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Pediatric Acute External Laryngeal Trauma: A Case Report

Author(s): Yusuf VAYISOĞLU | Kemal GÖRÜR | Cengiz ÖZCAN | Derya Ü. TALAS | Haktan E. BAĞIŞ
Primary Cardiac Tumor Identified as the Cause of Seizure

Author(s): Dioszeghy, Csaba | Kamaras, Gyorgyi | Frigyik, Aniko
Fracture Blisters

Author(s): Uebbing, Claire M | Walsh, Mark | Miller, Joseph B | Abraham, Mathew | Arnold, Clifford
A hematoma confined to the center of the abdomen

Author(s): Mon-Ing Tsai | Chien-Cheng Chen | Chih-Huang Li | Te-Fa Chiu | Jih-Chang Chen | Cheng-Hsien Hsieh
Acute gallbladder torsion - a continued pre-operative diagnostic dilemma

Author(s): Mouawad Nicolas | Crofts Brianne | Streu Rachel | Desrochers Randal | Kimball Beth
Management of ureteral calculi and medical expulsive therapy in emergency departments

Author(s): Stefano Picozzi C | Marenghi Carlo | Casellato Stefano | Ricci Cristian | Gaeta Maddalena | Carmignani Luca
Blunt trauma as a suspected cause of delayed constrictive pericarditis: a case report

Author(s): Anderson Eric | Jaroszewski Dawn | Arabia Francisco
The Effect of Shortening Confirmed Brain Death Diagnosis TimeOn Organ Donation Rates in the Intensive Care Unit

Author(s): Cenk Kıraklı | Zeynep Zeren Uçar | Ayşe Berna Anıl | İmran Özbek
Necrotizing anachronism from loxosceles spider bite: a case report and review of literature

Author(s): Ataman KÖSE | Yıldıray ÇETE | Cenker EKEN | Beril KÖSE
Button Battery Ingestion: An Analysis of 25 Cases

Author(s): Yi-Ling Chan | Shy-Shin Chang | Ku-Lien Kao | Hao-Chin Liao | Shiumn-Jen Liaw | Te-Fa Chiu | Ming-Ling Wu | Jou-Fang Deng
Ultrasonography of normal and abnormal appendix in children

Author(s): Noh Hyuck Park | Hwa Eun Oh | Hee Jin Park | Ji Yeon Park
Ultrasonography of normal and abnormal appendix in children

Author(s): Noh Hyuck Park | Hwa Eun Oh | Hee Jin Park | Ji Yeon Park
Incidence and risk factors for wound disruption following cesarean section

Author(s): Soraya Saleh-Gargari | Zahra Zounobi | Shahla Poua-Moghadam | Roya Derakhshan

Author(s): M.Enache | Diana Ciurescu | Gr. Tinică

Author(s): Emilia Patraşcanu | Lidia Ionescu | R. Dănila | Gabriela Savin | R.Iorgulescu | Cr. Dragomir
Cardiac Surgery in Pregnancy

Author(s): Cenk Eray Yıldız
Successful management of aortic thrombi resulting in spinal cord infarction in a patient with antiphospholipid antibody syndrome and acute cholecystitis

Author(s): Izumi M | Teraoka S | Yamashita K | Matsumoto K | Muronoi T | Izawa Y | Yonekawa C | Ano M | Suzukawa M
Surgical treatment of postintubation tracheal stenosis: Iranian experience of effect of previous tracheostomy

Author(s): Hashemzadeh S | Hashemzadeh K | Kakaei F | Aligholipour R | Ghabili K
Penetrating Stab Wound of the Right Ventricle

Author(s): Ahmet Şaşmazel | Hasan Erdem | Fuat Büyükbayrak | Onursal Buğra
Congenital intestinal malrotation as the serious cause of neonatal intestinal obstruction

Author(s): H Nahvi | J Ahmadi | M Kalantari | M Molaeian | A Sedighi | H Poorang | G Khorgami | V Mehrabi
 Role of Water Soluble Contrast Agents in Assigning Patients to a Non-Operative Course in Adhesive Small Bowel Obstruction

Author(s): Faten O Alaqeel | Abdulmohsen A Al Mulhim | Hazem Mohamed Zakaria | Khairi Ahmed Hassan | Naif Ibrahim Al Awad | Hamid AI Wadani
Testicular torsion: Case report

Author(s): Memik Ö et al.
Commonly Misdiagnosed Rare Condition – Toe Tourniquet Syndrome – Literature Review

Author(s): Simon Wharton | Tonkid Taneerananon | Muhammad Ali Hussain
Fractured Metal Wire in the Right Ventricle, a Cause of Cardiac Tamponade

Author(s): Dennis Elchanon Feierman | Mohamed Shafik Hashim
Antimicrobial management of intra-abdominal infections: Literature's guidelines

Author(s): Massimo Sartelli | Fausto Catena | Federico Coccolini | Antonio Daniele Pinna
A Large Right Atrial Myxoma Associated with Atrial Flutter Rhythm

Author(s): Ahmet Şaşmazel | Onur Ahmet Türek | Ela Şahinbaş Kavlak | Onursal Buğra
Health-related quality of life outcomes after cholecystectomy

Author(s): Amedeo Carraro | Dania El Mazloum | Florian Bihl
Ileus and Small Bowel Obstruction in an Emergency Department Observation Unit: Are there Outcome Predictors?

Author(s): Steven T. Dorsey | Eric T. Harrington | W. F. Peacock | Charles L. Emerman
Os Odontoideum: Rare Cervical Lesion

Author(s): Kristie A Robson
Evaluation of 364 Cases with Non-Variceal Gastrointestinal System Bleeding

Author(s): Zikret Köseoğlu | Banu Kara | Mustafa Salih Akın | Abdullah Canataroğlu | Ayça Açıkalın | İlker Ünal
Patient Safety in Delayed Diagnosis of Acute Appendicitis

Author(s): Aly Saber | Mohammad A. Gad | Goda M. Ellabban
Neonatal testicular torsion after cesarean section with spinal anesthesia: a presentation of two cases

Author(s): Ali Akbar Jafarian | Farnad Imani | Mohammad Reza Al-e-bouyeh | Homa Mottaghi | Peyman Rahmanizadeh
Sudden massive neck swelling due to hemorrhage of a thyroid adenoma: a case report

Author(s): Giotakis Evangelos | Hildenbrand Tanja | Dodenhöft Joachim
Post-traumatic diaphragmatic herniation of the liver, examined by positron emission tomography: case report

Author(s): Sato Katsutoshi | Orihashi Kazumasa | Hamanaka Yoshiharu | Mitsui Norimasa | Hirai Shinji | Chatani Naru | Nishisaka Takashi
Breast Gangrene

Author(s): Wani Imtiaz | Bakshi Iftikhar | Parray Fazl | Malik Ajaz | Wani Rauf | Shah Mubashir | Husasin Irfan | Malik Altaf | Wani Sajad | Syed Wahid
Clinical profile and outcome of surgical treatment of perforated peptic ulcers in Northwestern Tanzania: A tertiary hospital experience

Author(s): Chalya Phillipo | Mabula Joseph | Koy Mheta | Mchembe Mabula | Jaka Hyasinta | Kabangila Rodrick | Chandika Alphonce | Gilyoma Japhet
Outcomes of single-stage total arch replacement via clamshell incision

Author(s): Iwasaki Hiroto | Satoh Hisashi | Ishizaka Toru | Matsuda Hikaru
Novel surgical technique for complete traumatic rupture of the pancreas: A case report

Author(s): Kreis Martin | Albertsmeier Markus | Graser Anno | Krenz Detlef | Jauch Karl-Walter | Thasler Wolfgang
A national survey on temporary and delayed abdominal closure in Norwegian hospitals

Author(s): Groven Sigrid | Næss Pål | Trondsen Erik | Gaarder Christine
Analysing the operative experience of basic surgical trainees in Ireland using a web-based logbook

Author(s): Lonergan Peter | Mulsow Jurgen | Tanner W Arthur | Traynor Oscar | Tierney Sean
Will emergency and surgical patients participate in and complete alcohol interventions? A systematic review

Author(s): Pedersen Bolette | Oppedal Kristian | Egund Lisa | Tønnesen Hanne
Ileosigmoid fistula and delayed ileal obstruction secondary to blunt abdominal trauma: a case report

Author(s): Bouliaris Konstantinos | Karangelis Dimos | Spanos Konstantinos | Germanos Stylianos | Alexiou Evangelos | Giaglaras Anargyros
Prosthetic valve endocarditis caused by Staphylococcus capitis: report of 4 cases

Author(s): Takano Tamaki | Ohtsu Yoshinori | Terasaki Takamitsu | Wada Yuko | Amano Jun
Delayed intracardial shunting and hypoxemia after massive pulmonary embolism in a patient with a biventricular assist device

Author(s): Weig Thomas | Dolch Michael | Frey Lorenz | Bruegger Dirk | Boekstegers Peter | Sodian Ralf | Irlbeck Michael
Reduction of surgical site infection using a novel intervention (ROSSINI): study protocol for a randomised controlled trial

Author(s): Pinkney Thomas | Bartlett David | Hawkins William | Mak Tony | Youssef Haney | Futaba Kaori | Harrison Gareth | Gheorghe Adrian | Bradbury Jennifer | Calvert Melanie | Dowswell George | Magill Laura | Redman Val | Wilson Sue | Leaper David | Morton Dion
Trauma admissions to the Intensive care unit at a reference hospital in Northwestern Tanzania

Author(s): Chalya Phillipo | Gilyoma Japhet | Dass Ramesh | Mchembe Mabula | Matasha Michael | Mabula Joseph | Mbelenge Nkinda | Mahalu William
Ertapenem for treatment of osteomyelitis: a case series

Author(s): Goswami Neela | Johnson Melissa | Chu Vivian
Cost awareness among doctors in an Irish university-affiliated teaching hospital

Author(s): William H.C. Tiong | Michael O'Shaughnessy | Sean T. O'Sullivan
A case report of left ventricular wall rupture

Author(s): Kordovani H | Danesh Pajoh AH
Assessment of diagnostic criteria of incarcerated inguinal hernia

Author(s): Mohebian M | Modaghegh M | Parsapoor A
Knee ligament injuries associated with long bone fractures

Author(s): Kaseb M.H | Moharrami M.R | Mortazavi S M.J
Accuracy of spiral CT in non-traumatic acute abdominal pain in Sina university hospital

Author(s): Ahmadi H. | Tavakkoli H. | Bakhtavar KH. | Khodadadi F. | Abbasi A.
Does analgesia affect the diagnostic process in acute abdomen? a randomized clinical trial

Author(s): Ravari H. | Ghaemi M. | Vojdani A. | Khashayar P.
A new look at an old dogma: wound complications in two methods of skin closure in uncomplicated appendicitis

Author(s): Hamid Ghaderi | Kourosh Shamimi | Fereydoon Moazzami | Seyed Hasan Emami razavi | Ali Aminian | Seyed Mehdi Jalali | Reza Afghani | Morteza Noaparast | Seyed Habibollah Dashti | Saeed Safari | Alireza Ahmadvand | Seyede Adeleh MirJafari Daryasari | Fatemeh sadat Naeemie
Miniplating of metacarpal fractures: an outcome study

Author(s): Fallah E | Siyavashi B | Ebadi S | Zehtab MJ | Golbakhsh MR
Uterine Fibroid Embolization

Author(s): "R. Malek | A. Padidar "
Spinal Cord Compression Secondary to Extramedullary Hematopoiesis in Thalassemia

Author(s): Aliakbar Ameri | Mohammad Hadi Bagheri | Jalal Jalal Shokouhi | Farrokh Habibzadeh
Unusual Neuroimaging Presentation of Cerebral Venus Sinus Thrombosis in 40 Patients

Author(s): Gh. Bakhshandepour | H. Abdolhusseinpour | S. Shahbaygi | J. Jalal Shokouki
Efficiency of the Ultrasound Guided Hydrostatic Reduction of Intussusception with Normal Saline

Author(s): Mohammad Davoudi | Hamid Dehdashti | Azim Motamed Far

Author(s): Sh. Askarpour M.H. Sarmast shooshtary

Author(s): N. Safaei | N. Maghamipour E. Karimian

Author(s): Gh. Pouryaghoub | R. Mehrdad M. M. Mazhari
Investigation of Mortality after Corrosive Ingestion: a Prospective Study

Author(s): Yeganeh R | Peyvandi H | Mohajeri M. | Bashtar R | Bashashati M | Ahmadi Mina
Primary omental torsion: A case report

Author(s): Stefano Scabini | Edoardo Rimini | Andrea Massobrio | Emanuele Romairone | Chiara Linari | Renato Scordamaglia | Luisito De Marini | Valter Ferrando
Comparison of Different Modalities for Reducing Childhood Intussusception

Author(s): M. Alehossein | P. Babaheidarian | P. Salamati
Fetal Laceration Injury at Caesarean Delivery

Author(s): Mahbod Kaveh | Fatemeh Davari Tanha | Fereshteh Farzianpour | Marzieh Aghaalinejad
Occupational chemical burns: a 2-year experience in the emergency department

Author(s): Touzopoulos P | Zarogoulidis P | Mitrakas A | Karanikas M | Milothridis P | Matthaios D | Kouroumichakis I | Proikaki S | Pavlioglou P | Katsikogiannis N | Constantinidis TC
Laparoscopic Versus Open Appendectomy; Which Method to Choose? A Prospective Randomized Comparison

Author(s): Saeed Kargar | Mohammad Hussein Mirshamsi | Mohammad Zare | Saeed Arefanian | Elham Shadman Yazdi | Asiah Aref
TRATAMIENTO QUIRÚRGICO URGENTE EN PACIENTE CON MIXOMA AURICULAR IZQUIERDO PEDICULADO / Emergency surgery in a patient with a pedunculated left atrial myxoma

Author(s): Gustavo de Jesús Bermúdez Yera | Yuri Medrano Plana | Roberto Bermúdez Yera | Álvaro Lagomasino Hidalgo | Yoandy López de la Cruz | Luis Alejandro González Borges | Luis Monteagudo Lima
PLICATURA DIAFRAGMÁTICA EN PACIENTE CON PARÁLISIS DEL HEMIDIAFRAGMA DERECHO TRAS CIRUGÍA CARDÍACA / Diaphragmatic plicature in a patient presenting a paralysis of the right hemidiaphragm after cardiac surgery

Author(s): Gustavo Bermúdez Yera | Noel L. Castillo García | Jorge Méndez Martínez | Yolepsis F. Quintero Fleites | Álvaro L. Lagomasino Hidalgo | Carlos Santana Santana | Carlos Osorio Gómez
Mechanical colonic obstruction secondary to core of the pomegranate

Author(s): Çiğdem Aliosmanoğlu | İbrahim Aliosmanoğlu | Hüseyin Timuçin | Mesut Gül | Akın Önder | Murat Kapan
Mechanical colonic obstruction secondary to core of the pomegranate

Author(s): Çiğdem Aliosmanoğlu | İbrahim Aliosmanoğlu | Hüseyin Timuçin | Mesut Gül | Akın Önder | Murat Kapan
Complete motor recovery after acute paraparesis caused by spontaneous spinal epidural hematoma: case report

Author(s): Taniguchi Leandro | Pahl Felix | Lúcio José | Brock Roger | Gomes Marcos | Adoni Tarso | Fiorini Victor | Carvalho Rodrigo | Evaristo Eli | Mutarelli Eduardo | Schettino Guilherme
Securing the airway in a child with tracheal agenesis – an alternative perspective

Author(s): Dalibor Murgas | Martin Ciljak | Milan Dragula | Katarina Matasova | Mirko Zibolen | Slavomir Nosal | Julian Hamzik
Inverted Meckel’s diverticulum manifested as adult intussusception: Age does not matter

Author(s): Eleni Sioka | Gregory Christodoulidis | Grigorios Garoufalis | Dimitris Zacharoulis
Ludwig's Angina—A Controversial Surgical Emergency: How We Do It

Author(s): Wael Hasan | David Leonard | John Russell
Placenta Percreta-Induced Uterine Rupture Diagnosed By Laparoscopy in the First Trimester

Author(s): Dong Gyu Jang, Gui Se Ra Lee, Joo Hee Yoon, Sung Jong Lee
Laparoscopic liver resection for hepatocellular adenoma

Author(s): Mohammed Abu Hilal | Francesco Di Fabio | Robert David Wiltshire | Mohammed Hamdan | David M Layfield | Neil William Pearce
Complications of Endotracheal Intubation in Intensive Care Unit

Author(s): Kürşat Gündoğan | Ramazan Coşkun | Muhammet Güven | Murat Sungur
Perforated acute appendicitis resulting from appendiceal villous adenoma presenting with small bowel obstruction: a case report

Author(s): Chen Yu-Guang | Chang Hao-Ming | Chen Yen-Lin | Cheng Yi-Chiao | Hsu Chin-Hui
Two weeks delayed bleeding in blunt liver injury: case report and review of the literature

Author(s): Kaplan Uri | Hatoum Oshama | Chulsky Alexander | Menzal Hussam | Kopelman Doron
Hybrid approach for left-sided colonic carcinoma obstruction; a case report

Author(s): Trakarnsanga Atthaphorn | Akaraviputh Thawatchai | Methasate Asada | Chinswangwatanakul Vitoon
Emergency adrenalectomy due to acute heart failure secondary to complicated pheochromocytoma: a case report

Author(s): Salinas Carlos | Gómez Beltran Oscar | Sánchez-Hidalgo Juan | Bru Rubén | Padillo Francisco | Rufián Sebastián
Pneumatosis intestinalis leading to perioperative hypovolemic shock: Case report

Author(s): Takami Yukako | Koh Toshimori | Nishio Minoru | Nakagawa Noboru
Management of spontaneous isolated dissection of the superior mesenteric artery: Case report and literature review

Author(s): Katsura Morihiro | Mototake Hidemitsu | Takara Hiroaki | Matsushima Kazuhide
Retained drains causing a bronchoperitoneal fistula: a case report

Author(s): Pesce Catherine | Galvagno Samuel | Efron David | Kieninger Alicia | Stevens Kent
Emergency percutaneous needle decompression for tension pneumoperitoneum

Author(s): Chiapponi Costanza | Stocker Urban | Körner Markus | Ladurner Roland
Current treatment of ulcerative colitis

Author(s): Johannes Meier | Andreas Sturm
Spontaneous Gastrosplenic Fistula Resulting From Primary Gastric Lymphoma: Case Report and Review of the Literature

Author(s): Münevver Moran | İsmail Bilgiç | Hayrettin Dizen | Evren Dilektaşlı | Tankut Köseoğlu | Mehmet Mahir Özmen
Impact of critically ill patients in regards to the boarding time from the emergency department to the intensive care unit

Author(s): George Intas | Pantelis Stergiannis | George Vassilopoulos | George Fildissis
Preoperative preparation of alcohol and psychoactive substances-addicted patients

Author(s): Dimitrijević Ivan | Zoričić Zoran | Milenović Miodrag | Palibrk Ivan | Dimitrijević Draga | Milaković Branko | Kalezić Nevena
Preoperative preparation of pregnant women

Author(s): Likić-Lađević Ivana | Argirović Rajka | Kadija Saša | Maksimović Milica | Živaljević Biljana | Terzić Milan
Multiple intestinal perforations as a primary manifestation of abdominal tuberculosis in a HIV-infected patient

Author(s): Amir Hossein Sarrami | Mohsen Sharifi | Majid Ahsan | Noushin Afsharmoghaddam
Gallstone fistula with a gastric duplication cyst: an unusual complication of cholecystitis

Author(s): Jasprit Bhamrah | Phuoc-Tan Diep | John Bennet | Hugh Warren
Evaluation of risk factors and potential complications after cesarean operations in our clinic

Author(s): Emel Kıyak Çağlayan | Mustafa Kara | Yasemin Cihan Gürel
Prognostic Factors, Incidence and Management for Acute Variceal Bleeding in the Liver Transplantation Era

Author(s): Élio Rodrigues da Silva | Ilka de Fátima Santana Ferreira Boin | Eurípedes Soares Filho | Patrícia Alexsandra Nunes Barros Rodrgiues | Benedito Borges da Silva
Computed Tomography Diagnosis of Acute Appendicitis—Pictorial Essay

Author(s): Aarthi Govindarajan | Bhawna Dev | Roy Santosham | Joseph Santhosh
A Comparison of Interposition and Femoropopliteal Bypass Grafts in the Management of Popliteal Artery Trauma

Author(s): Mohammad Ali Mohammadzade | Maryam Mohammadzade | Mohammad Rasul Herfatkar
Experiences on Diagnosis and Treatment of Patients with Obstructive Jaundice

Author(s): Fatih BÜYÜKER | Bülent GÜRBÜZ | Ahmet BAŞKENT | Haydar YALMAN | Rafet YİĞİTBAŞI
Superior Mesenteric Vein Thrombosis Mimicking Acute Appendicitis

Author(s): Gaspary, Micah | Auten, Jonathan | Durkovich, David | Gable, Preston
Image of Interest: A twisty colon.

Author(s): Ian Bickle
Obstruction and pseudo-obstruction in inflammatory bowel disease

Author(s): K.H. Katsanos | V.E. Tsianos | M. Maliouki | M. Adamidi | I. Vagias | E.V. Tsianos
Idiopathic portal hypertension in a twin treated with TIPS and consequent splenectomy

Author(s): I.A. Mouzas | A.A. Hatzidakis | Erminia Matrella | Maria Roussomoustakaki | E.A. Kouroumalis
Active bleeding in benign gastro-duodenal ulcers:Predictors of failure of endoscopic injection hemostasis

Author(s): K.C. Thomopoulos, G.I. Theocharis, K.A. Vagenas, E.C. Katsakoulis, V.A. Arvaniti,C.E. Vagianos, V.N. Nikolopoulou
Management of variceal bleeding

Author(s): C. Petrogiannopoulos | K. Papamichael | K. Goumas | D. Soutos
Emergency gastrectomy for gastric necrosis 5 years after laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding (LAGB)

Author(s): Rani Kanthan | Jenna-Lynn Senger | Selliah Chandra Kanthan
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