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Myelitis or transverse myelopathy. A case presentation. Mielitis o mioelopatía transversa. Presentación de un caso

Author(s): Rubén Bembibre Taboada | Dianarelys Villafuerte Delgado | Annia Alvarado Borges | Niurka Galende Hernández
Isolated transverse process fracture of the lumbar vertebrae

Author(s): Agrawal Amit | Srivastava Sandeep | Kakani Anand
Porous Thermoelectric Materials

Author(s): Hiroshi Julian Goldsmid
Effect of a High Magnetic Field on Eutectoid Point Shift and Texture Evolution in 0.81C-Fe Steel

Author(s): Y.D. Zhang | C. Esling | M. Calcagnotto | M.L. Gong | H. Klein | X. Zhao | L. Zuo
Early diagnosis of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) in Indian patients by nerve conduction studies

Author(s): Dr. Geetanjali Sharma MD | Professor Sushma Sood MD | Dr. Vivek Sharma MD
The Influence of Transverse CSR Structure on Headquarters/Subsidiary Integration

Author(s): Luciano Barin Cruz | Eugênio Ávila Pedrozo | Vania de Fátima Barros Estivalete | Debora Nayar Hoff
Future plans at COMPASS

Author(s): Pretz J.
Translaminar facetal screw (magerl′s) fixation

Author(s): Rajasekaran S | Naresh-Babu J
Foramen Scapulae Osseum

Author(s): Mehmet Cudi Tuncer | Orhan Tacar | E. Savaş Hatipoğlu
Abrasive wear resistance of robotised GMA surfaced cermetal deposits

Author(s): A. Klimpel | A. Lisiecki | A.S. Klimpel | A. Rzeźnikiewicz
Moldeo por inyección del acero rápido M2

Author(s): Ruiz-Román, J. M. | Candela, N. | Velasco, F.
Ultrasound diagnostics of muscle and tendon injuries

Author(s): Stević Ruža | Mašulović Dragan
Intractable Neck Pain Due to Osteoblastoma: A Case Report and Review of the Literature

Author(s): Melek Sezgin | İsmet As | F. Demir Apaydın | Nihat Egemen | Selim Erekul | Günşah Şahin
Nursing diagnosis in Severe Mental Illness (SMI) with a parenteral neuroleptic treatment

Author(s): Isabel Mateo Alejo | Lorena Pérez Acedo | Javier Sánchez Alfonso
Microstructure, mechanical and electrical properties of Ni-YSZ anode supported solid oxide fuel cells

Author(s): G. Matula | T. Jardiel | R. Jimenez | B. Levenfeld | A. Várez
Compressional wave events in the dawn plasma sheet observed by Interball-1

Author(s): O. Verkhoglyadova | A. Agapitov | A. Andrushchenko | V. Ivchenko | S. Romanov | Yu. Yermolaev
Evidence for impulsive solar wind plasma penetration through the dayside magnetopause

Author(s): R. Lundin | J.-A. Sauvaud | H. Rème | A. Balogh | I. Dandouras | J. M. Bosqued | C. Carlson | G. K. Parks | E. Möbius | L. M. Kistler | B. Klecker | E. Amata | V. Formisano | M. Dunlop | L. Eliasson | A. Korth | B. Lavraud | M. McCarthy
Shell-like configuration in O+ ion velocity distribution at high altitudes in the dayside magnetosphere observed by Cluster/CIS

Author(s): S. Joko | H. Nilsson | R. Lundin | B. Popielawska | H. Rème | M. B. Bavassano-Cattaneo | G. Paschmann | A. Korth | L. M. Kistler | G. K. Parks
Filamentary Alfvénic structures excited at the edges of equatorial plasma bubbles

Author(s): R. Pottelette | M. Malingre | J. J. Berthelier | E. Seran | M. Parrot
Morphometric analysis of the thoracic pedicle: An anatomico-radiological study

Author(s): Pai Balaji | Gangadhara | Nirmala S | Muralimohan S | Varsha S
Relationship between cup position and obturator externus muscle in total hip arthroplasty

Author(s): Müller Michael | Dewey Marc | Springer Ivonne | Perka Carsten | Tohtz Stephan
The effect of starting point placement technique on thoracic transverse process strength: an ex vivo biomechanical study

Author(s): Brown Barrett | McIff Terence | Glattes Rudolph | Burton Douglas | Asher Marc
Mechanical behaviour of composite materials made by resin film infusion

Author(s): Barile C. | Casavola C. | Pappalettere C. | Tursi F.
Discrete Element Method (DEM) Simulation and Investigation of SiC on Pre-stressed Machining

Author(s): JIANG Sheng-Qiang, TAN Yuan-Qiang, NIE Shi-Jun, PENG Rui-Tao, YANG Dong-Min, LI Guo-Yong
FEM used in improvement of quality of medical devices

Author(s): B. Ziębowicz | A. Ziębowicz | J. Szkodny
Simulation and analysis of an alternative kinematics for improving the polishing uniformity over the surface of polished tiles

Author(s): Sousa, F. J. P. | Hosse, D. S. | Aurich, J. C. | Engels, M. | Weingaertner, W. L. | Alarcon, O. E.

Author(s): P.Rajendran, | V.R. Sivakumar, | V.Gunaraj, | V.Vel Murugan
Abdominal crush injury in the Sichuan earthquake evaluated by multidetector computed tomography

Author(s): Tian-Wu Chen | Zhi-Gang Yang | Zhi-Hui Dong | Heng Shao | Zhi-Gang Chu | Si-Shi Tang
Early-onset acute transverse myelitis following hepatitis B vaccination and respiratory infection: case report

Author(s): Fonseca Luiz Fernando | Noce Thelma Ribeiro | Teixeira Maria Letícia Gambogi | Teixeira Jr Antônio Lúcio | Lana-Peixoto Marco Aurélio
Vertebral artery in relationship to C1-C2 vertebrae: An anatomical study

Author(s): Cacciola Francesco | Phalke Umesh | Goel Atul
Primary biliary cirrhosis complicated by transverse myelitis in a patient without Sjögren's syndrome

Author(s): Papadopoulos V | Micheli A | Nikiforidis D | Mimidis Konstantinos
The user perception about family health team performance in a district of Caucaia-CE

Author(s): Alessandra Coutinho Sousa Aguiar | Escolástica Rejane Ferreira Moura
Protein-mediated surface structuring in biomembranes

Author(s): Maggio B. | Rosetti C.M. | Borioli G.A. | Fanani M.L. | Del Boca M.

Author(s): Myrian de Moura Abdon | João dos Santos Vila da Silva | Íris de Marselhas e Souza | Vanessa Trevisan Romon | Juliana Rampazzo | Diego Luis Ferrari
Effect of NaCl on texture modification of cuttlefish mantle (Sepia brevimana)

Author(s): Sureeporn Kangsanant | Manee Vittayanont | Chakree Tongraung

Author(s): Ivo Hlavatý | Marián Sigmund | Lucie Krejčí | Petr Mohyla
Partial Ankyloglossia with cervical Rib

Author(s): Jayalakshmi K | Ravikumar H | Karpagaselvi | Raju Ragavendra T | Sowmya K
Radiological Features of Osteoid Osteoma

Author(s): Jahanbakhsh Hashemi | Emad Ansaripour
Resolidificación superficial de eutécticos Al2O3-YSZ asistida por láser

Author(s): Merino, R. I. | Peña, J. I. | Orera, V. M. | Larrea, A. | Sánchez-Herencia, A. J.
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Jinrong Zhu
Preparation and Characterization of Highly Oriented Ribbon Shape Pitch―based Carbon Fibers

Author(s): YUAN Guan-Ming, LI Xuan-Ke, DONG Zhi-Jun, CUI Zheng-Wei, CONG Ye, ZHANG Zhong-Wei, WANG Jun-Shan
Clinical anatomy and 3D virtual reconstruction of the lumbar plexus with respect to lumbar surgery

Author(s): Lu Sheng | Chang Shan | Zhang Yuan-zhi | Ding Zi-hai | Xu Xin Ming | Xu Yong-qing
Synthesis of Indium Nanowires by Galvanic Displacement and Their Optical Properties

Author(s): Li Haohua | Liang Chaolun | Liu Meng | Zhong Kuan | Tong Yexiang | Liu Peng | Hope Greg
Intrathecal lidocaine pretreatment attenuates immediate neuropathic pain by modulating Nav1.3 expression and decreasing spinal microglial activation

Author(s): Cheng Kuang-I | Lai Chung-Sheng | Wang Fu-Yuan | Wang Hung-Chen | Chang Lin-Li | Ho Shung-Tai | Tsai Hung-Pei | Kwan Aij-Li

Meteor head echo polarization at 930 MHz studied with the EISCAT UHF HPLA radar

Author(s): G. Wannberg | A. Westman | A. Pellinen-Wannberg
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