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Monitoring subsidence effects in the urban area of Zonguldak Hardcoal Basin of Turkey by InSAR-GIS integration

Author(s): H. Akcin | H. S. Kutoglu | H. Kemaldere | T. Deguchi | E. Koksal
Mine Spoil Prairies Expand Critical Habitat for Endangered and Threatened Amphibian and Reptile Species

Author(s): Michael J. Lannoo | Vanessa C. Kinney | Jennifer L. Heemeyer | Nathan J. Engbrecht | Alisa L. Gallant | Robert W. Klaver
Filling of recovered mining areas using solidifying backfill

Author(s): Šofranko Marián | Zeman Róbert
General aspect of pneumoconiosis in Turkey

Author(s): Cimrin Arif | Erdut Zeki

Author(s): Jerko Nuić | Stjepan Prokopović
Leptospirosis in Zenica coal miners: etiological, clinical and therapeutical overview

Author(s): E. Hadžić | L. Čalkić | E. Drljević | N. Mušić | M. Hukić | B. Aleraj
Movement and Activity Patterns of Translocated Elk (Cervus elaphus Nelsoni) on an Active Coal Mine in Kentucky

Author(s): Olsson, M. P. O. | Cox, J. | Larkin, J. | Maehr, D. | Widén, P. | M. Wichrowski
Spatio-Temporal Modelling of Dust Transport over Surface Mining Areas and Neighbouring Residential Zones

Author(s): Lubos Matejicek | Zbynek Janour | Ludek Benes | Tomas Bodnar | Eva Gulikova
Evaluation of water retention on the surface of embankment constructed from the carboniferous waste products

Author(s): Patrzałek A. | Kaszubkiewicz J. | Chodak T. | Szerszeń L.
Physical capacity of rescue personnel in the mining industry

Author(s): Stewart Ian | McDonald Michael | Hunt Andrew | Parker Tony
Anchor-Free Localization Method for Mobile Targets in Coal Mine Wireless Sensor Networks

Author(s): Zhongmin Pei | Zhidong Deng | Shuo Xu | Xiao Xu
Identifying environmental risk factors for human neural tube defects before and after folic acid supplementation

Author(s): Liao Yilan | Wang Jinfeng | Li Xinhu | Guo Yaoqin | Zheng Xiaoying
Study on the Technology of the Coal Mining Safety Monitoring System

Author(s): Zhi Chang | Zhangeng Sun | Junbao Gu
System for central monitoring, control, data acquisition, and automatic regulation for ARWQM

Author(s): Marković Nataša Ž. | Džunić Jovana S. | Đorđević Đorđe R. | Gruber Günther
Bacterial desulphurization of coal from mine CSA Most

Author(s): Fecko P. | Sitavancova Z. | Cvesper L. | Cablik V.
Fractal dimension confidence interval estimation of epicentral distributions

Author(s): L. De Luca | S. Lasocki | D. Luzio | M. Vitale
An alkaline single-cell gel electrophoresis (comet) assay for environmental biomonitoring with native rodents

Author(s): Silva Juliana da | Freitas Thales R.O. de | Marinho Jorge R. | Speit Günter | Erdtmann Bernardo
Determination of the Power Consumption of Coal Crushing

Author(s): Ïurove Juraj | Lukáè Jozef
Petrographical and mineralogical analysis of coal after biological leaching

Author(s): Machajová Zlatica | Sýkorová Ivana | Kupka Daniel | Èurillová Dana
The geology and petrography composition of coal from Handlová deposit

Author(s): Machajová Zlatica | Verbich František | Sýkorová Ivana
Utilisation of chemically treated coal

Author(s): Machajová Zlatica | Èurillová Dana | Bežovská Mária
Reflotation of Coal Slurries from OKD company, Mine Lazy

Author(s): Feèko Peter | Závada J. | Èablík V. | Èernotová L. | Hlavatá M.
Thermal analysis evaluation of the reactivity of coal mixtures for injection in the blast furnace

Author(s): Gomes Maria de Lourdes Ilha | Osório Eduardo | Vilela Antônio Cezar Faria
Concepts and Technologies for Radioactive Waste Disposal in Rock Salt

Author(s): Wernt Brewitz | Tilmann Rothfuchs
Utilization of Thermal Energy of Mine Waters from Flooded Underground Mines

Author(s): Bedřich Michálek | Daniel Holéczy | Petr Jelínek | Arnošt Grmela
Alunites in the red beds of the “Marcel” coal mine, Upper Silesian Coal Basin, Poland

Author(s): Ireneusz Lipiarski | Marek Muszyński | Piotr Wyszomirski
Multiattribute prediction of terrain stability above underground mining operations

Author(s): Vujić Slobodan | Miljanović Igor | Milutinović Aleksandar | Đorđević Dragan | Gojković Nebojša | Gajić Grozdana
Characterisation of presumed meteorite from Trbovlje

Author(s): Miloš Miler | Mateja Gosar | Miloš Markič
Epidemiology of work-related Accidents in Kerman Coal Mines during 1991-2006

Author(s): S Khodabandeh | A.A HaghDoost | Y Khosravi
Carbon materials as fillers for polymer matrix composites

Author(s): J. Stabik | M. Rojek | Ł. Suchoń | K. Mrowiec
Coal Mine Rescue Robot

Author(s): C.D.Bhos | J.G.Rana
Alterations of serum biomarkers associated with lung ventilation function impairment in coal Workers: A cross-sectional study

Author(s): Zou Jimin | du Prel Carroll Xianming | Liang Xianhong | Wang Dongmei | Li Chao | Yuan Baojun | Leeper-Woodford Sandra
Synthesis of zeolite-P from coal fly ash derivative and its utilisation in mine-water remediation

Author(s): Viswanath R.K. Vadapalli | Wilson M. Gitari | Annabelle Ellendt | Leslie F. Petrik | Gillian Balfour
Turbidity removal: Gravel and charcoal as roughing filtration media

Author(s): Onyeka I. Nkwonta | Olufisayo A. Olufayo | George M. Ochieng | Josiah A. Adeyemo | Fred A.O. Otieno
Do the Golden-winged Warbler and Blue-winged Warbler Exhibit Species-specific Differences in their Breeding Habitat Use?

Author(s): Laura L. Patton | David S. Maehr | Joseph E. Duchamp | Songlin Fei | Jonathan W. Gassett | Jeffery L. Larkin
Waste dumps rehabilitation measures based on physico-chemical analyses in Zăghid mining area (Sălaj County, Romania)

Author(s): Ildiko M. Varga | Ramona Bălc | Cristian V. Maloş | Cristian Şamşudean | Florin Borbei
The New Development in Support Vector Machine Algorithm Theory and Its Application

Author(s): Taian LIU | Yunjia WANG | Yinlei WANG | Wentong LIU
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Feng Gao | Bin Wang | Deyun Yang | Junhu Zhang | Shifei Ding
Wireless Ad-hoc Network Model for Video Transmission in the Tunnel of Mine

Author(s): Zhao Xu | Lei Sun | Wenyan Zhai | Xicheng Chang
Mine Ventilation Optimization Analysis and Airflow Control Based on Harmony Annealing Search

Author(s): Jinxue Sui | Li Yang | Zhilin Zhu | Hui Fang | Hua Zhen

Author(s): Zoran M Gligorić | Čedomir R Beljić | Vojin Čokorilo | Zlatko Dragosavljević

Author(s): Dejan B Radić | Marko O Obradović | Miroslav M STANOJEVIć | Aleksandar Jovović | Dragoslava D Stojiljković
A Coal Mine Dump Stability Analysis—A Case Study

Author(s): Ashutosh Kainthola | Dhananjai Verma | S. S. Gupte | T. N. Singh
Development of Emission Factors for Quantification of Blasting Dust at Surface

Author(s): Surendra Roy | Govind Raj Adhikari | Trilok Nath Singh
System Model of Underground UWB Based on MB-OFDM

Author(s): Yanjing Sun | Beibei Zhang
UWB-Based Localization in Wireless Sensor Networks

Author(s): Di WU | Lichun BAO | Renfa LI
Development of Bionic Air Cooler Used in High Temperature Coal Mine

Author(s): De-jun MIAO | Xiu-hua SUI | Lin-jing XIAO | Zheng-mao FENG

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