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Student-Assistant Profile in the Chair of Anatomy. 2000-2004 cut.

Author(s): Lucía Tomassi | Ignacio Golian | Santiago Haedo | Erika Oechsle | Mariano Sidelnik | Horacio A.Conesa
PDAs: Revolutionizing The Way We Learn and Teach

Author(s): Kimberly McDONOUGH | Zane L. BERGE
Technical Evaluation Report 28: Speak2Me: Using Synchronous Audio for ESL Teaching in Taiwan

Author(s): Deborah K. LaPointe | Katherine R. B. Greysen | Kerrin A. Barrett
Accounting for tutorial teaching assistants’ buy-in to reform instruction

Author(s): Renee Michelle Goertzen | Rachel E. Scherr | Andrew Elby
The Undergraduate Teaching Assistant Experience Offers Opportunities Similar to the Undergraduate Research Experience

Author(s): Kelly A. Schalk | J. Randy McGinnis | Jeffrey R. Harring | Amy Hendrickson | Ann C. Smith
Teaching logic using a state-of-art proof assistant

Author(s): Maxim Hendriks | Cezary Kaliszyk | Femke van Raamsdonk | Freek Wiedijk
Women in education and science

Author(s): Bogdanović Marija
Development and evaluation of a Health Record Online Submission Tool (HOST)

Author(s): Dianne P. Wagner | Steven Roskos | Robin Demuth | Brian Mavis
Students perception of the nursing assistant course forward to training and professional practice

Author(s): Rita de Cassia Cordeiro de Oliveira, Vera Lúcia de Almeida Becerra Perez, Antonia Oliveira Silva
E-education in pathology including certification of e-institutions

Author(s): Kayser Klaus | Ogilvie Robert | Borkenfeld Stephan | Kayser Gian
Pathology Laboratories Staff Workload Evaluation in Turkey: A Survey Study

Author(s): Alp USUBÜTÜN | Sarp ÜNER | Fevzi HARORLU | Erdener ÖZER | Sıtkı TUZLALI | Arzu RUACAN | Orhan KOÇ | Kutsal YÖRÜKOĞLU
Training graduate students to be teachers

Author(s): de-Macedo D.V. | de-Paula E. | Torres B.B.
Language Development and Science Inquiry: The Head Start on Science and Communication Program

Author(s): Evelyn R. Klein | Penny L. Hammrich | Stefanie Bloom | Anika Ragins
The use of SMIRP for the rapid design and implementation of pedagogical constructs: Case study of a question-answer-reference framework

Author(s): Jean-Claude Bradley | and Donald McEachron | David Dorsey | Benjamin Samuel | Sundar Babu | Jeremy Boecker, | Mohammad Haghkar | Jay Bhatt
Nursing personnel attitudes towards suicide: the development of a measure scale

Author(s): Botega Neury José | Reginato Diogo Gomes | Silva Sidney Volk da | Cais Carlos Filinto da Silva | Rapeli Claudemir Benedito | Mauro Marisa Lúcia Fabrício | Cecconi Janaína Phillipe | Stefanello Sabrina
From the Editor

Author(s): Ugur DEMIRAY
A survey of health professions students for knowledge, attitudes, and confidence about tuberculosis, 2005

Author(s): Jackson Marguerite | Harrity Shawn | Hoffman Helene | Catanzaro Antonino
Initiation of student-TA interactions in tutorials

Author(s): Rachel E. Scherr | Rosemary S. Russ | Thomas J. Bing | Raymond A. Hodges
In Praise of Teaching Assistants

Author(s): Tom Garrison
Operative notes in orthopaedic surgical care in nigeria

Author(s): AA Kawu | DG Sha ,OOA Salami ,A Olawepo ,SA Kuranga ,EA Jeje
From Neophyte to Experienced Facilitator: an Interactive Blended-Learning Course for Graduate Teaching Assistants in Hong Kong

Author(s): Kai-Pan Mark | Dimple R. Thadani | David Santandreu Calonge | Cecilia F.K. Pun | P.H. Patrio Chiu
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