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A telehealth integrated asthma-COPD service for primary care: a proposal for a pilot feasibility study in Crete, Greece

Author(s): Tsiligianni Ioanna | van der Molen Thys | Tzanakis Nikolaos | Siafakas Nikolaos | van Heijst Ellen | Lionis Christos
Connectivity for Healthcare and Well-Being Management: Examples from Six European Projects

Author(s): Maged N. Kamel Boulos | Ricardo Castellot Lou | Athanasios Anastasiou | Chris D. Nugent | Jan Alexandersson | Gottfried Zimmermann | Ulises Cortes | Roberto Casas
The workload of web-based consultations with atopic eczema patients at home

Author(s): Schopf Thomas | Bolle Roald | Solvoll Terje
Study protocol: home-based telehealth stroke care: a randomized trial for veterans

Author(s): Chumbler Neale | Rose Dorian | Griffiths Patricia | Quigley Patricia | McGee-Hernandez Nancy | Carlson Katherine | Vandenberg Phyllis | Morey Miriam | Sanford Jon | Hoenig Helen
Randomised controlled trial of an automated, interactive telephone intervention to improve type 2 diabetes self-management (Telephone-Linked Care Diabetes Project): study protocol

Author(s): Bird Dominique | Oldenburg Brian | Cassimatis Mandy | Russell Anthony | Ash Susan | Courtney Mary | Scuffham Paul | Stewart Ian | Wootton Richard | Friedman Robert
Psychotherapeutic intervention by telephone

Author(s): Erika Mozer | Bethany Franklin | Jon Rose
Telerehabilitation assessment using the Functioning Everyday with a Wheelchair-Capacity instrument

Author(s): Richard M. Schein, PhD | Mark R. Schmeler, PhD, OTR/L, ATP | Margo B. Holm, PhD, OTR/L | Michael Pramuka, PhD | Andi Saptono, MS | David M. Brienza, PhD
Supporting work practices through telehealth: impact on nurses in peripheral regions

Author(s): Gagnon Marie-Pierre | Paré Guy | Pollender Hugo | Duplantie Julie | Côté José | Fortin Jean-Paul | Labadie Rita | Duplàa Emmanuel | Thifault Marie-Claude | Courcy François | McGinn Carrie | Ly Birama | Trépanier Amélie | Malo François-Bernard
The Relevance of Telehealth across the Digital Divide: The Transfer of Knowledge over Distance

Author(s): Ton AM Spil | Roel W Schuring | Margreet B Michel-Verkerke | Reuben Mugisha | Peter JB Lagendijk
Feasibility study of multidisciplinary oncology rounds by videoconference for surgeons in remote locales

Author(s): Gagliardi Anna | Smith Andy | Goel Vivek | DePetrillo Denny
A Wireless Health Outcomes Monitoring System (WHOMS): development and field testing with cancer patients using mobile phones

Author(s): Bielli Emilia | Carminati Fabio | La Capra Stella | Lina Micaela | Brunelli Cinzia | Tamburini Marcello
Collaboration: Leadership in a Global Technological Environment

Author(s): Hinton Walker, P., Elberson, K
Accessible Online Health Promotion Information for Persons with Disabilities

Author(s): Smeltzer, S., Zimmerman, V., Frain, M., DeSilets, L., Duffin, J
Accessible Online Health Promotion Information for Persons with Disabilities"

Author(s): Smeltzer, S., Zimmerman, V., Frain, M., DeSilets, L., Duffin, J
Preparing for success: Readiness models for rural telehealth

Author(s): Jennett P | Gagnon M | Brandstadt H
Telemedicine and rural health care applications

Author(s): Smith Anthony | Bensink M | Armfield N | Stillman J | Caffery L
Using Ontario's "Telehealth" health telephone helpline as an early-warning system: a study protocol

Author(s): Rolland Elizabeth | Moore Kieran | Robinson Victoria | McGuinness Don
Implementing telehealth to support medical practice in rural/remote regions: what are the conditions for success?

Author(s): Gagnon Marie-Pierre | Duplantie Julie | Fortin Jean-Paul | Landry Réjean
Exploring the effects of telehealth on medical human resources supply: a qualitative case study in remote regions

Author(s): Gagnon Marie-Pierre | Duplantie Julie | Fortin Jean-Paul | Landry Réjean
The use of telehealth for diabetes management: a qualitative study of telehealth provider perceptions

Author(s): Hopp Faith | Hogan Mary | Woodbridge Peter | Lowery Julie
Tracking the spatial diffusion of influenza and norovirus using telehealth data: A spatiotemporal analysis of syndromic data

Author(s): Cooper Duncan | Smith Gillian | Regan Martyn | Large Shirley | Groenewegen Peter
Development and Validation of a Smartphone Heart Rate Acquisition Application for Health Promotion and Wellness Telehealth Applications

Author(s): Mathew J. Gregoski | Martina Mueller | Alexey Vertegel | Aleksey Shaporev | Brenda B. Jackson | Ronja M. Frenzel | Sara M. Sprehn | Frank A. Treiber
Internet and education for the patient

Author(s): Bastos, Bárbara Guimarães | Ferrari, Deborah Viviane
Implementation and first-year screening results of an ocular telehealth system for diabetic retinopathy in China

Author(s): Peng Jinjuan | Zou Haidong | Wang Weiwei | Fu Jiong | Shen Bingjie | Bai Xuelin | Xu Xun | Zhang Xi
The value of innovative ICT guided disease management combined with telemonitoring in outpatient clinics for chronic heart failure patients -IN TOUCH-

Author(s): Arjen E. de Vries | Martje H.L. van der Wal | Imke H. Kraai | Richard M. de Jong | Rene B. van Dijk | Tiny Jaarsma | Hans L. Hillege
Follow-up and treatment of an instable patient with heart failure using telemonitoring and an ICT-guided disease management system; a case study

Author(s): Arjen E. de Vries | Martje H.L. van der Wal | Wendy Bedijn | Richard M. de Jong | Imke H. Kraai | Rene B. van Dijk | Tiny Jaarsma | Hans L. Hillege
Implementing assisted living at scale

Author(s): Graham Worsley
Using the smart meter infrastructure to support home based patient monitoring

Author(s): Malcolm Clarke | Charles Palmer | Russell Jones
Five cases focused on telehealth and telecare

Author(s): Ben Teeuwen | Thuy Ngo
The role of telehealth in Quebec’s healthcare reform

Author(s): David Levine | François Côté
Remote pulmonary rehabilitation

Author(s): Morag Barrow
Telehealth: supporting self-management of health and community based care

Author(s): Suzanne Martin | Eileen Thomson | Stephen Mathews | Paul McCullough | Gaye Lightbody | Melanie Ware | Maurice Mulvenna
Telehealth service in the UK: does it impact on patient outcomes?

Author(s): Liv Solvår Nymark | Iain McNeil | Omid Shabestari | Richard Mendelsohn
The Use of Telehealth Technology in Assessing the Accuracy of Self-Reported Weight and the Impact of a Daily Immediate-Feedback Intervention among Obese Employees

Author(s): Nicolaas P. Pronk | A. Lauren Crain | Jeffrey J. VanWormer | Brian C. Martinson | Jackie L. Boucher | Daniel L. Cosentino
Does the use of store-and-forward telehealth systems improve outcomes for clinicians managing diabetic foot ulcers? A pilot study

Author(s): Lazzarini Peter | Clark Damien | Mann Rebecca | Perry Vanessa | Thomas Courtney | Kuys Suzanne
Hunter New England Area Health Service pilot telehealth high risk foot clinic: connecting Tamworth and Newcastle

Author(s): Martin Nicole | Perfrement Chris | Connell Kate | Hardy Bronwyn | Maye Louise
Implementing Rede Universitaria de Telemedicina Usability-the Brazilian Telemedicine University Network

Author(s): Wilson Coury | Jose L.R. Filho | Luiz A. Messina | Nelson Simoes
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