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The Non-omission of Nonfinite Be

Author(s): Carson Schütze
Writing biomedical texts in english. II. Correct use of verbs

Author(s): Todorović Gordana | Todorović Ljubomir
The indo-European mini est construction in Slavic

Author(s): Grković-Mejdžor Jasmina
Comparison of ANFIS Based SSSC, STATCOM and UPFC Controllers for Transient Stability Improvement

Author(s): Forough Taki | Ali Shishebori | Saeed Abazari | Gholamreza Arab Markadeh
Bit Error Performance of BPSK and QPSK Receiver in the Presence of η-Е Fading and Carrier Phase Error

Author(s): Bojana Nikolic | Goran Djordjevic | Mihajlo Stefanovic | Dragan Denic
Genetic diversity measures of the Croatian Spotted goat

Author(s): Ramljak Jelena | Mioč Boro | Ćurković M. | Pavić Vesna | Ivanković A. | Međugorac I.
The Non-omission of Nonfinite Be

Author(s): Carson Schütze
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