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Heat shock protein 90 in neurodegenerative diseases

Author(s): Luo Wenjie | Sun Weilin | Taldone Tony | Rodina Anna | Chiosis Gabriela
Stress-specific response of the p53-Mdm2 feedback loop

Author(s): Hunziker Alexander | Jensen Mogens | Krishna Sandeep
Global expression studies in baker's yeast reveal target genes for the improvement of industrially-relevant traits: the cases of CAF16 and ORC2

Author(s): Pérez-Torrado Roberto | Panadero Joaquín | Hernández-López María | Prieto José | Randez-Gil Francisca
Plant AP2/ERF transcription factors

Author(s): Saleh Abdelaty | Pagés Montserrat
Exercise-induced up-regulation of MMP-1 and IL-8 genes in endurance horses

Author(s): Cappelli Katia | Felicetti Michela | Capomaccio Stefano | Pieramati Camillo | Silvestrelli Maurizio | Verini-Supplizi Andrea
DDIT3/CHOP and the sarcoma fusion oncoprotein FUS-DDIT3/TLS-CHOP bind cyclin-dependent kinase 2

Author(s): Bento Christoffer | Andersson Mattias | Åman Pierre
Curcumin, inflammation, ageing and age-related diseases

Author(s): Sikora E | Scapagnini Giovanni | Barbagallo Mario
Nrf2 and NF-κB and Their Concerted Modulation in Cancer Pathogenesis and Progression

Author(s): Ilaria Bellezza | Anna Lisa Mierla | Alba Minelli
RNAi-Mediated Knockdown Showing Impaired Cell Survival in Drosophila Wing Imaginal Disc

Author(s): Makoto Umemor | Okiko Habara | Tatsunori Iwata | Kousuke Maeda | Kana Nishinoue | Atsushi Okabe | Masahiko Takemura | Kuniaki Takahash | Kaoru Saigo | Ryu Ueda | Takashi Adachi-Yamada
Dysregulation of CXCL9 and reduced tumor growth in Egr-1 deficient mice

Author(s): Caso Giuseppe | Barry Catherine | Patejunas Gerald
Members of miR-169 family are induced by high salinity and transiently inhibit the NF-YA transcription factor

Author(s): Zhao Botao | Ge Liangfa | Liang Ruqiang | Li Wei | Ruan Kangcheng | Lin Hongxuan | Jin Youxin
A Novel Heat Shock Transcription Factor Family in Entamoeba histolytica

Author(s): Consuelo Gómez García | Ma. de la Luz Macias Argüelles | D. Guillermo Pérez Ishiwara | Mariela Suárez Tecla | Alma Nieto Martínez | Olivia Medel Flores | Ricardo Orozco Solís | Elvira Náder García
The HaDREB2 transcription factor enhances basal thermotolerance and longevity of seeds through functional interaction with HaHSFA9

Author(s): Almoguera Concepción | Prieto-Dapena Pilar | Díaz-Martín Juan | Espinosa José | Carranco Raúl | Jordano Juan
Delivery of sry1, but not sry2, to the kidney increases blood pressure and sns indices in normotensive wky rats

Author(s): Ely Daniel | Milsted Amy | Dunphy Gail | Boehme Shannon | Dunmire Jeff | Hart Mike | Toot Jonathon | Turner Monte
Reference genes for QRT-PCR tested under various stress conditions in Folsomia candida and Orchesella cincta (Insecta, Collembola)

Author(s): de Boer Muriel | de Boer Tjalf | Mariën Janine | Timmermans Martijn | Nota Benjamin | van Straalen Nico | Ellers Jacintha | Roelofs Dick
Defining an Embedded Code for Protein Ubiquitination

Author(s): Trafina Jadhav | Marie W. Wooten
Maternal diabetes alters transcriptional programs in the developing embryo

Author(s): Pavlinkova Gabriela | Salbaum J Michael | Kappen Claudia
Exploring transcriptional signalling mediated by OsWRKY13, a potential regulator of multiple physiological processes in rice

Author(s): Qiu Deyun | Xiao Jun | Xie Weibo | Cheng Hongtao | Li Xianghua | Wang Shiping
LAS0811: From Combinatorial Chemistry to Activation of Antioxidant Response Element

Author(s): Ming Zhu | Hyounggee Baek | Ruiwu Liu | Aimin Song | Kit Lam | Derick Lau
Characterization of WRKY co-regulatory networks in rice and Arabidopsis

Author(s): Berri Stefano | Abbruscato Pamela | Faivre-Rampant Odile | Brasileiro Ana | Fumasoni Irene | Satoh Kouji | Kikuchi Shoshi | Mizzi Luca | Morandini Piero | Pè Mario | Piffanelli Pietro
Heterologous oligonucleotide microarrays for transcriptomics in a non-model species; a proof-of-concept study of drought stress in Musa

Author(s): Davey Mark | Graham Neil | Vanholme Bartel | Swennen Rony | May Sean | Keulemans Johan
Docetaxel-induced prostate cancer cell death involves concomitant activation of caspase and lysosomal pathways and is attenuated by LEDGF/p75

Author(s): Mediavilla-Varela Melanie | Pacheco Fabio | Almaguel Frankis | Perez Jossymar | Sahakian Eva | Daniels Tracy | Leoh Lai | Padilla Amelia | Wall Nathan | Lilly Michael | De Leon Marino | Casiano Carlos
STIFDB—Arabidopsis Stress Responsive Transcription Factor DataBase

Author(s): K. Shameer | S. Ambika | Susan Mary Varghese | N. Karaba | M. Udayakumar | R. Sowdhamini
Identification of a novel functional deletion variant in the 5'-UTR of the DJ-1 gene

Author(s): Keyser Rowena | van der Merwe Lize | Venter Mauritz | Kinnear Craig | Warnich Louise | Carr Jonathan | Bardien Soraya
Merkel cell carcinoma with an unusual immunohistochemical profile

Author(s): L. Pilloni | C. Manieli | G. Senes | D. Ribuffo | G. Faa
Molecular characterization and in vivo expression of hypoxia inducible factor (HIF)-1α in sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax) exposed to acute and chronic hypoxi

Author(s): Genciana Terova | Simona Rimoldi | Pietro Ceccuzzi | Fabio Brambilla | Micaela Antonini | Marco Saroglia
Mechano-transduction in periodontal ligament cells identifies activated states of MAP-kinases p42/44 and p38-stress kinase as a mechanism for MMP-13 expression

Author(s): Ziegler Nelli | Alonso Angel | Steinberg Thorsten | Woodnutt Dale | Kohl Annette | Müssig Eva | Schulz Simon | Tomakidi Pascal
Pirin delocalization in melanoma progression identified by high content immuno-detection based approaches

Author(s): Licciulli Silvia | Luise Chiara | Zanardi Andrea | Giorgetti Luca | Viale Giuseppe | Lanfrancone Luisa | Carbone Roberta | Alcalay Myriam
Integrative analysis of the heat shock response in Aspergillus fumigatus

Author(s): Albrecht Daniela | Guthke Reinhard | Brakhage Axel | Kniemeyer Olaf
Identification of possible targets of the Aspergillus fumigatus CRZ1 homologue, CrzA

Author(s): Soriani Frederico | Malavazi Iran | Savoldi Marcela | Espeso Eduardo | Dinamarco Taísa | Bernardes Luciano | Ferreira Márcia | Goldman Maria Helena | Goldman Gustavo
Classic swine fever virus NS2 protein leads to the induction of cell cycle arrest at S-phase and endoplasmic reticulum stress

Author(s): Tang Qing-hai | Zhang Yan-ming | Fan Li | Tong Gang | He Lei | Dai Chen
Deep RNA sequencing of L. monocytogenes reveals overlapping and extensive stationary phase and sigma B-dependent transcriptomes, including multiple highly transcribed noncoding RNAs

Author(s): Oliver Haley | Orsi Renato | Ponnala Lalit | Keich Uri | Wang Wei | Sun Qi | Cartinhour Samuel | Filiatrault Melanie | Wiedmann Martin | Boor Kathryn
A novel link between Sus1 and the cytoplasmic mRNA decay machinery suggests a broad role in mRNA metabolism

Author(s): Cuenca-Bono Bernardo | García-Molinero Varinia | Pascual-García Pau | García-Oliver Encar | Llopis Ana | Rodríguez-Navarro Susana
The RST and PARP-like domain containing SRO protein family: analysis of protein structure, function and conservation in land plants

Author(s): Jaspers Pinja | Overmyer Kirk | Wrzaczek Michael | Vainonen Julia | Blomster Tiina | Salojärvi Jarkko | Reddy Ramesha | Kangasjärvi Jaakko
Mechanisms of tumor necrosis factor-α-induced interleukin-6 synthesis in glioma cells

Author(s): Tanabe Kumiko | Matsushima-Nishiwaki Rie | Yamaguchi Shinobu | Iida Hiroki | Dohi Shuji | Kozawa Osamu
Nrf2 protects against pulmonary fibrosis by regulating the lung oxidant level and Th1/Th2 balance

Author(s): Kikuchi Norihiro | Ishii Yukio | Morishima Yuko | Yageta Yuichi | Haraguchi Norihiro | Itoh Ken | Yamamoto Masayuki | Hizawa Nobuyuki
Preparation of Two Types p53 Recombinant Adenovirus and Quantitative Exogenous Expression of Green Fluorescence Protein by Flow Cytometry

Author(s): Hui WANG | Baitang LAI | Weiying LI | Xuehui YANG | Chunyan ZHANG | Panjian WEI | Jinzhao LI
Cadmium induces Wnt signaling to upregulate proliferation and survival genes in sub-confluent kidney proximal tubule cells

Author(s): Chakraborty Prabir | Lee Wing-Kee | Molitor Malte | Wolff Natascha | Thévenod Frank
The HAC1 gene from Pichia pastoris: characterization and effect of its overexpression on the production of secreted, surface displayed and membrane proteins

Author(s): Guerfal Mouna | Ryckaert Stefan | Jacobs Pieter | Ameloot Paul | Van Craenenbroeck Kathleen | Derycke Riet | Callewaert Nico
The Nrf1 and Nrf2 Balance in Oxidative Stress Regulation and Androgen Signaling in Prostate Cancer Cells

Author(s): Michelle A. Schultz | Asim B. Abdel-Mageed | Debasis Mondal
Pathway analysis of the transcriptome and metabolome of salt sensitive and tolerant poplar species reveals evolutionary adaption of stress tolerance mechanisms

Author(s): Janz Dennis | Behnke Katja | Schnitzler Jörg-Peter | Kanawati Basem | Schmitt-Kopplin Philippe | Polle Andrea
Identification of DREB Homologous Genes in Bread Wheat via CODEHOP PCR Primer Design

Author(s): K. Shahrokhabadi | R.T. Afshari | H. Alizade | J.T. Afshari | G.R. Javadi
Evaluation of the endoplasmic reticulum-stress response in eIF2B-mutated lymphocytes and lymphoblasts from CACH/VWM patients

Author(s): Horzinski Laetitia | Kantor Liraz | Huyghe Aurélia | Schiffmann Raphael | Elroy-Stein Orna | Boespflug-Tanguy Odile | Fogli Anne
Aggressive mammary carcinoma progression in Nrf2 knockout mice treated with 7,12-dimethylbenz[a]anthracene

Author(s): Becks Lisa | Prince Misty | Burson Hannah | Christophe Christopher | Broadway Mason | Itoh Ken | Yamamoto Masayuki | Mathis Michael | Orchard Elysse | Shi Runhua | McLarty Jerry | Pruitt Kevin | Zhang Songlin | Kleiner-Hancock Heather
Increased accumulation of hypoxia-inducible factor-1α with reduced transcriptional activity mediates the antitumor effect of triptolide

Author(s): Zhou Zhao-Li | Luo Zhi-Guo | Yu Bing | Jiang Yi | Chen Yi | Feng Jian-Ming | Dai Mei | Tong Lin-Jiang | Li Zheng | Li Yuan-Chao | Ding Jian | Miao Ze-Hong
Nutraceutical Antioxidants as Novel Neuroprotective Agents

Author(s): Natalie A. Kelsey | Heather M. Wilkins | Daniel A. Linseman
Pharmacological activation of tumor suppressor, wild-type p53 as a promising strategy to fight cancer

Author(s): Alicja Sznarkowska | Robert Olszewski | Joanna Zawacka-Pankau
Iron-sparing Response of Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis is strain dependent

Author(s): Janagama Harish | Senthilkumar | Bannantine John | Kugadas Abirami | Jagtap Pratik | Higgins LeeAnn | Witthuhn Bruce | Sreevatsan Srinand
A Mangifera indica L. Extract Could Be Used to Treat Neuropathic Pain and Implication of Mangiferin

Author(s): Bárbara B. Garrido-Suárez | Gabino Garrido | Rene Delgado | Fe Bosch | María del C. Rabí
Prostate cancer cells undergoing ER stress in vitro and in vivo activate transcription of pro-inflammatory cytokines

Author(s): Navin R Mahadevan | Antonio Fernandez | Jeffrey J Rodvold | et al
N-acetylcysteine in acute pancreatitis

Author(s): Laura Ramudo | Manuel A Manso
Genome-wide identification, classification and analysis of heat shock transcription factor family in maize

Author(s): Lin Yong-Xiang | Jiang Hai-Yang | Chu Zhang-Xin | Tang Xiu-Li | Zhu Su-Wen | Cheng Bei-Jiu
Identification of drought-response genes and a study of their expression during sucrose accumulation and water deficit in sugarcane culms

Author(s): Iskandar Hayati | Casu Rosanne | Fletcher Andrew | Schmidt Susanne | Xu Jingsheng | Maclean Donald | Manners John | Bonnett Graham
Profiling spermatogenic failure in adult testes bearing Sox9-deficient Sertoli cells identifies genes involved in feminization, inflammation and stress

Author(s): Lardenois Aurélie | Chalmel Frédéric | Barrionuevo Francisco | Demougin Philippe | Scherer Gerd | Primig Michael
Ascorbic acid partly antagonizes resveratrol mediated heme oxygenase-1 but not paraoxonase-1 induction in cultured hepatocytes - role of the redox-regulated transcription factor Nrf2

Author(s): Wagner Anika | Boesch-Saadatmandi Christine | Breckwoldt Dorothea | Schrader Charlotte | Schmelzer Constance | Döring Frank | Hashida Koji | Hori Osamu | Matsugo Seiichi | Rimbach Gerald
Mitochondrial and endoplasmic reticulum stress pathways cooperate in zearalenone-induced apoptosis of human leukemic cells

Author(s): Banjerdpongchai Ratana | Kongtawelert Prachya | Khantamat Orawan | Srisomsap Chantragan | Chokchaichamnankit Daranee | Subhasitanont Pantipa | Svasti Jisnuson
Post-transcriptional regulation in the myo1Δ mutant of Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Author(s): Rivera-Ruiz Marielis | Rodríguez-Quiñones José | Akamine Pearl | Rodríguez-Medina José
Comparative genomic analysis of 1047 completely sequenced cDNAs from an Arabidopsis-related model halophyte, Thellungiella halophila

Author(s): Taji Teruaki | Komatsu Kenji | Katori Taku | Kawasaki Yoshikazu | Sakata Yoichi | Tanaka Shigeo | Kobayashi Masatomo | Toyoda Atsushi | Seki Motoaki | Shinozaki Kazuo
Activating transcription factor-3 (ATF3) functions as a tumor suppressor in colon cancer and is up-regulated upon heat-shock protein 90 (Hsp90) inhibition

Author(s): Hackl Christina | Lang Sven | Moser Christian | Mori Akira | Fichtner-Feigl Stefan | Hellerbrand Claus | Dietmeier Wolfgang | Schlitt Hans | Geissler Edward | Stoeltzing Oliver
Nitric oxide and cancer

Author(s): Jordi Muntané, Manuel De la Mata
Iron increases HMOX1 and decreases hepatitis C viral expression in HCV-expressing cells

Author(s): Wei-Hong Hou, Lisa Rossi, Ying Shan, Jian-Yu Zheng, Richard W Lambrecht, Herbert L Bonkovsky
Genome-wide temporal-spatial gene expression profiling of drought responsiveness in rice

Author(s): Wang Di | Pan Yajiao | Zhao Xiuqin | Zhu Linghua | Fu Binying | Li Zhikang
Characterization of proteome alterations in Phanerochaete chrysosporium in response to lead exposure

Author(s): Yıldırım Volkan | Özcan Servet | Becher Dörte | Büttner Knut | Hecker Michael | Özcengiz Gülay
Angelica Sinensis May Provide Protection Against Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection

Author(s): Farzaneh Foroughinia | mohammadali Darvarpanah | mohammad Zarenezhad
Reference genes for quantitative reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction expression studies in wild and cultivated peanut

Author(s): Morgante Carolina | Guimarães Patricia | Martins Andressa | Araújo Ana | Leal-Bertioli Soraya | Bertioli David | Brasileiro Ana
The grapevine guard cell-related VvMYB60 transcription factor is involved in the regulation of stomatal activity and is differentially expressed in response to ABA and osmotic stress

Author(s): Galbiati Massimo | Matus José | Francia Priscilla | Rusconi Fabio | Cañón Paola | Medina Consuelo | Conti Lucio | Cominelli Eleonora | Tonelli Chiara | Arce-Johnson Patricio
Transcriptional signatures of regulatory and toxic responses to benzo-[a]-pyrene exposure

Author(s): Michaelson Jacob | Trump Saskia | Rudzok Susanne | Gräbsch Carolin | Madureira Danielle | Dautel Franziska | Mai Juliane | Attinger Sabine | Schirmer Kristin | von Bergen Martin | Lehmann Irina | Beyer Andreas
Functional annotation of the transcriptome of Sorghum bicolor in response to osmotic stress and abscisic acid

Author(s): Dugas Diana | Monaco Marcela | Olsen Andrew | Klein Robert | Kumari Sunita | Ware Doreen | Klein Patricia
Merkel cell carcinoma with an unusual immunohistochemical profile

Author(s): L. Pilloni | C. Manieli | G. Senes | D. Ribuffo | G. Faa
Tumour Suppressor p53 and its prognostic value in mutation analyses in Breast Cancer patients

Author(s): Singh Shinjini | Mritunjai Singh | Rakesh K. Singh | Indrajeet S. Gambhir
Histone Deacetylase Inhibitors and Mithramycin A Impact a Similar Neuroprotective Pathway at a Crossroad between Cancer and Neurodegeneration

Author(s): Sama F. Sleiman | Jill Berlin | Manuela Basso | Saravanan S.Karuppagounder | Jürgen Rohr | Rajiv R. Ratan
Unexpected complexity of the Reef-Building Coral Acropora millepora transcription factor network

Author(s): Ryu Taewoo | Mavromatis Charalampos | Bayer Till | Voolstra Christian | Ravasi Timothy
Functional characterization of the ER stress induced X-box-binding protein-1 (Xbp-1) in the porcine system

Author(s): Zhang Jin-Yu | Lee Kyu-Sun | Kim Ji-Su | Song Bong-Seok | Jin Dong-Il | Koo Deog-Bon | Yu Kweon
Stanniocalcin 2 alters PERK signalling and reduces cellular injury during cerulein induced pancreatitis in mice

Author(s): Fazio Elena | DiMattia Gabriel | Chadi Sami | Kernohan Kristin | Pin Christopher
Functional pathway mapping analysis for hypoxia-inducible factors

Author(s): Chuang Chia-Sheng | Pai Tun-Wen | Hu Chin-Hua | Tzou Wen-Shyong | Dah-Tsyr Chang Margaret | Chang Hao-Teng | Chen Chih-Chia
Genome-wide dynamics of a bacterial response to antibiotics that target the cell envelope

Author(s): Hesketh Andy | Hill Chris | Mokhtar Jehan | Novotna Gabriela | Tran Ngat | Bibb Mervyn | Hong Hee-Jeon
Momordica charantia (bitter melon) attenuates high-fat diet-associated oxidative stress and neuroinflammation

Author(s): Nerurkar Pratibha | Johns Lisa | Buesa Lance | Kipyakwai Gideon | Volper Esther | Sato Ryuei | Shah Pranjal | Feher Domonkos | Williams Philip | Nerurkar Vivek
Oxidative stress and counteracting mechanisms in hormone receptor positive, triple-negative and basal-like breast carcinomas

Author(s): Karihtala Peeter | Kauppila Saila | Soini Ylermi | Arja-Jukkola-Vuorinen
Rotavirus infection activates the UPR but modulates its activity

Author(s): Zambrano Jose | Ettayebi Khalil | Maaty Walid | Faunce Nicholas | Bothner Brian | Hardy Michele
Interplay of Dynamic Transcription and Chromatin Remodeling: Lessons from Yeast

Author(s): Gerhard Niederacher | Eva Klopf | Christoph Schüller
Pathogenesis of Fulminant Hepatic Failure

Author(s): Aspasia Soultati | S. P. Dourakis

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