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Managing human bites

Author(s): Patil Pradnya | Panchabhai Tanmay | Galwankar Sagar
Managing a wooden foreign body in the neck

Author(s): Singh Rakesh | Bhandary Sangita | Karki Prahlad
Endovascular approach to acute aortic trauma

Author(s): Riyad Karmy-Jones, Desarom Teso, Nicole Jackson, Lisa Ferigno, Robert Bloch
Impact of falls on early mortality from severe traumatic brain injury

Author(s): Gerber Linda | Ni Quanhong | Härtl Roger | Ghajar Jamshid
Combination 20 and 23-gauge transconjunctival vitrectomy: A new approach

Author(s): Kumar Atul | Kakkar Aashish | Jindal Shveta | Rajesh R
Complications related to deep venous thrombosis prophylaxis in trauma: a systematic review of the literature

Author(s): Datta Indraneel | Ball Chad | Rudmik Lucas | Hameed S Morad | Kortbeek John
A decade of experience with injuries to the gallbladder

Author(s): Ball Chad | Dixon Elijah | Kirkpatrick Andrew | Sutherland Francis | Laupland Kevin | Feliciano David
Traumatic brain injury: future assessment tools and treatment prospects

Author(s): Steven R Flanagan | Joshua B Cantor | Teresa A Ashman
Simple in situ decompression for idiopathic cubital tunnel syndrome using minimal skin incision

Author(s): Jeon In-Ho | Micić Ivan | Lee Byung-Woo | Lee Seong-Man | Kim Poong-Tak | Stojiljković Predrag
Subaxial (C3-C7) cervical spine injuries : Comparison of early and late surgical intervention

Author(s): Vashdev Chandwani | BK Ojha | Anil Chandra | Mohammad Kaif | Vishwanath GU
Management of the critically poisoned patient

Author(s): Boyle Jennifer | Bechtel Laura | Holstege Christopher
Brachial Plexus Injury Related To Carrying A Rucksack: Two Cases Report

Author(s): Mehmet SEÇER | Fatih ALTINTOPRAK | Ali DALGIÇ
Firecracker eye injuries during Deepavali festival: A case series

Author(s): Kumar Ravi | Puttanna Manohar | Sriprakash K | Sujatha Rathod B | Prabhakaran Venkatesh
No impact of early intervention on late outcome after minimal, mild and moderate head injury

Author(s): Heskestad Ben | Waterloo Knut | Baardsen Roald | Helseth Eirik | Romner Bertil | Ingebrigtsen Tor
Indirect orbital floor fractures: A meta-analysis

Author(s): Gonzalez Mithra | Durairaj Vikram
Hypothermia and pediatric cardiac arrest

Author(s): Schlunt Michelle | Wang Lynn
Surgical Repair of an Olecranon Fracture in a Horse / Reparação Cirúrgica de Fratura de Olécrano em Eqüino

Author(s): Antonio Cezar de Oliveira Dearo | Joandes Henrique Fonteque | Fabrício Delgado Vidal | Josmari Pirolo
Occult pneumothorax, revisited

Author(s): Omar Hesham | Abdelmalak Hany | Mangar Devanand | Rashad Rania | Helal Engy | Camporesi Enrico
Health Literacy Among Parents of Pediatric Patients Seen in the Emergency Department

Author(s): Tran, T. Paul | Robinson, Laura M | Keebler, John R | Walker, Richard A | Wadman, Michael C
Management of liver trauma in adults

Author(s): Ahmed Nasim | Vernick Jerome
Women and substance use disorders

Author(s): Hecksher Dorte | Hesse Morten
Analyzing Extradural Haematomas: A Retrospective Clinical Investigation

Author(s): Ümit Özkan | Serdar Kemaloğlu | Mustafa Özateş | Aslan Güzel | Mehmet Tatlı
Pediatric retinal detachment in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia: Experience of a tertiary care hospital

Author(s): Cheema Rizwan | Al-Khars Wajeeha | Al-Askar Essam | Amin Yasir
Intracranial bleeding in patients with traumatic brain injury: A prognostic study

Author(s): Perel Pablo | Roberts Ian | Bouamra Omar | Woodford Maralyn | Mooney Jane | Lecky Fiona
The impact of helmets on motorcycle head trauma at a tertiary hospital in Jamaica

Author(s): Crandon Ivor | Harding Hyacinth | Cawich Shamir | Frankson Morton | Gordon-Strachan Georgiana | McLennon Noel | McDonald Archibald | Fearon-Boothe Doreen | Meeks-Aitken Nicole | Watson-Jones Karen | James Kenneth
Epidemiological profile of fungal keratitis in urban population of West Bengal, India

Author(s): Saha Suman | Banerjee Debdulal | Khetan Archana | Sengupta Jayangshu
Protocol for the ProFHER (PROximal Fracture of the Humerus: Evaluation by Randomisation) trial: a pragmatic multi-centre randomised controlled trial of surgical versus non-surgical treatment for proximal fracture of the humerus in adults

Author(s): Handoll Helen | Brealey Stephen | Rangan Amar | Torgerson David | Dennis Laura | Armstrong Alison | Chuang Ling-Hsiang | Cross Ben | Dumville Jo | Gardner Sarah | Goodchild Lorna | Hamilton Sharon | Hewitt Catherine | Madhok Rajan | Maffulli Nicola | Micklewright Lucy | Wadsworth Valerie | Wallace Angus | Williams John | Worthy Gill
Autologous bone graft versus demineralized bone matrix in internal fixation of ununited long bones

Author(s): Pieske Oliver | Wittmann Alexandra | Zaspel Johannes | Löffler Thomas | Rubenbauer Bianka | Trentzsch Heiko | Piltz Stefan
The BRAIN TRIAL: a randomised, placebo controlled trial of a Bradykinin B2 receptor antagonist (Anatibant) in patients with traumatic brain injury

Author(s): Shakur Haleema | Andrews Peter | Asser Toomas | Balica Laura | Boeriu Cristian | Quintero Juan | Dewan Yashbir | Druwé Patrick | Fletcher Olivia | Frost Chris | Hartzenberg Bennie | Mantilla Jorge | Murillo-Cabezas Francisco | Pachl Jan | Ravi Ramalingam | Rätsep Indrek | Sampaio Cristina | Singh Manmohan | Svoboda Petr | Roberts Ian
A case control study of differences in non-work injury and accidents among sawmill workers in rural compared to urban British Columbia, Canada

Author(s): Ostry Aleck | Maggi Stefania | Hershler Ruth | Chen Lisa | Louie Amber | Hertzman Clyde
The Toronto prehospital hypertonic resuscitation-head injury and multi organ dysfunction trial (TOPHR HIT) - Methods and data collection tools

Author(s): Morrison Laurie | Rizoli Sandro | Schwartz Brian | Rhind Shawn | Simitciu Merita | Perreira Tyrone | MacDonald Russell | Trompeo Anna | Stuss Donald | Black Sandra | Kiss Alex | Baker Andrew
Free abdominal fluid without obvious solid organ injury upon CT imaging: an actual problem or simply over-diagnosing?

Author(s): Banz Vanessa | Butt Muhammad | Zimmermann Heinz | Jeger Victor | Exadaktylos Aristomenis
Management of type II superior labrum anterior posterior lesions: a review of the literature

Author(s): Xinning Li | Timothy Lin | Marcus Jager | Mark D. Price | Nicola Deangelis | Brian D. Busconi | Michael Brown
The epidemiology and clinical management of craniocerebral injury caused by the Sichuan earthquake

Author(s): Jia Lu | Li Guo-ping | You Chao | Li Hao | Huang Si-qing | Yang Chao-hua | Xiong Hai | Zeng Yi-jun
PErineal Assessment and Repair Longitudinal Study (PEARLS): protocol for a matched pair cluster trial

Author(s): Bick Debra | Kettle Christine | Macdonald Sue | Thomas Peter | Hills Robert | Ismail Khaled
Real-world car-to-pedestrian-crash data from an urban centre

Author(s): Schmucker Uli | Beirau Melissa | Frank Matthias | Stengel Dirk | Matthes Gerrit | Ekkernkamp Axel | Seifert Julia
Haemorrhagia post partum; an implementation study on the evidence-based guideline of the Dutch Society of Obstetrics and Gynaecology (NVOG) and the MOET (Managing Obstetric Emergencies and Trauma-course) instructions; the Fluxim study

Author(s): Woiski Mallory | Hermens Rosella | Middeldorp Johanna | Kremer Jan | Marcus Marco | Wouters Maurice | Grol Richard | Lotgering Fred | Scheepers Hubertina
Thoracic Injuries in Indian Kashmir during Earthquake, 2005

Author(s): HZ Ashraf | AG Ahangar | M Ashai | M Lateef Wani | FA Dar | RA Lone | I Irshad
Outcomes and complications of open abdomen technique for managing non-trauma patients

Author(s): Kritayakirana Kritaya | Maggio Paul | Brundage Susan | Purtill Mary-Anne | Staudenmayer Kristan | Spain David
Interfacility transfers in a non-trauma system setting: an assessment of the Greek reality

Author(s): Katsaragakis Stylianos | Drimousis Panagiotis | Kleidi Eleftheria | Toutouzas Kostas | Lapidakis Eleftherios | Papadakis Georgios | Daskalakis Kritolaos | Larentzakis Andreas | Theodoraki Maria | Theodorou Dimitrios
Trauma management incorporating focused assessment with computed tomography in trauma (FACTT) - potential effect on survival

Author(s): Kanz Karl-Georg | Paul April | Lefering Rolf | Kay Mike | Kreimeier Uwe | Linsenmaier Ulrich | Mutschler Wolf | Huber-Wagner Stefan
Outcome predictors and quality of life of severe burn patients admitted to intensive care unit

Author(s): Pavoni Vittorio | Gianesello Lara | Paparella Laura | Buoninsegni Laura | Barboni Elisabetta
Urogenital fistulae: A prospective study of 50 cases at a tertiary care hospital

Author(s): Mathur Rajkumar | Joshi Nitin | Aggarwal Gaurav | Raikwar Ramsharan | Shrivastava Vaibhav | Mathur Poonam | Raikwar Poonam | Joshi Rupali
Effects of acute substance use and pre-injury substance abuse on traumatic brain injury severity in adults admitted to a trauma centre

Author(s): Andelic Nada | Jerstad Tone | Sigurdardottir Solrun | Schanke Anne-Kristine | Sandvik Leiv | Roe Cecilie
Defibrillation in children

Author(s): Haskell Sarah | Atkins Dianne
Resource utilization and outcomes of intoxicated drivers

Author(s): Cherry Robert | Nichols Pamela | Snavely Theresa | Camera Lindsay | Mauger David
Measuring attitudes, behaviours, and influences in inner city victims of interpersonal violence (VIVs) - a Swiss emergency room pilot study

Author(s): Exadaktylos Aristomenis | Evangelisti Anja | Anghern Fiorenzo | Keller Ursula | Dopke Kathrin | Ringger Annette | Jeger Victor | Zimmermann Heinz | Laffer Urs | Guggenbühl Allan
Identification and Risk-Stratification of Problem Alcohol Drinkers with Minor Trauma in the Emergency Department

Author(s): Stewart, Scott H. MD | Kuklentz, Ashley MD | Miles, Sarah | Borg, Keith MD, PhD
Analyzing intra-abdominal pressures and outcomes in patients undergoing emergency laparotomy

Author(s): Khan Shehtaj | Verma Akshay | Ahmad Syed | Ahmad Reyaz
Paget-Schroetter Syndrome: Review of Pathogenesis and Treatment of Effort Thrombosis

Author(s): Alla, Venkata M | Natarajan, Nagendra | Kaushik, Manu | Warrier, Rugmini | Nair, Chandra K
Therapeutic Hypothermia Protocol in a Community Emergency Department

Author(s): Kulstad, Christine E | Holt, Shannon C | Abrahamsen, Aaron A | Lovell, Elise O
Morbidity predicting factors of penetrating colon injuries

Author(s): Mickevičius A. | Valeikaite G. | Tamelis A. | Saladžinskas Ž. | Svagzdys S. | Pavalkis D.
Transfusion practice in trauma patient

Author(s): Jovanović Bojan | Bumbaširević Vesna | Pandurović Milena | Bajec Đorđe D. | Gregorić Pavle D. | Radenković Dejan V. | Ivančević Nenad Đ. | Karadžić Borivoje A. | Jeremić Vasilije | Đukić Vladimir R.
Fractures in the elderly: when is hip replacement a necessity?

Author(s): Prasad Antapur | Nizar Mahomed | Rajiv Gandhi
Development of a Bayesian model to estimate health care outcomes in the severely wounded

Author(s): Alexander Stojadinovic | John Eberhardt | Trevor S Brown | et al
Minimally invasive surgery for Achilles tendon pathologies

Author(s): Nicola Maffulli | Umile Giuseppe Longo | Filippo Spiezia | et al
Management of high-risk popliteal vascular blunt trauma: clinical experience with 62 cases

Author(s): Ali Pourzand | Bassir A Fakhri | Ramin Azhough | et al
The Brief RCOPE: Current Psychometric Status of a Short Measure of Religious Coping

Author(s): Kenneth Pargament | Margaret Feuille | Donna Burdzy
Epidemiology of child injuries in Uganda: challenges for health policy

Author(s): Renee Yuen-Jan Hsia | Doruk Ozgediz | Sudha Jayaraman | Patrick Kyamanywa | Milton Mutto | Olive C. Kobusingye
Spontaneous vertebral artery dissection: Report of 16 cases

Author(s): Gui Li | Shi Gui-Shu | Li Guang-Jian | Fan Wen-Hui | Huang He-Qing | Zhou Zheng-Hua | Chen Kang-Ning
Protective and risk factors in amateur equestrians and description of injury patterns: A retrospective data analysis and a case - control survey

Author(s): Hasler Rebecca | Gyssler Lena | Benneker Lorin | Martinolli Luca | Schötzau Andreas | Zimmermann Heinz | Exadaktylos Aristomenis
Evaluation of the safety of C-spine clearance by paramedics: design and methodology

Author(s): Vaillancourt Christian | Charette Manya | Kasaboski Ann | Maloney Justin | Wells George | Stiell Ian
Protocol for Shoulder function training reducing musculoskeletal pain in shoulder and neck: a randomized controlled trial

Author(s): Andersen Christoffer | Andersen Lars | Mortensen Ole | Zebis Mette | Sjøgaard Gisela
Patients with pelvic fractures due to falls: A paradigm that contributed to autopsy-based audit of trauma in Greece

Author(s): Papadopoulos Iordanis | Kanakaris Nikolaos | Bonovas Stefanos | Konstantoudakis George | Petropoulou Konstantina | Christodoulou Spyridon | Kotsilianou Olympia | Leukidis Christos
The efficacy of four-slice helical CT in evaluating pancreatic trauma: a single institution experience

Author(s): Lee Wei-Jing | Foo Ning-Ping | Lin Hung-Jung | Huang Yen-Chang | Chen Kuo-Tai
Antithrombotic therapy and outcomes of cervical arterial dissection in the trauma patient: a case series

Author(s): Hinson Holly | Stallmeyer M | Furuno Jon | Yarbrough Karen | Cole John
Transarticular screw fixation for atlantoaxial instability - modified Magerl's technique in 38 patients

Author(s): Bahadur Raj | Goyal Tarun | Dhatt Saravdeep | Tripathy Sujit
Prehospital randomised assessment of a mechanical compression device in cardiac arrest (PaRAMeDIC) trial protocol

Author(s): Perkins Gavin | Woollard Malcolm | Cooke Matthew | Deakin Charles | Horton Jessica | Lall Ranjit | Lamb Sarah | McCabe Chris | Quinn Tom | Slowther Anne | Gates Simon
Hospital Course and Early Clinical Outcomes of Two-incision Total Hip Arthroplasty

Author(s): Meng-Ling Lu | Shih-Wei Chou | Wen-E Yang | Vinesh Senan | Pang-Hsing Hsieh | Hsin-Nung Shih | Mel S. Lee
Complications of Hip Arthroscopy: Analysis of Seventy Three Cases

Author(s): Yang-Pin Lo | Yi-Sheng Chan | Li-Chang Lien | Mel S-S Lee | Kuo-Yao Hsu | Chun-Hsiung Shih
Total laparoscopic liver resection in 78 patients

Author(s): Lei Zhang, Ya-Jin Chen, Chang-Zhen Shang, Hong-Wei Zhang, Ze-Jian Huang
Colonoscopic perforation: A report from World Gastroenterology Organization endoscopy training center in Thailand

Author(s): Varut Lohsiriwat, Sasithorn Sujarittanakarn, Thawatchai Akaraviputh, Narong Lertakyamanee, Darin Lohsiriwat, Udom Kachinthorn
Visual Results and Complications after Trans Pars Plana Vitrectomy and Lensectomy for Lens Dislocation

Author(s): Hsiu-Mei Huang | Min-Lun Kao | His-Kung Kuo | Shih-Hao Tsai | Yung-Jen Chen | Chi-Chang Liu
The impact of antiplatelet therapy on pelvic fracture outcomes

Author(s): Christy Jonathan | Stawicki S | Jarvis Amy | Evans David | Gerlach Anthony | Lindsey David | Rhoades Peggy | Whitmill Melissa | Steinberg Steven | Phieffer Laura | Cook Charles
Prognostic models for the early care of trauma patients: a systematic review

Author(s): Rehn Marius | Perel Pablo | Blackhall Karen | Lossius Hans
Outcomes of surgical treatment in women with anal incontinence secondary to trauma of delivery

Author(s): Akın Önder | Zülfü Arıkanoğlu | Murat Kapan | Fatih Taşkesen | Abdullah Böyük | Celalettin Keleş
Behandlung des schweren Schädel-Hirn-Traumas

Author(s): Zweckberger K | Unterberg AW | Kiening KL
Blunt Abdominal Trauma Patients Are at Very Low Risk for Intra-Abdominal Injury after Emergency Department Observation

Author(s): John Kendall | Andrew M Kestler | Kurt T Whitaker | Mette-Margrethe Adkisson | Jason S Haukoos
Application of the Monti channel in female adult with urethral injuries in pelvic trauma

Author(s): Hanchao Zhang | Ashok Kumar Kunwar | Yi Dai | Deyi Luo | Hong Shen
Challenges and barriers to improving care of the musculoskeletal patient of the future - a debate article and global perspective

Author(s): Fayaz Hangama | Jupiter Jesse | Pape Hans | Smith R Malcolm | Giannoudis Peter | Moran Christopher | Krettek Christian | Prommersberger Karl | Raschke Michael | Parvizi Javad
The effect of C1-esterase inhibitor on systemic inflammation in trauma patients with a femur fracture - The CAESAR study: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Author(s): Heeres Marjolein | Visser Tjaakje | van Wessem Karlijn | Koenderman Anky | Strengers Paul | Koenderman Leo | Leenen Luke
Trauma center accessibility for road traffic injuries in Hanoi, Vietnam

Author(s): Nagata Takashi | Takamori Ayako | Kimura Yoshinari | Kimura Akio | Hashizume Makoto | Nakahara Shinji
Impact of childhood trauma on functionality and quality of life in HIV-infected women

Author(s): Troeman Zyrhea | Spies Georgina | Cherner Mariana | Archibald Sarah | Fennema-Notestine Christine | Theilmann Rebecca | Spottiswoode Bruce | Stein Dan | Seedat Soraya
Analytical review of 664 cases of penetrating buttock trauma

Author(s): Lunevicius Raimundas | Schulte Klaus-Martin
The effect of real-time CPR feedback and post event debriefing on patient and processes focused outcomes: A cohort study: trial protocol

Author(s): Perkins Gavin | Davies Robin | Quinton Sarah | Woolley Sarah | Gao Fang | Abella Ben | Stallard Nigel | Cooke Matthew
Outcomes of 23-gauge pars plana vitrectomy in combined scleral buckling and vitrectomy for complex rhegmatogenous retinal detachments

Author(s): Scott D. Schoenberger | Daniel M. Miller | Christopher D. Riemann | Robert E. Foster | Michael R. Petersen
Internet-based prevention of posttraumatic stress symptoms in injured trauma patients: design of a randomized controlled trial

Author(s): Joanne Mouthaan | Marit Sijbrandij | Johannes B. Reitsma | Berthold P.R. Gersons | Miranda Olff
Role of Kasai procedure in surgery of hilar bile duct strictures

Author(s): Jin-Bo Gao | Li-Shan Bai | Zhi-Jian Hu | Jun-Wei Wu | Xin-Qun Chai
Chronic subdural hematoma: a comparison of two drainage methods

Author(s): Lotfinia | Shakere | Shimia | Mahbobee | Mashrabi

Author(s): M. R. Shoja A. M. Miratashi
Behandlung des schweren Schädel-Hirn-Traumas

Author(s): Zweckberger K | Unterberg AW | Kiening KL
Open versus laparoscopically-assisted oesophagectomy for cancer: a multicentre randomised controlled phase III trial - the MIRO trial

Author(s): Briez Nicolas | Piessen Guillaume | Bonnetain Franck | Brigand Cécile | Carrere Nicolas | Collet Denis | Doddoli Christophe | Flamein Renaud | Mabrut Jean-Yves | Meunier Bernard | Msika Simon | Perniceni Thierry | Peschaud Frédérique | Prudhomme Michel | Triboulet Jean-Pierre | Mariette Christophe
Effect of Coenzyme Q10 on ischemia and neuronal damage in an experimental traumatic brain-injury model in rats

Author(s): Kalayci Murat | Unal Mufit | Gul Sanser | Acikgoz Serefden | Kandemir Nilufer | Hanci Volkan | Edebali Nurullah | Acikgoz Bektas
International benchmarking of tertiary trauma centers: productivity and throughput approach

Author(s): Peltokorpi Antti | Handolin Lauri | Frank Matthias | Torkki Paulus | Matthes Gerrit | Ekkernkamp Axel | Hirvensalo Eero
Health related quality of life in trauma patients. Data from a one-year follow up study compared with the general population

Author(s): Tøien Kirsti | Bredal Inger | Skogstad Laila | Myhren Hilde | Ekeberg Øivind
Improving prehospital trauma management for skiers and snowboarders - need for on-slope triage?

Author(s): Hasler Rebecca | Schmucker Uli | Evangelopoulos Dimitrios | Hirschberg Ron | Zimmermann Heinz | Exadaktylos Aristomenis
Intraoperative angioembolization in the management of pelvic-fracture related hemodynamic instability

Author(s): Cherry Robert | Goodspeed David | Lynch Frank | Delgado John | Reid Spence
Etiological spectrum, injury characteristics and treatment outcome of maxillofacial injuries in a Tanzanian teaching hospital

Author(s): Chalya Phillipo | Mchembe Mabula | Mabula Joseph | Kanumba Emanuel | Gilyoma Japhet
Patients Referred to a Norwegian Trauma Centre: effect of transfer distance on injury patterns, use of resources and outcomes

Author(s): Kristiansen Thomas | Lossius Hans | Søreide Kjetil | Steen Petter | Gaarder Christine | Næss Pål
Psychopathology, trauma and delinquency: subtypes of aggression and their relevance for understanding young offenders

Author(s): Steiner Hans | Silverman Melissa | Karnik Niranjan | Huemer Julia | Plattner Belinda | Clark Christina | Blair James | Haapanen Rudy
Variable structure pantograph mechanism with spring suspension system for comprehensive upper-limb haptic movement training

Author(s): Joel C. Perry, PhD | Jakob Oblak | Je H. Jung, PhD | Imre Cikajlo, PhD | Jan F. Veneman, PhD | Nika Goljar, MD, PhD | Nataša Bizovièar, MD | Zlatko Matjaèiæ, PhD | Thierry Keller, PhD
Factors predisposing to cervical artery dissection

Author(s): Divjak Ivana | Slankamenac Petar | Jovićević Mirjana | Žikić Rabi Tamara | Popović Nemanja
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