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Once were warriors, or warriors still?

Author(s): Sheryl Lee Ferguson
Autostereotyping and national identity in the spanish context

Author(s): Amalio Blanco | Camilla Matera | Marco Giannini | Peter B. Smith
Do Health Beliefs and Behaviors Differ According to Severity of Obesity? A Qualitative Study of Australian Adults

Author(s): Sophie Lewis | Samantha L. Thomas | R. Warwick Blood | Jim Hyde | David J. Castle | Paul A. Komesaroff
Mars, Venus and Gray: Gender Communication

Author(s): Kamarul Zaman Ahmad | Kalaiselvee Rethinam
Fast Acceptance by Common Experience

Author(s): Nathan Berg | Ulrich Hoffrage | Katarzyna Abramczuk
Stigmatization of a person visiting psychiatrist depends on observer's gender

Author(s): Munjiza Ana | Stojiljković Dragan J. | Milekić Bojana | Latković Olgica | Jašović-Gašić Miroslava | Marić Nađa P.
Elegguá y respeto por los afrocolombianos:una experiencia con docentes de Bogotá en torno a la Cátedra de Estudios Afrocolombianos

Author(s): Jaime Arocha | Natalia Guevara | Sonia Londoño | Lina Del Mar Moreno | Liliana Rincón
The Reception of American Culture in the Middle East after “The Arab Spring”

Author(s): Nazmi Al-Shalabi | Marwan Obeidat | Shadi Neimneh
Leren van huisontruimingen

Author(s): Gert Schout | Gideon de Jong
The Sharpest Knives in the Drawer

Author(s): Bill Phillips
THE IT GENDER GAP: Experience, Motivation and Differences in Undergraduate Studies of Computer Science

Author(s): Ivanović MIRJANA | Putnik ZORAN | Šišarica ANJA | Budimac ZORAN
Stereotyping Young People in Weekly Newspapers

Author(s): Mus Chairil Samani | Samsudin A. Rahim
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