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Safe Staffing in Massachusetts: A Year of Legislative Action

Author(s): Linda Curtin | Gail B. Gall | Brenda Vigue
Faculty Development in Medical Education in India:

Author(s): D.K. Srinivas | B.V.Adkoli
System Analysis & Design and IS Professional Recruitment

Author(s): Anand K. Tripathi | Monica Tripathi
The Role of the European Ombudsman in the Implementation of the Right to Good Administration

Author(s): Ion Popescu-Slaniceanu | Diana Marilena Petrovszki | Cosmin Ionut Enescu
Teacher Quality and Student Achievement

Author(s): Linda Darling-Hammond
International Conference on Advances in Radiation Oncology (ICARO): Outcomes of an IAEA Meeting

Author(s): Salminen Eeva | Kiel Krystyna | Ibbott Geoffrey | Joiner Michael | Rosenblatt Eduardo | Zubizarreta Eduardo | Wondergem Jan | Meghzifene Ahmed
Crowding and Delivery of Healthcare in Emergency Departments: The European Perspective

Author(s): Jayaprakash, Namita | O'Sullivan, Ronan | Bey, Tareg | Ahmed, Suleman | Lotfipour, Shahram
The Relationship of Nursing Workforce Characteristics to Patient Outcomes

Author(s): Nancy Dunton | Byron Gajewski | Susan Klaus | Belinda Pierson
Pathways to malaria persistence in remote central Vietnam: a mixed-method study of health care and the community

Author(s): Morrow Martha | Nguyen Quy | Caruana Sonia | Biggs Beverley | Doan Nhan | Nong Tien
The state of emergency obstetric care services in Nairobi informal settlements and environs: Results from a maternity health facility survey

Author(s): Ziraba Abdhalah | Mills Samuel | Madise Nyovani | Saliku Teresa | Fotso Jean-Christophe
The variability and predictors of quality of AIDS care services in Brazil

Author(s): Nemes Maria | Melchior Regina | Basso Cáritas | Castanheira Elen | de Britto e Alves Maria | Conway Shaun
Does a code make a difference – assessing the English code of practice on international recruitment

Author(s): Buchan James | McPake Barbara | Mensah Kwadwo | Rae George
Post-crash management of road traffic injury victims in Iran. Stakeholders' views on current barriers and potential facilitators

Author(s): Khorasani-Zavareh Davoud | Khankeh Hamid | Mohammadi Reza | Laflamme Lucie | Bikmoradi Ali | Haglund Bo
Working conditions of nursing personnel and their effects in patients and personnel

Author(s): Alexandra Dimitriadou‐Panteka | Maria Lavdaniti | Eugenia Minasidou | Areti Tsaloglidou | Theodora Kafkia | D Sapountzi‐Krepia
A survey on the overall characteristics of pathology laboratories in Turkey

Author(s): Kutsal YÖRÜKOĞLU | Alp USUBÜTÜN | Öner DOĞAN | Binnur ÖNAL | Özlem AYDIN
Impact of Robotic Dispensing Machines in German Pharmacies on Business Performance Indicators

Author(s): Ruhle F | Ruhle F1, Braun R2,Ostermann H1 | Ostermann H
Adoption of practice guidelines and assessment tools in substance abuse treatment

Author(s): Rieckmann Traci | Fuller Bret | Saedi Goal | McCarty Dennis
Comparing public and private hospitals in China: Evidence from Guangdong

Author(s): Eggleston Karen | Lu Mingshan | Li Congdong | Wang Jian | Yang Zhe | Zhang Jing | Quan Hude
Validation and implementation of array comparative genomic hybridisation as a first line test in place of postnatal karyotyping for genome imbalance

Author(s): Ahn Joo Wook | Mann Kathy | Walsh Sally | Shehab Marwa | Hoang Sarah | Docherty Zoe | Mohammed Shehla | Mackie Ogilvie Caroline
Challenging the holy grail of hospital accreditation: A cross sectional study of inpatient satisfaction in the field of cardiology

Author(s): Sack Cornelia | Lütkes Peter | Günther Wolfram | Erbel Raimund | Jöckel Karl-Heinz | Holtmann Gerald
Prescribing practice for malaria following introduction of artemether-lumefantrine in an urban area with declining endemicity in West Africa

Author(s): Okebe Joseph | Walther Brigitte | Bojang Kawsu | Drammeh Silaba | Schellenberg David | Conway David | Walther Michael
A statewide review of postnatal care in private hospitals in Victoria, Australia

Author(s): Rayner Jo-Anne | McLachlan Helen | Forster Della | Peters Louise | Yelland Jane
Meeting human resources for health staffing goals by 2018: a quantitative analysis of policy options in Zambia

Author(s): Tjoa Aaron | Kapihya Margaret | Libetwa Miriam | Schroder Kate | Scott Callie | Lee Joanne | McCarthy Elizabeth
Effect of Hospital Staff Surge Capacity on Preparedness for a Conventional Mass Casualty Event

Author(s): Welzel, Tyson B MD | Koenig, Kristi L MD | Bey, Tareg MD | Visser, Errol BSc, MB, ChB
Current status and potential perspectives in classical radiotherapy technology

Author(s): Dabić-Stanković Kata M. | Stanković Jovan B. | Radošević-Jelić Ljiljana M.
Emergency Department Crowding: Factors Influencing Flow

Author(s): Arkun, Alp | Briggs, William M | Patel, Sweha | Datillo, Paris A | Bove, Joseph | Birkhahn, Robert H
Staffing Up and Dropping Out

Author(s): Mark Fetler
Barriers to implementation of the HIV guidelines in the IMCI algorithm among IMCI trained health workers in Zambia

Author(s): Mugala Nantalile | Mutale Wilbroad | Kalesha Penny | Sinyinza Elijah
Increasing health worker capacity through distance learning: a comprehensive review of programmes in Tanzania

Author(s): Nartker Anya | Stevens Liz | Shumays Alyson | Kalowela Martin | Kisimbo Daniel | Potter Katy
Stage Staffing Scheme for Copyright Protection In Multimedia

Author(s): Sumit Kumar | Santosh Kumar | Sukumar Nandi
Achieving Continuity of Care: Facilitators and Barriers in Community Mental Health Teams

Author(s): Belling Ruth | Whittock Margaret | McLaren Susan | Burns Tom | Catty Jocelyn | Jones Ian Rees | Rose Diana | Wykes Til
Predictors and outcomes of patient safety culture in hospitals

Author(s): El-Jardali Fadi | Dimassi Hani | Jamal Diana | Jaafar Maha | Hemadeh Nour
Applying Lean: Implementation of a Rapid Triage and Treatment System

Author(s): Murrell, Karen L | Offerman, Steven R | Kauffman, Mark B
Predicting Patient Patterns in Veterans Administration Emergency Departments

Author(s): Kessler, Chad S | Bhandarkar, Stephen | Casey, Paul | Tenner, Andrea
Paediatric surgical research and publications in a developing country setting

Author(s): Ameh Emmanuel | Dauda Maigatari | Nmadu Paul
United States level I trauma centers are not created equal – a concern for patient safety?

Author(s): Ziran Bruce | Barrette-Grischow Mary-Kate | Hileman Barbara
Can modeling of HIV treatment processes improve outcomes? Capitalizing on an operations research approach to the global pandemic

Author(s): Xiong Wei | Hupert Nathaniel | Hollingsworth Eric | O'Brien Megan | Fast Jessica | Rodriguez William
Internal Versus External Staffing in Nigeria: Cost-Benefit Implications

Author(s): Francis C. Anyim | Cyril Oseloka Ikemefuna | A. Oluseyi Shadare
Building Community Partnerships in a Common Reading Program

Author(s): Pamela Annette Hayes-Bohanan
Public and Private Sector Relationship in Health Systems and Modern Greek Reality

Author(s): Panagiotis Kyloudis | Maria Rekleiti | Aikaterini Toska | Maria Saridi
A cost comparison of electronic and hybrid data collection systems in Ontario during pandemic and seasonal influenza vaccination campaigns

Author(s): Pereira Jennifer | Foisy Julie | Kwong Jeffrey | Heidebrecht Christine | Quach Susan | Quan Sherman | Guay Maryse | Sander Beate
Payments and quality of care in private for-profit and public hospitals in Greece

Author(s): Kondilis Elias | Gavana Magda | Giannakopoulos Stathis | Smyrnakis Emmanouil | Dombros Nikolaos | Benos Alexis
Nursing workload measurement scales in Intensive Care Units. Correlation between NAS and NEMS

Author(s): Gloria Mª Rollán Rodríguez | Francisco Javier Carmona Monge | Cristina Quirós Herranz | Isabel Cerrillo González | Ana Jara Pérez | Sonia García Gómez | Rosana Alameda Varela | Montserrat Martínez Lareo
To assess role of staffing in nursing productivity: a qualitative research

Author(s): Dehghan nayeri N | Nazari A | Salsali M | Ahmadi F
Designing Nursing Work Scheduler Intelligent System Based on Genetic Algorithm

Author(s): * A (MSc.) Darvish | ** F (Ph.D) Towhidkhah | *** R (Ph.D) Khayati | **** S (B.Sc). Keyhanian
Critical illness outcome study: an observational study of protocols and mortality in intensive care units

Author(s): Ali NA | Gutteridge D | Shahul S | Checkley W | Sevransky J | Martin GS
Continuity and change in human resources policies for health: lessons from Brazil

Author(s): Buchan James | Fronteira Ines | Dussault Gilles
Preventing the next 'SARS' - European healthcare workers' attitudes towards monitoring their health for the surveillance of newly emerging infections: qualitative study

Author(s): Aghaizu Adamma | Elam Gillian | Ncube Fortune | Thomson Gail | Szilágyi Emese | Eckmanns Tim | Poulakou Garyphallia | Catchpole Mike
Do ‘Virtual Wards’ reduce rates of unplanned hospital admissions and at what cost? A research protocol using propensity matched controls

Author(s): Geraint Hywel Lewis | Martin Bardsley | Rhema Vaithianathan | Adam Steventon | Theo Georghiou | John Billings | Jennifer Dixon
Factors affecting staff morale on inpatient mental health wards in England: a qualitative investigation

Author(s): Totman Jonathan | Hundt Gillian | Wearn Elizabeth | Paul Moli | Johnson Sonia
Nurse forecasting in Europe (RN4CAST): Rationale, design and methodology

Author(s): Sermeus Walter | Aiken Linda | Van den Heede Koen | Rafferty Anne | Griffiths Peter | Moreno-Casbas Maria | Busse Reinhard | Lindqvist Rikard | Scott Anne | Bruyneel Luk | Brzostek Tomasz | Kinnunen Juha | Schubert Maria | Schoonhoven Lisette | Zikos Dimitrios
Pressure ulcer incidence in Dutch and German nursing homes: design of a prospective multicenter cohort study

Author(s): Meesterberends Esther | Halfens Ruud | Heinze Cornelia | Lohrmann Christa | Schols Jos
Missing Clinical Information in NHS hospital outpatient clinics: prevalence, causes and effects on patient care

Author(s): Burnett Susan | Deelchand Vashist | Franklin Bryony | Moorthy Krishna | Vincent Charles
Devolution and human resources in primary healthcare in rural Mali

Author(s): Lodenstein Elsbet | Dao Dramane
Formative evaluation of the telecare fall prevention project for older veterans

Author(s): Miake-Lye Isomi | Amulis Angel | Saliba Debra | Shekelle Paul | Volkman Linda | Ganz David
Barriers and facilitators to mexican-american participation in clinical trials: physician and patient focus group perspectives

Author(s): Jesse Nodora | Tomas Nuño | Ken O’Day | Virginia Yrun | Francisco Garcia
The Pattern of Local Community-Based Management for Sustainable Rural Development in West Azarbaijan Province

Author(s): Loghman Rashidpour | Seyed J. F. Hosseini | Mohammad Chizari | Seyed M. Mirdamadi
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