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Force and Mass Measurement in Extended Measuring Range

Author(s): Slobodan Škundrić | Dragan Kovačević
Usefulness of ultrasonography for the evaluation of cervical lymphadenopathy

Author(s): Khanna Rahul | Sharma Avinash | Khanna Seema | Kumar Mohan | Shukla Ram
Non-opaque soft tissue foreign body: sonographic findings

Author(s): Mohammadi Afshin | Ghasemi-Rad Mohammad | Khodabakhsh Maryam
Effects of the crystallization parameters on the fabrication of ultrathin capacitors of PbTiO3

Author(s): Fernández, R. | Calzada, M. L. | Jiménez, R. | Ricote, J.
Ultrasonic transducers with resonant cavities as emitters for air-borne applications

Author(s): Octavio Manzanares, A. | Montero De Espinosa Freijo, F.
A STAT3-decoy oligonucleotide induces cell death in a human colorectal carcinoma cell line by blocking nuclear transfer of STAT3 and STAT3-bound NF-κB

Author(s): Souissi Inès | Najjar Imen | Ah-Koon Laurent | Schischmanoff Pierre | Lesage Denis | Le Coquil Stéphanie | Roger Claudine | Dusanter-Fourt Isabelle | Varin-Blank Nadine | Cao An | Metelev Valeri | Baran-Marszak Fanny | Fagard Remi
Ultrasonography of the reticulum in 30 healthy Saanen goats

Author(s): Braun Ueli | Jacquat Désirée
Focused ultrasound-mediated suppression of chemically-induced acute epileptic EEG activity

Author(s): Min Byoung-Kyong | Bystritsky Alexander | Jung Kwang-Ik | Fischer Krisztina | Zhang Yongzhi | Maeng Lee-So | In Park Sang | Chung Yong-An | Jolesz Ferenc | Yoo Seung-Schik
Ultrasonography of the omasum in 30 Saanen goats

Author(s): Braun Ueli | Jacquat Désirée
(-)-Epigallocatechin-3-gallate inhibits VEGF expression induced by IL-6 бvia Stat3 in gastric cancer

Author(s): Bao-He Zhu | Hua-Yun Chen | Wen-Hua Zhan | Cheng-You Wang | Shi-Rong Cai | Zhao Wang | Chang-Hua Zhang | Yu-Long He
Identification of Sonographic B-Lines with Linear Transducer Predicts Elevated B-Type Natriuretic Peptide Level

Author(s): Manson, William C | Manson, William C | Carmody, Kristin | Osborne, Michael | Moore, Christopher L
EMAT Evaluation of Thin Conductive Sheets

Author(s): Ivo Cap | Klara Capova
Electromagnetic Phenomena as the Principles of Material Nondestructive Evalution

Author(s): Klara Capova | Ivo Cap | Dagmar Faktorova
GPS Medium-Range Kinematic Positioning for the Seafloor Geodesy of Eastern Taiwan

Author(s): Horng-Yue Chen | Shui-Beih Yu | Hsin Tung | Toshiaki Tsujii | Masataka Ando
Impact of interleukin-27 on replication of hepatitis C virus

Author(s): Scotto G | Giammario A | Campanale F | D’Addiego G | Fazio V
A Novel Approach to Change the Breech Presentation of Fetus through Ultrasound

Author(s): Samreen Amir | Manzoor Hashmani | B.S. Chowdhry
EMAT Evaluation of Thin Conductive Sheets

Author(s): Ivo Cap | Klara Capova
Electromagnetic Phenomena as the Principles of Material Nondestructive Evalution

Author(s): Klara Capova | Ivo Cap | Dagmar Faktorova
Stat1 Expression is an Independent Indicator of Prognosis in Lymph node Positive Breast Carcinomas

Author(s): Z Madjd | A Al -Atta | NFS Watson | I Spendlove | I Ellis | LG Durrant
"Evaluation of solid breast lesions with color doppler sonography and power doppler imaging "

Author(s): Ahmadi Nejad P | Shahriaran S | Ghasemi Phiroozabadi A | Giti M

Measurement of forces generated during distraction of growing-rods in early onset scoliosis

Author(s): Marco Teli | Giuseppe Grava | Victor Solomon | Giuseppe Andreoletti | Emanuele Grismondi | Jay Meswania
2D scaled model of the TURBOPROP wing

Author(s): Adrian DOBRE
In vitro effect of pantoprazole on lower esophageal sphincter tone in rats

Author(s): Mustafa Duman | Mahmut Özer | Enver Reyhan | Yeliz Demirci | Ali E Atıcı | Tahsin Dalgıç | Erdal B Bostancı | Ece Genç
A Digital Method for the Detection of Blood Flow Direction in Ultrasonic Doppler Systems

Author(s): A. Sotomayor–Ortega | M. Fuentes–Cruz. | F. García–Nocetti. | E. Moreno–Hernández. | M. Barragán–Ocampo. | P. Acevedo–Contla.
Solid-Contact Perchlorate Sensor with Nanomolar Detection Limit Based on Cobalt Phthalocyanine Ionophores Covalently Attached to Polyacrylamide

Author(s): Mohammad Nooredeen Abbas | Abdel Lattief A. Radwan | Philippe Bühlmann | Mahmud A. Abd El Ghaffar
Common Carotid Intima-media Thickness in Patients with Late Rheumatoid Arthritis; What Is the Role of Gender?

Author(s): Abolhassan Shakeri | Mohammad Babaei Bazzaz | Alireza Khabbazi | Rohollah Fadaei Fouladi
Alternative Post-Processing on a CMOS Chip to Fabricate a Planar Microelectrode Array

Author(s): Francisco López-Huerta | Agustín L. Herrera-May | Johan J. Estrada-López | Carlos Zuñiga-Islas | Blanca Cervantes-Sanchez | Enrique Soto | Blanca S. Soto-Cruz
Development of a New Surface Acoustic Wave Based Gyroscope on a X-112°Y LiTaO3 Substrate

Author(s): Wen Wang | Jiuling Liu | Xiao Xie | Minghua Liu | Shitang He
Curcumin is a potent modulator of microglial gene expression and migration

Author(s): Karlstetter Marcus | Lippe Elena | Walczak Yana | Moehle Christoph | Aslanidis Alexander | Mirza Myriam | Langmann Thomas
Mesenchymal stem cells as carriers and amplifiers in CRAd delivery to tumors

Author(s): Xia Xi | Ji Teng | Chen Pingbo | Li Xiao | Fang Yong | Gao Qinglei | Liao Shujie | You Lanying | Xu Hongbin | Ma Quanfu | Wu Peng | Hu Wencheng | Wu Mingfu | Cao Li | Li Kezhen | Weng Yanjie | Han Zhiqiang | Wei Junchen | Liu Ronghua | Wang Shixuan | Xu Gang | Wang Daowen | Zhou Jianfeng | Ma Ding
Modelling ultrasound-induced mild hyperthermia of hyperplasia in vascular grafts

Author(s): Brinton Mark | Stewart Russell | Cheung Alfred | Christensen Douglas | Shiu Yan-Ting
Gas speed flow transducer

Author(s): Godovaniouk V. N. | Riukhtin V. V. | Mikhailichenko Yu. S. | Shvets A. G. | Shimanovskiy A. B. | Fedinchuk I. I.
Pattern Classification of Decomposed Wavelet Information using ART2 Networks for echoes Analysis

Author(s): Solís M. | Benítez-Pérez H. | Rubio E. | Medina-Gómez L. | Moreno E. | Gonzalez G. | Leija L.

Author(s): R. Fuentes | M. A. Bañuelos
Sonographic Changes of the Lens in Traumatic Cataract

Author(s): Mohammed A. Karanjam | M. H. Roozitalab
Validity of Transperineal Ultrasound in Infants with Imperforate Anus

Author(s): M. Alehossein | M. Mollaeian | P. Salamati | H. Poorang | A. Sedighi
Evaluation of Regional Displacement in Myocardium during a Heart Cycle Based on Mathematical Analysis of TDE Images

Author(s): "H. Moladoust | M. Mokhtari Dizaji | Z. Ojaghi Haghighi | F. Noohi | R. Jalalian | H. Gerailo "
Sonographic Findings of Human Fascioliasis

Author(s): F. Mansour Ghanaei | A. Alizadeh | Z. Pourrasouli | H. Vahidi | M.R. Naghipour
Ultrasonographic Features of Normal and

Author(s): A. Shakeri Bavil | M. Nemati
Color Doppler Sonography in the Diagnosis of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Using a Quantitative Method.

Author(s): Ahmadreza Ghasemi esfe | Maryam Rahmani | Seyed mehran Vaziri bozorg | Hadi Rokni yazdi
Does Grade I Hypertension Has Effect on Carotid Intima-Media Thickness?

Author(s): Mahyar Mohammadi Fard | Alireza Mirgholami | Masoud Pezeshki Rad
Role of Sonography and MRI in Fetal CNS Anomaly

Author(s): Ahmad Tahmasebpour | Jalal Jalalshokouhi
Spasmolytic effect of Vitis vinifera leaf extract on rat colon

Author(s): Gharib Naseri M.K. | Zarei M. | Amiri O.
Microstructure cantilever beam for current measurement

Author(s): H.A.B. Mustafa | M.T.E. Khan
Detención fotoacústica de transiciones de fase en cerámicas ferroeléctricas

Author(s): Castañeda Guzmán, R. | Villagrán Muniz, M. | Saniger Blesa, J. M.
Comportamiento no lineal de piezocomposites en transductores resonantes de potencia

Author(s): Albareda, A. | Kayombo, J. H. | Casals, J. A. | Montero de Espinosa, F.
Sorafenib inhibits growth and metastasis of hepatocellular carcinoma by blocking STAT3

Author(s): Fang-Ming Gu | Quan-Lin Li | Qiang Gao | Jia-Hao Jiang | Xiao-Yong Huang | Jin-Feng Pan | Jia Fan | Jian Zhou
Cytokine-induced alterations of gastrointestinal motility in gastrointestinal disorders

Author(s): Hirotada Akiho | Eikichi Ihara | Yasuaki Motomura | Kazuhiko Nakamura
Non Invasive Measurement of Systolic Blood Pressure in Rats: A Simple Technique

Author(s): Maria Pauline | Sandhya T Avadhany | K.N. Maruthy
Signal Transducer and Activator of Transcription 3 (STAT3) and Trophoblast Invasion

Author(s): Fitzgerald JS | Poehlmann TG | Suman P | Gupta SK | Schleussner E | Markert UR
The Effect of Paroxetine on Ouabain-Induced Toxicity in Isolated Guinea Pig Atria

Author(s): Mir-Jamal Hosseini | Azam Bakhtiarian | Peyvand Bina | Sima Sabzeh-Khah | Farzaneh Najar | Abbas Pousti
Isolation of Dental Pulp Stem Cells and their In Vitro Differentiation into Odontoblast-like Cells

Author(s): Nermeen El-Motaz Bellah Ahmed | Eman Hassan Anwar Aboul-Ezz | Siza Yacoub Zakhary | Tarek Hamed El Badry | Magda Ismail Ramzy
Evaluation of the ultrasound reproducibility as a method to measure the subcutaneous tissue of the nasal tip

Author(s): Naves, Marcell de Melo | Sousa, Rogério Costa | Tomé, Raphael Alves Ferreira | Damian, Nicholas Godoy Canazza | Diniz, Angélica Lemos Debs | Patrocinio, Lucas Gomes
Piezocomposites metal-cerámica como elementos activos en acelerómetros

Author(s): Ochoa, P. | Villegas, M. | Pons, J. L. | Bengochea, M. A. | Fernández, J. F.
Self-Assembled Films of Dendrimers and Metallophthalocyanines as FET-Based Glucose Biosensors

Author(s): Nirton C.S. Vieira | Alessandra Figueiredo | Alvaro A.A. de Queiroz | Valtencir Zucolotto | Francisco E.G. Guimarães
Aplicación de sensores piezoeléctricos cerámicos a la caracterización biomecánica

Author(s): Moreno, J. C. | Fernández, J. F. | Ochoa, P. | Ceres, R. | Calderón, L. | Rocon, E. | Pons, J. L.
Hepcidin expression in human airway epithelial cells is regulated by interferon-γ

Author(s): Frazier Marie | Mamo Lisa | Ghio Andrew | Turi Jennifer
A Surface Plasmon Resonance Sensor for the Detection of Deoxynivalenol Using a Molecularly Imprinted Polymer

Author(s): Sung-Wook Choi | Hyun-Joo Chang | Nari Lee | Hyang Sook Chun
A Rule based Kannada Morphological Analyzer and Generator using Finite State Transducer

Author(s): Ramasamy Veerappan | Antony P J | S Saravanan | Soman K P
An S-Transform and Support Vector Machine (SVM)-Based Online Method for Diagnosing Broken Strands in Transmission Lines

Author(s): Xingliang Jiang | Yunfeng Xia | Jianlin Hu | Zhijin Zhang | Lichun Shu | Caxin Sun
Prognostic significance of STAT3 and phosphorylated STAT3 in human soft tissue tumors - a clinicopathological analysis

Author(s): David Diana | Rajappan Lakshmy | Balachandran Krishna | Thulaseedharan Jissa | Nair Asha | Pillai Radhakrishna
Carbon monoxide affects electrical and contractile activity of rat myocardium

Author(s): Abramochkin Denis | Haertdinov Nail | Porokhnya Maria | Zefirov Andrew | Sitdikova Gusel
A STAT-1 knockout mouse model for Machupo virus pathogenesis

Author(s): Bradfute Steven | Stuthman Kelly | Shurtleff Amy | Bavari Sina
Constitutive phosphorylation of the FOXO1 transcription factor in gastric cancer cells correlates with microvessel area and the expressions of angiogenesis-related molecules

Author(s): Kim Sue | Yoon Jiyeon | Ko Young | Chang Mee | Park Jong-Wan | Lee Hee | Kim Min | Kim Ji | Kim Woo | Lee Byung
Expression of il-23/th17 pathway in a murine model of coxsackie virus b3-induced viral myocarditis

Author(s): Yang Fan | Wu Wei-Feng | Yan Yu-Luan | Pang Yu | Kong Qing | Huang Yan-Lan
Therapeutic potential of cladribine in combination with STAT3 inhibitor against multiple myeloma

Author(s): Ma Jian | Wang Shuiliang | Zhao Ming | Deng Xin-Sheng | Lee Choon-Kee | Yu Xiao-Dan | Liu Bolin
Frequency Response Optimization of Saw Filter using Canonical Genetic Algorithm

Author(s): Prachi Chaudhary | Ms. Priyanka | Manoj Duhan
The Phosphatidylinositol 3-Kinase/mTor Pathway as a Therapeutic Target for Brain Aging and Neurodegeneration

Author(s): David Heras-Sandoval | Evangelina Avila-Muñoz | Clorinda Arias
The Phosphatidylinositol 3-Kinase/mTor Pathway as a Therapeutic Target for Brain Aging and Neurodegeneration

Author(s): David Heras-Sandoval | Evangelina Avila-Muñoz | Clorinda Arias
Evaluation of the contrast between tissues and thermal lesions in rabbit in vivo produced by high intensity focused ultrasound using fast spin echo MRI sequences

Author(s): Venediktos Hadjisavvas | Kleanthis Ioannides | Michalis Komodromos | Nikos Mylonas | Christakis Damianou
Temperature estimation of focused ultrasound exposures for stroke treatment

Author(s): Venediktos Hadjisavvas | Christakis Damianou
Evaluation of fast spin echo MRI sequence for an MRI guided high intensity focused ultrasound system for in vivo rabbit liver ablation

Author(s): Nicos Mylonas | Kleanthis Ioannides | Venediktos Hadjisavvas | Dimitris Iosif | Panayiotis A. Kyriacou | Christakis Damianou
Magnetoelastic Force-Measuring Transducer

Author(s): Georgi Ianakiev Trendafilov
Position Transducer With Frequent Autocalibration Capability

Author(s): Miodrag Arsić | Dragan Denić
Experimental Investigation of Unsteady Pressure on an Axial Compressor Rotor Blade Surface

Author(s): Qingwei Wang | Bo Liu | Xiaorong Xiang | Xiangfeng Bo | Weimin Hou
Development of Multi-Channel Data Logger for Indoor Environment

Author(s): Anuj Kumar | Indu Prakash Singh | Suresh Kumar Sud
Measurement of Blood Volumetric Flow Using Mocro-Machined Ultasonic Transducer Array

Author(s): Nord Eddine Sad Chemloul | Abdelkader E. K. Benmedjedi
The Multi-Chamber Electronic Nose—An Improved Olfaction Sensor for Mobile Robotics

Author(s): Javier Gonzalez-Jimenez | Javier G. Monroy | Jose Luis Blanco
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