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The Effect of Radial Swirl Generator on Reducing Emissions from Bio-Fuel Burner System

Author(s): Mohamad Shaiful Ashrul Ishak | Mohammad Nazri Mohd Jaafar | Yehia A. Eldrainy
Enhancement of heat transfer using varying width twisted tape inserts

Author(s): S. Naga Sarada | A.V. Sita Rama Raju | K. Kalyani Radha | L. Shyam Sunder
Statistical Analysis on the Design of Flow Modifying Centre-Bodies in a Plenum Chamber

Author(s): Safiah Othman | Abas A. Wahab | Vijay R. Raghavan
The Influence of Swirl Angle on the Irreversibilities in Turbulent Diffusion Flames

Author(s): Dorin Stanciu | Mircea Marinescu | Alexandru Dobrovicescu
Influence of carbon dioxide content in the biogas to nitrogen oxides emissions

Author(s): Živković Marija A. | Adžić Miroljub M. | Fotev Vasko G. | Milivojević Aleksandar M. | Adžić Vuk M. | Ivezić Dejan D. | Ćosić Boško D.
The three-dimensional numerical aerodynamics of a movable block burner

Author(s): Fudihara T.J. | Goldstein Jr. L. | Mori M.
A new role for reduction in pressure drop in cyclones using computational fluid dynamics techniques

Author(s): Noriler D. | Vegini A. A. | Soares C. | Barros A. A. C. | Meier H. F. | Mori M.
A novel vortex-fluidized bed combustor with two combustion chambers for rice-husk fuel

Author(s): Madhiyanon, T. | Piriyarungroj, N. | Soponronnarit, S.
Analytical Approximate Solution for Decaying Laminar Swirling Flows within A Narrow Annulus

Author(s): Ali M. Jawarneh | Georgios H. Vatistas | Amer Ababneh
Some subtleties concerning fluid flow and turbulence modeling in 4.-valve engines

Author(s): Jovanovic Zoran S. | Basara Branislav S. | Tomić Miroljub V. | Petrović Velimir S.
Simulation of Thermal Comfort of a Residential House

Author(s): Masine Md. Tap | Haslinda Mohamed Kamar | Abdul Kadir Marsono | Nazri Kamsah | Khairul Amry Mohd Salimin
Flashback Analysis in Tangential Swirl Burners

Author(s): Valera-Medina A. | Syred N. | Abdulsada M.
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