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Collaborative Creation of a Lab Rubric

Author(s): Carrie Miller-DeBoer | Michele Eodice
Te Poropiti whakamutunga: The last prophet

Author(s): Marie Parehuia Stewart
Student-Assistant Profile in the Chair of Anatomy. 2000-2004 cut.

Author(s): Lucía Tomassi | Ignacio Golian | Santiago Haedo | Erika Oechsle | Mariano Sidelnik | Horacio A.Conesa
A Novel, Image-Based, Voting Tool Based on Handheld Devices

Author(s): Peter van Ooijen | André Broekema
iPhones and Smartphones

Author(s): Kevin YE | Jace HARGIS

Author(s): Rana Raddawi
The Use of the Problem-Solving Method in Teaching Norwegian

Author(s): Raluca Petrus, Teaching Assistant, PhD Student
A pilot study using Cultural Consensus Analysis to measure Systems-Based Practice performance

Author(s): C. Scott Smith | Magdalena Morris | Francine Langois-Winkle | William Hill | Chris Francovich
The Undergraduate Teaching Assistant Experience Offers Opportunities Similar to the Undergraduate Research Experience

Author(s): Kelly A. Schalk | J. Randy McGinnis | Jeffrey R. Harring | Amy Hendrickson | Ann C. Smith
Teaching logic using a state-of-art proof assistant

Author(s): Maxim Hendriks | Cezary Kaliszyk | Femke van Raamsdonk | Freek Wiedijk
From Editor vol 11, No.3

Author(s): Ugur Demiray
Sero-prevalence and risk factors for hepatitis B virus infection among health care workers in a tertiary hospital in Uganda

Author(s): Ziraba Abdhalah | Bwogi Josephine | Namale Alice | Wainaina Caroline | Mayanja-Kizza Harriet
Problematizarea in didactica educatiei fizice

Author(s): Cosmin Prodea, Assist. Prof. PhD | Remus Văidăhăzean, Teaching assistant, PhD student
Students perception of the nursing assistant course forward to training and professional practice

Author(s): Rita de Cassia Cordeiro de Oliveira, Vera Lúcia de Almeida Becerra Perez, Antonia Oliveira Silva
Respecting tutorial instructors' beliefs and experiences: A case study of a physics teaching assistant

Author(s): Renee Michelle Goertzen | Rachel E. Scherr | Andrew Elby
Preface, MSM 2011

Author(s): Editor, MSM
Traditional microscopy instruction versus process-oriented virtual microscopy instruction: a naturalistic experiment with control group

Author(s): Helle Laura | Nivala Markus | Kronqvist Pauliina | Gegenfurtner Andreas | Björk Pasi | Säljö Roger
Knowledge levels as to basic life support of medical doctors and affecting factors

Author(s): Özlem BİLİR | Hamit ACEMOĞLU | Şahin ASLAN | Zeynep ÇAKIR | Hayati KANDİŞ | Şule ESEN TÜRKYILMAZ
From the Editor Vol: 6 number 2

Author(s): Ugur Demiray
Fnom Editor

Author(s): Ugur Demiray
From the Editor

Author(s): Ugur DEMIRAY
Strangers in Stranger Lands: Language, Learning, Culture

Author(s): Hong Li | Roy F. Fox | Dario J. Almarza
from editor

Author(s): Ugur Demiray
Towards an Intelligent Tutor for Mathematical Proofs

Author(s): Serge Autexier | Dominik Dietrich | Marvin Schiller
from Editorial

Author(s): Ugur dEMİRAY
From the Editor

Author(s): Ugur Demiray
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