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Mashups for Learning - Editorial

Author(s): Martin Ebner | Ralf Klamma | Sandra Schaffert
Collaborative Development of a PLE for Language Learning

Author(s): D. Renzel | C. Höbelt | D. Dahrendorf | M. Friedrich | Felix Mödritscher | K. Verbert | S. Goevaerts | M. Palmer | E. Bogdanov
Digital Libraries and Educational Resources: the AquaRing Semantic Approach

Author(s): Stefano Bianchi | Gianni Vercelli | Giuliano Vivanet
Improving Security for SCADA Sensor Networks with Reputation Systems and Self-Organizing Maps

Author(s): José M. Moya | Álvaro Araujo | Zorana Banković | Juan-Mariano de Goyeneche | Juan Carlos Vallejo | Pedro Malagón | Daniel Villanueva | David Fraga | Elena Romero | Javier Blesa

Students’ Motivations for Social Media Enhanced Studying and Learning

Author(s): Kirsi Silius | Thumas Miilumäki | Jukka Huhtamäki | Teemo Tebest | Joonas Meriläinen | Seppo Pohjolainen
Tailoring Technology-Enhanced Learning Arrangements to Individual Needs

Author(s): Sonja Trapp | Ludger Thomas | Sabine Möbs
Creating Engaging Online Courses

Author(s): Susan Zvacek
Does it help teaching? Instructors’ perceptions of a technology enhanced standards-based educational program

Author(s): Hasan Çakır, Barbara A. Bichelmeyer, Thomas Duffy, Alan Dennis, JoAnne Bunnage
Sharing of Learning Material on Mobile Devices Through Bluetooth Technology

Author(s): Mohammed Abdallh Otair | Mohamad Al-Jedaiah | A. Y. Al-Zoubi | Anas Al-Refaee
Fuzzy Grading for Content Management in E-Learning Systems

Author(s): Neeraj Kharya | Sanjay Sharma | Ani Thomas
Fast Scene Recognition and Camera Relocalisation for Wide Area Augmented Reality Systems

Author(s): Tao Guan | Liya Duan | Yongjian Chen | Junqing Yu
Adaptive Follow-up of Online Engineering Laboratories Activities

Author(s): Christophe Gravier | NasrEddine Abdellaoui
Learning Content and Software Evaluation and Personalisation Problems

Author(s): Eugenijus KURILOVAS | Silvija SERIKOVIENE
Mining Web Navigation Profiles For Recommendation System

Author(s): Y.M. AlMurtadha | Md. N.B. Sulaiman | N. Mustapha | N.I. Udzir
The Implementation of the Personalised Approach for Technology Enhanced Learning

Author(s): Stefan Svetsky | Oliver Moravcik | Daynier R.D. Sobrino | Jana Stefankova
Subliminal Cues While Teaching: HCI Technique for Enhanced Learning

Author(s): Pierre Chalfoun | Claude Frasson
Specifying Cases for Technology Enhanced Learning in a Small and Medium Enterprise

Author(s): Vladan Devedžić | Sonja Radenković | Jelena Jovanović | Viktor Pocajt
Remote Laboratory Experiments in a Virtual Immersive Learning Environment

Author(s): Luca Berruti | Franco Davoli | Sandro Zappatore | Gianluca Massei | Amedeo Scarpiello
From Editor

Author(s): Ugur Demiray
From the Editor

Author(s): Ugur Demiray
Pharmaceutical E-learning: Precepts, retrospect and prospects

Author(s): Singh B | Kapil R | Katare O
Feature selection for fMRI-based deception detection

Author(s): Jin Bo | Strasburger Alvin | Laken Steven | Kozel F Andrew | Johnson Kevin | George Mark | Lu Xinghua
Towards a Standardized e-Assessment System: Motivations, Challenges and First Findings

Author(s): Mohammad AL-Smadi | Christian Gütl | Denis Helic
Mobile Game Development for Multiple Devices in Education

Author(s): Pablo Lavin-Mera | Javier Torrente | Pablo Moreno-Ger | Jose Angel Vallejo Pinto | Baltasar Fernández-Manjón
Lab2go – A Repository to Locate Online Laboratories

Author(s): Christian Maier | Michael Niederstätter
Naive Bayes vs. Decision Trees vs. Neural Networks in the Classification of Training Web Pages

Author(s): Daniela Xhemali | Christopher J. Hinde | Roger G. Stone
Polychotomiser for Case-based Reasoning beyond the Traditional Bayesian Classification Approach

Author(s): Dino Isa | Lam Hong Lee | V.P. Kallimani | R. Prasad
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Fei Yu | Chin-Chen Chang | Jian Shu | Guiping Liao | Guangxue Yue
Introduction to the Inaugural Issue

Author(s): A.C.M. Fong
Feature Subset Selection Problem using Wrapper Approach in Supervised Learning

Author(s): Asha Gowda Karegowda | M.A.Jayaram | A.S. Manjunath
Relevance Vector Machines for Enhanced BER Probability in DMT-Based Systems

Author(s): Ashraf A. Tahat | Nikolaos P. Galatsanos
Working with XML for Flexible Management of Online Course Syllabi

Author(s): Zeynel Cebeci | Fuat Budak | Mehmet Tekdal
GE3D: A Virtual Campus for Technology-Enhanced Distance Learning

Author(s): Jean Grieu | Florence Lecroq | Patrick Person | Thierry Galinho | Hadhoum Boukachour
Technology-Based Lesson Plans: Preparation and Description

Author(s): Svetlana KUBILINSKIENĖ | Valentina DAGIENĖ
Measuring Cognition of Students with Disabilities Using Technology-Enabled Assessments: Recommendations for a National Research Agenda

Author(s): Sue Bechard | Jan Sheinker | Rosemary Abell | Karen Barton | Kelly Burling | Christopher Camacho | Renée Cameto | Geneva Haertel | Eric Hansen | Chris Johnstone | Neal Kingston | Elizabeth (Boo) Murray | Caroline E. Parker | Doris Redfield | Bill Tucker
Technology-Enabled and Universally Designed Assessment: Considering Access in Measuring the Achievement of Students with Disabilities—A Foundation for Research

Author(s): Patricia Almond | Phoebe Winter | Renée Cameto | Michael Russell | Edynn Sato | Jody Clarke-Midura | Chloe Torres | Geneva Haertel | Robert Dolan | Peter Beddow | Sheryl Lazarus
Towards a Pattern Language for Learners' Assessment in e-Learning Systems

Author(s): Élisabeth Delozanne | Françoise Le Calvez | Agathe Merceron | Jean-Marc Labat
Engineering of activity indicators using modelled traces for Computer Supported Collaborative Learning.

Author(s): Tarek Djouad | Alain Mille | Christophe Reffay | Mohamed BenMohamed

Author(s): Ali Mirza Mahmood, | Pavani Kapavarapu | Venu Gopal Kavuluru, | Mrithyumjaya Rao Kuppa
Query based Personalization in Semantic Web Mining

Author(s): Mahendra Thakur | Yogendra Kumar Jain | Geetika Silakari
The Armeo Spring as training tool to improve upper limb functionality in multiple sclerosis: a pilot study

Author(s): Gijbels Domien | Lamers Ilse | Kerkhofs Lore | Alders Geert | Knippenberg Els | Feys Peter

A Visually Enhanced Synchronous Interaction Tool for Blended E-Learning

Author(s): Judit Jasso | Alfredo Milani | Simonetta Pallottelli
Towards an Adaptive competency-based learning System using assessment

Author(s): Noureddine El Faddouli | Brahim El Falaki | Mohammed Khalidi Idrissi | Samir Bennani
Citadel E-Learning: A New Dimension to Learning System

Author(s): Awodele O. | Kuyoro S. O. | Adejumobi A. K. | Awe O. | Makanju O.
Learning from each other: engaging engineering students through their cultural capital

Author(s): Elena Rodriguez-Falcon | Alma Hodzic | Anna Symington
Intention-based design of pedagogical scenarios

Author(s): Valérie EMIN | Jean-Philippe PERNIN | Viviane GUERAUD
Technology in the Foreign Language Classroom

Author(s): Karen Wolz Verkler
Shooting short videos in French with mobile phones

Author(s): Serge Gabarre | Cécile Gabarre
Conception of a management tool of Technology Enhanced Learning Environments

Author(s): Sérgio André Ferreira | António Andrade
Math World: A Game-Based 3D Virtual Learning Environment (3D VLE) for Second Graders

Author(s): Jean Maitem | Rosmina Joy Cabauatan | Lorena Rabago | Bartolome Tanguilig III
Competencias para el uso de TIC de los futuros maestros ICT Competences of Future Teachers

Author(s): María Paz Prendes Espinosa | Linda Castañeda Quintero | Isabel Gutiérrez Porlán
Usage of Technology Enhanced Educational Tools for Delivering Programming Courses

Author(s): Mirjana Ivanović | Stelios Xinogalos | Živana Komlenov
Attitude: A Determinant of Agricultural Graduates’ Participation in Videoconferencing Technology

Author(s): M. S. Meena | K. M. Singh | H. R. Meena | Manish Kanwat
A Velocity-Based Rao-Blackwellized Particle Filter Approach to Monocular vSLAM

Author(s): Morteza Farrokhsiar | Homayoun Najjaran
Trials of large group teaching in Malaysian private universities: a cross sectional study of teaching medicine and other disciplines

Author(s): Thomas Susan | Subramaniam Shamini | Abraham Mathew | Too LaySan | Beh LooSee
Clustering and OFDMA-based MAC protocol (COMAC) for vehicular ad hoc networks

Author(s): Abdel Hafeez Khalid | Zhao Lian | Liao Zaiyi | Ma Bobby
Electroencephalogram Signals Processing for the Diagnosis of Petit mal and Grand mal Epilepsies Using an Artificial Neural Network

Author(s): M. R. Arab | A. A. Suratgar | V. M. Martínez‐Hernández | A. Rezaei Ashtiani
E-learning as a Research Area: An Analytical Approach

Author(s): Sangeeta Kakoty | Monohar Lal | Shikhar Kr. Sarma
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Deng-Yiv Chiu | Chen-Shu Wang | Wen-Chih Chang
The Effect of Online Training on Employee’s Performance

Author(s): Shu Ching Yang | Chin Hung Lin
SMS: Tool for L2 Vocabulary Retention and Reading Comprehension Ability

Author(s): Khalil Motallebzadeh | Razyeh Ganjali
Research Skills Enhancement in Future Mechanical Engineers

Author(s): Jorge Lino Alves | Teresa P. Duarte
Evaluating the Quality of Social Media in an Educational Context

Author(s): Kirsi Silius | Meri Kailanto | Anne-Maritta Tervakari
Enhanced Hierarchical Clustering for Genome Databases

Author(s): Sadiq Hussain | Gopal Hazarika
Enhanced Algorithms to Identify Change in Crime Patterns

Author(s): malathi arunachalam | S. Santhosh Baboo
Feature Subset Selection using Cascaded GA and CFS: A Filter Approach in Supervised Learning

Author(s): Asha Gowda Karegowda | M.A. Jayaram | A.S .Manjunath
Graphing Calculator for Probability Students: How Was It Perceived?

Author(s): Choo-Kim Tan | Madhubala Bava Harji | Siong-Hoe Lau
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