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Web Technologies And Databases

Author(s): Irina-Nicoleta Odoraba
Rank Based Clustering For Document Retrieval From Biomedical Databases

Author(s): Jayanthi Manicassamy | P. Dhavachelvan
The Influence of Pregnancy on the Recurrence of Cutaneous Malignant Melanoma in Women

Author(s): M. Albersen | V. I. Westerling | P. A. M. van Leeuwen
The Battle Against Plagiarism

Author(s): Satendra Singh
A Novel Technique for Database Selection and Document Selection

Author(s): Anil Agrawal | Mohd. Husain | Raj Gaurang Tiwari | Subodh Kumar
LEAPdb: a database for the late embryogenesis abundant proteins

Author(s): Hunault Gilles | Jaspard Emmanuel
Walk-weighted subsequence kernels for protein-protein interaction extraction

Author(s): Kim Seonho | Yoon Juntae | Yang Jihoon | Park Seog
Preprocessing of Web Logs

Author(s): Dipa Dixit | M Kiruthika
A method for supporting retrieval of articles on protein structure analysis considering users’ intention

Author(s): Kyogoku Riku | Fujimoto Ryo | Ozaki Tomonobu | Ohkawa Takenao
A new shape descriptor using XML language

Author(s): Noreddine GHERABI, | Mohamed BAHAJ
Revistes font en el SCI-E

Author(s): Badia Segura, Maria | Alonso, José | Juan, Joan
Revistas fuente en el SCI-E

Author(s): Badia Segura, Maria | Alonso, José | Juan, Joan
BIOADI: a machine learning approach to identifying abbreviations and definitions in biological literature

Author(s): Kuo Cheng-Ju | Ling Maurice | Lin Kuan-Ting | Hsu Chun-Nan
Factors related to unsuccessful lactogenesis – a literature review

Author(s): Natália de Godoy Ferro | Ianê Nogueira do Vale | Elenice Valentim Carmona | Ana Cristina Freitas de Vilhena Abrão
Systematic review of the oxy-hemodynamic effects of bath in hospitalized critical adults

Author(s): Dalmo Valério Machado de Lima | Rubia Aparecida Lacerda
LAITOR - Literature Assistant for Identification of Terms co-Occurrences and Relationships

Author(s): Barbosa-Silva Adriano | Soldatos Theodoros | Magalhães Ivan | Pavlopoulos Georgios | Fontaine Jean-Fred | Andrade-Navarro Miguel | Schneider Reinhard | Ortega J Miguel
Electronic search strategies to identify reports of cluster randomized trials in MEDLINE: low precision will improve with adherence to reporting standards

Author(s): Taljaard Monica | McGowan Jessie | Grimshaw Jeremy | Brehaut Jamie | McRae Andrew | Eccles Martin | Donner Allan
Effects of low power laser irradiation on bone healing in animals: a meta-analysis

Author(s): Bashardoust Tajali Siamak | MacDermid Joy | Houghton Pamela | Grewal Ruby
SoyDB: a knowledge database of soybean transcription factors

Author(s): Wang Zheng | Libault Marc | Joshi Trupti | Valliyodan Babu | Nguyen Henry | Xu Dong | Stacey Gary | Cheng Jianlin
A New Approach to Sensitive Rule Hiding

Author(s): K. Duraiswamy | D. Manjula | N. Maheswari
Automatic Recognition of Lyrics in Singing

Author(s): Annamaria Mesaros | Tuomas Virtanen

Author(s): Qi Luo | Ben K. M. Sim
Humanities Scholars and Databases for Ancient Chinese Books

Author(s): Ming-Der Wu | Wen-Chi Huang | Shih-Chuan Chen
The impact of HTA reports on health policy: a systematic review

Author(s): Gerhardus, Ansgar | Dintsios, Charalabos-Markos
Determination of albuminuria in the urine of diabetics for prevention and control of diabetic nephropathy

Author(s): Schroeder, Andreas | Heiderhoff, Marc | Köbberling, Johannes
Library of molecular associations: curating the complex molecular basis of liver diseases

Author(s): Buchkremer Stefan | Hendel Jasmin | Krupp Markus | Weinmann Arndt | Schlamp Kai | Maass Thorsten | Staib Frank | Galle Peter | Teufel Andreas
miRSel: Automated extraction of associations between microRNAs and genes from the biomedical literature

Author(s): Naeem Haroon | Küffner Robert | Csaba Gergely | Zimmer Ralf
Mobile Agents for Audio Search & Retrieval

Author(s): Nirmala C R | V Ramaswamy | Jyothi N M
Integration of open access literature into the RCSB Protein Data Bank using BioLit

Author(s): Prlić Andreas | Martinez Marco | Dimitropoulos Dimitris | Beran Bojan | Yukich Benjamin | Rose Peter | Bourne Philip | Fink J Lynn
Concept-based query expansion for retrieving gene related publications from MEDLINE

Author(s): Matos Sérgio | Arrais Joel | Maia-Rodrigues João | Oliveira José
StrokeMed: an Integrated Literature Database for Stroke and the Differentiation of Stroke Syndrome

Author(s): Young Uk Kim | Jin Ho Kim | Young Kyu Park | Young Joo Kim
Omega fatty acids and resolution of inflammation: A new twist in an old tale

Author(s): Mittal Antush | Ranganath V | Nichani Ashish
CIG-DB: the database for human or mouse immunoglobulin and T cell receptor genes available for cancer studies

Author(s): Nakamura Yoji | Komiyama Tomoyoshi | Furue Motoki | Gojobori Takashi | Akiyama Yasuto
Expediting systematic reviews: methods and implications of rapid reviews

Author(s): Ganann Rebecca | Ciliska Donna | Thomas Helen
Network analysis of human protein location

Author(s): Kumar Gaurav | Ranganathan Shoba
SeqAnt: A web service to rapidly identify and annotate DNA sequence variations

Author(s): Shetty Amol | Athri Prashanth | Mondal Kajari | Horner Vanessa | Steinberg Karyn | Patel Viren | Caspary Tamara | Cutler David | Zwick Michael
HPIDB - a unified resource for host-pathogen interactions

Author(s): Kumar Ranjit | Nanduri Bindu
Communication about environmental health risks: A systematic review

Author(s): Fitzpatrick-Lewis Donna | Yost Jennifer | Ciliska Donna | Krishnaratne Shari
Utilization the sf-36 in the assessment of quality of life related to chronic diseases: literature review

Author(s): Isabelle Katherinne Fernandes Costa, Gabriela de Sousa Martins Melo, Walkíria Gomes da Nóbrega, Daniele Vieira Dantas , Eurides Araújo Bezerra de Macêdo, Rosana Kelly da Silva Medeiros, Isabel Karolyne Fernandes Costa, Felismina Rosa Parreira Mendes, Gilson de Vasconcelos Torres
SBBL/CILEA a Metacrawler Service

Author(s): P. Arvati | F. Clementi | G. De Vito | Riccardo Ferrari | Federico Ferrario | P. Mozzati Gemelli
Servizio LinkOut: da PubMed ai full-text CILEA

Author(s): Domenico Dellisanti | Riccardo Ferrari
Dynamic summarization of bibliographic-based data

Author(s): Workman T | Hurdle John
Algorithms and semantic infrastructure for mutation impact extraction and grounding

Author(s): Laurila Jonas | Naderi Nona | Witte René | Riazanov Alexandre | Kouznetsov Alexandre | Baker Christopher
Tooth loss and oral health-related quality of life: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Author(s): Gerritsen Anneloes | Allen P Finbarr | Witter Dick | Bronkhorst Ewald | Creugers Nico
Application of Hierarchical And K-Means Techniques In Content Based Image Retrieval

Author(s): Murthy V.S.V.S | E.Vamsidhar | P.Sankara Rao | G.Samuel Varaprasad Raju
Late Quaternary pollen records in China

Author(s): NI Jian | CHEN Yu | Ulrike HERZSCHUH | DONG Dan
The effectiveness of strategies to change organisational culture to improve healthcare performance: a systematic review

Author(s): Parmelli Elena | Flodgren Gerd | Beyer Fiona | Baillie Nick | Schaafsma Mary | Eccles Martin
Processing SPARQL queries with regular expressions in RDF databases

Author(s): Lee Jinsoo | Pham Minh-Duc | Lee Jihwan | Han Wook-Shin | Cho Hune | Yu Hwanjo | Lee Jeong-Hoon
Knowledge management for systems biology a general and visually driven framework applied to translational medicine

Author(s): Maier Dieter | Kalus Wenzel | Wolff Martin | Kalko Susana | Roca Josep | Marin de Mas Igor | Turan Nil | Cascante Marta | Falciani Francesco | Hernandez Miguel | Villà-Freixa Jordi | Losko Sascha
Reliability and Security in MDRTS: A Combine Colossal Expression

Author(s): Gyanendra Kumar Gupta | A. K Sharma | Vishnu Swaroop
GeoCAM: A geovisual analytics workspace to contextualize and interpret statements about movement

Author(s): Anuj Jaiswal | Scott Pezanowski | Prasenjit Mitra | Xiao Zhang | Sen Xu | Ian Turton | Alexander Klippel | Alan M. MacEachren

Author(s): Sanda-Marina Bădulescu
Realization of Framework for Web Content Extraction and Classification

Author(s): Ganesh D. Puri | Prof. Y.C. Kulkarni
Medicina de Família e Comunidade e doenças gastroenterológicas Gastroenterological Diseases and Family and Community Medicine

Author(s): Bruno Brunelli | Mariana Eri Sato | Suzane Kioko Ono-Nita | Flair José Carrilho

Semantic Based Image Annotation Using Descriptive Features and Retagging approach

Author(s): P.Nagarani | R.VenkataRamanaChary | D.Rajya Lakshmi
Designing and Recording Emotional Speech Databases

Author(s): Swati D. Bhutekar | M. B. Chandak
Image Indexing for fast retrieval of Image from Image Database using color feature

Author(s): Pradip Mathuradas Jawandhiya | Pravin R Satav | Suresh A. Asole | R. S. Mangrulka | M.S. Ali
Multimedia-based Medicinal Plants Sustainability Management System

Author(s): Zacchaeus Omogbadegun | Charles Uwadia | Charles Ayo | Victor Mbarika | Nicholas Omoregbe | Efe Otofia | Frank Chieze
Evidence-Based Urology: How Does a Randomized Clinical Trial Achieve Its Designed Goals?

Author(s): Homayoun Sadeghi Bazargani | Sakineh Hajebrahimi
A Multifunctional Reading Assistant for the Visually Impaired

Author(s): Mancas-Thillou Céline | Ferreira Silvio | Demeyer Jonathan | Minetti Christophe | Gosselin Bernard
Text localization using standard deviation analysis of structure elements and support vector machines

Author(s): Zagoris Konstantinos | Chatzichristofis Savvas | Papamarkos Nikos
The Protein-Protein Interaction tasks of BioCreative III: classification/ranking of articles and linking bio-ontology concepts to full text

Author(s): Krallinger Martin | Vazquez Miguel | Leitner Florian | Salgado David | Chatr-aryamontri Andrew | Winter Andrew | Perfetto Livia | Briganti Leonardo | Licata Luana | Iannuccelli Marta | Castagnoli Luisa | Cesareni Gianni | Tyers Mike | Schneider Gerold | Rinaldi Fabio | Leaman Robert | Gonzalez Graciela | Matos Sergio | Kim Sun | Wilbur W | Rocha Luis | Shatkay Hagit | Tendulkar Ashish | Agarwal Shashank | Liu Feifan | Wang Xinglong | Rak Rafal | Noto Keith | Elkan Charles | Lu Zhiyong | Dogan Rezarta | Fontaine Jean-Fred | Andrade-Navarro Miguel | Valencia Alfonso
Benchmarking of the 2010 BioCreative Challenge III text-mining competition by the BioGRID and MINT interaction databases

Author(s): Chatr-aryamontri Andrew | Winter Andrew | Perfetto Livia | Briganti Leonardo | Licata Luana | Iannuccelli Marta | Castagnoli Luisa | Cesareni Gianni | Tyers Mike
Canadian oncogenic human papillomavirus cervical infection prevalence: Systematic review and meta-analysis

Author(s): Tricco Andrea | Ng Carmen | Gilca Vladimir | Anonychuk Andrea | Pham Ba' | Berliner Shirra
What is the value and impact of quality and safety teams? A scoping review

Author(s): White Deborah | Straus Sharon | Stelfox H | Holroyd-Leduc Jayna | Bell Chaim | Jackson Karen | Norris Jill | Flemons W | Moffatt Michael | Forster Alan
Biblio-MetReS: A bibliometric network reconstruction application and server

Author(s): Usié Anabel | Karathia Hiren | Teixidó Ivan | Valls Joan | Faus Xavier | Alves Rui | Solsona Francesc
Pitch Correlogram Clustering for Fast Speaker Identification

Author(s): Jhanwar Nitin | Raina Ajay K
Suitability of measures of self-reported medication adherence for routine clinical use: A systematic review

Author(s): Garfield Sara | Clifford Sarah | Eliasson Lina | Barber Nick | Willson Alan
Translational research in retinology

Author(s): Siqueira RC | Jorge R
Internet Pathways in Suicidality: A Review of the Evidence

Author(s): Tony Durkee | Gergo Hadlaczky | Michael Westerlund | Vladimir Carli

Author(s): Anil Agrawal | Mohd. Husain | Raj Gaurang Tiwari | Suneel Vishwakarma
Emotion Recognition based on 2D-3D Facial Feature Extraction from Color Image Sequences

Author(s): Robert Niese | Ayoub Al-Hamadi | Axel Panning | Bernd Michaelis
RiDs db: Repeats in diseases database

Author(s): Anurag Chaturvedi | Shrish Tiwari | Rachel A Jesudasan*
An Ontological Framework for Retrieving Environmental Sounds Using Semantics and Acoustic Content

Author(s): Wichern Gordon | Mechtley Brandon | Fink Alex | Thornburg Harvey | Spanias Andreas

Author(s): Pravin M. Kamde | Siddu. P. Algur
Text Clustering Based on Frequent Items Using Zoning and Ranking

Author(s): S. Suneetha | M. Usha Rani | Yaswanth Kumar.Avulapati
Comparison of user groups' perspectives of barriers and facilitators to implementing electronic health records: a systematic review

Author(s): McGinn Carrie | Grenier Sonya | Duplantie Julie | Shaw Nicola | Sicotte Claude | Mathieu Luc | Leduc Yvan | Légaré France | Gagnon Marie-Pierre
BICEPP: an example-based statistical text mining method for predicting the binary characteristics of drugs

Author(s): Lin Frank | Anthony Stephen | Polasek Thomas | Tsafnat Guy | Doogue Matthew
HEART: heart exercise and remote technologies: A randomized controlled trial study protocol

Author(s): Maddison Ralph | Whittaker Robyn | Stewart Ralph | Kerr Andrew | Jiang Yannan | Kira Geoffrey | Carter Karen | Pfaeffli Leila
Evaluation of internet access and utilization by medical students in Lahore, Pakistan

Author(s): Jadoon Nauman | Zahid Muhammad | Mansoorulhaq Hafiz | Ullah Sami | Jadoon Bilal | Raza Ali | Hussain Mansoor | Yaqoob Rehan | Shahzad Mohammad
Challenges in the association of human single nucleotide polymorphism mentions with unique database identifiers

Author(s): Thomas Philippe | Klinger Roman | Furlong Laura | Hofmann-Apitius Martin | Friedrich Christoph
A formalized description of the standard human variant nomenclature in Extended Backus-Naur Form

Author(s): Laros Jeroen | Blavier André | den Dunnen Johan | Taschner Peter
Nurse prescribing of medicines in Western European and Anglo-Saxon countries: a systematic review of the literature

Author(s): Kroezen Marieke | van Dijk Liset | Groenewegen Peter | Francke Anneke
The Global Evidence Mapping Initiative: Scoping research in broad topic areas

Author(s): Bragge Peter | Clavisi Ornella | Turner Tari | Tavender Emma | Collie Alex | Gruen Russell
Toward an interactive article: integrating journals and biological databases

Author(s): Rangarajan Arun | Schedl Tim | Yook Karen | Chan Juancarlos | Haenel Stephen | Otis Lolly | Faelten Sharon | DePellegrin-Connelly Tracey | Isaacson Ruth | Skrzypek Marek | Marygold Steven | Stefancsik Raymund | Cherry J | Sternberg Paul | Müller Hans-Michael
Predicting ADL disability in community-dwelling elderly people using physical frailty indicators: a systematic review

Author(s): Vermeulen Joan | Neyens Jacques | van Rossum Erik | Spreeuwenberg Marieke | de Witte Luc
Saskatchewan Residents’ Use of The Cochrane Library

Author(s): Dorothy Anne Forbes | Christine Neilson | Janet Bangma | Jennifer Forbes | Daniel Fuller | Shari Furniss
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