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Candida arthritis in acute myeloid leukaemia patient treated with decitabine - case report

Author(s): Aleksandra Butrym | Olga Dobrzyńska | Monika Biedroń | Justyna Dzietczenia | Tomasz Wróbel | Mariusz Kordecki | Grzegorz Mazur
Immediate Results of Omentopexy in Perforated Duodenal Ulcer: A Study of 186 Cases

Author(s): Nishikant Gujar*, Jilani Awati, Sajid Mudhol, Salahuddin Contractor, Ravikumar Choudhari and Sushila Garag
Comparison of Laparoscopic and Laparotomic Surgery for the Treatment of Peritoneal Inclusion Cyst

Author(s): Suk Woo Lee, Sung Jong Lee, Dong Gyu Jang, Joo Hee Yoon, Jang Heub Kim
Incidence and risk factors for wound disruption following cesarean section

Author(s): Soraya Saleh-Gargari | Zahra Zounobi | Shahla Poua-Moghadam | Roya Derakhshan
Anastomotic leak in colorectal surgery: a review

Author(s): Rahila Essani | Roberto Bergamaschi
Results of percutaneous nephrolithotomy performed in a regional state hospital

Author(s): Gökmen Akarer | Alaadin Akay | Zafer Akar | Hasan Altaş | Taner Çiftçi
Nurses' knowledge of care for patients with delirium

Author(s): Christina Ouzouni | Konstantinos Nakakis
Tracheostomy cannulas and voice prosthesis

Author(s): Kramp, Burkhard | Dommerich, Steffen
Two cases of paralitic ileus in onco-hematologic patients

Author(s): Francesca Carraro | Elisa Rivetti | Erica Romano | Franca Fagioli
Surgical treatment of nasal septal deviation (septoplasty) in children

Author(s): Baljošević Ivan | Milovanović Jovica | Novković Mladen | Stanković Katarina | Baljošević Zlata
Pneumatosis cystoides intestinalis: A single center experience

Author(s): Zulfu Arikanoglu | Erhan Aygen | Cemalettin Camci | Sami Akbulut | Murat Basbug | Osman Dogru | Ziya Cetinkaya | Cuneyt Kirkil
Culture Positive Brucella Endocarditis in a Case of Baloon Mitral Valvotomy

Author(s): Satyajeet K. Pawar | MV Ghorpade | Swati Aundhkar
Transcatheter Closure of Atrial Septal Defect with Amplatzer Device in Children and Adolescents: Short and Midterm results; an Iranian Experience

Author(s): Mostafa Behjati | Sayed-Jalil Mirhosseini | Saiyed-Habibollah Hosseini | Shahrokh Rajaei
Liver Hydatid Cyst in Children (A 14-year Review)

Author(s): Alireza Mirshemirani | Ahmad Khaleghnejad | Jaefar Kouranloo | Nasser Sadeghian | Mohsen Rouzrokh | Shaghayegh Hasas-Yeganeh
A Repot of Surgical Complications in a Series of 262 Consecutive Pediatric Cochlear Implantations in Iran

Author(s): Mohammad Ajalloueyan | Susan Amirsalari | Jaleh Yousefi | Mohammad-Ali Raeessi | Shokofeh Radfar | Mahdieh Hassanalifard
Endoscopic ultrasound-guided biliary drainage

Author(s): Disaya Chavalitdhamrong | Peter V Draganov
Fibrohistiocitoma maligno primario en fémur derecho. A propósito de un caso

Author(s): Fernando M. Hernández M | Raiza A. Pérez L | Paola F. Hernández M | Ferdor A. Marín R
Chest Wall Resection and Reconstruction for Thoracic Tumor 
Invading the Chest Wall: A Report of 12 Cases

Author(s): Shaohua MA | Luyan SHEN | Senkai LI | Xiaotian SHI | Zhen LIANG | Keneng CHEN
Complications of Thyroid Surgery: Analysis Of 1159 Cases

Author(s): Ramazan Saygın Kerimoğlu
The new 2010 ERC resuscitation guidelines – Relevance for cardiac surgery patients

Author(s): Jan Runte | Julika Schön | Armin Frank | Frank Hackmann | Hauke Paarmann | Matthias Heringlake
Chemical cautery of the inferior turbinates with trichloroacetic acid

Author(s): Azevedo, Alexandre Fernandes de | Martins, Dário Antunes | Cardoso, Caroline Guimarães | Moraes, Itamar Fernando Cândido de | Michel, Luciane Maria Pereira | Leite, Laura Hora Rios
Single Centre Experience for Percutaneous Closure of Secundum Atrial Septal Defect

Author(s): Ali Rıza Akyüz | Zeydin Acar | Mustafa Tarık Ağaç | Abdülkadir Kırış | Levent Korkmaz | Tayyar Gökdeniz | Tayfun Açar | Adem Adar | Şükrü Çelik | Ramazan Aydemir

Powikłania zakrzepowe w onkologii

Author(s): Joanna Stanisławiak | Janina Markowska
Early experience of the compression anastomosis ring (CARTM 27) in left-sided colon resection

Author(s): Jung-Yeon Lee | Jin-Hee Woo | Hong-Jo Choi | Ki-Jae Park | Young-Hoon Roh | Ki-Han Kim | Hak-Yoon Lee
Optimizing the technique of laparoscopic splenectomy in children

Author(s): Józef Dzielicki | Andrzej Grabowski | Wojciech Korlacki
Analysis of complications of laparoscopic management of abdominal diseases related to extended indications

Author(s): Kazimierz Rembiasz | Andrzej Bobrzyński | Andrzej Budzyński | Marcin Strzałka | Anna Gwóźdź | Marcin Migaczewski | Anna Zub
Pathophysiology and prevention of postoperative peritoneal adhesions

Author(s): Willy Arung | Michel Meurisse | Olivier Detry
Loop Ileostomy and Colostomy—A Comparison between Supporting Plastic Rods and Epicutaneous or Subcutaneous Silicon Drains

Author(s): Mike Ralf Langenbach | Stefan Sauerland | Eiyad Issa | Claudia Nitschke | Hubert Zirngibl
Vertebral Brown Tumor in Childhood (Case Report)

Author(s): Csenge Szeverényi | Balázs Dezső | Tamás Deményi | Zoltán Csernátony
Eyelid Fissure Narrowing after Recession of the Medial Rectus Muscle

Author(s): Hirohiko Kakizaki | Yasuhiro Takahashi | Akihiro Ichinose | Masayoshi Iwaki
Applicability of Sigmoid Colon Graft for Vaginal Replacement (Colovaginoplasty) at Young Age

Author(s): Mohamed A. Baky Fahmy | Hanaa Abdel Hamid M. Al Abeissy | Mohamed M. Abdalla
Pediatric spine injuries after trauma: a review of 43 cases

Author(s): Mohammadreza Ehsaei | Gholamreza Bahadorkhan | Fariborz Samini | Hamed Kheradmand
Surgical treatment results of acute acromioclavicular injuries

Author(s): Mahmoud Jabalameli | Mohammad Rahbar | Mehdi Ramezan Shirazi
Surgical treatment for patients with tracheal and subgllotic stenosis

Author(s): Mohammad Naeimi | Masoud Naghibzadeh | Nematollah Mokhtari | Shervin Shiri | Sadegh Golparvar
Evaluation of ventriculoperitoneal shunt malfunction regarding ventricular catheter placement

Author(s): Reza Mollahoseini | Ashkan Khajoo | Peiman Habibollahi
Ghost Ileostomy with or without abdominal parietal split

Author(s): Cerroni Michele | Cirocchi Roberto | Morelli Umberto | Trastulli Stefano | Desiderio Jacopo | Mezzacapo Mario | Listorti Chiara | Esperti Luigi | Milani Diego | Avenia Nicola | Gullà Nino | Noya Giuseppe | Boselli Carlo
Axillary lymph node dissection for breast cancer utilizing Harmonic Focus®

Author(s): Ostapoff Katherine | Euhus David | Xie Xian-Jin | Rao Madhu | Moldrem Amy | Rao Roshni
Arthrofibrosis after TKA - Influence factors on the absolute flexion and gain in flexion after manipulation under anaesthesia

Author(s): Ipach Ingmar | Mittag Falk | Lahrmann Julia | Kunze Beate | Kluba Torsten
Early complications after biliary enteric anastomosis for benign diseases: A retrospective analysis

Author(s): Zafar Syed | Khan Muhammad | Raza Rushna | Khan Muhammad | Kasi Mahwash | Rafiq Ammar | Jamy Omer
Clinical profile and outcome of surgical treatment of perforated peptic ulcers in Northwestern Tanzania: A tertiary hospital experience

Author(s): Chalya Phillipo | Mabula Joseph | Koy Mheta | Mchembe Mabula | Jaka Hyasinta | Kabangila Rodrick | Chandika Alphonce | Gilyoma Japhet
A multicenter randomized controlled trial evaluating the effect of small stitches on the incidence of incisional hernia in midline incisions

Author(s): Harlaar Joris | Deerenberg Eva | van Ramshorst Gabrielle | Lont Harold | van der Borst Ed | Schouten Willem | Heisterkamp Joos | van Doorn Helena | Cense Huib | Berends Frits | Stockmann Hein | Vrijland Wietske | Consten Esther | Ottow Reyer | Go Peter | Hermans John | Steyerberg Ewout | Lange Johan
The impact of surgical outcome after pancreaticoduodenectomy in elderly patients

Author(s): Ito Yasuhiro | Kenmochi Takeshi | Irino Tomoyuki | Egawa Tomohisa | Hayashi Shinobu | Nagashima Atsushi | Kitagawa Yuko
Surgical management of Diabetic foot ulcers: A Tanzanian university teaching hospital experience

Author(s): Chalya Phillipo | Mabula Joseph | Dass Ramesh | Kabangila Rodrick | Jaka Hyasinta | Mchembe Mabula | Kataraihya Johannes | Mbelenge Nkinda | Gilyoma Japhet
The effect of C1-esterase inhibitor on systemic inflammation in trauma patients with a femur fracture - The CAESAR study: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Author(s): Heeres Marjolein | Visser Tjaakje | van Wessem Karlijn | Koenderman Anky | Strengers Paul | Koenderman Leo | Leenen Luke
Reduction of surgical site infection using a novel intervention (ROSSINI): study protocol for a randomised controlled trial

Author(s): Pinkney Thomas | Bartlett David | Hawkins William | Mak Tony | Youssef Haney | Futaba Kaori | Harrison Gareth | Gheorghe Adrian | Bradbury Jennifer | Calvert Melanie | Dowswell George | Magill Laura | Redman Val | Wilson Sue | Leaper David | Morton Dion
Complications after radical gastrectomy following FOLFOX7 neoadjuvant chemotherapy for gastric cancer

Author(s): Li Zi-Yu | Shan Fei | Zhang Lian-Hai | Bu Zhao-De | Wu Ai-Wen | Wu Xiao-Jiang | Zong Xiang-Long | Wu Qi | Ren Hui | Ji Jia-Fu
Comparison of laparoscopic and open surgery for pyogenic liver abscess with biliary pathology

Author(s): Jin-Fu Tu | Xiu-Fang Huang | Ru-Ying Hu | He-Yi You | Xiao-Feng Zheng | Fei-Zhao Jiang
Enucleation assisted with filler for open-globe injury

Author(s): Ayako Takahashi | Masayuki Akimoto | Sachiyo Hama | Yoko Shirai | Sachiko Minamiguchi
Outcomes of 23-gauge pars plana vitrectomy in combined scleral buckling and vitrectomy for complex rhegmatogenous retinal detachments

Author(s): Scott D. Schoenberger | Daniel M. Miller | Christopher D. Riemann | Robert E. Foster | Michael R. Petersen
A case report of partial anomalous pulmonary venous connection and its surgical repair

Author(s): Mandegar MH | Ghafar Pasand J | Yamini Sharif A | Ali Nejad S
Assessment of diagnostic criteria of incarcerated inguinal hernia

Author(s): Mohebian M | Modaghegh M | Parsapoor A
Necessity Of ABG Analysis In HPS

Author(s): Kalantari M | Raeisosadat MA | Ahmadi J | Nahvi H | Fallahi G | Mehrabi V
Orchiopexy in one stage by spermatic vessel transaction in nonpalpable undescended testis

Author(s): SH. Askarpour | M. Mollaeian | H. Sarmast Shooshtari
Infracoccygeal sacropexy in the treatment of vaginal vault prolapse: a prospective study

Author(s): Ghanbari Z | Mireshghi M S | Hajibaratali B | Khazardoost S | Borna S
Study of a new method for inguinal hernia repair

Author(s): Talaiezadeh AH. | Noori M.
Chronic subdural hematoma: a comparison of two drainage methods

Author(s): Lotfinia | Shakere | Shimia | Mahbobee | Mashrabi
Trans-obturator Tape in surgical treatment of urinary incontinence

Author(s): Ghanbari Z | Dahaghin M | Shariat M | Eftekhar T | Ashrafi M
Posterior Intravaginal Slingplasty versus Abdominal Sacrocolpopexy for the treatment of vaginal prolapse

Author(s): Ghanbari Z | Eftekhar T | Goodarzi Sh | Haj Baratali B | Bashiri SA | Shariat M
The surgical treatment of a series of 11 Kienbock patients by lunate core decompression method

Author(s): Shahriar Kamrani R | Mehrpour SR | Hajizargarbashi SR | Tabatabaeyan M
Pulmonary Hydatid cyst: analysis of 1024 cases

Author(s): Bagheri R | Haghi SZ | Amini M | Fattahi AS
Trans- Obturator Tape (TOT) efficacy in management of stress urinary incontinence and the impact on quality of life: a study in 54 patients

Author(s): Zinat Ghanbari | Shirin Goodarzi | Mamak Shariat | Zahra Moshtaghi | Fatemeh Zamani
Thoracoscopy Vs conventional methods in the management of empyema: a prospective study

Author(s): Vejdan SAK | Naseh Gh | Khosravy M | Khamesan A
Esophagogastric mesenchymal tumors: analysis of 24 patients

Author(s): Bagheri R | Maddah Gh | Tavasoli A
Miniplating of metacarpal fractures: an outcome study

Author(s): Fallah E | Siyavashi B | Ebadi S | Zehtab MJ | Golbakhsh MR
Free Wall Rupture and Ventricular Septal Defect Post Acute Anterior Myocardial Infarction

Author(s): Hakimeh Sadeghian | Kyomars Abbasi | Naghmeh Moshtaghi | Mahmood Shirzad | Shahla Majidi | Seyed Hesameddin Abbasi | Maryam Semnani | Ali Mohammad Haji Zeinali | Mohammad Sahebjam | Seyed Ebrahim Kassaian
Thoracoabdominal Aortic Aneurysms

Author(s): Ali Azizzadeh | Anthony L Estrera | Charles C. Miller | Hazim J. Safi
Transcatheter Closure of Atrial Septal Defect with Amplatzer Septal Occluder in Adults: Immediate, Short, and Intermediate-Term Results

Author(s): Mostafa Behjati | Mansour Rafiei | Mohammad Hossein Soltani | Mahmoud Emami | Majid Dehghani
Accuracy Assessment of CT-Guided Core Needle Biopsy in Musculoskeletal Lesions

Author(s): Saeed Huwaijah | Morteza Joorabian | Mohammad Pipelzadeh
The Effect of Hydroxyurea on Extramedullary Hematopoietic Masses in Patients with Beta Thalassaemia Intermediate by MRI

Author(s): Seyed Ahmad Shahab Kowsarian | Mehrnoosh Kowsarian | Hossein Karami
Partial Splenic Artery Embolization

Author(s): Ahmad Reza Rasekhi | Gh. Shadmani
Diagnostic value of 99mTc- labaled-Ubiquicidin 29-41 (99mTc-UBI) scan in differentiating prosthesis infection from loosening in patients with complicated hip prosthesis

Author(s): Kamran Aryana | Alireza Hootkani | Yasamin Davoodi | Ramin Sadeghi | Seyed Rasoul Zakavi | Mahboobeh Naderinasab | Mostafa Gandomkar | Narjess-Khatoon Ayati

Author(s): Sh. Askarpour M.H. Sarmast shooshtary

Author(s): J. Ahmadi | M. Izadyar | B. Ashjaei | M. Klantari | H. Nahvi | M. Joodi | M. Vali V. Mehrabi

Author(s): M. Bakhshi | ‎B. Shafayan | A. Khodabandeh M. Keyhani

Author(s): A. Jafarian | M.S. Fazeli | A. Keshvari | E. Abdollahpour | R. Omranipour

Author(s): M. A. Mohammadzade | M. H. Akbar A. Mohammadzade

Author(s): M. A. Mohammdzade | M. H. Akbar A. Mohammdzade
Penrose Drain Migration After Laparoscopic Surgery

Author(s): Pazouki AbdolReza | Toolabi Karamollah | Zahedi Shoolami Leila | Fanaii Seyed Ahmad | Vaziri Mohammad
Endovascular Treatment of Aortobronchial Fistula Secondary to Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG)

Author(s): Seyed Khalil Forouzannia | Mohammad Hassan Abdollahi | Seyed Jalil Mirhosseini | Seyed Hossein Moshtaghion | Habibollah Hosseini | Majid Dehghani
Arterial Ligation for Infected Femoral Psuedo-Aneurysm in Drug Injecting Abusers

Author(s): Mohammadzade Mohammad Ali | Mohammadzade Maryam | Hossain Akbar Manzar
Mediastinal Masses: Review of 105 Cases

Author(s): Vaziri Mohammad | Pazooki Abdolreza | Zahedi-Shoolami Leila
New Procedure for Treatment of Atrial Fibrillation in Patients with Valvular Heart Disease

Author(s): Naser Safaie | Nasrollah Maghamipour | Ahmad Reza Jodati | Ata Mahmoodpoor | Leila Dashtaki | Masoud Hakimzadeh
Dose Impaired Relaxation of Left Ventricle Affect Early Outcomes

Author(s): Jamshid Bagheri | Fereshteh Rezakhanloo
Surgical revascularization on the beating heart in patients with low ejection fraction

Author(s): Putnik Svetozar | Velinović Miloš | Mikić Aleksandar | Vraneš Mile | Nikolić Bojan | Krstić Nevena | Ristić Miljko
Collagen-based biological glue after Appleby operation for advanced gastric cancer

Author(s): Gianluca Baiocchi | Nazario Portolani | Federico Gheza | Stefano M Giulini
Laparoscopic hepatectomy: indications and results from 18 resectable cases

Author(s): Sergio Renato Pais-Costa | Sergio Luiz Melo Araujo | Olímpia Alves Teixeira Lima | Alexandre Chartuni Pereira Teixeira
Emergency gastrectomy for gastric necrosis 5 years after laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding (LAGB)

Author(s): Rani Kanthan | Jenna-Lynn Senger | Selliah Chandra Kanthan
Current Status of Vertebroplasty for Osteoporotic Compression Fracture

Author(s): Lih-Hui Chen | Po-Liang Lai | Wen-Jer Chen
Modified Blalock-Taussig Shunt and Giant Perigraft Reaction

Author(s): Ali Sadeghpour Tabaee | Alireza Rostami | Nader Givtaj | Shahriar Mali | Mohamad Sadegh Pourabasi | Soheila Arefi
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