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On One Approach to Scientific CAD/CAE Software Developing Process

Author(s): George Sergia | Alexander Demurov | George Petrosyan | Roman Jobava
Secondary school students as young researchers

Author(s): Lidija Ajtnik | Darja Kobal Grum
Open Dialogues in social networks: professional identity and transdisciplinary collaboration

Author(s): Anne-Lise Holmesland | Jaakko Seikkula | Øystein Nilsen | Mark Hopfenbeck | Tom Erik Arnkil
Digital Europe – Chance for Job in Hungary

Author(s): L. Várallyai | M. Herdon
Health promotion as multi-professional and multi-disciplinary work

Author(s): Anastasios Tzenalis | Chrisanthy Sotiriadou
The Chronic CARe for diAbeTes study (CARAT): a cluster randomized controlled trial

Author(s): Frei Anja | Chmiel Corinne | Schläpfer Hansueli | Birnbaum Beatrice | Held Ulrike | Steurer Johann | Rosemann Thomas
Facilitators and barriers to implementing clinical care pathways

Author(s): Evans-Lacko Sara | Jarrett Manuela | McCrone Paul | Thornicroft Graham
A Total Ergonomic Design Approach to Enhance the Productivity in a Complicated Control System

Author(s): A. Azadeh | I. Mohammad Fam | Mohammad Mansouri Garakani
Total Quality Management and Knowledge Sharing: Comparing Malaysia’s Manufacturing and Service Organizations

Author(s): Weng-Choong Cheah | Keng-Boon Ooi | Pei-Lee Teh | Alain Yee-Loong Chong | Chen-Chen Yong
Caring for dying and meeting death: Experiences of Iranian and Swedish nurses

Author(s): Iranmanesh Sedigheh | Axelsson Karin | Sävenstedt Stefan | Häggström Terttu
The role and characteristics of a manager in the strategic transformation of the health care system

Author(s): Gajić-Stevanović Milena | Teodorović Nevenka | Vukša Ana | Živković Slavoljub
Improvement of teamwork in health care through interprofessional education

Author(s): Simin Dragana | Milutinović Dragana | Brestovački Branislava | Andrijević Ilija | Cigić Tomislav
Tools for evaluating team performance in simulation-based training

Author(s): Rosen Michael | Weaver Sallie | Lazzara Elizabeth | Salas Eduardo | Wu Teresa | Silvestri Salvatore | Schiebel Nicola | Almeida Sandra | King Heidi
Simulation-based team training at the sharp end: A qualitative study of simulation-based team training design, implementation, and evaluation in healthcare

Author(s): Weaver Sallie | Salas Eduardo | Lyons Rebecca | Lazzara Elizabeth | Rosen Michael | DiazGranados Deborah | Grim Julia | Augenstein Jeffery | Birnbach David | King Heidi
Work-readiness skills in the Fasset Sector

Author(s): Melandi Raftopoulos | Sanet Coetzee | Deléne Visser
The effectiveness of a diversity awareness training programme

Author(s): Colette Cavaleros | L. J. van Vuuren | Delene Visser
Social network analysis of study environment

Author(s): Blaženka Divjak | Petra Peharda
The Delta Cooperative Model: a Dynamic and Innovative Team-Work Activity to Develop Research Skills in Microbiology

Author(s): Carlos Rios-Velazquez | Reynaldo Robles-Suarez | Alberto J. Gonzalez-Negron | Ivan Baez-Santos
A influência do acompanhamento farmacoterapêutico na adesão à terapia anti-hipertensiva e no grau de satisfação do paciente

Author(s): Luciene Alves Moreira Marques | Laila Carvalho Amarante | Luci Sanae Shoji | Luiz Alberto Beijo | Eliana Bernardes Lourenço

Author(s): Gomez-Angel Margarita | Tello-Duran Jose | Muños-Sanchez Liliana Patricia
Organizational Culture in Middle and Upper Level Hotel Units in Greece

Author(s): Thanos Kriemadis | Michael Koniordos | Stella Leivadi | Christiana Mavromatis | Nickos Kartakoullis | George Karlis | Jacquelyn Oncescu
Making sense of health information technology implementation: A qualitative study protocol

Author(s): Kitzmiller Rebecca | Anderson Ruth | McDaniel Reuben
Sharing best practices through online communities of practice: a case study

Author(s): Thomas Annamma | Fried Grace | Johnson Peter | Stilwell Barbara
Implementation of (TQM) in the Faculty of Planning & Management at Al-Balqa Applied University

Author(s): Rafat. Salameh Salameh | Mohammed Awwad Alzyadat | Jamal Ahmad Alnsour
Interprofessional simulated learning: short-term associations between simulation and interprofessional collaboration

Author(s): Kenaszchuk Chris | MacMillan Kathleen | van Soeren Mary | Reeves Scott
Achieving Continuity of Care: Facilitators and Barriers in Community Mental Health Teams

Author(s): Belling Ruth | Whittock Margaret | McLaren Susan | Burns Tom | Catty Jocelyn | Jones Ian Rees | Rose Diana | Wykes Til
Following the funding trail: Financing, nurses and teamwork in Australian general practice

Author(s): Pearce Christopher | Phillips Christine | Hall Sally | Sibbald Bonnie | Porritt Julie | Yates Rachael | Dwan Kathryn | Kljakovic Marjan

Author(s): CSS Vol. 6 No. 3
Assessment of university degrees implementation in highger education

Author(s): Cecilia Ruiz Esteban | Luis Torrego Egido
Can knowledge management influence firms' performance?

Author(s): Juan José Tarí Guilló | Mariano García-Fernández
Survey of Employees\' Safety Attitude in a Teaching Hospital Tehran 2010

Author(s): J. Tabibi | A.A. Nasiripour | M.R. Maleki | P. Raessi | M. Mahmmoudi | L. Azimi
Team-working and stress in health and social care

Author(s): Constantine Kahuro Ngigi
A Framework for Sharing Knowledge in Product Development by E-collaboration through Project Management

Author(s): Marjan Mohammadjafari | Shamsuddin Ahmed | Siti Zawiah Md Dawal | Hadi Zayandehroodi
Open Dialogues in social networks: professional identity and transdisciplinary collaboration

Author(s): Anne-Lise Holmesland | Jaakko Seikkula | Øystein Nilsen | Mark Hopfenbeck | Tom Erik Arnkil
Assessment of university degrees implementation in highger education

Author(s): Cecilia Ruiz Esteban | Luis Torrego Egido
Simulation in Medical School Education: Review for Emergency Medicine

Author(s): Bharath Chakravarthy | Elizabeth ter Haar | Srinidhi Subraya Bhat | Christopher Erik McCoy | T. Kent Denmark | Shahram Lotfipour
Driving after Brain Injury: A Clinical Model Based on a Quality Improvement Project

Author(s): Anna Lundqvist | Johan Alinder | Ingalill Modig-Arding | Kersti Samuelsson
Safety Culture in the Maternity Units: a census survey using the Safety Attitudes Questionnaire

Author(s): Raftopoulos Vasilios | Savva Nicos | Papadopoulou Maria
Strengthening organizational performance through accreditation research-a framework for twelve interrelated studies: the ACCREDIT project study protocol

Author(s): Braithwaite Jeffrey | Westbrook Johanna | Johnston Brian | Clark Stephen | Brandon Mark | Banks Margaret | Hughes Clifford | Greenfield David | Pawsey Marjorie | Corbett Angus | Georgiou Andrew | Callen Joanne | Øvretveit John | Pope Catherine | Suñol Rosa | Shaw Charles | Debono Deborah | Westbrook Mary | Hinchcliff Reece | Moldovan Max
Person-Environment Fit: The Missing Link in the Organisational Culture -Commitment Relationship

Author(s): Kamarul Zaman Ahmad | Kayathry Veerapandian | Wee Yu Ghee
The Concept of Orthodontic Treatment For The Adult

Author(s): A. Vojdani | H. Horgian
Distance Students’ Readiness for Social Media and Collaboration

Author(s): Bruno Poellhuber | Terry Anderson
A influência do acompanhamento farmacoterapêutico na adesão à terapia anti-hipertensiva e no grau de satisfação do paciente

Providers’ perspectives on collaboration

Author(s): Patricia Bruner | Roberta Waite | Maureen P. Davey

Are female students in general and nursing students more ready for teamwork and interprofessional collaboration in healthcare?

Author(s): Wilhelmsson Margaretha | Ponzer Sari | Dahlgren Lars-Ove | Timpka Toomas | Faresjö Tomas
Pain, power and patience - A narrative study of general practitioners' relations with chronic pain patients

Author(s): Kristiansson Mia | Brorsson Annika | Wachtler Caroline | Troein Margareta
Evaluation of the impact of interdisciplinarity in cancer care

Author(s): Tremblay Dominique | Roberge Danièle | Cazale Linda | Touati Nassera | Maunsell Elizabeth | Latreille Jean | Lemaire Jacques
Researchers' experience with project management in health and medical research: Results from a post-project review

Author(s): Payne Janet | France Kathryn | Henley Nadine | D'Antoine Heather | Bartu Anne | Elliott Elizabeth | Bower Carol
Birth delivery assisted by nurse-midwife: perspectives and controversies

Author(s): Selma Aparecida Lagrosa Garcia | Umberto Gazi Lippi | Sidney Antonio Lagrosa Garcia
Power relationships in the Family Health Strategy from the perspective of the Hannah Arendt theory

Author(s): Hadelândia Milon de Oliveira | Thiago de Oliveira Pires | Rosana Cristina Pereira Parente
Emotional Intelligence and Organisational Citizenship Behaviour of Manufacturing Sector Employees: An Analysis

Author(s): Susan Tee Suan Chin | R. N. Anantharaman | David Yoon Kin Tong
Work in Multidisciplinary Teams: a Study about Mobilization of Knowledge and Learning in an Organization of Complex Products

Author(s): Melissa Lucchi | Mônica de Fátima Bianco | Paulo Tadeu de Mello Lourenção
Posture of academic dentistry about the performance teamwork and the principle ofintegrality

Author(s): Sérgio Luis Mattos Tezza | Ricardo Mitoso Alho | Lucas Melo Pioner | Kellyson Jackson Caldas Pinto | Rodrigo Otávio Moretti–Pires
Analysis of the team work of a Psychosocial Care Center from the perspective of users

Author(s): Marcus Vinícius Deorristte dos Santos | Christine Wetzel | Agnes Olschowsky | Leandro Barbosa de Pinho | Luciane Prado Kantorski
Value Engineering Application in Highway Projects

Author(s): Amiruddin Ismail | Rahim Aminzadeh | Ali Aram | Ishak Arshad
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