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TELEMEDICINE A Revolution on The Horizon

Author(s): H. S. Rissam, S. Kishore, N. Trehan
Nursing Roles within a Stroke Telemedicine Network

Author(s): Terri-Ellen J. Kiernan | Bart M. Demaerschalk
Healthcare Applications and Services in Converged Networking Environments

Author(s): Tasos Dagiuklas | Maria G. Martini | Athanasios Demiris | George Anastassopoulos
Training the Trainees in Radiation Oncology with Telemedicine as a Tool in a Developing Country: A Two-Year Audit

Author(s): Sushma Agrawal | Anil Kumar Maurya | Kirti Shrivastava | Shaleen Kumar | M. C. Pant | Saroj Kant Mishra
Referral to an Electronic Screening and Brief Alcohol Intervention in Primary Health Care in Sweden: Impact of Staff Referral to the Computer

Author(s): Preben Bendtsen | Diana Stark Ekman | AnneLie Johansson | Siw Carlfjord | Agneta Andersson | Matti Leijon | Kjell Johansson | Per Nilsen
Telemedicine and anaesthesia

Author(s): Chatrath Veena | Attri Joginder | Chatrath Raman
Evaluation of Critical Success Factors for Telemedicine Implementation

Author(s): Subrahmanyam Kodukula | Mariyam Nazvia
Automated detection of proliferative retinopathy in clinical practice

Author(s): Audrey Karperien | Herbert F Jelinek | Jorge JG Leandro | João VB Soares | Roberto M Cesar Jr | Alan Luckie
System of Systems - A Holistic Approach for Telemedicine

Author(s): Viorel Petcu | Adrian Petrescu
A telehealth integrated asthma-COPD service for primary care: a proposal for a pilot feasibility study in Crete, Greece

Author(s): Tsiligianni Ioanna | van der Molen Thys | Tzanakis Nikolaos | Siafakas Nikolaos | van Heijst Ellen | Lionis Christos
Overview of international teledermatology

Author(s): Brijal Desai | Karen McKoy | Carrie Kovarik
Telemedicine: Perspectives and expectations

Author(s): Zdravković Svetozar
Digital Imaging in Teledermatology Applications

Author(s): Engin Şenel | Mete Baba
Use of mobile telemedicine for cervical cancer screening of HIV-positive women in Gaborone, Botswana

Author(s): Gormley Rachel | Quinley Kelly | Shih Ting | Szep Zsofia | Steiner Ann | Ramogola-Masire Doreen | Kovarik Carrie
Implementation of Compressed Sensing in Telecardiology Sensor Networks

Author(s): Eduardo Correia Pinheiro | Octavian Adrian Postolache | Pedro Silva Girão
Telemedicine in integrated care (example: asthma treatment)

Author(s): Marcus Hohlöchter | Stefan Kottmair | Ruth Philipp | Thomas Helms | A. Kröttinger | J. Pelleter
Applied Medical Informatics Using LabVIEW

Author(s): Himanshu Shekhar, | J.Sam Jeba Kumar | V.Ashok | Dr. A.Vimala Juliet
Low-Power, High Data Rate Transceiver System for Implantable Prostheses

Author(s): A. R. Kahn | E. Y. Chow | O. Abdel-Latief | P. P. Irazoqui
Role of Satellite Communication and Remote Sensing in Rural Development

Author(s): Manjunath A | Jain D | Kumar S | Anjaneyulu RVG
Distributed Virtual Patient Record System

Author(s): T. Bhuvaneswari | Nabajit Dutta | S.K. Srivatsa
Feasibility and Critical Success Factors in Implementing Telemedicine

Author(s): H.M. Judi | A.A. Razak | N. Sha`ari | H. Mohamed
Telemedical Support in Patients with Chronic Heart Failure: Experience from Different Projects in Germany

Author(s): Axel Müller | Johannes Schweizer | Thomas M. Helms | Micheal Oeff | Claudia Sprenger | Christian Zugck
Vascular Neurology Nurse Practitioner Provision of Telemedicine Consultations

Author(s): Bart M. Demaerschalk | Terri-Ellen J. Kiernan | STARR Investigators
Mobile Embedded Real Time System (RTTCS) for Monitoring and Controlling in Telemedicine

Author(s): Dhuha Basheer Abdullah | Muddather Abdul-Alaziz | Basim Mohammed
Telemedicine and cardiology

Author(s): Jelkić Nikola | Čanji Tibor | Ivanović Vladimir | Srdanović Ilija | Mirković Milena | Vujin Bojan
Feasibility and safety of remote radiology interpretation with telephone consultation for acute stroke in Thailand

Author(s): Muengtaweepongsa Sombat | Dharmasaroja Pornpatr | Maungboon Puritat | Wattanaruangkowit Pisit
Design of Multimedia Messaging Service for Mobile Telemedicine System

Author(s): Andik Setyono | Md. Jahangir Alam | Raed Ali Al-Saqour
The Value of Compressed Medical Images in Diagnostics: JPEG 2000 Lossy Compression of CT and MRI Images

Author(s): Muamer Smajlovic | Himzo Bajric | Nihad Mesanovic | Nedim Jahic
A telemedicine instrument for remote evaluation of tremor: design and initial applications in fatigue and patients with Parkinson's Disease

Author(s): Barroso Mário | Esteves Guilherme | Nunes Thiago | Silva Lucia | Faria Alvaro | Melo Pedro
Distributed Java Based Medical Imaging Informatics Model

Author(s): Ahmad Shukri S Mohd Noor | Md Yazid Md Saman
Hearing rehabilitation through telemedicine to enhance public policies in Brazil

Author(s): Silvio Pires Penteado | Ricardo Ferreira Bento
Comparison of in-person and digital photograph assessment of stage III and IV pressure ulcers among veterans with spinal cord injuries

Author(s): Darcey D. Terris, PhD | Christine Woo, MS | Marc N. Jarczok, Dipl. rer. soc. | Chester H. Ho, MD
Health Smart Home

Author(s): Ahmad Choukeir | Batoul Fneish | Nour Zaarour | Walid Fahs | Mohammad Ayache
Performance Evaluation of Distortion Measures for Retinal Images

Author(s): Nirmala S. R | Dandapat S. | Bora P. K.
Communication and proximity effects on outcomes attributable to sense of presence in distance bioinformatics education

Author(s): Locatis Craig | Berner Eta | Hammack Glenn | Smith Steve | Maisiak Richard | Ackerman Michael
e-Health technologies for adult hearing screening

Author(s): S. Stenfelt | T. Janssen | V. Schirkonyer | F. Grandori
Telemedical System for Monitoring of Blood Pressure

Author(s): Vratislav Fabian | Marcela Fejtova
Clinical Effectiveness, Access to, and Satisfaction with Care Using a Telehomecare Substitution Intervention: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Author(s): Kathryn H. Bowles | Alexandra L. Hanlon | Henry A. Glick | Mary D. Naylor | Melissa O'Connor | Barbara Riegel | Nai-Wei Shih | Mark G. Weiner
Virtual Communities for Diabetes Chronic Disease Healthcare

Author(s): Ivan Chorbev | Marija Sotirovska | Dragan Mihajlov
Electrocardiologic and related methods of non-invasive detection and risk stratification in myocardial ischemia: state of the art and perspectives

Author(s): Huebner, Thomas | Goernig, Matthias | Schuepbach, Michael | Sanz, Ernst | Pilgram, Roland | Seeck, Andrea | Voss, Andreas
Development of a positive psychology intervention for patients with acute cardiovascular disease

Author(s): Jeff C. Huffman | Carol A. Mastromauro | Julia K. Boehm | Rita Seabrook | Gregory L. Fricchione | John W. Denninger | Sonja Lyubomirsky
Em memória de Cecil Helman In Memory of Cecil Helman En memoria de Cecil Helman

Author(s): Francisco Jorge Arsego Quadros de Oliveira
Telemedical System for Monitoring of Blood Pressure

Author(s): Vratislav Fabian | Marcela Fejtova
Robot Aided Remote Medical Assistance System using LabVIEW

Author(s): N Natarajan | S Aparna | J Sam Jeba Kumar
Design of Wireless Electronic Stethoscope Based on Zigbee

Author(s): Kadam Patil D.D | Shastri R.K
Application of Multiprotocol Medical Imaging Communications and an Extended DICOM WADO Service in a Teleradiology Architecture

Author(s): George V. Koutelakis | George K. Anastassopoulos | Dimitrios K. Lymberopoulos
Development and Validation of a Smartphone Heart Rate Acquisition Application for Health Promotion and Wellness Telehealth Applications

Author(s): Mathew J. Gregoski | Martina Mueller | Alexey Vertegel | Aleksey Shaporev | Brenda B. Jackson | Ronja M. Frenzel | Sara M. Sprehn | Frank A. Treiber
e-Health technologies for adult hearing screening

Author(s): S. Stenfelt | T. Janssen | V. Schirkonyer | F. Grandori
The profession “medical informatician”

Author(s): Jivka Vinarova | Polina Mihova
„Starkes Herz“/Strong heart: integrated health care for patients with history of heart failure in the Kinzigtal region, a rural area in South of Germany

Author(s): Gwendolyn Schmitt | Helmut Hildebrandt | Monika Roth | Marcus Auel | Thomas Deschler | Werner Witzenrath
Development of Long-Range and High-Speed Wireless LAN for the Transmission of Telemedicine from Disaster Areas

Author(s): Nakamura Masayuki | Kubota Shoshin | Takagi Hideaki | Einaga Kiyoshi | Yokoyama Masashi | Mochizuki Katsuto | Takizawa Masaomi | Murase Sumio
Wireless Telemedicine and Applications

Author(s): Xiao Yang | Lin Yi-Bing | Du Dingzhu | Chen Hui
Young people's views on the potential use of telemedicine consultations for sexual health: results of a national survey

Author(s): Garrett Cameryn | Hocking Jane | Chen Marcus | Fairley Christopher | Kirkman Maggie
Real-Time Transmission and Storage of Video, Audio, and Health Data in Emergency and Home Care Situations

Author(s): Barbieri Ivano | Lambruschini Paolo | Raggio Marco | Stagnaro Riccardo
Secure and Efficient Data Transmission over Body Sensor and Wireless Networks

Author(s): Challa Narasimha | Çam Hasan | Sikri Madhur
Temperature-Aware Routing for Telemedicine Applications in Embedded Biomedical Sensor Networks

Author(s): Takahashi Daisuke | Xiao Yang | Hu Fei | Chen Jiming | Sun Youxian
Satellite Communications: Impact on Developing Economies

Author(s): AAA. Atayero | Matthew K. Luka | Orya M. Kwaghdoo | Adeyemi A. Alatishe
System for digitalization of medical images based on DICOM standard

Author(s): Čabarkapa Slobodan | Zajić Goran | Pavlović Milan | Slavković Nikola | Reljin Nikola | Kragović Milanko
Connecting Hospitalized Patients with Their Families: Case Series and Commentary

Author(s): Kourosh Parsapour | Alexander A. Kon | Madan Dharmar | Amy K. McCarthy | Hsuan-Hui Yang | Anthony C. Smith | Janice Carpenter | Candace K. Sadorra | Aron D. Farbstein | Nayla M. Hojman | Gary L. Wold | James P. Marcin
Baltic eHealth Project The Future of the Telemedicine in the Baltic Sea Region

Author(s): N. Valevicine | P. Ross | L. Cristensien

Author(s): "A. Delrobaee | M. H. Mirdamadi | M. T. Yasamy | Y. Kheirish | B. Mohabbati | H. Delrobaie H. R. Jamaati"
Cyberanalysis: Transference and Its Management in the Cyberspace

Author(s): Ali Firoozabadi | Parviz Bahadoran
„Starkes Herz“/Strong heart: integrated health care for patients with history of heart failure in the Kinzigtal region, a rural area in South of Germany

Author(s): Gwendolyn Schmitt | Helmut Hildebrandt | Monika Roth | Marcus Auel | Thomas Deschler | Werner Witzenrath
@ Health: an excellence application in telemedicine

Author(s): Bartolomeo Ficili | Paolo Borgotti | Marco Barbieri | Alberto De Russi | Amiel Schek | Shai Misan | Nicola Pangher | Andrea Abate | Michela Colle
A new model for assessment of telemedicine—MAST

Author(s): Kristian Kidholm | Claus Duedal Pedersen | Janne Rasmussen | Lise Kvistgaard Jensen | Anne Granstrom Ekeland | Alison Bowes | Signe Agnes Flottorp | Mickael Beck
Heart failure patients monitored with telemedicine: patient satisfaction, a review of the literature

Author(s): Imke H. Kraai | Marie Louise Luttik | Richard M. de Jong | Arjen E. de Vries | Rene B. van Dijk | Tiny Jaarsma | Hand L. Hillige
Internet-Based Support for Cardiovascular Disease Management

Author(s): Sandra Jarvis-Selinger | Joanna Bates | Yuriko Araki | Scott A. Lear
How Does Nursing Staff Perceive the Use of Electronic Handover Reports? A Questionnaire-Based Study

Author(s): Torbjørg Meum | Gro Wangensteen | Karen S. Soleng | Rolf Wynn
An Integrated Framework to Achieve Interoperability in Person-Centric Health Management

Author(s): Fabio Vergari | Tullio Salmon Cinotti | Alfredo D'Elia | Luca Roffia | Guido Zamagni | Claudio Lamberti
Scientific Comparison of Different Online Heart Rate Monitoring Systems

Author(s): Martin Schönfelder | Georg Hinterseher | Philipp Peter | Peter Spitzenpfeil
Experience with Using the Sensewear BMS Sensor System in the Context of a Health and Wellbeing Application

Author(s): Val Jones | Richard Bults | Rene de Wijk | Ing Widya | Ricardo Batista | Hermie Hermens
The Use of Telehealth Technology in Assessing the Accuracy of Self-Reported Weight and the Impact of a Daily Immediate-Feedback Intervention among Obese Employees

Author(s): Nicolaas P. Pronk | A. Lauren Crain | Jeffrey J. VanWormer | Brian C. Martinson | Jackie L. Boucher | Daniel L. Cosentino
AToMS: A Ubiquitous Teleconsultation System for Supporting AMI Patients with Prehospital Thrombolysis

Author(s): Bruno S. P. M. Correa | Bernardo Gonçalves | Iuri M. Teixeira | Antônio T. A. Gomes | Artur Ziviani
Teledermatology: From Prevention to Diagnosis of Nonmelanoma and Melanoma Skin Cancer

Author(s): G. Fabbrocini | V. De Vita | F. Pastore | V. D'Arco | C. Mazzella | M. C. Annunziata | S. Cacciapuoti | M. C. Mauriello | A. Monfrecola
How is Telemedicine perceived? A qualitative study of perspectives from the UK and India

Author(s): Martínez Álvarez Melisa | Chanda Rupa | Smith Richard
Telemedicine in Primary Health: The Virtual Doctor Project Zambia

Author(s): Mupela Evans | Mustarde Paul | Jones Huw
A feasibility study for the provision of electronic healthcare tools and services in areas of Greece, Cyprus and Italy

Author(s): Mougiakakou Stavroula | Kyriacou Efthyvoulos | Perakis Kostas | Papadopoulos Homer | Androulidakis Aggelos | Konnis Georgios | Tranfaglia Riccardo | Pecchia Leandro | Bracale Umberto | Pattichis Constantinos | Koutsouris Dimitrios
Initiatives in the Romanian eHealth Landscape

Author(s): Dan Andrei SITAR TAUT | Adela-Viviana SITAR-TAUT | Oana Maria PENCIU | Daniel MICAN
A robust system for melanoma diagnosis using heterogeneous image databases

Author(s): Khaled Taouil | Zied Chtourou | Nadra Ben Romdhane
Significance of ROI Coding using MAXSHIFT Scaling applied on MRI Images in Teleradiology-Telemedicine

Author(s): Pervez Akhtar | Muhammad Bhatti | Tariq Ali | Muhammad Muqeet
Collaborative Rural Healthcare Network: A Conceptual Model

Author(s): U. Raja | D.J. McManus | J.M. Hardin | B.C. Haynes
Contour-Based Image Segmentation Using Selective Visual Attention

Author(s): Engin Mendi | Mariofanna Milanova
A Self-Similar Fractal Cantor Antenna for MICS Band Wireless Applications

Author(s): Gopalakrishnan Srivatsun | Sundaresan Subha Rani | Gangadaran Saisundara Krishnan
Secure Spread-Spectrum Watermarking for Telemedicine Applications

Author(s): Basant Kumar | Harsh Vikram Singh | Surya Pal Singh | Anand Mohan
Opening a private hospital in Romania

Author(s): Mihaela-Luminita STAICU | Marius SAVU
Telemedicine in integrated care (example: asthma treatment)

Author(s): Marcus Hohlöchter | Stefan Kottmair | Ruth Philipp | Thomas Helms | A. Kröttinger | J. Pelleter
Telemedicine vs in-person cancer genetic counseling: measuring satisfaction and conducting economic analysis

Author(s): Datta SK | Buchanan AH | Hollowell GP | Beresford HF | Marcom PK | Adams MB
Implementing Rede Universitaria de Telemedicina Usability-the Brazilian Telemedicine University Network

Author(s): Wilson Coury | Jose L.R. Filho | Luiz A. Messina | Nelson Simoes
A Novel Approach to Medical Image Segmentation

Author(s): N. Shanmugam | A. B. Suryanarayana | S. TSB | D. Chandrashekar | C. N. Manjunath
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