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Russia’s National Security Strategy to 2020: A Great Power in the Making?

Author(s): Sophia Dimitrakopoulou | Dr. Andrew Liaropoulos
Exploring the nature of stigmatising beliefs about depression and help-seeking: Implications for reducing stigma

Author(s): Barney Lisa | Griffiths Kathleen | Christensen Helen | Jorm Anthony
Perceptions of Security

Author(s): Karma Ura
Post-9/11 Terrorism Threats, News Coverage, and Public Perceptions in the United States

Author(s): Brigitte L. Nacos | Yaeli Bloch-Elkon | Robert Y. Shapiro,
National Identity and Xenophobia in an Ethnically Divided Society

Author(s): Noah Lewin-Epstein | Asaf Levanon
Pandemic influenza in Australia: Using telephone surveys to measure perceptions of threat and willingness to comply

Author(s): Barr Margo | Raphael Beverley | Taylor Melanie | Stevens Garry | Jorm Louisa | Giffin Michael | Lujic Sanja
A qualitative study on the acceptability and preference of three types of long-lasting insecticide-treated bed nets in Solomon Islands: implications for malaria elimination

Author(s): Atkinson Jo-An | Bobogare Albino | Fitzgerald Lisa | Boaz Leonard | Appleyard Bridget | Toaliu Hilson | Vallely Andrew

Author(s): Michael Robinson | Adrienne Kozan Naumescu | Bob Ives
Por una política de defensa común latinoamericana: la propuesta venezolana

Author(s): Adriana Suzart de Pádua | Suzeley Kalil Mathias
Paradoxical risk perception and behaviours related to Avian Flu outbreak and education campaign, Laos

Author(s): Barennes Hubert | Harimanana Aina | Lorvongseng Somchay | Ongkhammy Somvay | Chu Cindy
Exploration of transitional life events in individuals with Friedreich ataxia: Implications for genetic counseling

Author(s): White V Brook | Leib Jennifer | Farmer Jennifer | Biesecker Barbara
Ethnic and gender differences in perceptions of mortality risk in a Canadian urban centre

Author(s): Gilat L Grunau | Pamela A Ratner | Shahadut Hossain
Food for thought: an exploratory study of how physicians experience poor workplace nutrition

Author(s): Lemaire Jane | Wallace Jean | Dinsmore Kelly | Roberts Delia
Attitudes of healthcare workers in U.S. hospitals regarding smallpox vaccination

Author(s): Yih W Katherine | Lieu Tracy | Rêgo Virginia | O'Brien Megan | Shay David | Yokoe Deborah | Platt Richard
Strategies to prevent HIV transmission among heterosexual African-American men

Author(s): Essien Ekere | Meshack Angela | Peters Ronald | Ogungbade Gbadebo | Osemene Nora
Local public health workers' perceptions toward responding to an influenza pandemic

Author(s): Balicer Ran | Omer Saad | Barnett Daniel | Everly George
Influenza pandemic preparedness: motivation for protection among small and medium businesses in Australia

Author(s): Watkins Rochelle | Cooke Feonagh | Donovan Robert | MacIntyre C Raina | Itzwerth Ralf | Plant Aileen
Environmental conception and education for teachers of the Federal School of Agrotechology in Vitória, Santo Antão-PE

Author(s): Tatiana Marcela de Oliveira Bezerra | Andréa Aparecida Cajueiro Gonçalves
Emotions of Children with Special Needs and Its Social Meaning

Author(s): Normaliza Abd Rahim & Noraien Mansor
Perceptions of Heat-Susceptibility in Older Persons: Barriers to Adaptation

Author(s): Alana Hansen | Peng Bi | Monika Nitschke | Dino Pisaniello | Jonathan Newbury | Alison Kitson
Understanding, perceptions and self-use of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) among Malaysian pharmacy students

Author(s): Hasan Syed | Yong Chew | Babar Muneer | Naing Cho | Hameed Abdul | Baig Mirza | Iqbal Shahid | Kairuz Therese
Alert but less alarmed: a pooled analysis of terrorism threat perception in Australia

Author(s): Stevens Garry | Agho Kingsley | Taylor Melanie | Jones Alison | Jacobs Jennifer | Barr Margo | Raphael Beverley
Does Religious Involvement Generate or Inhibit Fear of Crime?

Author(s): Todd Matthews | Lee Michael Johnson | Catherine Jenks
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