | Michel Auguste
Epigene and Hypogene Gypsum Karst Manifestations of the Castile Formation: Eddy County, New Mexico and Culberson County, Texas, USA

Author(s): Stafford Kevin W. | Nance Raymond | Rosales-Lagarde Laura | Penelope J. Boston
Carbon dioxide concentration in air within the Nerja cave (Malaga, Andalusia, Spain).

Author(s): Cristina Liñán | Iñaki Vadillo | Francisco Carrasco
The origin of tubular lava stalactites and other related forms

Author(s): Kevin Allred | Carlene Allred
Chemical deposits in volcanic caves of Argentina

Author(s): Carlos Benedetto | Paolo Forti | Ermanno Galli | Antonio Rossi
Martel's links with USA

Author(s): Trevor Shaw
Long term stability of a terrestrial cave community

Author(s): Claudio Di Russo | Gianmaria Carchini | Mauro Rampini | Marco Lucarelli | Valerio Sbordoni
Swimming performance of epigeal and hypogeal species of Characidae, with an emphasis on the troglobiotic Stygichthys typhlops Brittan & Böhlke, 1965

Author(s): Costa Sampaio Francisco Alexandre | Pompeu Paulo Santos | de Andrade e Santos Hersília | Lopes Ferreira Rodrigo
Scientific drilling of speleothems – a technical note

Author(s): Spötl Christoph | Mattey David
Active tectonics and earthquake destructions in caves of northern and central Switzerland

Author(s): Becker Arnfried | Häuselmann Philipp | Eikenberg Jost | Gilli Eric
A new karren feature: hummocky karren

Author(s): Plan Lukas | Renetzeder Christa | Pavuza Rudolf | Körner Wilfred
Chemical defense in the cave-dwelling millipede Brachydesmus troglobius Daday, 1889 (Diplopoda, Polydesmidae)

Author(s): Makarov Slobodan E. | Vujisić Ljubodrag V. | Ćurčić Božidar P. M. | Ilić Bojan S. | Tešević Vele V. | Vajs Vlatka E. | Vučković Ivan M. | Mitić Bojan M. | Lučić Luka R. | Đorđević Iris Ž.
Volcanic caves: priorities for conserving the Azorean endemic troglobiont species

Author(s): Borges Paulo A.V. | Cardoso Pedro | Amorim Isabel R. | Pereira Fernando | Constância João P. | Nunes João C. | Barcelos Paulo | Costa Paulino | Gabriel Rosalina | Dapkevicius Maria de Lurdes
Organic matter of fossil origin in the amberine speleothems from El Soplao Cave (Cantabria, Northern Spain)

Author(s): Gázquez Fernando | Calaforra José Maria | Rull Fernando | Forti Paolo | García-Casco Antonio
Speleološki objekti planinskih masiva SZ Hrvatske

Author(s): Ozimec, Roman | Šincek, Dubravko
Speleološko djelovanje Mirka Maleza

Author(s): Ozimec, Roman | Cvitanović, Hrvoje
Revisiting three minerals from Cioclovina Cave (Romania)

Author(s): Onac Bogdan P. | Effenberger Herta S. | Collins Nathan C. | Kearns Joe B. | Breban Radu C.
Speleothems in the dry cave parts of the Gamslöcher- Kolowrat Cave, Untersberg near Salzburg (Austria)

Author(s): Bieniok Anna | Zagler Georg | Brendel Uwe | Neubauer Franz
The present day genesis and evolution of cave minerals inside the Ojo de la Reina Cave (Naica Mine, Mexico)

Author(s): Badino Giovanni | Calaforra José Maria | Forti Paolo | Garofalo Paolo | Sanna Laura
Secondary halite deposits in the Iranian salt karst: general description and origin

Author(s): Filippi Michal | Bruthans Jiri | Palatinus Lukas | Zare Muhamad | Asadi Naser
Mineralogy of Iza Cave (Rodnei Mountains, N. Romania)

Author(s): Tamas Tudor | Kristaly Ferenc | Barbu-Tudoran Lucian
Minerals and speleothems of the József-hegy Cave (Budapest, Hungary).

Author(s): Leél-Őssy Szabolcs | Szanyi Gyöngyvér | Surányi Gergely
Iron oxide and calcite associated with Leptothrix sp. biofilms within an estavelle in the upper Floridan aquifer

Author(s): Florea Lee J. | Noe-Stinson Chasity L. | Brewer Josh | Fowler Rick | Kearns Joe B. | Greco Anthony M.

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