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Infrastructure for the life sciences: design and implementation of the UniProt website

Author(s): Jain Eric | Bairoch Amos | Duvaud Severine | Phan Isabelle | Redaschi Nicole | Suzek Baris | Martin Maria | McGarvey Peter | Gasteiger Elisabeth
Flaw shape reconstruction – an experimental approach

Author(s): Marilena STANCULESCU | Stelian MARINESCU | Gabriel CHEREGI
Characterizing time-dependent mechanics in metallic MEMS

Author(s): Bergers L.I.J.C. | Delhey N.K.R. | Hoefnagels J.P.M. | Geers M.G.D.
Prototype Implementation of Two Efficient Low-Complexity Digital Predistortion Algorithms

Author(s): Ernst Aschbacher | Mei Yen Cheong | Peter Brunmayr | Markus Rupp | Timo I. Laakso
Full Model Wind Tunnel Study on the Xia-Zhang Bridge Under Operation Stage

Author(s): Ayad T. Saeed | Zhang L. Liang | Yang Z. Yun | Feras A. Zoubi | Oday A. Salih

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