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Benefits of Palliative Surgery for Far-Advanced Gastric Cancer

Author(s): Chia-Siu Wang | Tzu-Chieh Chao | Yi-Yin Jan | Long-Bin Jeng | Tsann-Long Hwang | Miin-Fu Chen

Author(s): CONTENTS Vol. 5 No. 1 2009
Chemoradiotherapy with twice-weekly administration of low-dose gemcitabine for locally advanced pancreatic cancer

Author(s): Hisato Igarashi, Tetsuhide Ito, Ken Kawabe, Terumasa Hisano, Yoshiyuki Arita, Toyoma Kaku, Ryoichi Takayanagi
Lymph Node Metastasis of Gastric Cancer

Author(s): Tomonori Akagi | Norio Shiraishi | Seigo Kitano
Trichinella inflammatory myopathy: host or parasite strategy?

Author(s): Bruschi Fabrizo | Chiumiento Lorena
Prehospital evaluation and economic analysis of different coronary syndrome treatment strategies - PREDICT - Rationale, Development and Implementation

Author(s): Morrison Laurie | Rac Valeria | Bowen James | Schwartz Brian | Perreira Tyrone | Ryan Welson | Zahn Cathy | Chadha Rishab | Craig Alan | O'Reilly Daria | Goeree Ron
Examination of thromboxane synthase as a prognostic factor and therapeutic target in non-small cell lung cancer

Author(s): Cathcart Mary-Clare | Gately Kathy | Cummins Robert | Kay Elaine | O'Byrne Kenneth | Pidgeon Graham
En bloc Extended Total Thymectomy and Extrapleural Pneumonectomy in Masaoka stage IVA Thymomas

Author(s): Yang Hee | Yoon Yoo | Kim Hong | Choi Yong | Kim Kwhanmien | Shim Young | Han Jungho | Kim Jhingook
Effectiveness of artemether-lumefantrine provided by community health workers in under-five children with uncomplicated malaria in rural Tanzania: an open label prospective study

Author(s): Ngasala Billy | Malmberg Maja | Carlsson Anja | Ferreira Pedro | Petzold Max | Blessborn Daniel | Bergqvist Yngve | Gil José | Premji Zul | Mårtensson Andreas
Clinical presentation, histology, and prognoses of malignant melanoma in ethnic Chinese: A study of 522 consecutive cases

Author(s): Chi Zhihong | Li Siming | Sheng Xinan | Si Lu | Cui Chuanliang | Han Mei | Guo Jun
Sodium ion channel mutations in glioblastoma patients correlate with shorter survival

Author(s): Joshi Avadhut | Parsons D | Velculescu Victor | Riggins Gregory
Effect of multidisciplinary team treatment on outcomes of patients with gastrointestinal malignancy

Author(s): Chang-Zheng Du | Jie Li | Yong Cai | Ying-Shi Sun | Wei-Cheng Xue | Jin Gu
Vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF)-C - a potent risk factor in children diagnosed with stadium 4 neuroblastoma.

Author(s): Michal Nowicki | Aneta Konwerska | Danuta Ostalska-Nowicka | Katarzyna Derwich | Bogdan Miskowiak | Beata Kondraciuk | Dariusz Samulak | Martin Witt
Induction therapy in heart transplantation

Author(s): H. Lehmkuhl | M. Dandel | N. Hiemann | C. Knosalla | M. Pasic | M. Huebler | O. Grauhan | R. Hetzer
Induction therapy in heart transplantation

Author(s): H. Lehmkuhl | M. Dandel | N. Hiemann | C. Knosalla | M. Pasic | M. Huebler | O. Grauhan | R. Hetzer
ariação e parâmetros genéticos em dois bancos de germoplasma de Tabebuia heptaphilla (Velloso) Toledo. Variation and genetic parameters in two germplasm banks of Tabebuia heptaphilla (Velloso) Toledo.

Author(s): Miguel Luiz Menezes FREITAS | Alexandre Magno SEBBENN | Antonio Carlos Scatena ZANATTO | Euripedes MORAES | Priscila Harumi HAYASHI | Mario Luiz Teixeira de MORAES
Conservação ex situ e pomar de sementes em banco de germoplasma de Balfourodendron riedelianum. Ex situ conservation and seed-orchard of a germplasm bank of Balfourodendron riedelianum.

Author(s): Alexandre Magno SEBBENN | Miguel Luiz Menezes FREITAS | Antonio Carlos Scatena ZANATTO | Eurípedes MORAES | Marcela Aparecida de MORAES
Nursery production of hatchery-reared milkfish, Chanos chanos in earthen ponds

Author(s): Cecilia J. Jaspe | Christopher Marlowe A. Caipang
Increased mortality in hypernatremic burned patients

Author(s): Namdar, Thomas | Siemers, Frank | Stollwerck, Peter L. | Stang, Felix H. | Mailänder, Peter | Lange, Thomas
Adenocarcinoma of the third duodenal portion: Case report and review of literature

Author(s): Federico Sista | Giuseppe De Santis | Antonio Giuliani | Emanuela Marina Cecilia | Federica Piccione | Laura Lancione | Sergio Leardi | Gianfranco Amicucci
RGD-modified poly(D,L-lactic acid) nanoparticles enhance tumor targeting of oridonin

Author(s): Xu J | Zhao JH | Liu Y | Feng NP | Zhang YT
Conservation genetics of Iberian raptors

Author(s): Martinez–Cruz, B.
Cross-market cost-effectiveness analysis of erlotinib as first-line maintenance treatment for patients with stable non-small cell lung cancer

Author(s): Vergnenègre A | Ray JA | Chouaid C | Grossi F | Bischoff HG | Heigener DF | Walzer S

Author(s): Prof. Dr. Badar Alam Iqbal
Amplitude Changes of the Electrically Evoked Compound Action Potential in Children with Cochlear Implants: Preliminary Results

Author(s): Alireza Pourjavid | Mansoureh Adel Ghahraman2 | Mahin Sedaie | Hessam-al-din Emamjome | Farzad Mobedshahi | Parvaneh Abbasalipour Kabirrah
Some Aspects of the Biology of Female Rhipicephalus decoloratus (Koch, 1844) in the Laboratory

Author(s): Nkegbe Emmanuel | Julius Beyuo | Ohene Siaw Richard | Humphrey Amafu-Dey
Challenges for heart disease stem cell therapy

Author(s): Hoover-Plow J | Gong Y
Corporate and State Social Responsibility: A Long-Term Perspective

Author(s): Giovanni D’Orio | Rosetta Lombardo
Cervix and breast cancers in Oujda city in Eastern Morocco: Determinants and risk factors

Author(s): Abdelhafid Chafi | Abdesslam Boutayeb | Abdellatif Maamri | Mohamed El Hfid
Cervix and breast cancers in Oujda city in Eastern Morocco: Determinants and risk factors

Author(s): Abdelhafid Chafi | Abdesslam Boutayeb | Abdellatif Maamri | Mohamed El Hfid
A Novel Therapeutic Strategy for the Treatment of Glioma, Combining Chemical and Molecular Targeting of Hsp90a

Author(s): Adi Mehta | Leroy Shervington | Chinmay Munje | Amal Shervington

Author(s): Nemanja BERBER | Tamara GAJIĆ | Milijana ĐORĐEVIĆ
Vertex-Neighbor-Scattering Number Of Trees

Author(s): Zongtian Wei | Yong Liu | Anchan Mai
I-131 MIBG Therapy for Advanced Stage III & IV Neuroblastoma

Author(s): Raef Riad | Magdy Kotb | Walid Omar | Ahmed Zaher | Emad Ebied | Alexander Gregory Pitman | Hussein Abdel Dayem
Rearing the Predator Brontocoris tabidus (Heteroptera: Pentatomidae) with Tenebrio molitor (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae) Pupa on Eucalyptus grandis in the Field

Author(s): José C. Zanuncio | Ana M. R. M. Ferreira | Wagner S. Tavares | Jorge B. Torres | José E. Serrão | Teresinha V. Zanuncio
Fungal infection of the sinus and anterior skull base

Author(s): Morteza Javadi | Shabahang Mohammadi
A randomized, phase III trial of capecitabine plus bevacizumab (Cape-Bev) versus capecitabine plus irinotecan plus bevacizumab (CAPIRI-Bev) in first-line treatment of metastatic colorectal cancer: The AIO KRK 0110 Trial/ML22011 Trial

Author(s): Giessen Clemens | von Weikersthal Ludwig | Hinke Axel | Stintzing Sebastian | Kullmann Frank | Vehling-Kaiser Ursula | Mayerle Julia | Bangerter Markus | Denzlinger Claudio | Sieber Markus | Teschendorf Christian | Freiberg-Richter Jens | Schulz Christoph | Modest Dominik | Moosmann Nicolas | Aubele Philipp | Heinemann Volker
Geographic and outcome variation among black men diagnosed with prostate cancer

Author(s): Ragin Camille | Mutetwa Batsirai | Attong-Rogers Alison | Roach Veronica | Taioli Emanuela
Treatment with gelsolin reduces brain inflammation and apoptotic signaling in mice following thermal injury

Author(s): Zhang Qing-Hong | Chen Qi | Kang Jia-Rui | Liu Chen | Dong Ning | Zhu Xiao-Mei | Sheng Zhi-Yong | Yao Yong-Ming
Targeting HSP90 in ovarian cancers with multiple receptor tyrosine kinase coactivation

Author(s): Jiao Yisheng | Ou Wenbin | Meng Fanguo | Zhou Haimeng | Wang Aiyuan
Characterisation and manipulation of docetaxel resistant prostate cancer cell lines

Author(s): O'Neill Amanda | Prencipe Maria | Dowling Catherine | Fan Yue | Mulrane Laoighse | Gallagher William | O'Connor Darran | O'Connor Robert | Devery Aoife | Corcoran Claire | Rani Sweta | O'Driscoll Lorraine | Fitzpatrick John | Watson R William
Results of combined treatment of anaplastic thyroid carcinoma (ATC)

Author(s): Derbel Olfa | Limem Sami | Ségura-Ferlay Céline | Lifante Jean-Christophe | Carrie Christian | Peix Jean-Louis | Borson-Chazot Françoise | Bournaud Claire | Droz Jean-Pierre | de la Fouchardière Christelle
HIV-free survival and morbidity among formula-fed infants in a prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV program in rural Haiti

Author(s): Ivers Louise | Appleton Sasha | Wang Bingxia | Jerome J Gregory | Cullen Kimberly | Smith Fawzi Mary
Silencing of hpv16 e6 and e7 oncogenic activities by small interference rna induces autophagy and apoptosis in human cervical cancer cells

Author(s): Jonathan Salazar-León | Fabiola Reyes-Román | Angélica Meneses-Acosta | Horacio Merchant | Alfredo Lagunas-Martínez | Elizabeth Meda-Monzón | María Luisa Pita-López | Claudia Gómez-Cerón | Victor Hugo Bermúdez-Morales | Vicente Madrid-Marina | Oscar Peralta-Zaragoza
The Relationships between Patient Satisfaction and Loyalty in The Private Hospital Industry

Author(s): S Mortazavi | M Kazemi | A Shirazi | A Aziz-Abadi
gef Gene Expression in MCF-7 Breast Cancer Cells is Associated with a Better Prognosis and Induction of Apoptosis by p53-Mediated Signaling Pathway

Author(s): Houria Boulaiz | Pablo J. Álvarez | Jose Prados | Juan Marchal | Consolación Melguizo | Esmeralda Carrillo | Macarena Peran | Fernando Rodríguez | Alberto Ramírez | Raúl Ortíz | Antonia Aránega
In vitro Evaluation of Cytarabin Induced Apoptosis in Leukemic Blasts

Author(s): Tahereh Zieh | Asghar Safarifard | Mahin Nikogoftar
Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML): The Role of Intensive Induction Chemotherapy

Author(s): Thomas Büchner | Wolfgang Hiddemann | Wolfgang E. Berdel | Bernhard Wörmann | Helmut Löffler | Claudia Schoch | Torsten Haferlach | Wolf-Dieter Ludwig | Georg Maschmeyer | Eva Lengelder | Peter Staib | Reinhard Andreesen | Leopold Balleisen | Detlef Haase | Hartmut Eimermacher | Andrea Schumacher | Carlo Aul | Herbert Rasche | Jens Uhlig | Andreas Grüneisen | Hans Edgar Reis | Joachim Hartlapp | Wolf-Dietrich Hirschmann | Hans-Josef Weh | Hermann-Josef Pielken | Winfried Gassmann | Maria-Cristina Sauerland | Achim Heinecke for the German AML Cooperative Group
Survival of Adult Songbirds in Boreal Forest Landscapes Fragmented by Clearcuts and Natural Openings

Author(s): Darroch M. Whitaker | Philip D. Taylor | Ian G. Warkentin
Influence of solar radiation and groundwater table on carbon balance of phreatophytic desert shrub Tamarix

Author(s): XU Hao | LI Yan | XIE Jing-Xia | CHENG Lei | ZHAO Yan | LIU Ran
Customer Service Strategies of Retail Organizations in the Niger Delta Area of Nigeriay

Author(s): Banabo Ekankumo | Ndiomu Kemebaradikumo | Koroye Braye
Effects of CXCR4 siRNA/dextran-spermine nanoparticles on CXCR4 expression and serum LDH levels in a mouse model of colorectal cancer metastasis to the liver

Author(s): Abedini F | Ismail M | Hosseinkhani H | Tengku Ibrahim TA | Omar AR | Chong PP | Hair Bejo M | Domb AJ
Compensatory density feedback of Oncomelania hupensis populations in two different environmental settings in China

Author(s): Yang Guo-Jing | Zhou Xiao-Nong | Sun Le-Ping | Wu Feng | Zhong Bo | Qiu Dong-Chuan | Utzinger Jürg | Bradshaw Corey
Targeting renal cell carcinoma with NVP-BEZ235, a dual PI3K/mTOR inhibitor, in combination with sorafenib

Author(s): Roulin Didier | Waselle Laurent | Dormond-Meuwly Anne | Dufour Marc | Demartines Nicolas | Dormond Olivier
Combination of dasatinib and curcumin eliminates chemo-resistant colon cancer cells

Author(s): Nautiyal Jyoti | Kanwar Shailender | Yu Yingjie | Majumdar Adhip
Comparative efficacy of two poeciliid fish in indoor cement tanks against chikungunya vector Aedes aegypti in villages in Karnataka, India

Author(s): Ghosh Susanta | Chakaravarthy Preethi | Panch Sandhya | Krishnappa Pushpalatha | Tiwari Satyanarayan | Ojha Vijay | R Manjushree | Dash Aditya
Differential utilization of ketone bodies by neurons and glioma cell lines: a rationale for ketogenic diet as experimental glioma therapy

Author(s): Maurer Gabriele | Brucker Daniel | Bähr Oliver | Harter Patrick | Hattingen Elke | Walenta Stefan | Mueller-Klieser Wolfgang | Steinbach Joachim | Rieger Johannes
Survival strategies in arctic ungulates

Author(s): N. J. C. Tyler | A. S. Blix
Genetic variability of Euglena agilis (Euglenophyceae)

Author(s): Bożena Zakryś | Joanna Empel | Rafał Milanowski | Robert Gromadka | Piotr Borsuk | Marta Kędzior | Jan Kwiatkowski
Immunological network signatures of cancer progression and survival

Author(s): Clancy Trevor | Pedicini Marco | Castiglione Filippo | Santoni Daniele | Nygaard Vegard | Lavelle Timothy | Benson Mikael | Hovig Eivind
MDM2 antagonists boost antitumor effect of androgen withdrawal: implications for therapy of prostate cancer

Author(s): Tovar Christian | Higgins Brian | Kolinsky Kenneth | Xia Mingxuan | Packman Kathryn | Heimbrook David | Vassilev Lyubomir
Gene therapy with tumor-specific promoter mediated suicide gene plus IL-12 gene enhanced tumor inhibition and prolonged host survival in a murine model of Lewis lung carcinoma

Author(s): Xu Yu | Hou Jinxuan | Liu Zhengchun | Yu Haijun | Sun Wenjie | Xiong Jie | Liao Zhengkai | Zhou Fuxiang | Xie Conghua | Zhou Yunfeng
Mitigating amphibian disease: strategies to maintain wild populations and control chytridiomycosis

Author(s): Woodhams Douglas | Bosch Jaime | Briggs Cheryl | Cashins Scott | Davis Leyla | Lauer Antje | Muths Erin | Puschendorf Robert | Schmidt Benedikt | Sheafor Brandon | Voyles Jamie
Maintenance therapy in NSCLC: why? To whom? Which agent?

Author(s): Novello Silvia | Milella Michele | Tiseo Marcello | Banna Giuseppe | Cortinovis Diego | Di Maio Massimo | Garassino Marina | Maione Paolo | Martelli Olga | Vavalà Tiziana | Bria Emilio
Slug down-regulation by RNA interference inhibits invasion growth in human esophageal squamous cell carcinoma

Author(s): Tang Peng | Yu Zhentao | Zhang Kejun | Wang Yu | Ma Zhongliang | Zhang Shaoyan | Chen Dong | Zhou Yanbing
Re-surgery and chest wall re-irradiation for recurrent breast cancer - a second curative approach

Author(s): Müller Arndt-Christian | Eckert Franziska | Heinrich Vanessa | Bamberg Michael | Brucker Sara | Hehr Thomas
Cell cycle and aging, morphogenesis, and response to stimuli genes are individualized biomarkers of glioblastoma progression and survival

Author(s): Serão Nicola | Delfino Kristin | Southey Bruce | Beever Jonathan | Rodriguez-Zas Sandra
Transcriptomic analysis of Clostridium thermocellum ATCC 27405 cellulose fermentation

Author(s): Raman Babu | McKeown Catherine | Rodriguez Miguel | Brown Steven | Mielenz Jonathan
Mature autologous dendritic cell vaccines in advanced non-small cell lung cancer: a phase I pilot study

Author(s): Perroud Maurício | Honma Helen | Barbeiro Aristóteles | Gilli Simone | Almeida Maria | Vassallo José | Saad Sara | Zambon Lair
The Phosphatidylinositol 3-Kinase/mTor Pathway as a Therapeutic Target for Brain Aging and Neurodegeneration

Author(s): David Heras-Sandoval | Evangelina Avila-Muñoz | Clorinda Arias
The Phosphatidylinositol 3-Kinase/mTor Pathway as a Therapeutic Target for Brain Aging and Neurodegeneration

Author(s): David Heras-Sandoval | Evangelina Avila-Muñoz | Clorinda Arias
Natural and Induced Humoral Responses to MUC1

Author(s): Silvia Von Mensdorff-Pouilly | Maria Moreno | René H. M. Verheijen
Dual Targeting of the Insulin-Like Growth Factor and Collateral Pathways in Cancer: Combating Drug Resistance

Author(s): Joseph A. Ludwig | Salah-Eddine Lamhamedi-Cherradi | Ho-Young Lee | Aung Naing | Robert Benjamin
Management and Outcomes in Primary Tumors of the Appendix

Author(s): Englehardt Richard | Durrani Noreen | Mittal Vijay
Case of Advanced Recurrent Glioblastoma Successfully Treated with Monoterpene Perillyl Alcohol by Intranasal Administration

Author(s): C. O. Da Fonseca | Raphael M. Teixeira | Ricardo Ramina | Giovana Kovaleski | Júlio Thome Silva | Janaína Nagel | Thereza Quirico-Santos
Pancreatic cancer survival in central and northern Denmark from 1998 through 2009: a population-based cohort study

Author(s): Cronin-Fenton DP | Erichsen R | Mortensen FV | Dikinis S | Nørgaard M | Jacobsen JB
Survival in patients with synchronous liver metastases in central and northern Denmark, 1998 to 2009

Author(s): Høyer M | Erichsen R | Gandrup P | Nørgaard M | Jacobsen JB
Aplastic anemia: immunosuppressive therapy in 2010

Author(s): Antonio M. Risitano | Fabiana Perna
Predicting human lifespan limits

Author(s): Byung Mook Weon | Jung Ho Je
Performance Effects of Stakeholder Interaction in Emerging Economies: Evidence from Brazil

Author(s): Rodrigo Bandeira-de-Mello | Rosilene Marcon | Anete Alberton
A BSC method for supplier selection strategy using TOPSIS and VIKOR: A case study of part maker industry

Author(s): Adel Azar | Laya Olfat | Farzaneh Khosravani | Reza Jalali
Heart failure in haemodialysis patients: Evaluation and treatment

Author(s): Petrović Dejan | Miloradović Vladimir | Poskurica Mileta | Stojimirović Biljana
Clinical Analysis and Strategy for Liver Transplantation in Patients with Pre-existing Portal Vein Thrombosis

Author(s): Tsung-Han Wu | Yann-Sheng Lin | Chen-Fang Lee | Ting-Jung Wu | Ming-Chin Yu | Kun-Ming Chan | Wei-Chen Lee

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