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A new ecologically friendly process for the synthesis of selective flotation reagents

Author(s): Milutin M. Milosavljević | Aleksandar D. Marinković | Slobodan D. Petrović | Milica Sovrlić
Combined plasma gas-phase synthesis and colloidal processing of InP/ZnS core/shell nanocrystals

Author(s): Gresback Ryan | Hue Ryan | Gladfelter Wayne | Kortshagen Uwe
Preparation, Characterization and Sensitive Gas Sensing of Conductive Core-sheath TiO2-PEDOT Nanocables

Author(s): Ying Wang | Wenzhao Jia | Timothy Strout | Yu Ding | Yu Lei
In vitro digestibility of field pea as influenced by processing methods

Author(s): Paolo Bani | Andrea Minuti | Valentina Ficuciello | Matteo Guerreschi | Giorgia Astorri | Gianluca Galassi
Carbon Monoxide as an Electron Donor for the Biological Reduction of Sulphate

Author(s): Sofiya N. Parshina | Jan Sipma | Anne Meint Henstra | Alfons J. M. Stams
Growth of carbon nanowalls at atmospheric pressure for one-step gas sensor fabrication

Author(s): Yu Kehan | Bo Zheng | Lu Ganhua | Mao Shun | Cui Shumao | Zhu Yanwu | Chen Xinqi | Ruoff Rodney | Chen Junhong
Synthesis of Microporous Materials and Their Adsorptive Properties of H₂S for Dental Application

Author(s): I. Kishida | H. Utaka | H. Morikawa | A. Nakamura | Y. Yokogawa
Emerging pattern of global change in the upper atmosphere and ionosphere

Author(s): J. Laštovička | R. A. Akmaev | G. Beig | J. Bremer | J. T. Emmert | C. Jacobi | M. J. Jarvis | G. Nedoluha | Yu. I. Portnyagin | T. Ulich
Nitrogen Doped Carbon Nanotubes from Organometallic Compounds: A Review

Author(s): Edward N. Nxumalo | Neil J. Coville
Synthesis of FeNi-Ceramic composite by carbothermal reduction from Fe2O3-WO3-Ni system

Author(s): Sutham Niyomwas | Napisporn Memongkol | Panoopan Punsawas | Pitsanu Bunnaul
Behaviour of Zeolite A, Faujasites X and Y Molecular Sieves in Nitrogen Gas Adsorption

Author(s): Samira Amokrane | Rachid Rebiai | Djamel Nibou
The synthesis and characterization of 2-mercaptoethyl methacrylate

Author(s): Knežević Marija | Katsikas Lynne | Popović Ivanka G.

Author(s): Edson Avellaneda Maytán | Gustavo Paim Valença
MCFC-Electricity Generation from Biogas to Syngas Renewable Process via a Membrane Reactor

Author(s): Savvas Vasileiadis | Zoe Ziaka | Marianthi Tsimpa
Nanocasting Synthesis of Ultrafine WO3 Nanoparticles for Gas Sensing Applications

Author(s): Kamali Heidari Elham | Marzbanrad Ehsan | Zamani Cyrus | Raissi Babak
Synthesis Methods, Microscopy Characterization and Device Integration of Nanoscale Metal Oxide Semiconductors for Gas Sensing

Author(s): Randy L. Vander Wal | Gordon M. Berger | Michael J. Kulis | Gary W. Hunter | Jennifer C. Xu | Laura Evans
Advancements in Development of Chemical-Looping Combustion: A Review

Author(s): He Fang | Li Haibin | Zhao Zengli
Fecal bile acid excretion and messenger RNA expression levels of ileal transporters in high risk gallstone patients

Author(s): Herrera Jorge | Amigo Ludwig | Husche Constanze | Benítez Carlos | Zanlungo Silvana | Lütjohann Dieter | Miquel Juan | Nervi Flavio
Dynamics of ammonia exchange with cut grassland: synthesis of results and conclusions of the GRAMINAE Integrated Experiment

Author(s): M. A. Sutton | E. Nemitz | C. Milford | C. Campbell | J. W. Erisman | A. Hensen | P. Cellier | M. David | B. Loubet | E. Personne | J. K. Schjoerring | M. Mattsson | J. R. Dorsey | M. W. Gallagher | L. Horvath | T. Weidinger | R. Meszaros | U. Dämmgen | A. Neftel | B. Herrmann | B. E. Lehman | C. Flechard | J. Burkhardt
A synthesis of marine sediment core δ13C data over the last 150 000 years

Author(s): K. I. C. Oliver | B. A. A. Hoogakker | S. Crowhurst | G. M. Henderson | R. E. M. Rickaby | N. R. Edwards | H. Elderfield
Original Approaches for Solving Electromagnetic Interference Problems

Author(s): MICU, D. D. | MUNTEANU jr., R. | CHRISTOFORIDIS, G. C. | MANEA, B.
The effect of Minthostachys verticillata essential oil on the immune response of patients allergic to dust mites

Author(s): Laura CARIDDI | Marina MOSER | Melisa ANDRADA | Mirta DEMO | Julio ZYGADLO | Liliana SABINI | Ana MALDONADO
Petroleum Refinery Hydrogen Production Unit: Exergy and Production Cost Evaluation

Author(s): Flávio E. Cruz | Silvio de Oliveira Júnior
Thermoeconomic Simulation of Marine Energy Systems for a Liquefied Natural Gas Carrier

Author(s): George G. Dimopoulos | Christos A. Frangopoulos
Sulphur Mustard Poisoning and Its Complications in Iranian Veterans

Author(s): Mahdi Balali-Mood | Beeta Balali-Mood
Development and validation of a headspace gas chromatographic method for the determination of residual solvents in arterolane (RBx11160) maleate bulk drug

Author(s): Gupta Abhishek | Singh Yogendra | Srinivas Kona | Jain Garima | Sreekumar V | Semwal Vinod
The Kinetics and Mechanism of the Core-shell Styrene-butyl Acrylate Polymerisation

Author(s): Helmiyati | Emil Budianto | Wahyudi Priyono | Yoki Yulizar
Cytosolic phospholipase A2α mediates Pseudomonas aeruginosa LPS-induced airway constriction of CFTR -/- mice

Author(s): Wu Yong-Zheng | Abolhassani Mohammad | Ollero Mario | Dif Fariel | Uozumi Naonori | Lagranderie Micheline | Shimizu Takao | Chignard Michel | Touqui Lhousseine
Synthesis and Characterization of AlB12 Nanorods

Author(s): XU Jun-Qi, WANG Yan-Rui, ZHAO Yan-Ming, YU Ben-Hai, LUO Yong-Song, SUN Hai-Bin
Hydrothermal Synthesis of MgAlZnFeCe Hydrotalcite-like Precursors ª¤and Their Complex Oxides for Application in FCC De-SOxª«

Author(s): ZHAO Yue-Chang,LIU Ling,CHENG Wen-Ping,WU Hai-Hong,YANG Jian-Guo,HE Ming-Yuan
Changes in the proteomic and metabolic profiles of Beta vulgaris root tips in response to iron deficiency and resupply

Author(s): Rellán-Álvarez Rubén | Andaluz Sofía | Rodríguez-Celma Jorge | Wohlgemuth Gert | Zocchi Graziano | Álvarez-Fernández Ana | Fiehn Oliver | López-Millán Ana | Abadía Javier
The greenhouse gas balance of European grasslands

Author(s): P. Ciais | J. F. Soussana | N. Vuichard | S. Luyssaert | A. Don | I. A. Janssens | S. L. Piao | R. Dechow | J. Lathière | F. Maignan | M. Wattenbach | P. Smith | C. Ammann | A. Freibauer | E. D. Schulze | the CARBOEUROPE Synthesis Team
Aerosol synthesis and characterization of nanostructured particles of Y3Al5O12:Ce3+ and Y2O3:Eu3+

Author(s): Marinković Katarina R. | Veselinović Ljiljana M. | Gomez Luz S. | Rabanal Maria E. | Mančić Lidija | Milošević Olivera B.
Hierarchical PANI/MWCNT Nanocomposite: Synthesis, Characterization and Gas Sensing Properties

Author(s): XIAO Yuan-Hua, TANG Xin-Cun, WANG Zhi-Min, LI Feng, CHEN Gu-Chun, LI Lian-Xing, ZHANG Liang
Influence of mechanical activation on synthesis of zinc metatitanate

Author(s): Labus Nebojša J. | Obradović Nina | Srećković Tatjana V. | Mitić V. | Ristić Momčilo M.
Synthesis and characterization of zinc titanate nano-crystal powders obtained by mechanical activation

Author(s): Obradović Nina | Labus Nebojša J. | Srećković Tatjana V. | Minić D. | Ristić Momčilo M.
Preparation of nanosized non-oxide powders using diatomaceous earth

Author(s): Šaponjić A. | Babić B. | Devečerski A. | Matović B.
On the synthesis of Bi-based precursors for lead-free solders development

Author(s): Gandova V. | Lilova K. | Malakova H. | Huber B. | Milcheva N. | Ipser H. | Vrestal J. | Vassilev G.
Synthesis and characterization of phencyclidine and his derivatives

Author(s): Ilić Nataša C. | Marinković Aleksandar D. | Brkić Danijela V. | Petrović Slobodan D.
A synthesis of marine sediment core δ13C data over the last 150 000 years

Author(s): K. I. C. Oliver | B. A. A. Hoogakker | S. Crowhurst | G. M. Henderson | R. E. M. Rickaby | N. R. Edwards | H. Elderfield


Screening and Evaluation of Polyhydroxybutyrate-Producing Strains from Indigenous Isolate Cupriavidus taiwanensis Strains

Author(s): Yu-Hong Wei | Wei-Chuan Chen | Chin-Kuei Huang | Ho-Shing Wu | Yi-Ming Sun | Chi-Wei Lo | Om-Murugan Janarthanan
Synthesis of Gold (Au) Nanoparticles for Mercury Adsorption

Author(s): Khairul S.N. Kamarudin | Mawarni F. Mohamad
Diacylglycerol regulates acute hypoxic pulmonary vasoconstriction via TRPC6

Author(s): Fuchs Beate | Rupp Markus | Ghofrani Hossein | Schermuly Ralph | Seeger Werner | Grimminger Friedrich | Gudermann Thomas | Dietrich Alexander | Weissmann Norbert
Production of 1, 3 Regiospecific Lipase From Bacillus sp. RK-3: Its Potential to Synthesize Cocoa Butter Substitute

Author(s): Saxena, R. K. | Misra, S. | Rawat, I. | Gupta, P. | Dutt, K. | Parmar, V. S.
Disaturated-phosphatidylcholine and Surfactant protein-B turnover in human acute lung injury and in control patients

Author(s): Simonato Manuela | Baritussio Aldo | Ori Carlo | Vedovelli Luca | Rossi Sandra | Massara Lorenza | Rizzi Sabina | Carnielli Virgilio | Cogo Paola
Asymmetric dimethylarginine: A novel biomarker of gastric mucosal injury?

Author(s): Zhe Zhang | Yi-You Zou | Fu-Jun Li | Chang-Ping Hu
Synthesis of ZrN Film Via the Plasma Sputter-Type Negative Ion Source

Author(s): Nico Valmoria | Alexander Mendenilla | Miguel Yambot | Manolo Mena | Henry Ramos
Synthetic Aspects and Selected Properties of Graphene

Author(s): H.S.S. Ramakrishna Matte | K. S. Subrahmanyam | C. N. R. Rao
Synthesis, Characterization and Ethanol Sensing Properties of Tin Oxide Nanostructures

Author(s): Anima Johari | Vikas Ran | Mukesh Chander Bhatnagar
Zigzag GaN/Ga2O3 heterogeneous nanowires: Synthesis, optical and gas sensing properties

Author(s): Li-Wei Chang | Jan-Hau Chang | Jien-Wei Yeh | Heh-Nan Lin | Han C. Shih
Carbon dioxide adsorption in graphene sheets

Author(s): Ashish Kumar Mishra | Sundara Ramaprabhu
Biomorphous ceramics as porous supports for zeolite coating

Author(s): Carlos Renato Rambo | Janaína Accordi Junkes | Heino Sieber | Dachamir Hotza

Author(s): Gagik Torosyan | Dezy Hovhannisyan
Reformado auto-térmico de metano con CO2, vapor y O2 a gas de síntesis, sobre catalizadores estructurados basados en perovskitas

Author(s): Adriana García | Luis García | Estefanía López | Norymar Becerra | Ini Ojeda | Mireya Goldwasser | Carmen M. López
Synthesis of Polypyrrole Using Ammonium Peroxy Disulfate (APS) as Oxidant Together with Some Dopants for Use in Gas Sensors

Author(s): Hemant K. Chitte | Narendra V. Bhat | Mr. Ajit V. Gore | Ganesh N. Shind
Altered surfactant homeostasis and recurrent respiratory failure secondary to TTF-1 nuclear targeting defect

Author(s): Peca Donatella | Petrini Stefania | Tzialla Chryssoula | Boldrini Renata | Morini Francesco | Stronati Mauro | Carnielli Virgilio | Cogo Paola | Danhaive Olivier
Comparative analysis of oxidative synthesis of N-alkyl, N,N-dialkyl and N-cykloalkyl-O-isobutyl thioncarbamate

Author(s): Sovrlić Milica Ž. | Milosavljević Milutin M. | Marinković Aleksandar D. | Đukanović Jasmina S. | Brković Danijela V. | Konstantinović Sandra S.
Short-term natural δ13C and δ18O variations in pools and fluxes in a beech forest: the transfer of isotopic signal from recent photosynthates to soil respired CO2

Author(s): O. Gavrichkova | S. Proietti | S. Moscatello | S. Portarena | A. Battistelli | G. Matteucci | E. Brugnoli
Synthesis and Structural Investigations of Ag-Added BaTiO3-CuO Mixed Oxide for CO2 Gas Sensing

Author(s): Ahmed Mohamed El-Sayed | Fathy Mohamed Ismail | Saad Mabrouk Yakout
Gas-Phase Synthesis of Bimetallic Oxide Nanoparticles with Designed Elemental Compositions for Controlling the Explosive Reactivity of Nanoenergetic Materials

Author(s): Ji Young Ahn | Whi Dong Kim | Jae Hyun Kim | Ji Hoon Kim | Jae Keun Lee | Jong Man Kim | Soo H. Kim
Synthesis, charactrization and biodistribution of 99mTc-(EC-DG), a potential diagnostic agent for imaging of brain tumors

Author(s): K.H. Ebrahimabadi | M.M.Lakouraj | F.Johari | G.A.Charkhlooie | M.Sadeghzadeh
Synthesis of nanocrystalline silicon thin films using the increase of the deposition pressure in the hot-wire chemical vapour deposition technique

Author(s): S. Halindintwali | D. Knoesen | R. Swanepoel | B.A. Julies | C. Arendse | T. Muller | C.C. Theron | A. Gordijn | P.C.P. Bronsveld | J.K. Rath | R.E.I. Schropp
Coordination Polymers and Metal Organic Frameworks Derived from 1,2,4-Triazole Amino Acid Linkers

Author(s): Anil D. Naik | Marinela M. Dîrtu | Antoine P. Railliet | Jacqueline Marchand-Brynaert | Yann Garcia

Author(s): M. Zlatanović | I. Popović
Síntesis de materiales cerámicos mediante técnicas químicas en fase vapor (CVD)

Author(s): Gómez-Aleixandre, C. | Albella, J. M. | Ojeda, F. | Martí, F. J.
Efecto del lavado con etilendiamina sobre las propiedades de las nanopartículas de óxido de estaño

Author(s): Montenegro Hernández, A. | Castro, M. S. | Rodríguez Páez, J. E.
Respuesta eléctrica de películas gruesas del sistema SnO2-TiO2, conformadas con polvos cerámicos obtenidos a través del método pechini

Author(s): Montenegro, A. | Cerón, N. | Ponce, M. | Castro, M. S. | Varela, J. A. | Rodríguez, J. E.
Uso de métodos químicos para obtener polvos cerámicos del sistema (Sn, Ti)O2

Author(s): Ararat, C. | Varela, J. A. | Rodríguez-Páez, J E.
Membranas cerámicas. Tipos, métodos de obtención y caracterización

Author(s): Benito, J. M. | Conesa, A. | Rodríguez, M. A.
Estudio mediante afm de estructuras de silicalita para la separación de gases

Author(s): Prádanos, P. | Palacio, L. | Hernández, A. | Vilaseca, M. | Coronas, J. | Santamaría, J.
Reduction of Tomato Post-Harvest Losses by Using 1-Methylcyclopropene

Author(s): Marcos Vieira da Silva | Cassia Inês Lourenzi Franco Rosa | Adimilson Bosco Chitarra
Effect of adsorbed impurities on catalytic CO oxidation

Author(s): I.S. Bzovska | I.M. Mryglod
Thermodynamic and Experimental Study on Alcohol Made by Synthesis Gas

Author(s): Yuan haoran | Zhao dandan | Xiong Zuhong | Chen yong | Ma longlong
Continuous gas/liquid–liquid/liquid flow synthesis of 4-fluoropyrazole derivatives by selective direct fluorination

Author(s): Jessica R. Breen | Graham Sandford | Dmitrii S. Yufit | Judith A. K. Howard | Jonathan Fray | Bhairavi Patel
Fabrication of Porous TiO2 Hollow Spheres and Their Application in Gas Sensing

Author(s): Yang Gang | Hu Peng | Cao Yuebin | Yuan Fangli | Xu Ruifen
Composition of fatty acids in plasma and erythrocytes and eicosanoids level in patients with metabolic syndrome

Author(s): Novgorodtseva Tatyana | Karaman Yulia | Zhukova Natalia | Lobanova Elena | Antonyuk Marina | Kantur Tatyana
Size-controlled synthesis of monodispersed gold nanoparticles via carbon monoxide gas reduction

Author(s): Young Joseph | Lewinski Nastassja | Langsner Robert | Kennedy Laura | Satyanarayan Arthi | Nammalvar Vengadesan | Lin Adam | Drezek Rebekah
Shape-Controlled Synthesis of ZnS Nanostructures: A Simple and Rapid Method for One-Dimensional Materials by Plasma

Author(s): Peng Hu | Liuyang Bai | Lingjie Yu | Jinlin Li | Fangli Yuan | Yunfa Chen
Facile Synthesis of Ternary Boron Carbonitride Nanotubes

Author(s): Luo Lijie | Mo Libin | Tong Zhangfa | Chen Yongjun
Ultra-fast Microwave Synthesis of ZnO Nanowires and their Dynamic Response Toward Hydrogen Gas

Author(s): Qurashi Ahsanulhaq | Tabet N | Faiz M | Yamzaki Toshinari
Size-Selected Ag Nanoparticles with Five-Fold Symmetry

Author(s): Gracia-Pinilla MiguelÁngel | Ferrer Domingo | Mejía-Rosales Sergio | Pérez-Tijerina Eduardo
Electrospun ZnO Nanowires as Gas Sensors for Ethanol Detection

Author(s): Wu Wan-Yu | Ting Jyh-Ming | Huang Po-Jung
High-yield Synthesis of Multiwalled Carbon Nanotube by Mechanothermal Method

Author(s): Manafi SA | Amin MH | Rahimipour MR | Salahi E | Kazemzadeh A
Synthesis and Microstructural Investigations of Organometallic Pd(II) Thiol-Gold Nanoparticles Hybrids

Author(s): Vitale Floriana | Vitaliano Rosa | Battocchio Chiara | Fratoddi Ilaria | Giannini Cinzia | Piscopiello Emanuela | Guagliardi Antonella | Cervellino Antonio | Polzonetti Giovanni | Russo MariaVittoria | Tapfer Leander
Sulfur Nanoparticles Synthesis and Characterization from H2S Gas, Using Novel Biodegradable Iron Chelates in W/O Microemulsion

Author(s): Deshpande Aniruddha | Khomane Ramdas | Vaidya Bhalchandra | Joshi Renuka | Harle Arti | Kulkarni Bhaskar
Synthesis of Polypyrrole Using Ferric Chloride (FeCl3) as Oxidant Together with Some Dopants for Use in Gas Sensors

Author(s): Hemant K. Chitte | Ganesh N. Shinde | Narendra V. Bhat | Vasant E. Walunj
A biomass gasification system for synthesis gas from the new method

Author(s): Li-Qun Wang | Yu-Huan Dun | Heng Tang | Tong-Zhang Wang

Author(s): Adriana García | Luis V. García | Mireya Goldwasser | Carmen M. López
Properties of Silicon Dioxide Films Prepared Using Silane and Oxygen Feeds by PE-CVD at Low Power Plasma

Author(s): S.P. Gore | A.M. Funde | T.S. Salve | T.M. Bhave | S.R. Jadkar | S.V. Ghaisas
Correlation of Raman and Photoluminescence Spectra Of Al2o3 Capped Silicon Nanoparticles Grown by Reactive Pulsed Laser Deposition

Author(s): A.P. Detty | L.M. Kukreja | B.N. Singh | V.G. Sathe | T. Shripathi | V.P. Mahadevan Pilla
Synthesis and Characterization of Co-Doped SnO2/TiO2 Semiconductor Nano Crystallites Via Sol-Gel Method

Author(s): H.Z.R. Hamoon | G.S. Devi1, | H. Beigi | J.V.R. Rao | K.R. Reddy | A. Nanaji
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