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Author(s): Sava Anca-Stefania | Zugravu Bogdan-Gabriel
Our experience in second line Anti Retroviral Therapy (ART) At State Aids Clinical Expert Panel (SACEP) Clinic, Centre of Excellence (CoE), Art Centre, B. J. Medical College, Civil Hospital, Ahmedabad

Author(s): Mankad Bankim | Purohit Hemang | Shah Asha | Shevkani Manoj | Kavina Burzin | Amin Bipin | Nihalani Umesh | Prajapati Sanjeev | Derasari Urvi | Prajapati Girish
Increased neutrophil apoptosis in chronically SIV-infected macaques

Author(s): Elbim Carole | Monceaux Valérie | François Stéphanie | Hurtrel Bruno | Gougerot-Pocidalo Marie-Anne | Estaquier Jérome
Production of Thermostable α-amylases by Solid State Fermentation-A Review

Author(s): Rahul Regulapati | Prem N. Malav | Sathyanarayana N. Gummadi
Developing a conceptual framework for an evaluation system for the NIAID HIV/AIDS clinical trials networks

Author(s): Kagan Jonathan | Kane Mary | Quinlan Kathleen | Rosas Scott | Trochim William
Prevalence of pain in patients with HIV/AIDS: A cross-sectional survey in a South Indian state

Author(s): Nair Shoba | Mary Theophin | Prarthana S | Harrison Preethy
ISSN exercise & sport nutrition review: research & recommendations

Author(s): Kreider Richard | Wilborn Colin | Taylor Lem | Campbell Bill | Almada Anthony | Collins Rick | Cooke Mathew | Earnest Conrad | Greenwood Mike | Kalman Douglas | Kerksick Chad | Kleiner Susan | Leutholtz Brian | Lopez Hector | Lowery Lonnie | Mendel Ron | Smith Abbie | Spano Marie | Wildman Robert | Willoughby Darryn | Ziegenfuss Tim | Antonio Jose
Differences in antiretroviral scale up in three South African provinces: the role of implementation management

Author(s): Schneider Helen | Coetzee David | Van Rensburg Dingie | Gilson Lucy
An Abstraction Theory for Qualitative Models of Biological Systems

Author(s): Richard Banks | L. Jason Steggles
Implementing AIDS Education

Author(s): Grace C. Huerta

Production flow synchronisation versus buffer capacities in assembly systems

Author(s): A. Dobrzańska-Danikiewicz | D. Krenczyk
Nursing and aids: memories of an epoch at the Nereu Ramos Hospital (1986 – 1996) – historical research

Author(s): Jenifer Adriana Domingues Guedes | Miriam Süsskind Borenstein
Supplementation effect on Body Weight and BMI of HIV-positive/AIDS patients

Author(s): O.O. Oguntibeju | W.M.J van den Heever | F.E. van Schalkwyk
Attitude of health care providers in Abia State, Nigeria, to people living with HIV and AIDS

Author(s): Adisa Charles | Onyeonoro Ugochukwu | Agu Aniele | Eleweke Ndukauba | Chisara Umezurike
Relationship Between HIV/AIDS and Poverty: A Case Study of Two Cities in Abia State, Nigeria

Author(s): Robert Kelechi Obi | C.C. Okangba; F.C. Nwanebu; U.U. Ndubuisi; I.C. Mgbemene and W. Braide
Comparison between k-nn and svm method for speech emotion recognition

Author(s): Muzaffar Khan | Tirupati Goskula | Mohmmed Nasiruddin | Ruhina Quazi
Cancer risk in persons with HIV/AIDS in India: a review and future directions for research

Author(s): Biggar Robert | Chaturvedi Anil | Bhatia Kishor | Mbulaiteye Sam
Dilemmas and Practices

Author(s): Trish Bould | Kathy Oldridge
An alternative methodology for the prediction of adherence to anti HIV treatment

Author(s): Thompson I Richard | Bidgood Penelope | Petróczi Andrea | Denholm-Price James | Fielder Mark
Malaria infection in HIV/AIDS patients and its correlation with packed cell volume (PCV)

Author(s): O.N. Goselle | C.O.E. Onwuliri | V.A. Onwuliri
Sexual practice and perception of HIV/AIDS amongst men who have sex with men in Kolkata

Author(s): Deb Soumya | Dutta Sinjita | Dasgupta Aparajita | Biswas Biswajit
HIV/AIDS Model Based on Local Activity of CNN

Author(s): Xisong Dong | Gang Xiong
Impact of Immunosuppression on Radiographic Features of HIV Related Pulmonary Tuberculosis among Nigerians

Author(s): Olufemi O.Desalu | Abdulfatai Olokoba | Mohammed Danfulani | Z Gambo | Fatai Salawu | Aliyu Damburam | Juliet Midala
Incorporating multiple interventions in meta-analysis: an evaluation of the mixed treatment comparison with the adjusted indirect comparison

Author(s): O'Regan Christopher | Ghement Isabella | Eyawo Oghenowede | Guyatt Gordon | Mills Edward
Required buffer capacities in assembly systems

Author(s): D. Krenczyk | A. Dobrzańska-Danikiewicz
Active machine learning for transmembrane helix prediction

Author(s): Osmanbeyoglu Hatice | Wehner Jessica | Carbonell Jaime | Ganapathiraju Madhavi
Wealth and Employment Creation among Women in Idah Local Government Area of Kogi State,Nigeria

Author(s): Michael Sunday Agba | Ogaboh A.M. Agba | James Okoro | Grace E.M. Agba
From Editor vol 11, No.3

Author(s): Ugur Demiray
Safety and anti-HIV assessments of natural vaginal cleansing products in an established topical microbicides in vitro testing algorithm

Author(s): Lackman-Smith Carol | Snyder Beth | Marotte Katherine | Osterling Mark | Mankowski Marie | Jones Maureen | Nieves-Duran Lourdes | Richardson-Harman Nicola | Cummins James | Sanders-Beer Brigitte
Highways and outposts: economic development and health threats in the central Brazilian Amazon region

Author(s): Barcellos Christovam | Feitosa Patrícia | Damacena Giseli | Andreazzi Marco
Total Antioxidant Status is Related to the CD4+ Cell Count and the Clinical State of HIV/AIDS Patients in the Northeast, Nigeria

Author(s): A.C.U. Ezimah | E.A. Nwankwo | G.R.A. Okogun | J.C. Ihongbe | P.A. Onyeyili | A.C. Ene | P.U. Bassi | S.J. Yahaya
Determinants of adherence to antiretroviral drugs among people living with HIV/AIDS in the Ife-Ijesa zone of Osun state, Nigeria

Author(s): Muhammed O. Afolabi | Kayode T. Ijadunola | Adesegun O. Fatusi | Olayinka A. Olasode
Knowledge of and Attitude towards Antiretroviral Therapy among People Living with HIV/AIDS in Nigeria

Author(s): Muhammed Olanrewaju Afolabi | Kayode Thaddeus Ijadunola | Adesegun Ola Fatusi | Olayinka Olasode

Author(s): Rachmad Hidayat | Yudha Herlambang

Author(s): Uribe, Ana Fernanda | Orcasita, Linda Teresa | Vergara Vélez, Tatiana
Nurses' perceptions about Botswana patients' anti-retroviral therapy adherence

Author(s): Esther Kip | Valerie J. Ehlers | Dirk M. van der Wal
HIV-1 and -2 Antibodies among Children in Anyigba, Kogi State, Nigeria

Author(s): Okonko Iheanyi Omezuruike | W.F. Sule; O.T. Yusuf; E. Donbraye; A. Fadeyi; A.O. Udeze and J.A. A lli
Performance of TCP/IP over wireless Networks using unaware Approach

Author(s): Kanwalvir Singh Dhindsa , Parminder Singh and Dr. Himanshu Aggarwal
Otolaryngologic manifestations among Hiv/Aids patients in a Nigerian tertiary health institution: an update

Author(s): Sulyman, Alabi Biodun | Kazeem, Salami Alakija | Abdulrahman, Afolabi | David, Dunmade | Kayode, Aremu Shuaib | Oluwayemisi, Olawunmi | Jumai, Akande Halima | Odeigha, LO
Substituições de esquemas antirretrovirais no Estado do Paraná

Author(s): Margely Nunes de Souza | Cristiane da Silva Paula | Marilis Dallarmi Miguel | Vera Cristina Zanetti | Obdulio Gomes Miguel | Sandra M. Warunby Zanin
Awareness Level of Married Couples on HIV/AIDS in Northeast India – An Empirical Analysis

Author(s): ibyojyoti Bhattacharjee | Dilip C. Nath | Kishore K. Das | Prasanta R. Acharjee
Salivary Diagnostics- Reloaded

Author(s): Tharun Varghese Jacob | Ambil Sara Varghese
A comparison of the MOS-HIV and SF-12v2 for measuring health-related quality of life of men and women living with HIV/AIDS

Author(s): Ion Allyson | Cai Wenjie | Elston Dawn | Pullenayegum Eleanor | Smaill Fiona | Smieja Marek
Children affected with HIV/AIDS: Information of HIV/AIDS in five Colombian cities

Author(s): Ana María Trejos | Rafael de Jesús Tuesca | Mario Mosquera
Prevalence of HHV-8 Antibodies among HIV Infected Patients

Author(s): Bob Agwu Ukonu | Emeka U. Eze
Condom Use in Nigeria: An Evaluation

Author(s): Iyaji Adejoh | Ogbuke Martha Uchenna
Fabrication of Transparent AlON Ceramics by Solid―state Reaction Sintering

Author(s): YUAN Xian-Yang, ZHANG Fang, LIU Xue-Jian, ZHANG-Zhao, WANG Shi-Wei
Unresponsive cutaneous leishmaniasis and HIV co-infection: Report of three cases

Author(s): Soni Prasoon | Prasad Neha | Khandelwal Kanika | Ghiya Bhikam | Mehta Rajesh | Bumb Ram | Salotra Poonam
Messenger RNA electroporation: an efficient tool in immunotherapy and stem cell research.

Author(s): A Van Driessche | P Ponsaerts | D R Van Bockstaele | V F I Van Tendeloo | Z N Berneman
Comparing Measures of Late HIV Diagnosis in Washington State

Author(s): Laura Saganic | Jason Carr | Rosa Solorio | Maria Courogen | Tom Jaenicke | Ann Duerr
Larsenianthus, a new Asian genus of Gingers (Zingiberaceae) with four species

Author(s): W. John Kress | John Mood | Mamiyil Sabu | Linda Prince | Santanu Dey | E. Sanoj
Passive and active middle ear implants

Author(s): Beutner, Dirk | Hüttenbrink, Karl-Bernd
Formal Specifications of Trusted OLSR Protocol of Ad hoc Network in Z

Author(s): Amandeep Verma | Manpreet Singh Gujral
Medical Rehabilitation of Leprosy Patients Discharged Home in Abia and Ebonyi State of Nigeria

Author(s): Ezinne Ezinna Enwereji | Eke Reginald Ahuizi | Okereke Chukwunenye Iheanocho | Kelechi Okechukwu Enwereji
Computational modeling studies on anti-HIV-1 non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibition by dihydroalkoxybenzyloxopyrimidines analogues: an electrotopological atomistic approach

Author(s): Nitin S. Sapre | Tarang Bhati | Swagata Gupta | Nilanjana Pancholi | Urmila Raghuvanshi | Divya Dubey | Vandana Rajopadhyay | Neelima Sapre
Image and Video Processing for Visually Handicapped People

Author(s): Pun Thierry | Roth Patrick | Bologna Guido | Moustakas Konstantinos | Tzovaras Dimitrios
An integrated structural intervention to reduce vulnerability to HIV and sexually transmitted infections among female sex workers in Karnataka state, south India

Author(s): Gurnani Vandana | Beattie Tara | Bhattacharjee Parinita | Mohan HL | Maddur Srinath | Washington Reynold | Isac Shajy | Ramesh BM | Moses Stephen | Blanchard James
Signal Processing in High-End Hearing Aids: State of the Art, Challenges, and Future Trends

Author(s): Hamacher V | Chalupper J | Eggers J | Fischer E | Kornagel U | Puder H | Rass U
Remedial transactions curtailment via optimization

Author(s): Maksimović Viktor | Škokljev Ivan
World AIDS Day Campaign in Iran: A Population-Based Study

Author(s): A Montazeri | J Sadighi | S Omidvari | F Farzadi | F Maftoon
Knowledge and attitude of senior dental students towards HIV/AIDS

Author(s): Jafari A | Khami MR | Yazdani R | Mohammadi M
A comparison of screening batteries in the detection of neurocognitive impairment in HIV-infected Spanish speakers

Author(s): Levine AJ | Palomo M | Hinkin CH | Valdes-Sueiras M | Lopez E | Mathisen G | Donovan S | Singer EJ
Caracterização de preparações extrativas obtidas de Passiflora alata Curtis

Author(s): ANDREAS S. L. MENDEZ | N. O. Simionato | A. T. Valduga | F. H. Reginatto
Substituições de esquemas antirretrovirais no Estado do Paraná

Economic modeling of the combined effects of HIV-disease, cholesterol and lipoatrophy based on ACTG 5142 trial data

Author(s): Simpson Kit | Dietz Birgitta | Baran Robert | Garren Kevin | Riddler Sharon | Bhor Menaka | Haubrich Richard
Gene expression for HIV-associated dementia and HIV encephalitis in microdissected neurons 1: preliminary analysis

Author(s): Shapshak P | Duncan R | Duran EM | Farinetti F | Minagar A | Commins D | Rodriguez H | Chiappelli F | Kangueane P | Levine AJ | Singer E | Somboonwit C | Sinnott JT
HIV surveillance in needlestick accidents with health workers

Author(s): Janete Lane Amadei | Carina Ivatiuk
Participation of women in HIV clinical trials: the IPEC-FIOCRUZ experience

Author(s): Lake JE | Friedman RK | Cunha CB | Cardoso SW | Veloso VG | Currier JS | Grinsztejn B
Successful aging and the epidemiology of HIV

Author(s): Vance DE | McGuinness T | Musgrove K | Orel N | Fazeli PL
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