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A Compact Inductive Position Sensor Made by Inkjet Printing Technology on a Flexible Substrate

Author(s): Nikola Jeranče | Dragana Vasiljević | Nataša Samardžić | Goran Stojanović
Ochratoxigenic Black Species of Aspergilli in Grape Fruits of Northern Italy Identified by an Improved PCR-RFLP Procedure

Author(s): Davide Spadaro | Subban Patharajan | Alessia Lorè | Angelo Garibaldi | Maria Lodovica Gullino
Fabrication and Characterisation of Titanium Dioxide Based Dye Sensitized Solar Cell using Flame of the Forest Dye

Author(s): Baba Alfa | Matthew Tersoo Tsepav | Raymond Limen Njinga | Ibrahim Abdulrauf

Author(s): Narendra Kumar S | Puspha Agrawal | Sujata A S | Bhavana B K
Sputtered of ZnO:Al thin Films for Application in Photovoltaic Solar Cells

Author(s): Sona Flickyngerova | Anna Rehakova | Vladimir Tvarozek | Ivan Novotny
Properties of the Si-SiO2 Interfaces in MOS Structures with Nitrogen Doped Silicon

Author(s): Ladislav Harmatha | Peter Ballo | Juraj Breza | Pavol Pisecny | Milan Tapajna
Geard-Ring and Charge Collection Efficiency of GaAs Detector

Author(s): Andrea Perdochova | Frantisek Dubecky | Vladimir Necas | Bohumir Zatko
Influence of Magnetic Field on Electric Charge Transport in Holomiun Thin Films at Low Temperatures

Author(s): Jan Dudas | Stanislav Gabani | Viktor Kavecansky | Andrej Vincze
IF-Filters for Mobile Telephones

Author(s): Miloslav Nevesely
Voigt Size-Strain Broadening Of Pd Thin Films

Author(s): Vladimir Zucha | Quido Jackuliak
Study of a Novel Gene Overexpressed in Head & Neck Tumors

Author(s): A Seghatoleslam | B Wasylyk
Non-cell autonomous influence of the astrocyte system xc− on hypoglycaemic neuronal cell death

Author(s): Nicole A Jackman | Shannon E Melchior | James A Hewett | Sandra J Hewett
The Incubation of 13a,17-Dihydroxystemodane with Cephalosporium aphidicola

Author(s): Braulio M. Fraga | Ricardo Guillermo | Melchor G. Hernández | María C. Chamy | Juan A. Garbarino
Neural Modeling of High-Frequency Forward Transmission Coefficient for HEMT and FinFET Technologies

Author(s): Zlatica Marinković | Giovanni Crupi | Dominique M. M.-P. Schreurs | Alina Caddemi | Vera Marković
Study of Carbon Nanotube-Substrate Interaction

Author(s): Jaqueline S. Soares | Ado Jorio
Asymmetry of Polarization Reversal and Current-Voltage Characteristics of Pt/PZT-Film/Pt:Ti/SiO2/Si-Substrate Structures

Author(s): S. L. Bravina | N. V. Morozovsky | J. Costecalde | C. Soyer | D. Remiens | D. Deresmes

Synthesis and characterization of screen-printed CdS films

Author(s): Kumar V. | Sharma D.K. | Bansal M.K. | Dwivedi D.K. | Sharma T.P.
Depositional ice nucleation onto crystalline hydrated NaCl particles: a new mechanism for ice formation in the troposphere

Author(s): M. E. Wise | K. J. Baustian | T. Koop | M. A. Freedman | E. J. Jensen | M. A. Tolbert
A method to resolve the phase state of aerosol particles

Author(s): E. Saukko | H. Kuuluvainen | A. Virtanen
Topo-edaphic controls over woody plant biomass in South African savannas

Author(s): M. S. Colgan | G. P. Asner | S. R. Levick | R. E. Martin | O. A. Chadwick
Association between IRS-2 G1057D polymorphism and risk of gastric cancer

Author(s): Xiao-Mei Zhao | Jie Chen | Li Yang | Xuan Luo | Lin-Lin Xu | Dong-Xiao Liu | Su-Lan Zhai | Ping Li | Xue-Rong Wang
A Survey on Virtualization of Wireless Sensor Networks

Author(s): Md. Motaharul Islam | Mohammad Mehedi Hassan | Ga-Won Lee | Eui-Nam Huh
Fabrication and Performance of a Photonic-Microfluidic Integrated Device

Author(s): Benjamin R. Watts | Thomas Kowpak | Zhiyi Zhang | Chang-Qing Xu | Shiping Zhu | Xudong Cao | Min Lin
Acid Hydrolysis of Pectin for Cell Growth of Cupriavidus necator

Author(s): Gabriel Locatelli | Gabriella Dias da Silva | Leandro Finkler | Christine Lamenha Luna Finkler
Improved Citric Acid Production by Radiation Mutant Aspergillus niger Using Sugarcane Bagasse Extract

Author(s): Abdullah-Al-Mahin | A.B.M. Sharifuzzaman | M.O. Faruk | M.A. Kader | J. Alam | R. Begum | Harun-Or-Rashid


Probiotic Ferulic Acid Esterase Active Lactobacillus fermentum NCIMB 5221 APA Microcapsules for Oral Delivery: Preparation and in Vitro Characterization

Author(s): Catherine Tomaro-Duchesneau | Shyamali Saha | Meenakshi Malhotra | Michael Coussa-Charley | Imen Kahouli | Mitchell L. Jones | Alain Labbé | Satya Prakash
Microstructural Defects and Their Formation Mechanisms in Ba0.75Sr0.25TiO3 Epitaxial Film

Author(s): LI Chun-Yan, LIU Xue-Hua, DIAO Fei-Yu, LIANG Wen-Shuang, WANG Yi-Qian, PETROV Peter, ALFORD Neil
Preparation and Strong Magnetoelectric Effect of Multiferroic BaTiO3/La2/3Sr1/3MnO3 Composite Film

Author(s): LI Ting-Xian, ZHANG Ming, HU Zhou, LI Kuo-She, YU Dun-Bo, YAN Hui
Structure and Optical Properties of ZnO Nanowire Arrays Grown by Plasma―assisted Molecular Beam Epitaxy

Author(s): ZHENG Zhi-Yuan, CHEN Tie-Xin, CAO Liang, HAN Yu-Yan, XU Fa-Qiang
A New Esterase from Thermobifida halotolerans Hydrolyses Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) and Polylactic Acid (PLA)

Author(s): Doris Ribitsch | Enrique Herrero Acero | Katrin Greimel | Anita Dellacher | Sabine Zitzenbacher | Annemarie Marold | Rosario Diaz Rodriguez | Georg Steinkellner | Karl Gruber | Helmut Schwab | Georg M. Guebitz
Enhancing Osteoconduction of PLLA-Based Nanocomposite Scaffolds for Bone Regeneration Using Different Biomimetic Signals to MSCs

Author(s): Gabriela Ciapetti | Donatella Granchi | Valentina Devescovi | Serena R. Baglio | Elisa Leonardi | Desirèe Martini | Maria Jesus Jurado | Beatriz Olalde | Ilaria Armentano | Josè M. Kenny | Frank X. Walboomers | Josè Inaki Alava | Nicola Baldini
Lipase Production in Tray-Bioreactor via Solid State Fermentation under Desired Growth Conditions

Author(s): Zahra Vaseghi | Ghasem D. Najafpour | Samaneh Mohseni | Soleiman Mahjoub | Maryam N. Hosseinpour
Electrochemical L-Lactic Acid Sensor Based on Immobilized ZnO Nanorods with Lactate Oxidase

Author(s): Zafar Hussain Ibupoto | Syed Muhammad Usman Ali Shah | Kimleang Khun | Magnus Willander
Cylindrical Resonator Utilizing a Curved Resonant Grating as a Cavity Wall

Author(s): Yasuo Ohtera | Shohei Iijima | Hirohito Yamada
Fabrication and Packaging of Flexible Polymeric Microantennae for in Vivo Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Author(s): Magdalèna Couty | Marion Woytasik | Jean-Christophe Ginefri | Anne Rubin | Emile Martincic | Marie Poirier-Quinot | Luc Darrasse | Fawzi Boumezbeur | Franck Lethimonnier | Michael Tatoulian | Elisabeth Dufour-Gergam
X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS) Depth Profiling for Evaluation of La2Zr2O7 Buffer Layer Capacity

Author(s): Vyshnavi Narayanan | Klaartje de Buysser | Els Bruneel | Isabel van Driessche
Carbon Nanotube Areas - Printed on Textile and Paper Substrates

Author(s): Thomas Fischer | Nora Wetzold | Holg Elsner | Lothar Kroll | Arved C. Hubler
Nanoclustering in Silicon Induced by Oxygen Ions Implanted

Author(s): D. Manno | A. Serra | E. Filippo | M. Rossi | G. Quarta | L. Maruccio | L. Calcagnile
Synthesis, Characterization and Ethanol Sensing Properties of Tin Oxide Nanostructures

Author(s): Anima Johari | Vikas Ran | Mukesh Chander Bhatnagar
Growth of seedlings of Corymbia citriodora as a function of hydrogel use and fertilization

Author(s): Marlon Rodrigo Bernardi | Maurício Sperotto Junior | Omar Daniel | Antônio Carlos Tadeu Vitorino
Application of Implicit Space Mapping in the Design of Hammerhead Filter in Millimeter-Wave Band

Author(s): Fuqun Zhong | Bo Zhang | Yong Fan | Minghua Zhao | Guan Gui
Production of canafístula seedlings cultivated in red-yellow alic latosol in response to macronutrients

Author(s): Cezar Augusto Fonseca e Cruz | Haroldo Nogueira de Paiva | Ana Catarina Monteiro Carvalho Mori da Cunha | Júlio César Lima Neves
A Potentiometric Indirect Uric Acid Sensor Based on ZnO Nanoflakes and Immobilized Uricase

Author(s): Syed M. Usman Ali | Zafar Hussain Ibupoto | Muhammad Kashif | Uda Hashim | Magnus Willander
Taphonomy of fossils mollusks of Bauru Group (Late Cretaceous, Bauru Basin), in Monte Alto municipality region, São Paulo, Brazil

Author(s): Renato Pirani Ghilardi | Fernando César Paiva D’Ágosta | Kléber Alves | Antonio Celso de Arruda Campos
Substrate effect and different pre-germinative treatments on seed germination of Tento – Ormosia paraensis Ducke (Fabaceae)

Author(s): Cândida Lahís Mews | Divino Vicente Silvério | Henrique Augusto Mews | Roberta Thays dos Santos Cury
Localization and activity of lipoxygenase in Cd-treated seedlings of Phaseolus coccineus

Author(s): Ewa Skórzyńska-Polit | Bożena Pawlikowska-Pawlęga | Ewa Szczuka | Andrzej Plak | Jerzy Melke

Author(s): Daniel Tischler | Zuzana Budinská | Petr Vlčák | Ivo Štěpánek
Macrobenthos from unvegetated intertidal areas in the Caeté river estuary in Bragança, Pará

Author(s): José Souto Rosa Filho | Debora Vieira Busman | Andréa Pontes Viana | Aderson Manoel Gregório | Diogo Marques Oliveira

Author(s): Peter Jurči | Stanislav Krum
Evaluation of Activation Energy and Thermodynamic Properties of Enzyme-Catalysed Transesterification Reactions

Author(s): Gujjula Ravikumar | Jegannathan Kenthorai Raman | Ravindra Pogaku
Commensal E. Coli Strains Uniquely Alter the ECM Topography Independent of Colonic Epithelial Cells

Author(s): Crystal Foster | Sarah C Glover | Ramana Vishnubhotla | Shruthi S Bharadwaj | Victor Nekrasov
Radioiodination of Cephalexin with 125I and Its Biological Behavior in Mice

Author(s): S. Saad | M. Shoukry | A. El-wetery | A.Abd El-Bary | A.M. Amin
Microstructure and Properties of Fe-Based Coating on Column Surface Formed by High Frequency Induction Cladding

Author(s): Qing Zhao | Xiangcai Jia | Jingchao Zhang | Sumeng Hu | Huilong Yang | Yufu Sun | Jingjie Shen
Production, purification and characterization of D-aspartate oxidase from the fungus Trichoderma harzianum SKW-36

Author(s): Masahiro Ito | Mamoru Wakayama | Shinji Matsuo | Shigekazu Yano | Hiroyuki Ozaki
Steady-state kinetics of Roystonea regia palm tree peroxidase

Author(s): Manuel G. Roig | Valery L. Shnyrov | Patricia Pérez Galende | Laura Sánchez Zamorano | Nazaret Hidalgo Cuadrado
Acetylcholinesterase Based Detection of Residual Pesticides on Cotton

Author(s): Jiri Militky | Syed Zameer Ul Hassan
Simple Preparation and Characterization of Nano-Crystalline Zinc Oxide Thin Films by Sol-Gel Method on Glass Substrate

Author(s): M. Rashad | C. Y. Kong | Aneela Wakeel | Muhammad Saleem | Liang Fang
Production, purification and characterization of D-aspartate oxidase from the fungus Trichoderma harzianum SKW-36

Author(s): Masahiro Ito | Mamoru Wakayama | Shinji Matsuo | Shigekazu Yano | Hiroyuki Ozaki
Steady-state kinetics of Roystonea regia palm tree peroxidase

Author(s): Laura Sánchez Zamorano | Nazaret Hidalgo Cuadrado | Patricia Pérez Galende | Manuel G. Roig | Valery L. Shnyrov
Acetylcholinesterase Based Detection of Residual Pesticides on Cotton

Author(s): Jiri Militky | Syed Zameer Ul Hassan
Simple Preparation and Characterization of Nano-Crystalline Zinc Oxide Thin Films by Sol-Gel Method on Glass Substrate

Author(s): M. Rashad | C. Y. Kong | Aneela Wakeel | Muhammad Saleem | Liang Fang
Technical Study on Low Power VLSI methods

Author(s): T.Kapilachander | I.Hameem Shanavas | V.Venkataraman
Effect of Some Inhibitors on Clostridium Chauvoei (Jakari Strain) Neuraminidase

Author(s): N.M., Useh | O.J. Ajanusi | A.J. Nokand K.A.N. Esievo
A Novel In Vitro Sensing Configuration for Retinal Physiology Analysis of a Sub-Retinal Prosthesis

Author(s): Kyo-in Koo | Sangmin Lee | Jang Hee Yee | Sang Baek Ryu | Kyung Hwan Kim | Yong Sook Goo | Dong-il Dan Cho

Author(s): Pavol Šebo | Peter Švec | Dušan Janičkovič | Pavol Štefánik
Humidity-dependent phase state of SOA particles from biogenic and anthropogenic precursors

Author(s): E. Saukko | A. T. Lambe | P. Massoli | Koop, T. | J. P. Wright | D. R. Croasdale | D. A. Pedernera | T. B. Onasch | A. Laaksonen | P. Davidovits | D. R. Worsnop | A. Virtanen
An isotope view on ionising radiation as a source of sulphuric acid

Author(s): M. B. Enghoff | N. Bork | S. Hattori | C. Meusinger | M. Nakagawa | J. O. P. Pedersen | S. Danielache | Y. Ueno | M. S. Johnson | N. Yoshida | H. Svensmark
Comparative Assessment of the Effect of Synthetic and Natural Fungicides on Soil Respiration

Author(s): Angelo Stefani | Joanna D’Arc Felício | Mara M. de Andréa
Production and partial purification of protease by selected bacterial strains using raw milk as substrate

Author(s): Prakash, S. | Kannapiran, E. | Ramasubburayan, R. | Iyapparaj, P. | Ananthi, S. | Palavesam, A. | Immanuel, G.
Regional and cell-type-specific effects of DAMGO on striatal D1 and D2 dopamine receptor-expressing medium-sized spiny neurons

Author(s): Yao‑Ying Ma | Carlos Cepeda | Payush Chatta | Lana Franklin | Christopher J Evans | Michael S Levine
Broadband Slot Cut Modified Rectangular Microstrip Antenna

Author(s): A. A. Deshmukh | D. Shah | V. Desai | S. Kapadia | K. P. Ray
Effect of Pulse Reverse Plating Using Silver On Printed Circuit Boards

Author(s): S. Jayapoorani | Dalim Kumar Ghosh
A simple method to prepare self-assembled organic-organic heterobilayers on metal substrates

Author(s): L. D. Sun | C. Y. Liu | D. Queteschiner | P. Zeppenfeld
Graphene on β-Si3N4: An ideal system for graphene-based electronics

Author(s): Ming Yang | Chun Zhang | Shijie Wang | Yuanping Feng | Ariando
Effects of argon ion irradiation on nucleation and growth of silver nanoparticles in a soda-glass matrix

Author(s): P. Gangopadhyay | P. Magudapathy | S. K. Srivastava | K. G. M. Nair | B. K. Panigrahi
Growth of a crystalline and ultrathin MgO film on Fe(001)

Author(s): Otgonbayar Dugerjav | Hidong Kim | Jae M. Seo
Tuning the conductivity of vanadium dioxide films on silicon by swift heavy ion irradiation

Author(s): H. Hofsäss | P. Ehrhardt | H.-G. Gehrke | M. Brötzmann | U. Vetter | K. Zhang | J. Krauser | C. Trautmann | C. Ko | S. Ramanathan
Whispering gallery modes for elastic waves in disk resonators

Author(s): S. Kaproulias | M. M. Sigalas
Synthesis and characterization of copper, polyimide and TIPS-pentacene layers for the development of a solution processed fibrous transistor

Author(s): B. Van Genabet | A. Schwarz | E. Bruneel | L. Rambausek | I. Van Driessche | L. Van Langenhove
A compact, broadband slot waveguide polarization rotator

Author(s): Jiahua Fan | Chenguang Huang | Lin Zhu
Optical and electrical properties of spray pyrolysis deposited nano-crystalline BiFeO3 films

Author(s): Annapu Reddy Venkateswarlu | G. D. Varma | R. Nath
Fabrication of horizontal silicon nanowire arrays on insulator by ion irradiation

Author(s): Xin Ou | Reinhard Kögler | Xing Wei | Arndt Mücklich | Xi Wang | Wolfgang Skorupa | Stefan Facsko
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