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Synthesis and Photocatalytic Activity of Vanadium Doped Titania Hollow Microspheres

Author(s): JIA Jin-Yi,LIU Jing-Bing,ZHANG Wen-Xiong,CHANG Lin,JING Qi
Facile Synthesis of Highly Aligned Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes from Polymer Precursors

Author(s): Catherine Y. Han | Zhi-Li Xiao | H. Hau Wang | Xiao-Min Lin | Susana Trasobares | Russell E. Cook
Preparation, Characterization and Sensitive Gas Sensing of Conductive Core-sheath TiO2-PEDOT Nanocables

Author(s): Ying Wang | Wenzhao Jia | Timothy Strout | Yu Ding | Yu Lei
Alumina Template-Dependant Growth of Cobalt Nanowire Arrays

Author(s): L. Malferrari | A. Jagminienė | G. P. Veronese | F. Odorici | M. Cuffiani | A. Jagminas
A Phylogenetic Approach for Assigning Function of Hypothetical Proteins in photorhabdus luminescens Subsp. laumondii TT01 Genome

Author(s): Razia M | Karthik Raja R | Padmanaban K | Sivaramakrishnan S | Chellapandi P
Detection of siRNA induced mRNA silencing by RT-qPCR: considerations for experimental design

Author(s): Holmes Katherine | Williams Catrin | Chapman Elinor | Cross Michael
Synthesis of Mesoporous TiO2 Using Gemini Surfactant at Room Temperature

Author(s): DENG Feng-Ping,LI Yue,QI Xing-Hong,WU Sheng-Yan,ZHANG Wen-Hui
Synthesis of SiC Nanoparticles by Template Confined Method

Author(s): ZHANG Yong,CHEN Zhi-Zhan,SHI Er-Wei,YAN Cheng-Feng,LIU Xue-Chao
Sol Gel-Derived SBA-16 Mesoporous Material

Author(s): Eric M. Rivera-Muñoz | Rafael Huirache-Acuña
Preparation, Characterization and Catalytic Properties of Sn-Containing MCM-41

Author(s): LI Gui, ZHONG Ling, YUAN Xia, WU Jian, LUO He-An
Synthesis and Characterization of Nickel Phosphate Nanoparticles and VSB-5 with Quaternary Ammonium Base

Author(s): Abdolraouf Samadi–Maybodi | Seyed Karim Hassani Nejad–Darzi | Reza Akhoondi
Conformations of the monomeric hepatitis C virus RNA-dependent RNA polymerase

Author(s): Sreedhar Chinnaswamy | Ayaluru Murali | Hui Cai | et al
Synthesis of Molecularly Imprinted Polymers for Amino Acid Derivates by Using Different Functional Monomers

Author(s): Sonia Scorrano | Lucia Mergola | Roberta Del Sole | Giuseppe Vasapollo
Synthesis of mesoporous titanium oxide and catalytic activity of Ru/m-TiO2

Author(s): Xuehong Zhang | Laitao Luo | Zhanhui Duan
Lyotropic liquid crystal directed synthesis of nanostructured materials

Author(s): Cuiqing Wang, Dairong Chen and Xiuling Jiao
Primer fabrication using polymerase mediated oligonucleotide synthesis

Author(s): Cairns Murray | Thomas Torsten | Beltran Carolina | Tillett Daniel
Synthesis and structural studies of complexes of Cu, Co, Ni and Zn with isonicotinic acid hydrazide and isonicotinic acid (1-naphthylmethylene)hydrazide

Synthesis of MnO2 Microfiber with Secondary Nanostructure by Cotton Template

Author(s): Huan-qin Wang | Ming-bo Zheng | Jin-hua Chen | Guang-bin Ji | Jie-ming Cao
Macrocyclic complexes: synthesis and characterization

In-situ Fabrication of Bi2Te3-Te Sheet-rods Using Te Nanowires as Template

Author(s): DENG Yuan, LI Na, WANG Yao, YANG Meng
Synthesis and Characterizations of Lithium Vanadium Oxide Nanotubes

Author(s): CUI Chao-Jun,WU Guang-Ming,ZHANG Ming-Xia,SUN Juan-Ping,YANG Hui-Yu,SHEN Jun
Characterization of thiobarbituric acid derivatives as inhibitors of hepatitis C virus NS5B polymerase

Author(s): Lee Jong-Ho | Lee Sangyoon | Park Mi Young | Myung Heejoon
Large-scale Synthesis of β-SiC Nanochains and Their Raman/Photoluminescence Properties

Author(s): Meng Alan | Zhang Meng | Gao Weidong | Sun Shibin | Li Zhenjiang
Template-free Synthesis of One-dimensional Cobalt Nanostructures by Hydrazine Reduction Route

Author(s): Zhang Liying | Lan Tianmin | Wang Jian | Wei Liangmin | Yang Zhi | Zhang Yafei
Synthesis and optical property of one-dimensional spinel ZnMn2O4 nanorods

Author(s): Zhang Pan | Li Xinyong | Zhao Qidong | Liu Shaomin
Nanocasting Synthesis of Ultrafine WO3 Nanoparticles for Gas Sensing Applications

Author(s): Kamali Heidari Elham | Marzbanrad Ehsan | Zamani Cyrus | Raissi Babak
Template Synthesis of Three-Dimensional Cubic Ordered Mesoporous Carbon With Tunable Pore Sizes

Author(s): Dai Weijie | Zheng Mingbo | Zhao Yu | Liao Shutian | Ji Guangbin | Cao Jieming
Fabrication of One-Dimensional Organic Nanostructures Using Anodic Aluminum Oxide Templates

Author(s): Rabih O. Al-Kaysi | Tarek H. Ghaddar | Gonzalo Guirado
A knowledge synthesis of patient and public involvement in clinical practice guidelines: study protocol

Author(s): Légaré France | Boivin Antoine | Weijden Trudy | Packenham Christine | Tapp Sylvie | Burgers Jako
Gene expression in the prefrontal cortex during adolescence: implications for the onset of schizophrenia

Author(s): Harris Laura | Lockstone Helen | Khaitovich Phillipp | Weickert Cynthia | Webster Maree | Bahn Sabine
Synthesis and Theoretical Study of Molecularly Imprinted Nanospheres for Recognition of Tocopherols

Author(s): Theeraphon Piacham | Chanin Nantasenamat | Thummaruk Suksrichavalit | Charoenchai Puttipanyalears | Tippawan Pissawong | Supanee Maneewas | Chartchalerm Isarankura-Na-Ayudhya | Virapong Prachayasittikul
A class of DNA-binding peptides from wheat bud causes growth inhibition, G2 cell cycle arrest and apoptosis induction in HeLa cells

Author(s): Mancinelli Loretta | De Angelis Paula | Annulli Lucia | Padovini Valentina | Elgjo Kjell | Gianfranceschi Gian
Template synthesis, characterization and antimicrobial activity of some new complexes with isonicotinoyl hydrazone ligands

An evolved ribosome-inactivating protein targets and kills human melanoma cells in vitro and in vivo

Author(s): Cheung Melissa | Revers Leigh | Perampalam Subodini | Wei Xin | Kiarash Reza | Green David | Abdul-Wahid Aws | Gariépy Jean
Synthesis of Hollow Conductive Polypyrrole Balls by the Functionalized Polystyrene as Template

Author(s): Choo Hwan Chang | Pyung Soo Son | Jeong-Ah Yoon | Seong-Ho Choi
Solvothermal Synthesis of Gd2O3 : Eu3+ Luminescent Nanowires

Author(s): Guixia Liu | Song Zhang | Xiangting Dong | Jinxian Wang
Conducting Polymer Nanostructures: Template Synthesis and Applications in Energy Storage

Author(s): Lijia Pan | Hao Qiu | Chunmeng Dou | Yun Li | Lin Pu | Jianbin Xu | Yi Shi
Assembly Synthesis and Formation Mechanism of Dendritic and Spherical PbS Nanostructures

Author(s): MI Yu-Hong,ZHANG Xiao-Bin,JI Zhen-Guo,NI Hua-Liang,Zhu Hua-Yun,ZHOU Sheng-Ming
Synthesis of Ordered Mesoporous Carbons Using Resorcinol-Formaldehyde Sol as the Carbon Source and As-synthesized MCM-48 as the Template

Author(s): WANG Chong-Qing,SONG Jun,YAO Jian-Feng,LI Qing,ZHANG Li-Xiong,ª¤LIU Xiao-Qin,LU Xian-Cai
Surfactant Assisted Hydrothermal and Thermalª²decomposition Synthesis of Alumina Microfibers with Mesoporous Structures

Author(s): ZHU Zhen-Feng,SUN Hong-Jun,LIU Hui,YANG Dong,ZHANG Jian-Quan,GUO Li-Ying
Synthesis and Characterization of Highª²silica SAPO-5 from Metakolin

Author(s): ZHOU Xin-Tao,LIU Qi-Feng,SU Da-Gen£¬LAI Lan-Mei
A Rational Self-Sacrificing Template Route to LiMn2O4 Nanotubes and Nanowires

Author(s): Baojun Yang | Xinsong Yuan | Duoli Chai
Synthesis, characterization and antibacterial and antifungal studies of some tetraazamacrocyclic complexes

Comparative biochemical analysis of recombinant reverse transcriptase enzymes of HIV-1 subtype B and subtype C

Author(s): Xu Hong-Tao | Quan Yudong | Asahchop Eugene | Oliveira Maureen | Moisi Daniella | Wainberg Mark
Mechanisms of Ectopic Gene Conversion

Author(s): P.J. Hastings
Synthesis and Electrochemical Performance of Porous TiO2

Author(s): JIA Wei, XU Mao-Wen, BAO Shu-Juan, JIA Dian-Zeng
Synthesis and Properties of Hierarchical Macro―mesoporous CarbonMaterials

Author(s): ZHOU Ying, WANG Zhi-Chao, WANG Chun-Lei, WANG Liu-Ping, XU Qin-Yi, QIU Jie-Shan
Synthesis of Carbon Nanotube (CNT) Composite Membranes

Author(s): Tariq Altalhi | Milena Ginic-Markovic | Ninghui Han | Stephen Clarke | Dusan Losic
Gum arabic modified Fe3O4 nanoparticles cross linked with collagen for isolation of bacteria

Author(s): Chockalingam Ashwin | Babu Heman | Chittor Raghuraman | Tiwari Jai
Synthesis and Formation Mechanism of Li4Ti5O12 Nanoarrays by Template Method

Author(s): CHI Yong-Qing, CHEN Xu, ZHANG Zhong-Lin, LIU Shi-Bin, DUAN Dong-Hong, HAO Xiao-Gang, SUN Yan-Ping
Electrical Conductivity Studies on Individual Conjugated Polymer Nanowires: Two-Probe and Four-Probe Results

Author(s): Long YunZe | Duvail JeanLuc | Li MengMeng | Gu Changzhi | Liu Zongwen | Ringer Simon
Conformationally Constrained Histidines in the Design of Peptidomimetics: Strategies for the χ-Space Control

Author(s): Azzurra Stefanucci | Francesco Pinnen | Federica Feliciani | Ivana Cacciatore | Gino Lucente | Adriano Mollica
Synthesis of biomorphic Si-based ceramics

Author(s): Adela Egelja | Aleksandar Devečerski | Jelena Gulicovski | Milena Rosić | Biljana Babić | Branko Matović
Synthesis of mesoporous alumina using polyvinyl alcohol template as porosity control additive

Author(s): Zoltán Ecsedi | Ioan Lazău | Cornelia Păcurariu
Synthesis, characterization, and in vitro evaluation of novel polymer-coated magnetic nanoparticles for controlled delivery of doxorubicin

Author(s): Akbarzadeh A | Zarghami N | Mikaeili H | Asgari D | Goganian AM | Khiabani HK | Samiei M | Davaran S
Synthesis of Quasi―monodispersed SnO2 Microspheres via Microwave Solvothermal Method

Author(s): ZHU Zhen-Feng, WANG Xiao-Feng, LIU Hui, LIU Dian-Guang
Synthesis and Evaluation of a Molecularly Imprinted Polymer for Selective Solid-Phase Extraction of Irinotecan from Human Serum Samples

Author(s): Béatrice Roy | Sung Vo Duy | Jean-Yves Puy | Charlotte Martin | Jérome Guitton | Charles Dumontet | Christian Périgaud | Isabelle Lefebvre-Tournier
Room Temperature Synthesis of Aminocaproic Acid-Capped Lead Sulphide Nanoparticles

Author(s): Abdellah Ajji | Saïd Elkoun | Jayesh D. Patel | Frej Mighri
Room Temperature Synthesis of Aminocaproic Acid-Capped Lead Sulphide Nanoparticles

Author(s): Abdellah Ajji | Saïd Elkoun | Jayesh D. Patel | Frej Mighri

Author(s): Gwenaëlle Liberge | Stéphane Lebrun | Axel Couture | Pierre Grandclaudon
One-Step Preparation and Characterization of Zinc Phosphate Nanocrystals with Modified Surface

Author(s): Jian Dong Wang | Da Li | Jin Ku Liu | Xiao Hong Yang | Jia Luo He | Yi Lu
Synthesis of Molecularly Imprinted Polymer as a Solid Phase Sorbent for Pesticide Dursban

Author(s): Mohsen Rahiminezhad | Seyed Jamaleddin Shahtaheri | Mohammad Reza Ganjali | Ali-Reza Koohpaei | Abbas Rahimi Forushani | Farideh Golbabaei
Study of Denoising in TEOAE Signals Using an Appropriate Mother Wavelet Function

Author(s): Habib Alizadeh Dizaji | Mohammad Djavad Abolhasani | Alireza Ahmadian | Yousef Salimpour
Flavonoids as Vasorelaxant Agents: Synthesis, Biological Evaluation and Quantitative Structure Activities Relationship (QSAR) Studies

Author(s): Xiaowu Dong | Yanming Wang | Tao Liu | Peng Wu | Jiadi Gao | Jianchao Xu | Bo Yang | Yongzhou Hu
Functional RNA Elements in the Dengue Virus Genome

Author(s): Leopoldo G. Gebhard | Claudia V. Filomatori | Andrea V. Gamarnik
Molecularly Imprinted Polymers: Present and Future Prospective

Author(s): Giuseppe Vasapollo | Roberta Del Sole | Lucia Mergola | Maria Rosaria Lazzoi | Anna Scardino | Sonia Scorrano | Giuseppe Mele
Mechanisms and Factors that Influence High Frequency Retroviral Recombination

Author(s): Krista Delviks-Frankenberry | Andrea Galli | Olga Nikolaitchik | Helene Mens | Vinay K. Pathak | Wei-Shau Hu
Synthesis and characterization of new complexes of some divalent transition metals with N-isonicotinamido-4-chlorobenzalaldimine

Effect of Size-Dependent Thermal Instability on Synthesis of Zn2 SiO4-SiOx Core–Shell Nanotube Arrays and Their Cathodoluminescence Properties

Author(s): Li Chun | Bando Yoshio | Dierre Benjamin | Sekiguchi Takashi | Huang Yang | Lin Jing | Golberg Dmitri
Template-Assisted Synthesis and Characterization of Passivated Nickel Nanoparticles

Author(s): Veena Gopalan E | Malini KA | Santhoshkumar G | Narayanan TN | Joy PA | Al-Omari IA | Sakthi Kumar D | Yoshida Yasuhiko | Anantharaman MR
Template Synthesis of Carbon Nanofibers Containing Linear Mesocage Arrays

Author(s): Wang Yongwen | Zheng Mingbo | Lu Hongling | Feng Shaoqing | Ji Guangbin | Cao Jieming
Aqueous-Phase Synthesis of Silver Nanodiscs and Nanorods in Methyl Cellulose Matrix: Photophysical Study and Simulation of UV–Vis Extinction Spectra Using DDA Method

Author(s): Sarkar Priyanka | Bhui Dipak Kumar | Bar Harekrishna | Sahoo Gobinda Prasad | Samanta Sadhan | Pyne Santanu | Misra Ajay
Facile template-free synthesis of pine needle-like Pd micro/nano-leaves and their associated electro-catalytic activities toward oxidation of formic acid

Author(s): Zhou Rong | Zhou Weiqiang | Zhang Hongmei | Du Yukou | Yang Ping | Wang Chuanyi | Xu Jingkun
Synthesis of Novel Flower-Like Zn(OH)F via a Microwave-Assisted Ionic Liquid Route and Transformation into Nanoporous ZnO by Heat Treatment

Author(s): Song Jia-kui | Zheng Ming-bo | Yang Zhen-jiang | Chen Hui-qin | Wang Hai-yan | Liu Jin-song | Ji Guang-bin | Zhang Hai-qian | Cao Jie-ming
A Novel Route for Preparation of Hollow Carbon Nanospheres Without Introducing Template

Author(s): Li Minmin | Wu Qingsheng | Wen Ming | Shi Jianlin
Synthesis and Growth Mechanism of Ni Nanotubes and Nanowires

Author(s): Li Xiaoru | Wang Yiqian | Song Guojun | Peng Zhi | Yu Yongming | She Xilin | Li Jianjiang
A Facile Strategy for In Situ Core-Template-Functionalizing Siliceous Hollow Nanospheres for Guest Species Entrapment

Author(s): Wang Jun | Gao Xin | Yang Xianyan | Gan Yilai | Weng Wenjian | Gou Zhongru
Synthesis and Characterization of Tin Disulfide (SnS2) Nanowires

Author(s): Lin Ya-Ting | Shi Jen-Bin | Chen Yu-Cheng | Chen Chih-Jung | Wu Po-Feng
Synthesis of Porous NiO and ZnO Submicro- and Nanofibers from Electrospun Polymer Fiber Templates

Author(s): Qiu Yejun | Yu Jie | Zhou Xiaosong | Tan Cuili | Yin Jing
Structural Characterization of Mesoporous Silica Nanofibers Synthesized Within Porous Alumina Membranes

Author(s): Gong Zhihong | Ji Guangbin | Zheng Mingbo | Chang Xiaofeng | Dai Weijie | Pan Lijia | Shi Yi | Zheng Youdou
Synthesis of Indium Nanowires by Galvanic Displacement and Their Optical Properties

Author(s): Li Haohua | Liang Chaolun | Liu Meng | Zhong Kuan | Tong Yexiang | Liu Peng | Hope Greg
Tube Formation in Nanoscale Materials

Author(s): Yan Chenglin | Liu Jun | Liu Fei | Wu Junshu | Gao Kun | Xue Dongfeng
Preparation and Characterization of Mesoporous Zirconia Made by Using a Poly (methyl methacrylate) Template

Author(s): Duan Guorong | Zhang Chunxiang | Li Aimei | Yang Xujie | Lu Lude | Wang Xin
Structural and functional characterization of HMG-COA reductase from Artemisia annua

Author(s): Usha Kiran | Mauji Ram | Mather Ali Khan | Salim Khan | Prabhakar Jha | Afshar Alam | Malik Zainul Abdin
A molecular model for diacylglycerol acyltransferase from Mortierella ramanniana var. angulispora

Author(s): Sanjay Mishra | Surya Prakash Dwivedi | Neeraja Dwivedi | Ajay Kumar | Anil Rawat | Yasushi Kamisaka
Isolation of cDNA Fragment of Gene Encoding for Actin from Melastoma malabthricum.

Author(s): Saleha Hannum | Kinya Akashi | Utut Widyastuti Suharsono | Alex Hartana | Akiho Yokota | Suharsono

Author(s): Yuni K. Krisnandi | Ivandini T. Anggraningrum | Hany Tovina
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