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Origins of altered reinforcement effects in ADHD

Author(s): Johansen Espen | Killeen Peter | Russell Vivienne | Tripp Gail | Wickens Jeff | Tannock Rosemary | Williams Jonathan | Sagvolden Terje

Author(s): Lilia Tserovska, Raycho Dimkov and Yana Topalova
Extended-spectrum ß-lactamases in gram negative bacteria

Author(s): Rawat Deepti | Nair Deepthi
Enzymatic aqueous technology for simultaneous coconut protein and oil extraction

Author(s): Sant’Anna, Beatriz P.M. | Freitas, Suely P. | Coelho, Maria A. Z.
Genomic insertion of lentiviral DNA circles directed by the yeast Flp recombinase

Author(s): Moldt Brian | Staunstrup Nicklas | Jakobsen Maria | Yáñez-Muñoz Rafael | Mikkelsen Jacob
Comparative Evaluation of Various Total Antioxidant Capacity Assays Applied to Phenolic Compounds with the CUPRAC Assay

Author(s): Reşat Apak | Kubilay Güçlü | Birsen Demirata | Mustafa Özyürek | Saliha Esin Çelik | Burcu Bektaşoğlu | K. Işıl Berker | Dilek Özyurt
A Fragment-Based Scoring Function to Re-rank ATP Docking Results

Author(s): Timothy V. Pyrkov | Roman G. Efremov
Microhabitat occupation and functional morphology of four species of sympatric agamid lizards in the Kyzylkum Desert, central Uzbekistan

Author(s): N. Clemann, | J. Melville | N. B. Ananjeva | M. P. Scroggie | K. Milto | E. Kreuzberg
Directed evolution of a filamentous fungus for thermotolerance

Author(s): de Crecy Eudes | Jaronski Stefan | Lyons Benjamin | Lyons Thomas | Keyhani Nemat
Microbial production host selection for converting second-generation feedstocks into bioproducts

Author(s): Rumbold Karl | van Buijsen Hugo | Overkamp Karin | van Groenestijn Johan | Punt Peter | Werf Mariët
A signal-substrate match in the substrate-borne component of a multimodal courtship display

Author(s): Damian O. ELIAS, Andrew C. MASON, Eileen A. HEBETS
Comparative Molecular Evolution of Trichoderma Chitinases in Response to Mycoparasitic Interactions

Author(s): Katarina Ihrmark | Nashwan Asmail | Wimal Ubhayasekera | Petter Melin | Jan Stenlid | Magnus Karlsson
Nanoscale “Quantum” Islands on Metal Substrates: Microscopy Studies and Electronic Structure Analyses

Author(s): Yong Han | Bariş Ünal | Dapeng Jing | Patricia A. Thiel | James W. Evans | Da-Jiang Liu
Importance of the right selection and handling of substrates for the fruit nursery industry

Genome-wide identification of Saccharomyces cerevisiae genes required for tolerance to acetic acid

Author(s): Mira Nuno | Palma Margarida | Guerreiro Joana | Sá-Correia Isabel
Molecular evolution and the role of oxidative stress in the expansion and functional diversification of cytosolic glutathione transferases

Author(s): da Fonseca Rute | Johnson Warren | O'Brien Stephen | Vasconcelos Vítor | Antunes Agostinho
Identification of Calpain Substrates by ORF Phage Display

Author(s): Nora B. Caberoy | Gabriela Alvarado | Wei Li
Evolutionary patterns of proteinase activity in attine ant fungus gardens

Author(s): Semenova Tatyana | Hughes David | Boomsma Jacobus | Schiøtt Morten
Differential gene expression and clonal selection during cellular transformation induced by adhesion deprivation

Author(s): Jinka Rajeswari | Kapoor Renu | Pavuluri Sivapriya | Raj Avinash | Kumar Mahesh | Rao Lakshmi | Pande Gopal
The Akt-inhibitor Erufosine induces apoptotic cell death in prostate cancer cells and increases the short term effects of ionizing radiation

Author(s): Rudner Justine | Ruiner Carola-Ellen | Handrick René | Eibl Hans-Jörg | Belka Claus | Jendrossek Verena
Molecular evolution of a gene cluster of serine proteases expressed in the Anopheles gambiae female reproductive tract

Author(s): Mancini Emiliano | Tammaro Federica | Baldini Francesco | Via Allegra | Raimondo Domenico | George Phillip | Audisio Paolo | Sharakhov Igor | Tramontano Anna | Catteruccia Flaminia | Torre Alessandra della
Selection of a Commercial Anode Oxide Coating for Electro-oxidation of Cyanide

Author(s): Lanza Marcos Roberto V. | Bertazzoli Rodnei
Characterization of Nomuraea rileyi strains using polymorphic DNA, virulence and enzyme activity

Author(s): Vargas Lúcia Rosane Bertholdo | Rossato Marcelo | Ribeiro Rute Terezinha da Silva | Barros Neiva Monteiro de
Inducible expression of catalytically active type 1 serine/threonine protein phosphatase in a human carcinoma cell line

Author(s): Reeder Jay | Sowden Mark | Messing Edward | Klover Peter | Villa-Moruzzi Emma | Ludlow John
Predicting N-terminal myristoylation sites in plant proteins

Author(s): Podell Sheila | Gribskov Michael
Substrate specificity analysis of protein kinase complex Dbf2-Mob1 by peptide library and proteome array screening

Author(s): Mah Angie | Elia Andrew | Devgan Geeta | Ptacek Jason | Schutkowski Mike | Snyder Michael | Yaffe Michael | Deshaies Raymond
Mining literature for a comprehensive pathway analysis: A case study for retrieval of homocysteine related genes for genetic and epigenetic studies

Author(s): Sharma Priyanka | Senthilkumar RD | Brahmachari Vani | Sundaramoorthy Elayanambi | Mahajan Anubha | Sharma Amitabh | Sengupta Shantanu
Evolution of the uniquely adaptable lentiviral envelope in a natural reservoir host

Author(s): Demma LJ | Vanderford TH | Logsdon JM | Feinberg MB | Staprans SI
A murine specific expansion of the Rhox cluster involved in embryonic stem cell biology is under natural selection

Author(s): Jackson Melany | Watt Alistair | Gautier Philippe | Gilchrist Derek | Driehaus Johanna | Graham Gerard | Keebler Jon | Prugnolle Franck | Awadalla Philip | Forrester Lesley
In silico panning for a non-competitive peptide inhibitor

Author(s): Yagi Yukiko | Terada Kotaro | Noma Takahisa | Ikebukuro Kazunori | Sode Koji
RNA mutagenesis yields highly diverse mRNA libraries for in vitro protein evolution

Author(s): Kopsidas George | Carman Rachael | Stutt Emma | Raicevic Anna | Roberts Anthony | Siomos Mary-Anne | Dobric Nada | Pontes-Braz Luisa | Coia Greg
Analyzing factors that influence the folk use and phytonomy of 18 medicinal plants in Navarra

Author(s): Akerreta Silvia | Cavero Rita | López Víctor | Calvo María
Spatial mosaic evolution of snail defensive traits

Author(s): Johnson Steven | Hulsey C Darrin | de León Francisco
Neutral genetic drift can alter promiscuous protein functions, potentially aiding functional evolution

Author(s): Bloom Jesse | Romero Philip | Lu Zhongyi | Arnold Frances
Maintenance metabolism and carbon fluxes in Bacillus species

Author(s): Tännler Simon | Decasper Seraina | Sauer Uwe
Polymorphism, genetic exchange and intragenic recombination of the aureolysin gene among Staphylococcus aureus strains

Author(s): Sabat Artur | Wladyka Benedykt | Kosowska-Shick Klaudia | Grundmann Hajo | van Dijl Jan | Kowal Julia | Appelbaum Peter | Dubin Adam | Hryniewicz Waleria
IF-Filters for Mobile Telephones

Author(s): Miloslav Nevesely
IF-Filters for Mobile Telephones

Author(s): Miloslav Nevesely

Author(s): Jana Pelikánová | Denisa Liptáková | Ľubomír Valík | Katarína Stančeková
HIV-1 protease inhibitor mutations affect the development of HIV-1 resistance to the maturation inhibitor bevirimat

Author(s): Fun Axel | van Maarseveen Noortje | Pokorná Jana | Maas Renée | Schipper Pauline | Konvalinka Jan | Nijhuis Monique
Analyses of the oligopeptide transporter gene family in poplar and grape

Author(s): Cao Jun | Huang Jinling | Yang Yongping | Hu Xiangyang
Targeting the Large Subunit of Human Ribonucleotide Reductase for Cancer Chemotherapy

Author(s): Sanath R. Wijerathna | Md. Faiz Ahmad | Hai Xu | James W. Fairman | Andrew Zhang | Prem Singh Kaushal | Qun Wan | Jianying Kiser | Chris G. Dealwis
Seleção de índices para o diagnóstico do estado de nitrogênio de batata-semente básica = Selection of indexes for the diagnosis of nitrogen state of basic seed potato

Author(s): Marialva Alvarenga Moreira | Paulo Cezar Rezende Fontes | Paulo Roberto Cecon | Roberto Fontes Araújo
Effect of Manufacturing Stresses to Die Attach Film Performance In Quad Flatpack No-Lead Stacked Die Packages

Author(s): M. F. Rosle | I. Abdullah | S. Abdullah | M. A.A. Hamid | A. R. Daud | A. Jalar
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