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Modeling and simulation of direct contact evaporators

Author(s): Campos F.B. | Lage P.L.C.
Foaming and Emulsifying Properties of Rice Bran Extracts Obtained by Subcritical Water Treatment

Author(s): Pramote Khuwijitjaru | Panit Nualchan | Shuji Adachi
Exergetic Optimization of the Heat Recovery Steam Generators by Imposing the Total Heat Transfer Area

Author(s): Victor-Eduard Cenuşă | Adrian Badea | Michel Feidt | Riad Benelmir
Effects of superheated steam on the drying of rubberwood

Author(s): Ram Yamsaengsung | Kanokwan Buaphud
Drying Parawood with Superheated Steam

Author(s): Surachai Bovornsethanan | Somchai Wongwises
Design Research of an Adaptive-Fuzzy-Neural Controller

Author(s): Peifeng Niu | Guoqiang Li | Mizhe Zhang
High Temperature Convective Drying of a Packed Bed with Humid Air at Different Humidities

Author(s): J. Sghaier | S. Messai | D. Lecomte | A. Belghith

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