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From learner to therapist: a story of transcendence and transformation

Author(s): Hester G Pretorius | Anne-Marie Lydall | Rahima Mohamed-Patel | Antoinette Rikhotso | Grant W Evans
Paranada: Beyond Beyond

Author(s): Hector Currie | Juan Pacheco
Acerca del uso del tiempo apocalíptico en la Edad Media

Author(s): Villacañas Berlanga, José Luis
Anticlericalism si ateism

Author(s): Richard Rorty
Editorial: Clinical Trials Registration and the «Instead of» research phenomenon

Author(s): Mauricio Palacios | Jorge Hernán Ramírez
Nietzsche: Um Tipo Asceta

Author(s): Mauro Araujo de Sousa
Giordano Bruno: o uno e o múltiplo

Author(s): Jairo Dias Carvalho
Being and responsibility

Author(s): Laušević Savo
On the (in)completeness of Schoenberg's oratorio die Jakobsleiter

Author(s): Jeremić-Molnar Dragana | Molnar Aleksandar
Spirituality and transcendence: reflections about nursing careless in the age of technology

Author(s): Flávio Rangel da Silva, Roberto Carlos Lyra da Silva
Religious Involvement, Spirituality and Medicine : Subject Review and Implications for Clinical Practice

Author(s): Mr. Keyur Vasantlal Shastri | Dr. Vishal Vijay Pande | Prof. Avinash R. Tekade | Mrs. A S Gadekar
The European Synarchy: New Discourses on Sovereignty

Author(s): Dimitris N. Chryssochoou
Suicide and Personality

Author(s): Mehmet Ak | Murat Gulsun | K. Nahit Ozmenler
Historia de la voluntad y banalidad del mal

Author(s): Prior Olmos, Ángel
Love and structure Amor y estructura

Author(s): Charles Lindholm
History of trauma and relationship with alexithymia, temperament and character dimensions in male alcohol dependent inpatients

Author(s): Ercan Dalbudak | Cüneyt Evren | Turan Çetin | Mine Durkaya | Rabia Cetin
Philosophical and Didactic Perspectives on Problematization

Author(s): Nicoleta Martian, Assist. Prof. PhD | Livia Suciu, Assist. Prof. PhD
Art and the critique of the enlightenment

Author(s): Novaković Marko
Q&A on the economic model of Inclusive Democracy

Author(s): Takis Fotopoulos | ATTAC Academie Workshop (Madeburg, Germany, July, 2010)
Nothing to Do or the Invisible Ethics

Author(s): Dorin Ştefănescu
La condición desvalida del hombre

Author(s): Julieta Lizaola
Spiritual Needs of Patients with Chronic Diseases

Author(s): Arndt Büssing | Harold G. Koenig
The spiritual distress assessment tool: an instrument to assess spiritual distress in hospitalised elderly persons

Author(s): Monod Stefanie | Rochat Etienne | Büla Christophe | Jobin Guy | Martin Estelle | Spencer Brenda
Music: The Aesthetic Elixir

Author(s): Lisa Summer
Mortality due to pneumoconioses in macro-regions of Brazil from 1979 to 1998

Author(s): Castro Hermano Albuquerque de | Vicentin Genésio | Pereira Kellen Cristina Xavier
Corpo em risco

Author(s): Guzzo, Marina
Personal values and involvement in problem behaviors among Bahamian early adolescents: a cross-sectional study

Author(s): Liu Hongjie | Yu Shuli | Cottrell Lesley | Lunn Sonja | Deveaux Lynette | Brathwaite Nanika | Marshall Sharon | Li Xiaoming | Stanton Bonita
Premises for a question about memory

Author(s): Awoniyi, Stephen
The Relationship Between Identity Styles and Religiosity in Students

Author(s): Mahnaz Moghanloo | Maryam Aguilar-Vafaie | Mehrnaz Shahraray
Iranian nurses' perception of spirituality and spiritual care: a qualitative content analysis study

Author(s): Gholamreza Mahmoodishan | Fatemeh Alhani | Fazlollah Ahmadi | Anoshirvan Kazemnejad
Temperament and personal character relationship with symptoms of schizophrenia disorder

Author(s): Abbas Abolghasemi | Mohammad Bahari | Mohammad Narimani | Adel Zahed
Anger and temperament characteristics of a group of health workers: a relational analysis

Author(s): Gülseren Keskin | Aysun Babacan Gümüş | Esra Engin
Bipolar Disorder and the TCI: Higher Self-Transcendence in Bipolar Disorder Compared to Major Depression

Author(s): James A. Harley | J. Elisabeth Wells | Christopher M. A. Frampton | Peter R. Joyce
Quality of life among patients receiving palliative care in South Africa and Uganda: a multi-centred study

Author(s): Selman Lucy | Higginson Irene | Agupio Godfrey | Dinat Natalya | Downing Julia | Gwyther Liz | Mashao Thandi | Mmoledi Keletso | Moll Tony | Sebuyira Lydia | Ikin Barbara | Harding Richard
ERP correlates of intramodal and crossmodal L2 acquisition

Author(s): Skotara Nils | Kügow Monique | Salden Uta | Hänel-Faulhaber Barbara | Röder Brigitte
Amor y estructura Love and structure

Author(s): Charles Lindholm
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