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Non-conventional method for friction compensation in DC drive position tracking

Author(s): Teodor DUMITRIU | Mihai CULEA | Mihai NICHITA | Traian MUNTEANU
Neural Network Modeling of Valve Stiction Dynamics

Author(s): H. Zabiri | Y. Samyudia | W. N. W. M. Zainudin
Nonlinear (Anharmonic) Casimir Oscillator

Author(s): Habibollah Razmi | Mohammad Reza Mohammadi | Mahnaz Abdollahi | Seyed Mahdi Fazeli
Stabilizing the Operation of Industrial Processes using Data Driven Techniques

Author(s): M. A. A. Shoukat Choudhury | Ian Alleyne
Development and pilot testing of HEXORR: Hand EXOskeleton Rehabilitation Robot

Author(s): Schabowsky Christopher | Godfrey Sasha | Holley Rahsaan | Lum Peter
Fabrication of flexible UV nanoimprint mold with fluorinated polymer-coated PET film

Author(s): Shin Ju-Hyeon | Lee Seong-Hwan | Byeon Kyeong-Jae | Han Kang-Soo | Lee Heon | Tsunozaki Kentaro
New Applications of Electrochemically Produced Porous Semiconductors and Nanowire Arrays

Author(s): Leisner Malte | Cojocaru Ala | Ossei-Wusu Emmanuel | Carstensen Jürgen | Föll Helmut
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