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Marxism and Form Now

Author(s): Mathias Nilges
Ontological analysis of SNOMED CT

Author(s): Héja Gergely | Surján György | Varga Péter
Visual Programming of Subsumption - Based Reactive Behaviour

Author(s): Omid Banyasad | Philip T. Cox
Issues in learning an ontology from text

Author(s): Brewster Christopher | Jupp Simon | Luciano Joanne | Shotton David | Stevens Robert | Zhang Ziqi
SSWAP: A Simple Semantic Web Architecture and Protocol for semantic web services

Author(s): Gessler Damian | Schiltz Gary | May Greg | Avraham Shulamit | Town Christopher | Grant David | Nelson Rex
Detecting Role Errors in the Gene Hierarchy of the NCI Thesaurus

Author(s): Hua Min | Barry Cohen | Michael Halper | Marc Oren | Yehoshua Perl
Relationship based Reasoning

Author(s): P. Shanthi Bala | G. Aghila
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