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Evaluation of landslide susceptibility of Sete Cidades Volcano (S. Miguel Island, Azores)

Author(s): A. Gomes | J. L. Gaspar | C. Goulart | G. Queiroz
Shallow landslide prediction in the Serra do Mar, São Paulo, Brazil

Author(s): B. C. Vieira | N. F. Fernandes | O. A. Filho
Integração de dados espaciais em SIG para avaliação da susceptibilidade de ocorrência de deslizamentos

Author(s): Eusébio Reis | José Luís Zêzere | Gonçalo Teles Vieira | Maria Luísa Rodrigues
Landslide susceptibility mapping of Cekmece area (Istanbul, Turkey) by conditional probability

Author(s): T. Y. Duman | T. Can | C. Gokceoglu | H. A. Nefeslioglu
Statistical approach to storm event-induced landslides susceptibility

Author(s): C.-T. Lee | C.-C. Huang | J.-F. Lee | K. -L. Pan | M.-L. Lin | J.-J. Dong

Author(s): Barbara Theilen-Willige
A simple qualitative approach for mapping regional landslide susceptibility in the Faroe Islands

Author(s): M.-P. J. Dahl | L. E. Mortensen | A. Veihe | N. H. Jensen
Probabilistic modelling of rainfall induced landslide hazard assessment

Author(s): S. Kawagoe | S. Kazama | P. R. Sarukkalige
Landslide Susceptibility Mapping in Sajaroud Basin Using Logistic Regression Model

Author(s): S. Z. Mosavi Khatir | A. Kavian | A. K. Soleimani
Debris-flow susceptibility model of Slovenia at scale 1 : 250,000

Author(s): Marko Komac | Špela Kumelj | Mihael Ribičič
Landslide susceptibility map of Slovenia at scale 1 : 250,000

Author(s): Marko Komac | Mihael Ribičič
Seismic triggering of landslides, Part A: Field evidence from the Northern Tien Shan

Author(s): H.-B. Havenith | A. Strom | D. Jongmans | A. Abdrakhmatov | D. Delvaux | P. Tréfois
Integration of spatial and temporal data for the definition of different landslide hazard scenarios in the area north of Lisbon (Portugal)

Author(s): J. L. Zêzere | E. Reis | R. Garcia | S. Oliveira | M. L. Rodrigues | G. Vieira | A. B. Ferreira
Evolution of natural risk: research framework and perspectives

Author(s): G. Hufschmidt | M. Crozier | T. Glade
Reactivation hazard mapping for ancient landslides in West Belgium

Author(s): O. Dewitte | C.-J. Chung | A. Demoulin
Landslide Susceptibility Analysis Based on Data Field

Author(s): Xianmin Wang | Ruiqing Niu
Using online databases for landslide susceptibility assessment: an example from the Veneto Region (northeastern Italy)

Author(s): M. Floris | M. Iafelice | C. Squarzoni | L. Zorzi | A. De Agostini | R. Genevois
Landslide Susceptibility Assessment using Frequency Ratio Model Applied to an Area along the E-W Highway (Gerik-Jeli)

Author(s): Tareq H. Mezughi | Juhari M. Akhir | Abdul G. Rafek | Ibrahim Abdullah
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