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Contact heat evoked potentials using simultaneous EEG and fMRI and their correlation with evoked pain

Author(s): Roberts Katherine | Papadaki Anastasia | Gonçalves Carla | Tighe Mary | Atherton Duncan | Shenoy Ravikiran | McRobbie Donald | Anand Praveen
Behavioral and brain pattern differences between acting and observing in an auditory task

Author(s): Karanasiou Irene | Papageorgiou Charalabos | Tsianaka Eleni | Matsopoulos George | Ventouras Errikos | Uzunoglu Nikolaos
I know where you'll look: an fMRI study of oculomotor intention and a change of motor plan

Author(s): Kleiser Raimund | Konen Christina | Seitz Rüdiger | Bremmer Frank
A resting state network in the motor control circuit of the basal ganglia

Author(s): Robinson Simon | Basso Gianpaolo | Soldati Nicola | Sailer Uta | Jovicich Jorge | Bruzzone Lorenzo | Kryspin-Exner Ilse | Bauer Herbert | Moser Ewald
Dramatic Response of Resistant Obsessive Compulsive Disorder to Repeated Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation on Right Supplementary Motor Area

Author(s): Ali Talaei | Mohammad Morteza-Nia | Morteza Jafar-Zadeh | Ali Saghebi | Amir Rezaei Ardani
Gender differences in brain areas involved in silent counting by means of fMRI

Author(s): Šveljo Olivera | Koprivšek Katarina | Lučić Miloš | Prvulović Mladen | Ćulić Milka
Altered resting-state connectivity in subjects at ultra-high risk for psychosis: an fMRI study

Author(s): Shim Geumsook | Oh Jungsu | Jung Wi | Jang Joon | Choi Chi-Hoon | Kim Euitae | Park Hye-Yoon | Choi Jung-Seok | Jung Myung | Kwon Jun
Alzheimer's Disease Patients Generate Late and Reduced Cortical Activity For Movement Preparation

Author(s): Gorsev YENER | Muslum YILMAZ | Meral OGUZ | Pinar KURT
Clinical and Surgical Applications of the Ventral Intermediate Subnucleus

Author(s): Larrarte, Guillermo A. | Piedimonte, Fabian C. | Azar Schreiner, Denise R.
The cerebral correlates of set-shifting: an fMRI study of the trail making test

Author(s): Moll Jorge | Oliveira-Souza Ricardo de | Moll Fernanda Tovar | Bramati Ivanei Edson | Andreiuolo Pedro Angelo
Bilateral crossed cerebello-cerebral diaschisis and mutism after surgery for cerebellar medulloblastoma.

Author(s): Sagiuchi T | Ishii K | Aoki Y | Kan S | Utsuki S | Tanaka R | Fujii K | Hayakawa K
Neural correlates of focused attention in cognitively normal older adults

Author(s): Jennifer R. Bowes | Patrick Stroman | Angeles Garcia
Fenomen anarchicznej ręki – zaburzenia intencjonalności ruchu dowolnego

Author(s): Magdalena Roessler-Górecka | Joanna Seniów

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