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Pinturas rupestres esquemáticas en la transición del IV al III milenio a.C. El abrigo de la Charneca Chica (Oliva de Mérida, Badajoz)

Author(s): Collado Giraldo, Hipólito | Fernández Algaba, Milagros | Pozuelo Lorenzo, Diana | Girón Abumalham, Montserrat
ACVR1, a Therapeutic Target of Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva, Is Negatively Regulated by miR-148a

Author(s): Hao Song | Qi Wang | Junge Wen | Shunai Liu | Xuesong Gao | Jun Cheng | Deli Zhang
Recent Seismic Studies at the East Pacific Rise 8°20'–10°10'N and Endeavour Segment: Insights into Mid-Ocean Ridge Hydrothermal and Magmatic Processes

Author(s): Suzanne M. Carbotte | Juan Pablo Canales | Mladen R. Nedimović | Hélène Carton | John C. Mutter
Model-Checking the Higher-Dimensional Modal mu-Calculus

Author(s): Martin Lange | Etienne Lozes
Soft X―ray Emission Spectra of Mn―doped ZnO Thin Films

Author(s): JIN Jing, ZHANG Xin-Yi, ZHOU Ying-Xue
US Role in Asia under a New World Order

Author(s): Robert Sutter
A comparative study of metabolic mineral profiles on dairy farms from two regions in Nariño department

Author(s): Darío A. Cedeño-Quevedo | Alejandro Ceballos-Marquez | Catalina Garzón | Carmen A. Daza-Bolaños
Identities in transition: communication, body and technology in Villavicencio’s urban youth

Author(s): Héctor R. Chaparro-Hurtado | Claudia M. Guzmán Ariza | Armando Acuña-Pineda

Author(s): Novo Plakalović
Epigenetic Disregulation in Oral Cancer

Author(s): Massimo Mascolo | Maria Siano | Gennaro Ilardi | Daniela Russo | Francesco Merolla | Gaetano De Rosa | Stefania Staibano
Processes, Roles and Their Interactions

Author(s): Johannes Reich
The prevalence of alcohol consumption among students newly enrolled at a public university

Author(s): Yuri Silva Toledo Brandão | DivaniseSuruagy Correia | Maria Stella Jakeline Alves de Farias | Thallyta Maria Tavares Antunes, | Laís Alves da Silva
DNA Barcodes of Asian Houbara Bustard (Chlamydotis undulata macqueenii)

Author(s): Ibrahim A. Arif | Haseeb A. Khan | Joseph B. Williams | Mohammad Shobrak | Waad I. Arif
Multi-Level Governance of Low-Carbon Energy Systems in Thailand

Author(s): Janthana Kunchornrat | Aumnad Phdungsilp
On lower bounded orbits of the times-$q$ map

Author(s): Jonas Lindstrøm Jensen
Preparación de Materiales Fotocatalizadores Basados en Bi4Ti3O12 Dopados con Metales de Transición

Author(s): Calatayud, D. G. | Rodríguez, M. | Gallego, B. | Fernández-Hevia, D. | Jardiel, T.
Microwave Inter-Connections and Switching by means of Carbon Nano-tubes

Author(s): Giorgio De Angelis | Andrea Lucibello | Emanuela Proietti | Romolo Marcelli | Daniele Pochesci | Giancarlo Bartolucci | Mircea Dragoman | Daniela Dragoman

Author(s): Elenica PJERO | Pranvera JAHOLLARI | Xhiliola AGARAJ
Neighborhood Quality and Housing Value: Evidence from Urban Micro Data

Author(s): Yi Wang | Ruiping Ran | Guoying Deng
Theoretical considerations about implementation of IAS 41 in Romania

Author(s): Liliana FELEAGĂ | Niculae FELEAGĂ | Vasile RĂILEANU

The Mathematical Structure of Information Bottleneck Methods

Author(s): Tomáš Gedeon | Albert E. Parker | Alexander G. Dimitrov
Protein sources in suplements to bovines on pastur in the dry and transition between the dry and the rainy periods Fontes de proteína em suplementos para bovinos em pastejo nos períodos da seca e de transição seca-águas

Author(s): Severino Delmar Junqueira Villela | Mário Fonseca Paulino | Sebastião de Campos Valadares Fihlo | Marina Oliveira Martins | Belmiro Zamperlini
Suplementação para bovinos em pastejo no período de transição águas-seca: variáveis nutricionais Suplementation for steers on pasture during the transition phase between the rainy and the dry periods

Author(s): Severino Delmar Junqueira Villela | Mario Fonseca Paulino | Sebastião de Campos Valadares Filho | Edenio Detman | Rilene Ferreira Diniz Valadares | Karoline Guedes Araújo
Change in dust variability in the Atlantic sector of Antarctica at the end of the last deglaciation

Author(s): A. Wegner | P. Gabrielli | D. Wilhelms-Dick | U. Ruth | M. Kriews | P. De Deckker | C. Barbante | G. Cozzi | B. Delmonte | H. Fischer
Impact of oceanic processes on the carbon cycle during the last termination

Author(s): N. Bouttes | D. Paillard | D. M. Roche | C. Waelbroeck | M. Kageyama | A. Lourantou | E. Michel | L. Bopp
Amazonian coastline candy coastal in the Amapá and Pará States, Brazil

Author(s): Dário Dantas do Amaral | Maria Thereza Prost | Maria de Nazaré do Carmo Bastos | Salustiano Vilar Costa Neto | João Ubiratan Moreira dos Santos
Evaluation of Activation Energy and Thermodynamic Properties of Enzyme-Catalysed Transesterification Reactions

Author(s): Gujjula Ravikumar | Jegannathan Kenthorai Raman | Ravindra Pogaku
Low Molecular Weight Poly(Lactide-co-Caprolactone) for Tissue Adhesion and Tetracycline Hydrochloride Controlled Release in Wound Management

Author(s): Amorn Petsom | Nuttha Thongchul | Somchai Pengprecha | Sumana Sriputtirat | Wasinee Boonkong
The Influence of Ceric Oxide on Phase Composition and Activity of Iron Oxide Catalysts

Author(s): Olga V. Kuzmina | Rinat R. Gilmullin | Ekaterina A. Pavlova | Aleksandr A. Lamberov | Ekaterina V. Dementyeva | Dmitriy I. Vavilov
Interaction of haptoglobin with hemoglobin octamers based on the mutation αAsn78Cys or βGly83Cys

Author(s): Corinne Vasseur | Shoucheng Du | Elisa Domingues-Hamdi | Véronique Baudin-Creuza | Chien Ho | Regina Kettering | Michael C. Marden | Thomas Brillet | Joanne I. Yeh | Nancy T. Ho | Tong-Jian Shen
l-Mixing Collision in Presence of Microwave Field

Author(s): Vinod Prasad | Brijender Dahiya | Urvashi Arya
Optical Properties of Polycrystalline Zinc Selenide Thin Films

Author(s): Panjabrao Pawar | Sulakshana Behere | Umesh Khairnar
Kinetics of Phase Transformations and Thermal Stability of Se58Ge42-xPbx (x = 15, 18 & 20) Glasses

Author(s): Narendra Sahai Saxena | Kuldeep Singh Rathore | Deepika  
Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Studies of Cu2+ and VO2+ Spin Probes in RO-Li2O-Na2O-K2O-B2O3 (R = Zn, Mg, Sr and Ba) Glass Systems

Author(s): Mohmmad Shareefuddin | Mudumba Narasimha Chary | Siddey Laksmisrinivasa Rao | Abdul Hameed | Gokarakonda Ramadevudu
Projected Future Wind Speed and Wind Power Density Trends over the Western US High Plains

Author(s): Mark Morrissey | Steve Stadler | J. Scott Greene | Matthew Chatelain
Ferrofluid Actuated Thermal Overload Relay

Author(s): Praveenkumar Mahesh | Hayagrivan Mugundhan | Rajagopalan Badrinarayanan
Hard-to-Soft Transition in Radial Buckling of Multi-Concentric Nanocylinders

Author(s): Tetsuro Ikeda | Hiroyuki Shima | Sung-Jin Park | Motohiro Sato
A Time Series of Prehistoric Mitochondrial DNA Reveals Western European Genetic Diversity Was Largely Established by the Bronze Age

Author(s): Bertrand Ludes | Francis Duranthon | Eric Crubézy | Jean Guilaine | Murray P. Cox | François-Xavier Ricaut | Christine Keyser | Marie Lacan
Ferrofluid Actuated Thermal Overload Relay

Author(s): Praveenkumar Mahesh | Hayagrivan Mugundhan | Rajagopalan Badrinarayanan
Hard-to-Soft Transition in Radial Buckling of Multi-Concentric Nanocylinders

Author(s): Tetsuro Ikeda | Hiroyuki Shima | Sung-Jin Park | Motohiro Sato
A Time Series of Prehistoric Mitochondrial DNA Reveals Western European Genetic Diversity Was Largely Established by the Bronze Age

Author(s): Bertrand Ludes | Francis Duranthon | Eric Crubézy | Jean Guilaine | Murray P. Cox | François-Xavier Ricaut | Christine Keyser | Marie Lacan
Vitamin E Nutrition and Immune Response in Dairy Cows with Peripartum Health Problems

Author(s): Arma an Colak | Ozgur Kaynar | Yunusemre Ozkanlar | Fikrullah K sa | Armagan Hayirli
Scaling laws of diffusion and time intermittency generated by coherent structures in atmospheric turbulence

Author(s): P. Paradisi | R. Cesari | A. Donateo | D. Contini | P. Allegrini
Sea surface temperature anomalies, seasonal cycle and trend regimes in the Eastern Pacific coast

Author(s): A. Ramos-Rodríguez | D. B. Lluch-Cota | S. E. Lluch-Cota | A. Trasviña-Castro
Changes in the marine-terminating glaciers of central east Greenland, 2000–2010

Author(s): K. M. Walsh | I. M. Howat | Y. Ahn | E. M. Enderlin
Climate bifurcation during the last deglaciation

Author(s): T. M. Lenton | V. N. Livina | V. Dakos | M. Scheffer
Filling the white space on maps of European runoff trends: estimates from a multi-model ensemble

Author(s): K. Stahl | L. M. Tallaksen | J. Hannaford | H. A. J. van Lanen
Uncertainty in future solid ice discharge from Antarctica

Author(s): R. Winkelmann | A. Levermann | K. Frieler | M. A. Martin
Modelo para la integración de redes IPv4 – IPv6 basado en túneles

Author(s): Danilo López | Nancy Yaneth Gelvez García | Luis F. Pedraza
Summertime photochemistry during CAREBeijing-2007: RO x budgets and O3 formation

Author(s): Z. Liu | Y. Wang | D. Gu | C. Zhao | L. G. Huey | R. Stickel | J. Liao | M. Shao | T. Zhu | L. Zeng | A. Amoroso | F. Costabile | C.-C. Chang | S.-C. Liu
Beltramized flow in a diffuser. Quasi-cylindrical approximation

Author(s): Rafael González | Ricardo Page | Andrés Salvador Sartarelli
Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition Is a Critical Step in Tumorgenesis of Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumors

Author(s): Volker Fendrich | Katja Maschuw | Jens Waldmann | Malte Buchholz | Johannes Rehm | Thomas M. Gress | Detlef K. Bartsch | Alexander König
Investigations of the MRI Images using Aura Transformation

Author(s): Parveen Lehana | Pawanesh Abrol | Saleem Khan | Sandeep Arya | Swapna Devi | Satnam Singh
Integration of GSM With IPv6

Author(s): Samir N. Ajani
Binary Mixtures of PDLC Doped with Nanoparticles and MWCNT

Author(s): Sureshchandra J.Gupta | Balakrishna R.Sreeramulu
Radiative thermal escape in intermediate band solar cells

Author(s): A. Luque | A. Martí | E. Antolín | P. G. Linares | I. Tobías | I. Ramiro
Comparative characterization of rhombohedral and tetragonal PZN-PT single crystals

Author(s): D. Kobor | M. Tine | A. Hajjaji | L. Lebrun | S. Pruvost | D. Guyomar
Leakage mechanism of cation -modified BiFeO3 thin film

Author(s): Jiagang Wu | John Wang | Dingquan Xiao | Jianguo Zhu
Absorption of surface acoustic waves by graphene

Author(s): S. H. Zhang | W. Xu
Transparent thin film polarizing and optical control systems

Author(s): Nelson V. Tabiryan | Sarik R. Nersisyan | Timothy J. White | Timothy J. Bunning | Diane M. Steeves | Brian R. Kimball
Signature of electron-phonon interaction in high temperature superconductors

Author(s): Vinod Ashokan | B. D. Indu | A. Kr. Dimri
Surface reconstruction precursor to melting in Au309 clusters

Author(s): Fuyi Chen | Z. Y. Li | Roy L. Johnston
Manipulating absorption and diffusion of H atom on graphene by mechanical strain

Author(s): Ming Yang | Argo Nurbawono | Chun Zhang | Rongqin Wu | Yuanping Feng | Ariando
x-T phase diagram of La-substituted BiFeO3-PbTiO3

Author(s): K. K. Mishra | R. M. Sarguna | Shabana Khan | A. K. Arora
Collective plasmon modes in a compositionally asymmetric nanoparticle dimer

Author(s): Fuyi Chen | Negash Alemu | Roy L. Johnston
Ignition of a large volume plasma with a plasma jet

Author(s): M. Laroussi | M. A. Akman
Dynamics of serrated flow in a bulk metallic glass

Author(s): J. L. Ren | C. Chen | G. Wang | N. Mattern | J. Eckert
Tuning the conductivity of vanadium dioxide films on silicon by swift heavy ion irradiation

Author(s): H. Hofsäss | P. Ehrhardt | H.-G. Gehrke | M. Brötzmann | U. Vetter | K. Zhang | J. Krauser | C. Trautmann | C. Ko | S. Ramanathan
Structural transformation and charge transfer induced ferroelectricity and magnetism in annealed YMnO3

Author(s): Sheng-Hsu Liu | Jung-Chun-Andrew Huang | Xiaoding Qi | Wei-Jui Lin | Yu-Jhan Siao | Chun-Rong Lin | Jin-Ming Chen | Mau-Tsu Tang | Yu-Hua Lee | Jung-Chuan Lee
Multiple magnetic transitions in SmCoAsO

Author(s): Yongliang Chen | Yajing Cui | Cuihua Cheng | Yong Zhao
Fabrication and magnetic properties of Fe and Co co-doped ZrO2

Author(s): J. Okabayashi | S. Kono | Y. Yamada | K. Nomura
A study on the dynamic behaviors of water droplets impacting nanostructured surfaces

Author(s): Geunjae Kwak | Dong Woog Lee | In Seok Kang | Kijung Yong
Near-field dynamics of broad area diode laser at very high pump levels

Author(s): Martin Hempel | Jens W. Tomm | Martina Baeumler | Helmer Konstanzer | Jayanta Mukherjee | Thomas Elsaesser
Martensite-like transition and spin-glass behavior in nanocrystalline Pr0.5Ca0.5MnO3

Author(s): S. Narayana Jammalamadaka | S. S. Rao | J. Vanacken | A. Stesmans | S. V. Bhat | V. V. Moshchalkov
Symmetries and multiferroic properties of novel room-temperature magnetoelectrics: Lead iron tantalate – lead zirconate titanate (PFT/PZT)

Author(s): Dilsom A. Sanchez | N. Ortega | Ashok Kumar | R. Roque-Malherbe | R. Polanco | J. F. Scott | Ram S. Katiyar

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