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索引典與索引方法 | Thesaurus and Indexing

Author(s): 李連揮 Maria Li Feng
Ontology-driven indexing of public datasets for translational bioinformatics

Author(s): Shah Nigam | Jonquet Clement | Chiang Annie | Butte Atul | Chen Rong | Musen Mark
Using IMS VDEX in Agrega

Author(s): Antonio Sarasa | Jose Manuel Canabal | Juan Carlos Sacristan | Raquel Jimenez
Concept of comfort in the perspective of clients and nurses in hospital units

Author(s): Carlos Roberto Lyra da Silva, Vilma Carvalho
Book as movable cultural heritage on the DEDI portal: the place of the book in the Digital encyclopaedia of Slovenian natural and cultural heritage

Author(s): Ines Jerele | Urška Šavc | Irena Eiselt | Renata Šolar | Mateja Šmid Hribar | Boris Horvat | Daniel Vladušič
Thesaurus-based disambiguation of gene symbols

Author(s): Schijvenaars Bob | Mons Barend | Weeber Marc | Schuemie Martijn | van Mulligen Erik | Wain Hester | Kors Jan
N° Spécial, Alignement lexical dans les corpus multilingues

Author(s): Jean Véronis | Éric Gaussier | Éric Gaussier | Hatem Ghorbel | Giovanni Coray | André Linden | Olivier Collet | Wagih Azzam | Olivier Kraif | Maria Zimina
N° Spécial, Autour de la lemmatisation

Author(s): Dominique Labbé | Sylvie Mellet | Bastien KINDT
Análisis y descripción de una base de datos de Terapia Ocupacional: NARIC

Author(s): Casal Acción B | Manso Fernández M | Paz Fandiño S
Annotation and query of tissue microarray data using the NCI Thesaurus

Author(s): Shah Nigam | Rubin Daniel | Espinosa Inigo | Montgomery Kelli | Musen Mark
En torno al yeso

Author(s): Diez Reyes, M. Carmen
Reuse of terminological resources for efficient ontological engineering in Life Sciences

Author(s): Jimeno-Yepes Antonio | Jiménez-Ruiz Ernesto | Berlanga-Llavori Rafael | Rebholz-Schuhmann Dietrich
Evaluation of a large-scale biomedical data annotation initiative

Author(s): Lacson Ronilda | Pitzer Erik | Hinske Christian | Galante Pedro | Ohno-Machado Lucila
An integrated database-pipeline system for studying single nucleotide polymorphisms and diseases

Author(s): Yang Jin Ok | Hwang Sohyun | Oh Jeongsu | Bhak Jong | Sohn Tae-Kwon
Annotating the human genome with Disease Ontology

Author(s): Osborne John | Flatow Jared | Holko Michelle | Lin Simon | Kibbe Warren | Zhu Lihua | Danila Maria | Feng Gang | Chisholm Rex
Polychrome study: an expert assessment method to optimize polypharmacy regimens in general practice

Author(s): Clerc P | Le Breton J | Mousquès J | Hebbrecht G | de Pouvourville G
Descubrimiento de conocimiento en repositorios documentales mediante técnicas de Minería de Texto y Swarm Intelligence

Author(s): Cobo Ortega, Angel | Rocha Blanco, Rocio | Alonso Martínez, Margarita

Author(s): Hazra Imran | Aditi Sharan
A New Approach to Keyphrase Extraction Using Neural Networks

Author(s): Kamal Sarkar | Mita Nasipuri | Suranjan Ghose
Context based Indexing in Search Engines using Ontology

Author(s): Parul Gupta | A.K.Sharma
Juvenile delinquency and young offender: Bibliographical and bibliometric review of two perspectives of study

Author(s): Francisco Javier Rodriguez | Luis Rodriguez-Franco | Javier Lopez-Cepero | Carolina Bringas
GeneMesh: a web-based microarray analysis tool for relating differentially expressed genes to MeSH terms

Author(s): Jani Saurin | Argraves Gary | Barth Jeremy | Argraves W Scott
Desarrollo de una aplicación ontológica para evaluar el mercado de trabajo español en Biblioteconomía y Documentación

Author(s): Moreiro, Jose Antonio | Sánchez-Cuadrado, Sonia | Morato, Jorge | Moreno, Valentín
A New Approach to Associating Human Impressions with Physical Features

Author(s): Masahiro Sawai | Yoshifumi Okada | Tomomasa Nagashima
Title, abstract, key words and references in biomedical articles

Author(s): Brkić Silvija | Vučenović Marija | Đokić Zorica
La estructura sistemática del tesauro: indicadores para evaluar su calidad

Author(s): Martínez, Ana M. | Ristuccia, Cristina A. | Stubbs, Edgardo A. | Valdez, Julia C. | Gamba, Viviana L. | Mendes, Paola V. | Unzurrunzaga, Carolina | Caminotti, María L.
Revisión de los estudios sobre exposición al aluminio y enfermedad de Alzheimer

Author(s): Suay Llopis Loreto | Ballester Díez Ferran
Finding qualitative research: an evaluation of search strategies

Author(s): Shaw Rachel | Booth Andrew | Sutton Alex | Miller Tina | Smith Jonathan | Young Bridget | Jones David | Dixon-Woods Mary
A selective review of knowledge-based approaches to database design

Author(s): Shahrul Azman Noah | Michael Lloyd-Williams
Chronic occupational repetitive strain injury.

Author(s): O'Neil BA | Forsythe ME | Stanish WD
Clinical management methods for out-patients with alcohol dependence

Author(s): Nalpas Bertrand | Matelak Florence | Martin Sandrine | Boulze Isabelle | Balmes Jean-Louis | Crouzet Corinne
A MEDLINE categorization algorithm

Author(s): Darmoni Stefan | Névéol Aurelie | Renard Jean-Marie | Gehanno Jean-Francois | Soualmia Lina | Dahamna Badisse | Thirion Benoit
Structured data entry for narrative data in a broad specialty: patient history and physical examination in pediatrics

Author(s): Bleeker Sacha | Derksen-Lubsen Gerarda | van Ginneken Astrid | van der Lei Johan | Moll Henriëtte
Uso de ontologias para a extração de informações em atos jurídicos em uma instituição pública Use of ontologies for the automatic information extraction in legal acts in a state institution

Author(s): Eduardo Jaime Quirós Batres | Alcione de Paiva Oliveira | Bruno Ventorim Gabrielli | Vinci Pegoretti Amorim | Alexandra Moreira
De los tesauros a los topic maps: nuevo estándar para la representación y la organización de la información Of thesauri to topic maps: new standard for the representation and the organization of the information

Author(s): José Moreiro González | Juan Llorens Morillo | Miguel Ángel Marzal García-Quismond | Jorge Morato Lara | Pilar Beltrán Orenes | Sonia Sánchez Cuadrado
Tools for information search: The MeSH terms

Author(s): Diego Camps* | Yanina Recuero | Rodolfo Esteban Ávila | Maria Elena Samar
A comparison study on algorithms of detecting long forms for short forms in biomedical text

Author(s): Torii Manabu | Hu Zhang-zhi | Song Min | Wu Cathy | Liu Hongfang
Assessment of disease named entity recognition on a corpus of annotated sentences

Author(s): Jimeno Antonio | Jimenez-Ruiz Ernesto | Lee Vivian | Gaudan Sylvain | Berlanga Rafael | Rebholz-Schuhmann Dietrich
Literature-aided meta-analysis of microarray data: a compendium study on muscle development and disease

Author(s): Jelier Rob | 't Hoen Peter | Sterrenburg Ellen | den Dunnen Johan | van Ommen Gert-Jan | Kors Jan | Mons Barend
Detecting Role Errors in the Gene Hierarchy of the NCI Thesaurus

Author(s): Hua Min | Barry Cohen | Michael Halper | Marc Oren | Yehoshua Perl
Overview and Utilization of the NCI Thesaurus

Author(s): Gilberto Fragoso | Sherri de Coronado | Margaret Haber | Frank Hartel | Larry Wright
Overview and Utilization of the NCI Thesaurus

Author(s): Gilberto Fragoso | Sherri de Coronado | Margaret Haber | Frank Hartel | Larry Wright
K-GATE Ontology Driven Knowledge Based System for Decision Support

Author(s): Ladislav Burita | Pavel Gardavsky | Tomas Vejlupek
Query Expansion based on Associated Semantic Space

Author(s): Guangjun Huang | Shuili Wang | Xiaoguo Zhang

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